Buy Apartment Vancouver – Where to Buy in Vancouver?

15 October, 2011

The real estate in Vancouver is a booming industry, owing to the amazing benefits it renders. An incredible, sprawling destination with a population of over 600,000 – Vancouver is one of the finest cities in Canada, with astounding scenery, superb natural harbors, and wonderful blend of cultures as well as nationalities. Apart from these, Vancouver is a thriving economy, since it provides endless opportunities in tourism, technological, and film industries. In the case of educational opportunities, Vancouver is home to a number of reputable schools, colleges, and universities. Above all, Vancouver is in close proximity to world’s most prominent destinations like Hong Kong and New York. In short, Vancouver boasts of everything in order to lead a pleasant, professional, and peaceful life. Hence, it is not a wonder why Vancouver has been consistently voted among the world’s best three cities to live in.

With a fantastic range of high rise apartments, condos, townhouses, and houses to choose from, it is not at all a tedious task to find a property of your choice in Vancouver. However, in order to yield maximum benefits from your property, it is important to own a property in a prime area. There are a number of property spread across in West Vancouver, East Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and New Westminster. If you want to own a property in Vancouver to enhance your business, then perhaps no other options would be better than opting for one in Port Metro Vancouver, which is both a commercial and tourist area. For those who want to buy a property in Vancouver exclusively for investment purposes, one of the most preferred locations is Robson Street.

If you are looking for a residential choice away from the hassles of city life, then you will find a couple of options in downtown Vancouver, bounded by False Creek as well as the North Shore mountains that overlook the scenic Coal Harbor. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy city life, then head to Yaletown that is located on the East Vancouver. Investing in this area is also beneficial for business people. Further, if you are ready to spend extravagantly to lead a rich life in Vancouver, Nanaimo – also referred to as the Harbor City – will best serve the purpose.


Read on Where to Buy in Vancouver from the website – The Vancouver Realtor. Also find interesting info on our Vancover Real Estate Blog


Houses For Rent Vancouver – Tips to Get Apartments for rent in Vancouver

11 October, 2011

Vancouver is a lovely city that is full of life and action. There is plentiful art, culture, and fun in this city that entertains all of its inhabitants. Cited as one of the most widely populated cities of Western Canada, Vancouver is absolutely brilliant and is even famous for being one of the cleanest cities in the entire world.  Vancouver apartments for rent are available at reasonable rates and make great place to live. Do you want to know more about apartments for rent in Vancouver? Then read on as we tell you facts about Vancouver apartments for rent.

There are many choices when selecting an apartment for rent in Vancouver. A few things should be kept in mind before agreeing to a lease or contract for Vancouver apartments.  Let us take a look at some important tips that you may find helpful before you choose your preferred apartments for rent in Vancouver.


It’s easy to find out more about many apartments for rent in Vancouver on the internet. All basic research can be done online and once a person is comfortable and confident about the kind of flat wanted, or the type of area desired to live in, they can proceed. In Vancouver, apartments for rent may be expensive. Since it is one of the most popular and advanced metropolitan cities in all of Canada the costs of living there can be pricey. If staying within a budget is important, research must be done to find the best deals. Look for apartments that fit your budget and are reasonably priced.

If you are staying in Vancouver for a short period of time, getting a fully furnished apartment might be extremely convenient. Shifting from one city to another can be stressful. You must check out the area, the convenience, the amenities, and various other things before selecting a proper place to stay. In situations like this, a fully furnished apartment is a great option.

If you’re ready to begin your online search for Vancouver apartments for rent, then you will want to visit to see their wide range of short and long term housing options.  Rent luxury suites, apartments, condominiums, and even townhouses.  Some are furnished while others are not – it’s really just up to your preferences.

These are a few things that need to be remembered while looking for Vancouver apartments for rent. Online research and proper analysis can help to find an apartment that looks magnificent, and is also efficient and well equipped. Vancouver is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer; time spent in such a clean and friendly, bustling city would be a treat.

