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14 April, 2011

A home away from home is what we all need every now and then, be it metaphorical or literal.  Sometimes we need a place to seek solace and refuge in when ordinary life becomes stressful and overwhelming.  Escape can very cheaply exist by the can at a liquor store, as it does for most of the working class.  Wealthier folks, given a financial advantage however, often are provided the ability to have an alternate, less self-destructive means to enter a peaceful state of mind, and it might lie in another state or territory altogether: cottage property.  Owning an Ottawa Cottage can be a great way to even escape national and political frustrations.  An Ottawa cottage might even simply make a good excuse for acquiring free healthcare benefits.  Also, an ownership of such creates a portal that can be entered any given Friday, a portal to a world of childhood simplicity, free of budget reports, hammering emails, and sometimes electricity.  Yes, a cottage can be very unlike ordinary domestic circumstances, especially if it falls subject to Canadian or other territorial law, which is why certain things need to be taken into consideration when contemplating buying a cottage property, be it an Ottawa Cottage or otherwise.

Money is the first and most obvious factor to be considered in purchasing a cottage.  You must make sure that you aren’t getting yourself into an investment you’ll regret, or else it becomes no longer an escape but just a burden.  An Ottawa Cottage should be considered for more reasons than the beautiful location, that is to say.  Many mortgage options exist, and you need to decide which one fits you the best: you need to work out whether or not it makes sense to refinance your actual home and pay them both off simultaneously so inundation doesn’t surmount.  Also, it might not make sense to pay more for a cottage than your actual home, if it’s going to only collect dust and sit unused for a majority of the year.  An Ottawa Cottage is one, at least, that should never be taken for granted.

Some other less immediate concerns than fiscal ones include the distance from your actual home, accessibility, the accoutrements surrounding the property, and whether or not you’re building from scratch.  A respectable and comfortable distance from home would be a good three hours.  Any more than that can be discouraging; who wants to spend a majority of any day off from work on the road?  An Ottawa Cottage can be realistic for New York residents as a result.  You also want to make sure you can get to your property without too many deterrents or impasses in the form of uncleared, unplowed, or generally unmaintained roadways.  Another consideration is natural formations and large bodies of water.  Would you prefer a quaint, peaceful view of a pristine body of water from your back porch or another outlet for adrenaline-pumping motorized mechanisms?  This determining factor in either case is usually age.  Finally, would building a cottage from the ground up be in your best interest, or else budget?  Some folks prefer a personalized establishment, something they can take pride in as well as truly call theirs.  This may be expensive, but certainly a way to ensure nothing is out of place.  Used properties may lack adequate or legally-viable septic systems and require an input of additional cash for all the extra maintenance, additions, and repairs.  These can add up.

The cottage should also be surveyed to make sure boundaries are defined and acceptable.  You don’t want to come to find out part of your yard is inaccessible as the result of nit-picky neighbors.  Cottage properties don’t tend to receive the same kind of strict consistency and regulatory oversights that typify a residential neighborhood property.  If you’re looking into an Ottawa Cottage, make sure it fits the proper specs and you don’t neglect necessary legal attributes.  That said, taxes are another issue to work out.  The Canada Revenue Agency states that one house can be exempt from taxes, if it is not claimed as a primary residence. This is where a loophole comes in. If you own an Ottawa Cottage, for instance, you can claim it as your primary residence even if it is cheaper.  This can, as a result, make paying your property taxes at least a little less stressful.  This lack of stress might make visiting an Ottawa Cottage a little less mandatory, and a little more enjoyable.  Owning an Ottawa Cottage should not be another source of headaches and popped veins.

Roch St-Georges REALTOR®, with HomeLife Capital Realty inc. in Ottawa, Ontario.

