Foreclosure Listings Canada – Foreclosures in Canada-Reasons and Tips to make a decision

26 October, 2011

Foreclosure Listings Canada is a great resource, but first let’s talk a bit of foreclosures. Reason for Foreclosures is simple. Home owners are not able to make mortgage payments. The reasons could be various- Job loss, divorce, ill health – in short, a change in financial situation. Further to the above reasons, it is the booming real estate market in prior years and global financial down turn and crisis. People have refinanced their homes by pulling out available cash for increased mortgage payments from their equity and are unable to make those payments for various reasons.

Foreclosed homes in Canada are sold in two ways:

Courthouse Auction sale: Check with the Courthouse assistant to verify available sales and dates. If the bids do not cover the mortgage balance, usually the bank or any other mortgage lender will buy out the property. But one cannot buy such a property as the balance of the mortgage payment has to be made on the date of the sale. House inspection is not possible prior to the purchase. You have to take it as it is. The highest bidder wins and gets to buy the property. Realtor or MLS Listings: Most of the foreclosed homes in Canada are sold by realtor even before the houses are listed on any foreclosure listings. The procedure is just like buying a regular property, the house can be financed, and you can do prior house inspection but need not pay any commission to anyone. To buy a home that is going into foreclosure, you make an offer to the home owner. If the offer does not cover the mortgage the bank has to approve the offer. If the house is already in foreclosure, you have to deal with only the bank. Check with the court house clerk/assistant to know if the house you want to purchase is already in the Courthouse Auction list


Buying a foreclosed property is now a Smart Investment. It has become the fastest evolving trend in Canada now. It is important that the buyer considers every pros and cons before buying a foreclosure home.

Before starting on research on the foreclosure homes, the buyer should work on the plan. You must work out on the finances first- how much money you have and how much are you going to borrow. It is very important to understand and learn the buying and selling procedure of the foreclosed properties. You must decide on the best mode of purchase

It can be through bidding, through auctions or through negotiations. Once all the research is completed you can start the procedure with utmost care and caution. After the research, you have to understand what your needs and requirements are; start looking for a dependable source of property listing. It should be within your budget but should not end up in a compromising state. You can choose a local agent because they are the best as they know all about the location. You can then start looking for the foreclosure home listing. Apart from the above you need to locate a house where you can get necessary amenities and basic facilities of life. Choose a place where property rates will go up in the near future. This is an important point to consider if you are looking for a better resale value.

After you have short listed the foreclosure home, it is time to get on to the next step.

The next step is inspecting and viewing your future home. A thorough examination of every minute detail can show up things like utility dysfunction or structural weakness or damage. This validation inspection can cost you some but it is worth spending as it saves you from expensive repairs later.

Last but not the least- you must complete all the legal formalities and issues to save yourself from any unexpected future problems.

You have to have a realtor who is experienced and familiar with the area and location.

It is always easier to buy a foreclosed home from the bank direct than to buy at the courthouse auction. If you go in for a courthouse auction house, you have to deal with the unpleasant task of evicting occupants, house inspection and competitions from other eager buyers.

Joe Varling is the author for this article, as he is a Master in Foreclosure Homes in North America. Kindly visit M3REO GROUP to know more.

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Mls Listings Online – Tips on Selling a House by Using Flat Fee MLS Listing

23 October, 2011

If you have been planning to sell your house but don’t want to give a real estate agent most (or all) of your profit, then keep reading. This article is for you. In the old days, the only way to get your house onto the MLS was to list with a traditional real estate agent. They would charge you a commission of approx 5% to 6% of the sales price, and put your house on the MLS. A listing on the multiple listing service (aka MLS) used to be only provided by a local, real estate developer or agent. Now, it’s possible to purchase a flat fee MLS listing online with one of Canada’s leading, real estate promotion resources. This MLS listing will help you to save a lot of money and eventually earn more money through providing broad exposure of your listing to many interested buyers in your region. This ultimately, has the power to considerably promote and elevate your sales profit. There are a number of ways that you can sell your house using a strategy that incorporates a free MLS listing or a flat fee MLS listing.

