Houses For Sale London – House for Sale in South Africa

25 October, 2011

House for Sale in South Africa – HOUSE SALES IN SOUTH AFRICA-South Africa is a mixture of plateaus with grasslands, mountain ranges and coastal areas. The deserts, stretch of grasslands, mountains and tablelands found in South Africa makes it a wonderful place to explore areas with diversified climate. To buy a property in South Africa will definitely be a dream for most of us. We make the job of buying and selling properties in South Africa an easier one. It is not easy to buy or sell a property where were we wanted in South Africa. Flats, houses, bungalows, Villa and town houses in important towns and cities, namely, George, Plenttenberg bay, Alexander Bay, Mossel bay, Durban, East London, Cape Town or Johannesburg. Renting a property abroad is a great way to enjoy the freedom of your next holiday – no fighting for sun beds around your own pool here. Book your next holiday rental property abroad online here and save money. More and more people are traveling independently nowadays and as such the overseas property rental market has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Investing money on properties and spending time with our family after retirement is becoming casual now days.  It is a dream to buy a property for many of us. Each one of us will definitely have certain expectations as to where and how the property that we buy should be. Nevertheless, South Africa has not only got a sublime climate but also landscape with golden beaches, to green belts, safari parks and rocky mountain peaks. If you are interested in urban chic, seaside living or a rural retreat, there is a range of residential homes to suit your every whim. Each and every House for sale is unique in price and position and is generally more expensive in the outlying suburbs.  However, once money is invested on a property in South Africa the potential is excellent due to high rental levels.  South Africa has got all kinds of Stylish, fashionable and modern development of properties of land available, different types of bedrooms along with superb mansions and housing estates. South Africa has a massive amount of properties for sale in all urban and rural areas throughout the country

Buy or Sell Property and House in South Africa. Whether you are ready to sell a Property in South Africa or Planning to Buy a property in South Africa visit House Sales South Africa today.

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House For Sale By Owner Toronto – Buying a power of Sale in Toronto

24 October, 2011

Please read this article to learn the true facts about House For Sale By Owner Toronto;

I have written about power of sale properties in Toronto before and I have had an overwhelming demand by my readership to continue to touch upon this subject further.

First, let me begin by asking you a few questions. Raise your hand if you believe that when buying a power of sale that you are purchasing the property below the true market value? And second; once the purchase is in place and the deal has been negotiated between the bank and yourself that you can now call the movers and start making preparations to move
into your newly purchased home once the deal is closed? Hopefully you won’t be too shocked to learn that if you raised your hand that you are absolutely in correct! Please feel free to sit down and take a moment if need be. I say this due to the fact of all the stigma that is attached with buying a power of sale in Toronto and the general public’s refusal to come to terms with the facts.The pros and cons can be discussed in great lengths and debated as well, I will
start the debate by going on the record as saying “I don’t find any pros but I can see tons of cons”(please feel free to click here to read an article written by Bernie Jankowski Barrister and Solicitor) which will reaffirm my position.

As I said earlier in this article that this subject can be debated endlessly but allow me to explain in a nutshell. There are 3 main reasons to stay away from buying a power of sale in Ontario.

1- The property must be sold at market value and NOT for the amount that is outstanding.

2-  Where is As is

3-The mortgagor’s right to Redeem

There are many differences between a power of sale and a foreclosure and this where I believe that the general public has a huge misunderstanding of those differences. Without diving to deeply into another subject that is foreclosure as this a subject entirely on its own that I will be writing about very soon. Just note this that a power of sale must be sold
for true market value as the lender must oblige according to the provincial mortgage act. The mortgagor (owner) of the property has the right to any equity if any from the proceeds of the transaction. Here is an example; assume that Property “A” has a first charge with lender “A” for the amount of 300k and the subject property market value at the time the sale is being enforced by the lender is estimated at 500K. Its lender “A” responsibility to sell the property for close to 500k as the mortgagor as the right to the remaining funds from the sale, in
this easy example that amount would be 200k. Now assume that lender “A” sold the property for just the outstanding loan amount plus its costs to enforce the sale then the mortgagor (owner) of the property would have the right to seek damages from the lender. It’s also important to note that Canadian banks are in business to earn a profit and that they are not seeking to profit from anyone’s misfortune. Lenders do not like bad PR (public relations) this is one of many reasons why Canadian banks opt to power of sale a property rather then
foreclose as their counter parts do south of the border.