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eadowvale is a community located in the northwestern part of Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was a village in Toronto Township. In the 1970s, Meadowvale was selected to be the name of a new town community for the newly (1974) incorporated City of Mississauga; the name was applied to a development a few miles west along Derry Road. R – created at
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This is a drive from the Robie/Young intersection in Halifax to Highway 102 via the 111 and 118. It was filmed during the last leg of rush hour, so you have an idea of what the city roads look like just after peak hours. Early evening, beginning at about 17.10. MacKay Bridge and the beginning of Highway 111 is featured at 2:04. 111/118 Junction: 4:59 118/102 Junction: 10:12 Music is by Gas and it’s called Konigsforst V ***** Exit directions are incorrect. Exit 13N and 13S on Highway 118 are supposed to be 13E East and 13W West. Sorry about that. *****
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West Edmonton Mall first opened its doors to the public on September 15, 1981. The mall has been expanded three times since its opening in 1981, with these additions completed in 1983 (Phase II), 1985 (Phase III) and 1999 (Phase IV). It was the largest indoor shopping centre in the world until 2004 (History of Shopping Malls) and was put in the Guinness World Records. Up until recently, the four phases of construction were used as a guideline for finding stores and attractions. Currently, a colour-coding system is used.
The mall’s amusement park was originally called Fantasyland, until The Walt Disney Company took the mall to court, claiming ownership of the name, which is a themed area found at its Disneyland-style theme parks around the world. WEM lost and subsequently renamed the attraction Galaxyland. Since the name change, they introduced the mall’s mascot Cosmo who is the basis for several rides in Galaxyland. The amusement park is located in what used to be referred to as Phase One, although it stretches into the former Phase II. However, the mall was allowed to retain the name Fantasyland Hotel for its on-site hotel. The hotel is a separate building but it is attached to the former Phase III of the mall.
The Mindbender indoor roller coaster had a fatal accident on June 14, 1986 when several of the cars came loose and came off the track. Three people died in the accident.
In the early 1990s, the Woodward’s department store chain, one of WEM’s anchors, went bankrupt, and its locations were purchased by the Hudson’s Bay Company. As a result, WEM boasted two full Bay department stores until the late 1990s when one of the locations was closed, leading to a renovation (then known as Phase IV) that added a Famous Players multiplex, a two-floor HMV location (complete with an HMV stage, which has played hosts to autograph signings for bands, Hollywood celebrities and World Wrestling Entertainment superstars), a .6 million Playdium entertainment complex/arcade (now closed), an indoor shooting range, a Chapters book store with a Starbucks, as well as several other smaller stores. In 2005, the upstairs space previously occupied by Playdium was rented by three NewCap Radio radio stations: 790 CFCW, K-97 97.3 (Formerly, 97.3 K-Rock), and 96.3 Capital FM (formerly 96.3 Big Earl). The downstairs area is now partially used as a paintball playing area. In 2007, the Famous Players multiplex, formerly known as Silver City, was renamed Scotiabank Theatre.
The closure in the mid 1990s of Canadian Tire left a vacancy that sat unfilled until it was converted into a “Chinatown”-themed area in 2002, which includes an Asian supermarket, T & T Supermarket, that takes up the Canadian Tire area.
For several years in West Edmonton Mall’s history, IKEA opened where Ed’s Recreation Centre now stands, before moving out of the Mall in the early 1990s.
Among the exclusive to Edmonton stores are DeSerres, Apple Inc., Hollister Co., and Abercrombie & Fitch, along with approximately 10 others.
The mall suffered millions of dollars in damage on July 11, 2004 when a severe storm of hail and rain caused roofs to fail and drains to overflow. The Ice Palace and surrounding sections were the most damaged, and the World Waterpark saw a sewage overflow. The damage was promptly repaired. The Ice Palace has suffered occasional flood damage since as well.
Gary Hanson, longtime manager of West Edmonton Mall, has agreed to leave Edmonton to become general manager of the new -billion US Meadowlands Xanadu entertainment complex in New Jersey.
In the summer of 2009, the mall’s dinner theatre was relocated and Edmonton’s first branch of Bed, Bath and Beyond opened in the dinner theatre’s old location above the west-end food court. Major attractions Galaxyland
Mindbender rollercoaster at Galaxyland
Main article: Galaxyland
Galaxyland was originally known as Fantasyland, however, during a court battle with Disney, West Edmonton Mall changed the park’s name to Galaxyland in July 1995 after completing some minor renovations. It is an indoor amusement park located on the north side of the mall. It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world and features 24 rides and attractions. There are 8 beginner rides, 9 intermediate rides, 7 thrill rides, including the triple loop Mindbender roller coaster, and 5 other “pay at site” rides/games. The Mindbender is the world’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster. The newest attraction in Galaxyland, opened on July 17, 2007, called the Galaxy Orbiter, begins at the Mindbender and intertwines with the entire park. Arguably the second most popular attraction in Galaxyland (after the Mindbender), the Drop of Doom was shut down in the early 2000s. The tower area was replaced shortly after by a more modern launch ride, the Space Shot, a S&S Double Shot Tower Ride. Only recently was the loading area replaced by an interactive laser ride based on the theme of the park’s mascot, Cosmo. Other popular attractions include the TurboRide 3D Theatre which sits directly underneath the Mindbender, the privately owned Haunted Castle and 3D Fun House (also beneath the Mindbender), the Autosled roller coaster which is a tamer alternative to the Mindbender, the Swing of the Century, and also Galaxy Kids, a large play area for young children. World Waterpark