To obtain a MLS listing, you may wish to follow the helpful hints below:

• First, you must make sure that you are ready with a list that has all of the best details about your house: the features, the dimensions, quality construction materials (marble, woodworking, custom refrigeration drawers, etc.), and any other information that may be enticing to potential buyers. These details will be necessary in order to create a free MLS listing for your property. Additionally, you will also need this information if you plan to obtain your own, flat fee MLS listing as a key component in your promotion strategy. Remember that this listing is always helpful, when selling property, because it promotes your site amongst higher numbers of potential buyers. This will, in effect, make it possible for you to sell your house even faster and better than selling without this breadth of promotion.

• A flat fee MLS listing will help you save as much as tens of thousands of dollars compared to what you might have to pay otherwise. An agent normally takes a commission fee off of the price that your house sold for. This fee typically covers the agent’s expenses in fees, time, and associated costs while providing a decent paycheck for their hard work and consultation.

• A flat fee MLS listing will enable you to make certain that your house is visible to all the outsiders and potential buyers throughout a region without working directly with a real estate agency or representative. To sell a home, it is necessary to obtain decent exposure of your property through various promotional venues. A flat fee MLS listing provides the perfect medium for this exposure, but without the expensive, commission price. Aggressive home owners may well benefit from this type of service when marketing their house for sale. If you have been planning to sell your house, you may wish to learn more about how to obtain a flat fee MLS listing to promote it. Begin by performing a basic Google search to locate additional information on this subject. If you would rather sell your home on your own, without getting assistance from a local realtor, then you should visit, Here you can apply for a free MLS listing or flat fee MLS listing that will suit your needs perfectly; while maximizing your exposure to all regional buyers.

Visit for more information regarding homes, flats for sale by owner, flat fee MLS listing in Canada.

Sheila Elgart, Sales Manager at Prudential California Realty of Rancho Cucamonga, explains that posting a listing online that is not yours is an MLS violation. If this has been done to you, save the posting, contact the website managers, forward the info to them, and they will likely remove that posting soon after.
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Houses For Rent Vancouver – Tips to Get Apartments for rent in Vancouver

11 October, 2011

Vancouver is a lovely city that is full of life and action. There is plentiful art, culture, and fun in this city that entertains all of its inhabitants. Cited as one of the most widely populated cities of Western Canada, Vancouver is absolutely brilliant and is even famous for being one of the cleanest cities in the entire world.  Vancouver apartments for rent are available at reasonable rates and make great place to live. Do you want to know more about apartments for rent in Vancouver? Then read on as we tell you facts about Vancouver apartments for rent.

There are many choices when selecting an apartment for rent in Vancouver. A few things should be kept in mind before agreeing to a lease or contract for Vancouver apartments.  Let us take a look at some important tips that you may find helpful before you choose your preferred apartments for rent in Vancouver.


It’s easy to find out more about many apartments for rent in Vancouver on the internet. All basic research can be done online and once a person is comfortable and confident about the kind of flat wanted, or the type of area desired to live in, they can proceed. In Vancouver, apartments for rent may be expensive. Since it is one of the most popular and advanced metropolitan cities in all of Canada the costs of living there can be pricey. If staying within a budget is important, research must be done to find the best deals. Look for apartments that fit your budget and are reasonably priced.

If you are staying in Vancouver for a short period of time, getting a fully furnished apartment might be extremely convenient. Shifting from one city to another can be stressful. You must check out the area, the convenience, the amenities, and various other things before selecting a proper place to stay. In situations like this, a fully furnished apartment is a great option.

If you’re ready to begin your online search for Vancouver apartments for rent, then you will want to visit to see their wide range of short and long term housing options.  Rent luxury suites, apartments, condominiums, and even townhouses.  Some are furnished while others are not – it’s really just up to your preferences.

These are a few things that need to be remembered while looking for Vancouver apartments for rent. Online research and proper analysis can help to find an apartment that looks magnificent, and is also efficient and well equipped. Vancouver is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer; time spent in such a clean and friendly, bustling city would be a treat.