Kevin Rogers is a freelance copy writer at one of Vancouver’s leading providers of furnished apartment and housing rentals. If you looking for Vancouver suites,Vancouver apartments for rent or Vancouver vacation rentals then feel free to visit:

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Land For Sale Vancouver Island Bc – Canada – The Best Place To Live In The World –

05 October, 2011

For anyone thinking of moving country, there is often lots that must be considered and certain things that must be ‘given up’ when making the move. Often we move away from family, friends and the familiarity of places we have known for a long time, to find somewhere new that will afford us a better quality of life. It stands to reason that if we are to move away from much that we hold dear, then we would only do that if our new homeland offered up something really special.

Canada is the Shangri-La of the modern world. A new multi cultural country that covers a huge space, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west making it the world’s second largest country. It is a land that was inhabited for thousands of years by Aboriginal people until the early 15th century when the British and the French explored and settled bringing Europeans in their masses and a tug of war between the two super powers ensued for supremacy over the land.

Possibly due to the huge land-mass complete dominance was hard to win and the country was split between English and French speaking colonies. Well publicized arguments over the governing structure and the constant call for autonomy from certain French quarters have run to this day, but thankfully this is no longer an issue that clouds over the country itself. Canada is no longer seen as America’s dorky cousin that cannot unify itself. It has stepped out of the USA’s shadow to become a world leader in quality of living. Defining itself as the most progressive country on earth for sustainability and a genuine love and care for its natural habitat.

It’s hard to imagine the epic scale of the untainted natural beauty of this country until you visit. Voted the best country to live in time and time again, based on affordability, prosperity, health care, crime rates and lifestyle, when you visit Canada you will know why it is held in such high opinion. The country is split into ten provinces; Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador. Each of the provinces varies greatly in terms of weather, cultural dynamics and geography. Traveling through Canada you will find many of the good things the world has to offer within its borders. From the mammoth Rocky Mountains, to great lakes, wilderness that is untouched for hundreds of miles, beaches, wine country, golf, skiing and cities that are rated as the best in the world, all work together to make Canada a first choice when thinking of a great place to relocate.


One thing that is felt when traveling in Canada is the unusual praise the people have for their own country. The ingrained cynicism of the citizens of the older world is far way. Canada is loved by its people, but not in a mindless flag waving frenzy, but from a genuine happiness with their lives that many attribute to the wonderful place that they live.

So, to live in the best and most progressive country in the world, the most beautiful and cleanest country in the world, with the most healthy and happiest people in the world, its surely going to cost the earth right? Not so, there are mega bargains to be had all over Canada that would enable even a buyer on a modest budget to buy a slice of heaven.

There are varying price scales to be found throughout the country. The most popular province with the English is undoubtedly British Columbia, known as BC or ‘Bring Cash’ (which speaks for itself), as the awesome climate that enables enjoying the lovely lakeside beaches in the summer to world class skiing in the winter, up the prices around the area. Parts of BC could be mistaken for Florence in Italy in the summer and there is a large booming wine area around Kelowna and Penticton. The main city in BC is Vancouver, and again, looking for property here could empty your wallet, but then what would you expect from a city that has been voted best in the world for the last 10 years.

Still if you don’t mind moving just outside of the city, more affordable properties can be found in Victoria Island, where a 3 bed detached home can be purchased for as low as €200,000. There are bargains to be found in BC but it is important to look outside of the most exclusive places, for often just going ten or twenty miles outside prices drop considerably. However, if it is a bargain that is sought after, then in other provinces such as Alberta, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, it is easy to find highly desirable, detached lakeside properties going for as little as €100,000 and inland properties for as little as €50,000. Where else could you find comparable prices alongside such quality of life? In fact there is so much to choose from in Canada, it really is a buyers market.

If looking for affordable city property, then the city’s of Calgary, Halifax and the French speaking Quebec, would certainly be worth looking at, as these are all cities with their own distinct personalities and lower property prices. Obviously before selecting a preferred place to buy, it is necessary to find out the weather conditions throughout the year, as there are some parts of Canada that can feel unusually cold and even go as far as to shut down much of normal life throughout the winter months. Having said that, Canada knows how to function in extreme cold weather better than anywhere else in the world.