World Waterpark pool
Main article: World Waterpark
The World Waterpark is the world’s largest indoor waterpark, built in 1985, with a size of over 20,000 square metres (4.9 acres). The park has the world’s largest indoor wave pool and is known for its high-speed water slide called the Sky Screamer, which is often mistaken as the park’s tallest slide at 24 metres (79 ft). The highest slide in the park is the Twister, which is 25.3 metres (83 ft) high.
The wavepool has six wave bays, each with two panels with a total of 1,500 horsepower (1.1 MW) generating waves up to two metres high.
The major slides are all on the east side of the park, with a children’s play area and change room access behind them. On the west side is a tube ride which has been changed many times over, a three-person inflatable raft slide and the separately owned Bungee Tower where one can bungee jump directly over the wave pool.
Recent[when?] renovations brought new signage, a complete resurfacing of the wave pool, and changeroom upgrades. There have also been large renovations to the children’s play park at the far east side in 2008. The new version of this play park is called Caribbean Cove and contains a 1200 litre bucket that drops water on the whole play park on regular 2 minute intervals. A small dolphin themed child’s park was open during the renovations and is still open to this date. Sea Life Caverns / Sea Lions Rock
Sea Lion show near the Santa Maria
West Edmonton Mall has an indoor lake which contains a salt-water habitat with four sea lions and a replica of the Santa Mara, built during the 1986 World Exposition in Vancouver. The Santa Mara has been used for an annual Christmas fundraiser, raising toys for underprivileged children. Also, the submarines, a long time favorite, had been replaced with the Deep-Sea Derby, a bumper boat ride with squirt guns Deep Sea Adventure is also home to the mall’s aquatic life, most of which are housed beneath the main floor in the “Sea Life Caverns”. Today, what was once the Dolphin’s Lagoon is now the Sea Lions’ Rock, with two sea lions (Banny and Jazz) providing the entertainment for the current presentation labeled “Swim, Slide, and Splash!”. Ice Palace
Ice Palace
Ice Palace is a scaled down version of a National Hockey League (NHL) regulation sized ice rink located in the center of the mall. The Edmonton Oilers occasionally practiced at the Ice Palace. This drew huge crowds during the Wayne Gretzky years in the 1980s. The Oilers’ contract for using the rink, however, has since expired. The rink is used for various hockey and other sporting tournaments, including a facility for the Annual Edmonton Corporate Challenge. Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf
Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf
Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf is an 18-hole miniature golf course. The miniature golf course was originally known as Pebble Beach Mini Golf, and was designed to be a mini golf version of Pebble Beach Golf Links. The course was refurbished and given the Professor WEM theme in the mid-1990s. Movie Theatres
Originally, the mall was home to four movie theatre complexes. However, as of 2008, only the Scotiabank Theatre, formerly Silver City Famous Players, (with an animated fire breathing dragon and IMAX screen) is in the mall. Up until recently, a Discount Cinema, owned by Cineplex Odeon was located outside the Phase I entrance to Galaxyland, but it was shut down in 2005 and has since seen the majority of the space it occupied bought out by skateboarding/snowboarding store West 49 which also built an indoor skatepark in the basement. Prior to the opening of Silver City, in the mid 90’s there was a Famous Players theatre located near the Palace Casino, as well as a second Cineplex Odeon below Ed’s Recreation Center (formerly Red’s), on the main level with the Gourmet Court (Phase III). Ed’s Recreation Centre
Ed’s Recreation Centre (formerly Red’s), is an entertainment complex consisting of a bowling alley, pool hall, music stage, arcade, and restaurant. The stage is one of Edmonton’s major music venues. Past players have included many bands, both Canadian and international. Motrhead, Sloan, P.O.D., Joe Satriani, Cradle of Filth, Theory of a Deadman, In Flames, Lifehouse, Children of Bodom, Bring Me The Horizon , Testament, DragonForce, Opeth, GWAR and Switchfoot are just some of the bands that have played at the venue. It was formerly known as the nightclub/restaurant/rec room Red’s. At the end of June 2006, the owners of Red’s closed its doors after they chose not to renew their lease. The mall separated it into three areas:

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The first football game covered by Digitex-U Sports featured West Catholic, the 2006 Catholic League Blue Champions, against Lasalle, the 2006 Catholic League Red Champions. It was a gritty contest, and here are the highlights.
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