Kevin Rogers is a freelance copy writer at one of Vancouver’s leading providers of furnished apartment and housing rentals. If you looking for Vancouver suites,Vancouver apartments for rent or Vancouver vacation rentals then feel free to visit:

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Mls Listings Lethbridge – Tips for Selling in a Slow Market

11 October, 2011


Thinking that you can start high and lower the price if it fails to sell in the first couple of days or weeks is a mentality held by ignorant homeowners. That may sound strong, but recognize that you have one chance to introduce your house to a potential buyer. Maybe that buyer seen and ad, stopped at an open house, or even seen the lawn sign go up. The potential buyer is interested and excited about your home, until they call and discover that you are optimistically overpriced. That buyer will not likely ever revisit the property, phone on it again, watch to see if the price moves down to a realistic level, etc.

Position yourself in the right price range. Buyers search by price range, such as between 0,000 and 5,000. Make sure your property is properly positioned so that it is the best value within a standard price range. For example, pricing it at 0,000 could miss the people looking for a bargain on a home in the 0,000 to 5,000 range. Look at homes in the price range, is your home the largest, the most upgraded, have the most inclusions? (and I am not talking about anything that personalizes the home!!!)

You also need to . Delay on the seller’s part is one reason that deals often fall apart. Before you list your home, have information readily available about your schools, taxes, utilities, condo documents, homeowners association info, any neighborhood covenants and information about liens that have to be released prior to closing. Be ready to hear an offer immediately and to deal with it at a moments notice.

. In addition to placing an ad in the newspaper and using the multiple listing service, you should advertise to people who are already in the market for a house. For example, have your real estate agent pull a list of people who have just listed their own house within a five mile radius of your home. People are likely to want to stay within the same school district if they have kids.

Any schmuck can plant a sign in the yard and put an ad in the paper. If that is what your agent is doing to sell your house, start looking for a new one now because you might find a wiser one after your listing expires for the first or second time.

They are more sophisticated and educated then half the industry members and so called ‘professionals’. Hire an agent who has some skill!!!!!

If possible, offer terms. Cash buyers are becoming harder to find in a market where financing is tougher to get. Offer creative financing terms to attract more buyers. Sometimes a skilled agent can overcome many buyer objections by utilizing financing terms. If your real estate agent has no idea why , get ready to watch your house not sell.

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Robert May is a Realtor, as well as the broker and owner of Rainbow Realty of Lethbridge Alberta. He is also a licensed mortgage associate and financing expert with Canada First Mortgage of Calgary Alberta. He has been in the real estate industry since 1993 and offers full MLS real estate services to Lethbridge and surrounding area, as well as mortgage financing, refinancing/renewals, preapprovals, and home equity financing to Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. He can be found online at

How To Purchase Foreclosed Property – Tips on Purchasing Foreclosed Property

07 October, 2011

Now is probably the best time to purchase a home. This is because there are a lot of good properties that you can avail for a very low price. This also means that now is not a good time to sell your property. This is because the competition is tough and people are not willing to pay more to purchase a house if they can acquire it at a much cheaper price.

If you are out looking for an inexpensive home, it is best to turn your attention to foreclosed properties. Although it is sad to note that, many families are losing their homes, it is undeniable that it paved the way for tons of opportunities to own a house. However, one should keep in mind that there are downsides in purchasing foreclosed properties. One is that most banks will not allow you to check the property first. Another is that lenders will require that you pay the property in cash.

To avoid having such problems when purchasing foreclosed homes, keep the foregoing tips in mind. This will help you in acquiring the best home for the best deal:

You should know when the auctions or sales are. Find out where it will take place as well. You will generate this information from the classified ads of the local papers. You will also learn about this lenders’ and banks’ notifications. However, it is still best if you negotiate with the property owner directly. Through this, you will be able to check the house. You may seek the assistance of a real estate agent. You can also talk to a lawyer if you want. Through this, you will be guided with what to do and what to prepare to ensure that the purchase of the property goes smoothly. Having someone who knows about the process will make your purchase easier. You may think that you will get a bargain price if you choose to purchase a foreclosed home. However, you have to be careful because some of the previous owners have accumulated a huge amount of mortgage debt. This could be greater than the actual value of the property. To ensure that you are not paying more than you should, verify the value of the house. You can find this out by checking the value of the houses in that area. Once you learn the actual value of the house, you will be able to negotiate for a more favorable value. It is essential to pre-qualify for home purchase. However, if you are buying a foreclosed house, it is very important that your financing is ready. This is because not all lenders will agree to lend you an amount to purchase a foreclosed home. This makes it very important that you ensure your finances first. Inspect the home before purchasing it. You should not settle for less just because you were able to acquire it at a cheaper value. Keep in mind that you will be living in that house. That means your comfort and way of life will largely depend on it. See to it that it the property is in good condition.

These tips will definitely help you find your ideal home for less.

Find more information at Phoenix Community Guide. You can also check AZ Real Estate and Community Real Estate.

Houses For Rent By Owner – Tips On Finding Houses For Rent By Owner

19 August, 2011
Houses For Rent By Owner
by dbking

In the rising rates of real estate nowadays, and with simply no traces of costs ever going decrease as fast as you would like, acquiring a residence can make it even tougher. However, you may have come across a neighbor who owns houses for rent by owner. It simply may match to your needs for the time being; however, you do not have any thought regarding what to search for in an excellent residence for rent. This article may give you little information to relieve you of your worries.

Among the first things you may have to think about would be the distance between your work and your potential home. You might acquire inexpensive and elegant residence to reside at the countryside to the outskirts of town, therefore if you are a freelance worker or a home-based professional this may work for your advantage. Nevertheless, if you have normal work hours, it may be considered a problem for you. Going to work would take a lot of travel time.

You should also consider the neighborhood. In case you find your potential home in a chaotic or maybe threatening area, then perhaps you should evaluate other options. Returning home late from work or your children’s basketball practice late in the evening, for this reason, you might be jeopardizing both you and your family’s safety. Find a superb neighborhood, ask the landlord or go to the neighborhood friends to provide you with tidbits of facts, you might ask someone if they know the information of the community.


Cleanliness typically comes with peaceful surroundings, sometimes however, it will not. Therefore, if the roads going up to the property which you would like looks like a dump, scratch that house off the list. Where there is garbage, there are rats, roaches, as well as the scent is horrible. You would not want living inside a place where any of them might creep into your bedroom, one way or another.

One significant thing to examine when looking for houses for rent by owner is the total condition of the house and its facilities that come with it. Is it furnished or not? If it is then assume it is usually a bit more expensive than usual. Examine if the water is fine, and ask the landlady if there are actually any issues with electrical power or other utilities. Check every inch of the residence for anything wrong, broken, or faulty just like burned power outlets, mouse holes, and things like that. You would like to be sure that you move into a place that is ready to become a new house for you and your family.

A single final thing will be the noise. You would probably want to come home to a calm and peaceful residence, put your head in your pillow and sleep devoid of disturbance. Verify if there is a noise issue, maybe the neighbor’s kids play loud music all of the time or perhaps the residence is very close to a commercial spot. If that is the case, weigh your alternatives correctly.

With everything described above, now you have the basis of finding beautiful and tranquil houses for rent by owner for you as well as your loved ones. Along with these guidelines and advice, it might save you time, cash, and all the trouble of acquiring the right house for rent by owner.

Want your own home? Check out our affordable Houses for rent by owner now! Pick from our many beautiful and strategic locations with flexible payment terms. Click here to see various How to find rent to own homes.

For Closed Homes For Sale – Tips on Buying Homes For Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

17 August, 2011

Home ownership is an exciting thing for those looking to buy a home. There are a few ways you could go about buying a home, but there are certain steps you should know that occur in every home buying transaction.

Charlotte real estate welcomes people into new home ownership all the time. You need to make sure to make a list of criteria you are looking for in a home. This includes how much space you need, location, neighborhood, features, and amenities. Buying homes is a long-term investment, so your decision is important. The great thing about buying a home is the financial security with receiving benefits like equity buildup, value appreciation, and tax benefits.


