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October 31, 2010

Oakland City Attorney Gives Defendants Case File, Fabricated and Planted Fraudulent Evidence, Doesn’t Tell Court or Plaintiff’s- Gives file to Stephan Barber and Law Firm Ropers Majeski in scathing indictment on Corruption in Alameda County Courts, California State Courts and Oakland City Attorney John Russo and staff members Randy Hall, Elizabeth Allen, Janie Wong, Demetrius Shelton, Michelle Abney, Mark Morodomi, Anita Hong involving Judge Jon Tigar; attorney Stephan Barber and the law firm Ropers, Majeski; attorney Ron Cook, Randy Willoughby, Alex Stuart, Bradley Bening and law firm of Willoughby, Stuart & Bening with William Jemmott,Todd Jones, Yolanda Jackson, Former Judge David Lee, and current Judge Frank Roesch among others. Lied under oath; made knowingly false statements, demean, humiliate, provoke, lying under oath, perjury; dishonesty; fraudulent deception; calumny deceit; willful and prejudicial misconduct; abuse of discretion; negligence; bias; prejudice; misrepresentation; incompetence; conflict of interest; bad faith; collusion; denial of due process; obstruction of justice; racism; bigotry; exhibited, expressed shown a fixed opinion; displayed favoritism; made false accusations; harassement; willfully, deceitfully recklessly offensive acts statements plaintiff, displayed disdain, malice, mental attitude, disposition, prohibits the right to a fair hearing or trial; failed and refused to respond to the allegations, challenge for cause; conduct prejudicial

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