When thinking about buying in Canada, the good news is that it is relatively easy. Most provinces such as New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia have no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate. However, some do limit the amount of property or land that a non resident can purchase, so it is advisable to check the rules if buying more than one property.

• If you are not attached to one particular area, so much the better as there are incredible bargains to be had within the country that are outside the main tourist destinations. However, as has been previously mentioned, it is important to research chosen area’s well for climate and local infrastructure as they vary greatly.

• Once decided on a place, the first thing to do is find a good local realtor. This is a must as a professional realtor will guide you through all the stages, from finding through to purchasing a dream home.

• Non residents can obtain a Canadian mortgage. A mortgage that can be obtained by local banks, will usually offer a ratio of approximately 65% mortgage and 35% down payment. The qualifying procedure for financing is much the same as any other country, assets and liabilities must be proven as well as employment and income information. Normally an answer can be given within 48 hours.

• Once a mortgage is secured, then an offer is to be made at which point a deposit is to be paid. The deposit will be placed in trust and will go towards the purchase price once building inspections have been agreed and the offer has been accepted by both parties.

• When purchasing a property in Canada, it is important to note that all offers must be made in writing. This is so all aspects of the transaction are properly recorded, protecting both parties.

Canada really is a first rate country to relocate to and the immigration procedure favors families and skilled workers. Moving country is always a challenge, but choosing Canada makes that challenge worthwhile, as once there, those that have made the move will benefit from that amazing Canadian quality of life that has been award winning for many years.

Tony Osust, director: Search through our extensive worldwide portfolio of properties for sale and rent. now showcases thousands of sale and rental properties, from single family homes, commercial and recreational properties including hotels, bars-restaurants, new build or off-plan developments for sale internationally. See our latest Canada Property for Sale | Canada Holiday Rentals

See for more information, pictures, lot plan of this amazing ocean view acreage for sale. Tim Ayres is a licensed REALTOR® with Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty in Sooke, BC.
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Calgary Rent – Rent Vancouver – Which websites can target this keyword?

29 September, 2011

Selecting the best keyword for your website is always dicey. We tried various ways to choose and target a particular keyword for e.g. if you have a real estate website and have property in Vancouver, how can you be sure if the keyword Rent Vancouver drives traffic to your website?


Website owners tend to believe that driving traffic amounts to business but this perception is wrong. If your target keyword is Rent Vancouver then your website should offer rental services at Vancouver.  If you are selling a property in Vancouver then the keyword Rent Vancouver is not the correct keyword for your website.


You have to understand what your prospective customer would key in to look for your services. It is obvious that prospective clients keying in Rent Vancouver in Google are looking to rent a property in Vancouver and not to purchase property at Vancouver.



So, if you are selling property at Vancouver and you target the keyword Rent Vancouver means you have chosen the wrong keyword even if the keyword Rent Vancouver is at #1 position on Google.


The keyword Rent Vancouver is very generic, in the sense that everyone who is looking to rent an office, house, land etc., at Vancouver will key in Rent Vancouver in Google. So, any website who is having multiple properties in Vancouver for rent can target the keyword Rent Vancouver but if your website is offering specific properties on rent i.e. if you have only houses on rent at Vancouver then Rent Vancouver wouldn’t be the perfect keyword.


Most of the website owners also tend to believe that the keyword Rent Vancouver and Vancouver Rent are similar, the answer is NO. If you key in the keyword Rent Vancouver in Google it will return a competition of 3.2 millions whereas the keyword Vancouver Rent has 2.2 millions as Toronto, rent Calgary, rent Ottawa, rent Vancouver, rent Edmonton, rent covers the entire Canada, providing online Listing services for Residential and Vacation properties located in any of these Provinces and Territories. Here the owners looking to Rent out their property, and the people looking to Rent a property, get connected!

Steve McQueen is an expert and with a keen interest in Rent in Toronto. Visit his site to get more about the Rent Calgary as well as Rent Vancouver.


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Real Estate Companies Vancouver – Real Estate Broker Vancouver

25 September, 2011

RE/MAX provides the best real estate brokers in Vancouver

The research has been performed now trust the facts, the best Vancouver real estate brokers are from RE/MAX. The real estate brokers at RE/MAX are invested in finding the right real estate solution for all clients. For everything real estate trust the Company voted great, RE/MAX winner of the Consumers Choice Award for the best real estate brokers in Vancouver.