When looking at Charlotte homes for sale, it’s a good idea to hire a real estate agent who knows the home buying process and can guide you to the home that fits your criteria. When you find the home you’re going to buy, your Charlotte real estate agent can negotiate on your behalf and check the paperwork and help with any problems that may arise.

Buying a home is a large financial commitment so you need to make sure you secure the financing for your mortgage. Talk to a loan officer who will help you through the loan process and will give you the funding when your home closes. Closing is the final stage in the home buying process where the lender confirms the home’s value and legal status and your credit-worthiness.

On closing day, you’ll finalize your mortgage, pay the seller, pay your closing costs, transfer the title from the seller to you, and legally record the transaction as a public record. You are then at the start of your home ownership experience.

Remember to protect your investment while you own it. Keep your home’s maintenance up and perform routine checks on it. Your real estate agent can continue helping you even after you buy your home, by helping with your first tax return as a homeowner, find contractors for your maintenance, help your friends find homes, and keep track of your home’s market value.

We provide tips in the housing industry — specifically dealing with Charlotte homes for sale.

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Jacksonville Short Sales – 5 Tips To Stop Foreclosure In Jacksonville

14 August, 2011

Foreclosure evokes emotional reactions from people. It would be pertinent to note that a house is a material possession that can be purchased when your financial condition improves. But foreclosure will negatively affect your credit rating and the repercussions will be felt for many years to come. It is therefore very important to initiate measures tostop foreclosure in Jacksonville.

Communicate With the Lender

More often than not you will be aware of the scheme of things to come. It would be in your best interest to inform the lender of your inability to pay and the timeframe within which you expect to resolve the issue. The lender makes a profit only if you keep up with your payment schedule. He would like to avoid getting entangled in litigation and the business of selling houses as it is time-consuming and involves additional expenditure.

Most lenders will offer you a grace period before initiating foreclosure. You can utilize this time period to negotiate a modification in your loan terms while staying current with your payments. You should always be prompt in replying to any notice or communication from the lender. Ignoring the lender’s notices or evading reply will aggravate the problem.


Act Immediately

If you default on a single installment and expect things to turn worse in the future you should not waste time. You can take cash advances on credit cards to stay current on loan payments. You can sell the car, jewelry, and other luxury items to clear the debt. Doing these might not help you in the long run but will earn the goodwill of the lender. He will be convinced of your intentions and be more than willing to bail you out. Never get depressed and sit on the problem.

Ask for Help

If you feel that your financial difficulties are only temporary you can discuss the problem with family, friends, or coworkers and request a loan to clear the dues. If you have a good credit history you might consider obtaining a loan from another bank or mortgage company and clear the debt to stop foreclosure in Jacksonville. You can consult a mortgage attorney to find out about the various options available. The department of housing and urban development has counselors who offer advice on the various options available considering your current financial condition.


People who have lost their job and facing a temporary financial crisis can opt for forbearance. It is an agreement in which the lender permits the borrower to defer mortgage payment to a later date. This does not affect the credit history.

Short Sale

This is an option you should consider if you find no way out of the financial crisis anytime in the near future. If the value of property is less than the mortgage due it is referred to as short sale. You can after discussion with the lender go ahead with the short sale to clear the dues and stop foreclosure. The laws governing short sale differ in each state.

Discover how to stop foreclosure Jacksonville and keep or sell your home. The choice is yours!

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Fixer Uppers For Sale – Top Tips For Flipping Fixer Uppers For Sale

11 August, 2011

Fixer uppers for sale are favorites of those who are in the house flip business and for good reason. The fact that they are hugely under priced makes them more attractive for potential buyers. This is because house flipping is essentially buying a cheap house and remodeling it to gain a large resale profit. Ideally, the lower its purchase price, the larger the potential profit margin becomes.

However, there are certain factors that may prevent a house flipper from generating the maximum profit out of a flipping project. Some of them are actually foreseeable but nonetheless could be taken for granted especially if the house flipper is a newbie. These factors may include a wrong location, high costs of repairs and other issues that are often overlooked by the buyer. To prevent these factors from hindering you in attaining your objective, here are some of the things that you should do.