RE/MAX is a global real estate franchise with a local facility that is known for providing the best real estate brokers in Vancouver. With decades in the industry RE/MAX understands the science of real estate and works hard to ensure each client gains the maximum benefit from the housing market. Courteous representatives remain informed and are eager to offer the time and effort it takes to receive the highest quality in property assets. The best real estate brokers in Vancouver are well qualified with several years in the business and a dedication for delivering the ultimate in client satisfaction. The Company is proud to be involved in over two million sales transactions per year and is the lead real estate organization in both Canada and the United States. A pillar in the community the Company donates to charitable organizations such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network. As a Company that extends their service globally, an asset to the community and highly favored locally RE/MAX has earned the Consumers Choice Award as best real estate brokers in Vancouver.

The Consumers Choice Awards promote superior service by inspiring Companies to compete for Consumer favor. The Consumers Choice awards asks the community to name their choice of preferred business such as the Company with the best real estate brokers in Vancouver. The information is used to create a list of the most favored Companies in the community, the list of popular businesses is placed to a Consumer vote and majority vote is used to determine the recipients of the award. Popular vote has gone to RE/MAX and they have been granted the title of best real estate brokers in Vancouver. The Consumer study used by the award program changes the format of the repeat inquiry and gathers a large volume of results to insure accuracy. Due to the fact that Consumer opinion determines the recipients of the award, Companies compete to gain public favor. By creating a business environment in which Companies compete to provide the best, the Consumers Choice Awards work to welcome sales and boost the local economy. The Consumers Choice Awards have honored RE/MAX with the title of best real estate brokers in Vancouver.

Congratulations to RE/MAX for their recent recognition as being the best real estate brokers in Vancouver, an honor made possible thanks to the Consumers Choice Awards in their continual service to communities across North America. Come discuss your real estate requirements with the best real estate brokers in Vancouver, located on 340-1060 Manhattan Drive, or call to speak with a knowledgeable representative at (604) 583-2000. When it comes to real estate don’t trust any joker, come to RE/MAX for the best Vancouver real estate broker.

Browse the website at to learn more about the Realtors in your area.

Let our team of 5 realtors help you through any buying and selling process. Contract The Richard Morrison Team today and redefine your real estate experience. Call us at 604-767-3703 or go to
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Fsbo Vancouver – 3 Items About Homes For Sale By Operator

18 September, 2011

When hunting for residence bargains, houses for sale by owner ought to be on the top of your checklist. A lot of people today assume that a genuine estate agent is important when obtaining a new home, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you are significant about obtaining a property, you can acquire a home directly from the proprietor without dealing with a real estate agent. Purchasing a house directly from the owner not only cuts out the center gentleman, but you can conserve on charges and get a reduce cost by negotiating.

However you can get bargains on houses for saleby proprietor, there are certain points to expect from these kinds of home revenue. First, you will have to do your analysis and stay on best of your finances. When you are getting a residence from the operator, you should anticipate to do significantly of the paperwork connected to the sale on your property, but you can also negotiate with the owner of the home about the closing price tag. Due to the fact you can negotiate costs and skip several of the service fees affiliated with employing a third party, houses for sale by owner can be fantastic home bargains. When buying a house from the proprietor, there are three main points you ought to maintain in mind.

one. Choosing your property from all the homes for sale by proprietor

The search for the best home can be the hardest portion of acquiring a house, but it’s easy if you keep specific items in brain although hunting for homes for sale by operator. You can search for properties for sale in your region on actual estate listing websites, but do not neglect about community classifieds. Usually, proprietors will listing residences in newspapers and local circulars instead than on web sites mainly because advertisement charges can be cheaper. Properties that are sold by the operator are generally named FSBO homes (short for houses for sale by owner), so seem for individuals letters on the internet and in neighborhood true estate classifieds.


Also, keep in mind that the place of the home and the selling price of the residence are usually linked. This signifies that you can uncover tons of household bargains, but these low-cost houses for sale by operator may possibly not be in a excellent neighborhood. When hunting, just take the time to push all around the neighborhood and make guaranteed the spot of the property will function for you and your loved ones. The moment you have found the correct residence in the correct area, you can negotiate with the owner about cost and start off the approach of getting the residence.

two. Negotiating income of houses for sale by proprietor

One of the most essential things about purchasing a residence from the operator is negotiating. In order to get the price you want for the house, it is crucial to negotiate from a place of power. 1 way to do this is to get pre-accepted for a mortgage loan. If you can prove to the home operator that you are able of paying out for the mortgage by exhibiting them a pre-accredited house loan, they will be additional ready to offer you the property at a reasonable price.

You can also negotiate with the owner to get a lower closing value if you have accomplished your investigation on the house. You can come across a home valuation or house report on the net for free by entering the tackle of the household you want to buy. These reviews will notify you what other houses in the place have offered for, so that you know whether or not you are receiving a good selling price. Armed with this know-how, you can get residence bargains on homes for sale by owner.

3. Closing on a “for sale by owner” residence

Following you have negotiated a price tag that you and the house operator are cozy with, you will have to fill out contracts of sale. You can locate true estate contracts online at legal web sites, and it really is a excellent notion to provide your private contracts fairly than relying on the proprietor to offer them. If the proprietor does give contracts, you must surely employ an lawyer to aid you search above all paperwork. This may well seem like an added price, but remember that you’re saving funds by getting straight from the operator. Your mortgage financial institution can also support you with filling out contracts and other paperwork associated to the sale.

When you are drawing up your contracts, there are numerous diverse issues your lawyer can support you with, like figuring out who pays taxes, when the proprietor will give you the keys and preparing for contingencies like building defects, pests or title issues. It’s also a excellent notion to obtain title insurance coverage on your new household to shield you towards any unforeseen service fees or problems with the title of the residence. Numerous mortgage loan businesses will be capable to aid you get title insurance plan and could even involve it in your home loan costs. Even though you can uncover good residence bargains on houses for sale by operator, you must often get specialist advice before you indication your last agreement.

The most direct method of searching the internet for homes for sale in Vancouver Washington is to click on the FREE MLS SEARCH tabs. By doing so, you will have instant access to the same search tools that we use as real estate agents.

King County Foreclosures – How Foreclosure Statistics Could Affect Bankruptcy in Vancouver, Washington

21 August, 2011

Though the Columbian newspaper has reported that foreclosures statewide, Clark County (which includes Vancouver, WA) remains fourth in the state for number of foreclosures, and fifth in the state for percentage of homes in foreclosure. Cite: Foreclosures decline in Clark County, The Columbian, July 14, 2011. Foreclosure statistics from the real estate and foreclosure website Realty Trac show that foreclosures in Clark County and Vancouver, Washington remain high.

The Columbian article notes that foreclosures are down thirty-five percent from the same time last year. However, the Realty Trac data that the Columbian cites, still shows that some 248 homes are in some state of foreclosure in Clark County, which is much more sparsely populated than King and Snohomish Counties to the north. In gross numbers, the three largest counties in Washington (King, Snohomish and Pierce) have the most homes in foreclosure by a wide margin. Those same counties also lead in terms of percentage of homes in foreclosure, but Clark County is much closer in terms of percentage of homes in foreclosure. The most recent data from Realty Trac shows that one in 659 homes in Clark County are in some stage of foreclosure. This is in comparison to Pacific County (one in 619), Pierce County (one in 474), King County (one in 459) and Snohomish County (one in 351).


The high rate of foreclosures in Clark County may precipitate more new case filings in the Vancouver, Washington Bankruptcy Court. Foreclosures can be an indicator of many different economic influences, including dropping home prices, anemic home sales, tight credit markets, difficulty refinancing mortgages, and more generalized economic factors, such as unemployment. If homeowners are unable to keep up with mortgage payments, they may seek out protection by filing a voluntary bankruptcy petition, and discharging their debts.