Get A Professional Inspection

When inspecting fixer uppers for sale, one of the best things that you can do is to do it professionally. After all, you are going to enter into a business and hence, you should take every step to secure your investment.

A professional inspector can give you a comprehensive report on the general and particular conditions of each room in the house. This is to ensure that you can make a sound judgment in buying as well as repairing the house.

Experts agree that more than the aesthetic considerations, you should focus your efforts in making structural improvements. If you have gotten a professional inspector, you will see how important it is when you see the reports for the plumbing, insulation, pest control and other structural issues.

To get a good estimate of your profit, you should factor in all your projected costs – labor, materials, and even the time factor which could stretch for weeks and months. It is important, therefore, that you look for a property that has the best return potential in terms of costs and physical condition.

You should also think of how you are going to sell the property once you have finished the renovation. Think of what a potential buyer would want to see when he inspects the house. Many real estate agents agree that buyers are specific about the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. You can focus your repairs and remodeling on these areas.

Many successful house flippers also know that improvements to fixer uppers for sale which add value to the house will also work to attract potential buyers. These improvements need not be expensive nor occupy a large space in the house. Even a good cabinetry work or a unique bathroom concept could work for a buyer.

Joseph B. Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of fixer uppers for sale at for over five years. Contact Joseph B. Smith through if you need help finding information about fixer uppers for sale.

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House For Sale Burnaby Bc – Building Real Estate – New Home Construction Tips

28 April, 2011

Your next few months constructing your new home could prove to be a time consuming and daunting task. You must recognize that it is difficult, if not impossible to have everything go smoothly. When buying a home while it is under construction you must have some key notes available. First, the contract of purchase and sale must be clear and very detailed to outline your expectations. It must describe the specifics including the details of the labor and materials used to satisfy your buying agreement. These stand from of construction contracts are available and these forms of agreement are designed to provide an enforceable agreement between the seller (builder) and the buyer.

If your developer asks for a deposit (which he will) make sure that it will be deposited into a trust account. If the agreement should default, the deposit should always be returned back to yourself. If the developer wishes to hold your deposit as a stake holder, the return of your deposit may be more difficult. In addition to the standard contract of purchase and sale, you should include a specifications sheet and the plans for the house. Building contracts are long, complex documents. Both parties (builder/seller and buyer) should obtain legal advice prior to entering into a building contract.

Do the walk though! Insist that prior to possession date, both parties conduct a walk-through of the property prior to possession date. Make sure that all the work is completed and agreed upon. At this time, both the seller and the buyer should sign and date the list. Copies should be given to both parties, realtor’s and lawyers involved. The crown has developed a program in 1998 called the Home Owners Protection Office. Essentially it is designed to protect the quality of construction in a new home development. This office licenses residential builders and building envelope renovators, monitor’s the provisions of mandatory third-party home warranty insurance and researches/educates the residential construction industry and consumers.

If you are the owner of a leaky home, the HPO will administer no-interest repair loan programs and PST relief grants for owners. They’re set up to ensure that no one has to lose their home due to the cost of repairing a leaky home. The reconstruction loan program provides no interest loans to homeowners and housing co-op’s who are unable to pay for the cost of repairs.

Your warranty includes a minimum of two years on labor and materials. Five years on the building envelope which includes water penetration. And ten years on the structure. In order to minimize confusion about warranties, the HPO created this 2, 5, 10 year home warranty insurance logo. It’s now used in the marketing campaigns of your local realtors and builders in the Residential real estate market of British Columbia homes. This should take place when you first occupy the home. You could always find more information on this topic by visiting

Finally make sure that your realtor inserts a clause clearly stating that the occupancy certificate must be obtained on or before completion date. However, landscaping and other outside work can still be in the process of completion. Your occupancy permit merely allows you to move into your new home! We hope this article helped you think of some things that you might not normally know. Please do not rely on this article as a guide or legal advice as you should always consult your lawyer or local realtor for advice, they are the expert.

Shane Toews is a Licenced Realtor who helps others to educate themselves about current real estate issues. He also provides assistance on how to find quality homes, apartments or vacation rentals in Canada’s Fraser Valley area.

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