In bankruptcy, the debtor can take actions that can further exacerbate the weakness in the housing markets, thereby precipitating more foreclosures. For example, in bankruptcy, the debtor has the option of continuing to pay mortgage payments or abandoning their home and discontinuing the mortgage. If the debtor chooses the latter, another home comes onto the market to be sold by the trustee, thereby increasing supply of homes, with a comparatively lower incentive to recover top dollar on the sale.

If the debtor files a Chapter 13 repayment plan, the debtor may be able to void a second mortgage (also referred to as lien stripping). In this scenario, the consumer may keep making payments on the first mortgage, but if the fair market value of the home is less than the amount owing on the first mortgage, the bankruptcy judge may void the lien held by the second mortgage, and then discharge the second mortgage as a unsecured debt. This can be perceived as a major benefit of filing bankruptcy, particularly in Vancouver, where home prices have fallen precipitously.

In summary, recent housing statistics indicate that foreclosures are fewer in number this year from the same time last year. The Columbian notes that the cause is not yet known. Whether fewer homeowners are falling into default, or whether mortgage lenders are not initiating new foreclosure proceedings due to a backlog of mortgages in arrears. In either case, the likelihood of a large number of foreclosures can significantly impact the number of Vancouver, Washington bankruptcy filings in the next year.

Baxter & Baxter, LLP
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Vancouver WA Bankruptcy

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Foreclosure Homes Vancouver Bc – Is Canada’s Real Estate Market Ready to Burst?

15 May, 2011

In order for a housing bubble to form, three conditions must be in place:

1. Prices are too high compared to historical averages.

2. Banks are too eager to give credit to those who may not be able to afford it.

3. Government policy allows people to get in over their heads (i.e. Zero down/40 year mortgages).

Analysts Kate Warne and Craig Fehr feel the first two ingredients are in place and in order to avoid the third, the Federal Government is taking steps to tighten mortgage availability. Although it seems Canada mirrors our neighbours to the south in all things financial (albeit with a slight delay), it is hoped we will not follow in their footsteps in regards to the bursting housing bubble.

Certain regions of the country seem to be more vulnerable to a bubble burst than others. Vancouver, BC has been engulfed in frenzy of real estate activity and is leading the pack when it comes to fulfilling the first of the three conditions noted above. In the last year the market has seen a 14% increase in home prices, propelling the average home close to the million mark; that makes the beautiful West Coast city the most expensive market in North America.

Recent stats indicate that home sales for June in Vancouver have dropped over 30% compared to last year’s numbers. Vancouver is not alone as Toronto saw a drop of 23% and Calgary is showing a decrease of close to 40% for the same time frame. In order to combat these figures, prices will have to come down significantly. The government has tightened lending regulations making it harder to obtain a mortgage (helping avoid condition #3); however, this move, combined with climbing interest rates, will spell disaster for those homeowners that bought high with variable rate mortgages that will soon come due. These unfortunate souls will soon find themselves with mortgages that are far greater than the value of their properties; properties they could not really afford in the first place.

Until now Canada has had a very low mortgage default rate compared to the U.S: less than 1/2 % vs. close to 4%, but this could soon change for the worse if prices continue to drop and interest rates keep crawling up. The fear here lies in the viscous circle that is created, as evidenced south of the border, when foreclosure rates increase. More foreclosures on the market mean lower overall house prices, and lower prices mean more defaulted mortgages(can you hear the bubble stretching?).

Tighter regulations and higher borrowing rates will prevent future home buyers from getting in over their heads, but are the new policies going to be able to prevent a true bubble burst, or are we destined to follow in our neighbours’ path. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

For information about Calgary homes for sale, visit Our user friendly site allows you to search Calgary MLS® listings with the click of a button.

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Vancouver Home Listings – – A New Choice For Vancouver Home Sellers

12 May, 2011

Vancouver Home Selling System

Technology and the internet have forever changed the way people think and connect. Social media has given the power back to the consumer in a huge way. There was a time when large corporations controlled what we watched on TV, what would become ‘mainstream’ and how much we paid for their products that they thought we should buy. With enough advertising dollars, any product could be forced down the consumers throat. Those days are over.

Social media has put the consumer back in control. The wisdom of the crowd is more powerful than any amount of advertising dollars. Dictators are being toppled, unlikely stars being born and rock bands planning their tours in direct response to fan page numbers on social media sites. Quite simply it’s all about listening to people and giving them what they want.

That’s what is all about. The idea came from a client of mine who absolutely loves the value presented by online mass buying concepts such as Groupon, Teambuy, Swarmjam etc. She asked whether any Vancouver realtors offer their services in a similar manner. After a long discussion the answer came up a no. The obvious reason is that real estate fees are paid only after services are rendered. We decided another reason for this was that real estate agency representation is far too serious for such an impulse purchase model to make any sense to consumers.

What did emerge from the conversation is that consumers want choice and if they don’t get it they’ll go elsewhere. This is particularly true in a competitive business like real estate. Consumers (sellers) want to know how much their house or condo is worth and how much the real estate fees are going to be. Period. Being a nice person, providing exceptional service and knowing your market are expected standards, not special features. is a clear and understandable presentation of my real estate services at three different levels and three different price points. The first option is 100% full service with all the marketing bells and whistles, the second a balance and the third is for those people who want full MLS representation without the frills. I have several clients who choose not to have open houses at all instead preferring private viewings only.

My commission as the listing agent is negotiable and it’s largely determined by what marketing services the seller wants. What’s not negotiable is the selling side commission, or the commission that gets paid to the buyers agent that brings a buyer client through your house or condo. That stays at 3.125% of the first 0,000 and 1.16% of the purchase price balance. For a full description of the systems read the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Home Selling Coupons website.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.

I am a Vancouver realtor and mortgage broker who has been in the real estate industry for 12 years.  My formal education includes a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the University of Natal and a diploma in Urban Land Economics from UBC

I enjoy many outdoor pursuits such as fishing, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and camping.

Vancouver is a great place to live!

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Vancouver House Prices – Canadian Real Estate Think Vancouver City

10 May, 2011

Overseas property buyers seeking a place to buy in Canada need to have a good look at Vancouver. This city seems to be the place for sound investment and relocation to Canada. It has been rated as one of the best places to live, a 2007 report by Mercer Human Resource Consulting tied the city with Vienna as having the third highest quality of living in the world, after Z?h and Geneva. The good news does not stop there a strong economy and a housing market that is robust are other reasons why Vancouver is my tip for the top

Vancouver has traditionally relied on British Columbia’s resource sectors: forestry, mining, fishing and agriculture. It has diversified over time, however, and Vancouver today has a vibrant service industry, a growing tourism industry.

As United States and some Canadian real estate markets have been hit by the slowdown in housing sales, Vancouver continues to shine. While things might look to slow a little, prices will still increase and the city in western Canada expects to be doing a brisk business throughout this year and into the foreseeable future.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which serves as the country’s national housing agency, is predicting an 8% increase in home prices for the metro Vancouver area. That’s in comparison to an 11% increase for all of 2007, and will still leave the city with the highest prices in the country. Evidence suggested that Vancouver house prices are going to continue to increase

Vancouver is an attractive city to many people across the globe, not just in Canada. Its moderate climate and location on the water make it a nice place to live year round, and many of the new home buyers are coming from overseas. The current low US dollar has led to an increase in buyers from Europe and Asia, where the currencies are stronger. Additionally, western Canada is experiencing a boom in its economy. High oil and commodities prices are good for this part of the country, and unemployment is very low.

Vancouver has a great future as it movie making reputation grows, it has become the third-largest film production centre in North America after Los Angeles and New York City, earning it the nickname Hollywood North.

Many of the buyers in Vancouver are going after high-end condominiums in or near downtown. There are many new condo towers that are under construction, but four in particular are doing much better than anticipated. These four luxury hotel-condominium towers now under construction are the Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, Fairmont Pacific Rim and Hotel Georgia. They are getting prices of more than ,000 per square foot, compared with an average for downtown condos of 5 per square foot.

With an attractive location, strong economy and many other advantages, Vancouver looks to continue to be a hot market for some time to come.

Author Nicholas Marr has a passion for international real estate and has gained his unique perspective in his capacity as director of the international property websites at and

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