Where is, As is- This is a term that you will hear more often than not when dealing in this type of transaction and it simply means that the lender will not warrant anything regarding the state of the property from the time you see it to the time of possession. A simple example of As is would be;  assume that the property is furnished with appliances at the time the submits an offer to purchase, and on the date of closing those appliances are no longer on site at the time of possession even though they were included in the agreement of purchase and
sale. In this instance then the buyer is out of luck, so I hope the buyer has taken into account that their budget hopefully included new appliances.

The mortgagor always has rights, and one of those rights is the RIGHT TO REDEEM! In the event that owner of the property has come up with the necessary funds that are in default then they can take the property back from the lender. The mortgagor has this right throughout the process but loses its right to redeem if the lender has entered into a binding agreement of
purchase and sale agreement with a buyer. This is when it can become very tricky! Most lawyers that I have spoken with about this subject agree that this is how they interpret the act, and I stress most lawyers. Some lawyers argue that the right exists up to the moment of closing on an accepted agreement of purchase and sale. My opinion is through tons of real life situations that the mortgagor has indeed lost its right once the property has been sold, but here is the twist. Remember when I stated that banks do not like bad PR? Well this
is why any reputable lender would allow the mortgagor the right to redeem up until the very last moment possible.

So if you’re one of those buyers that have bought a power of sale and have yet to complete the transaction, don’t call the moving company until you actually have the keys in your hand, and make sure you have a backup plan in the event the mortgagor does in fact redeem!

Remember that as a buyer you are negotiating with the bank for the purchase of the property and not the property owner! And the bank has a legal obligation according to the
provincial mortgage act to sell the property for true market value! It’s also important to remember that a power of sale is NOT a foreclosure and therefore different legislation applies.

Knowing all this! Does it still make sense to pursue properties that are being sold under power of sale, or is the risk just too high?

I employ you to research and do your due diligence when buying Toronto Real Estate and always seek the expertise of a professional.

Please feel comfortable to contact me if you would like to learn more about buying a power of sale.

Please comment below so we could continue the conversation.

A Real Estate Broker from Toronto Ontario Canada. I am actively trading and I have  been investing in Commercial and Multiplex Residential for more than 15 years. I Coach and Mentor Real Estate Sales/Reps and Brokers.I also invest in many projects across Toronto and abroad. Born and raised In Toronto Canada in 1973 and consider Toronto my home. Fathers name is Gaetano La Fiura, born in Palermo Sicily Italy and Mothers name in Annunzata Di Taranto born in Matera Italy.

I hoped you enjoy this article titled House For Sale By Owner Toronto

Mls Calgary Homes – The emerging Calgary Homes For Sale business

23 October, 2011

Calgary is a beautiful tourist visiting spot in the laps of the Canadian mountain and the ideal place for the booming business of real estate business.

Situated between the Rocky Mountains & Canadian Plains of Alberta, Calgary is one of the most important cities of Canada which attracts big number of people in search of good living standards. Calgary is spread in four parts, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Northeast. These quadrants have a sizable number of developing and well established communities. Prominent developers of real estate have regularly been developing new constructions including affordable and quality homes for single families. One can find so many townhouses and condos which are closed to central Calgary which offer access to jobs & recreation. Calgary’s good transport mechanism makes travelling easy with all the quadrants easily accessible from the central part and downtown.

For home searchers, Calgary real estate Agents bring a Calgary real estate guide, which is designed for a quick and easy home search from anywhere. Their MLS listings get updated daily, enabling you to see the latest properties which have hit the real estate market. They provide a team of professionals, who are qualified and efficient enough to help you in meeting your demands and requirements easily and cost effectively. You can customize the Calgary MLS search for the property which is up for sale by four methods: By City, By the Map, By the Postal code and of course by putting the MLS number available in Calgary MLS listing. Some also offer special offers to boost their sale. You can look out for these offers also.

The home sellers and home seekers need to get registered to web sites, which is free of cost and saves a lot of time in searching for the right bargain. They provide instant updates in the form of E-Mail and SMS the moment any property, matching your criteria, comes in the listing for selling or buying.

Everybody would like to visit in such a place and all of them are the best places to reside in. the internet is filled up with the information of all the who can provide all the knowledge on this particular subject.

Amupitan Adekunle is a highly experienced and well skilled writer who has an extensive range of experience of different aspects of real estate sector. He has always been associated with providing the content on new and upcoming trends of Calgary real estate properties.For more information you can visit Calgary Homes for Sale . Offering great real estate service in Calgary AB, listing and selling service. How To Buy a home in Calgary and how to Sell a home. Calgary Real Estate market is offering great products homes, apartments, condo, townhouses, investment properties, in SW, NW, NE, and SE Calgary. Here is the excellent home In Rocky Ridge Ranch, NW 2 storey, fully finished walkout basement, GREAT FAMILY HOME. Enjoy partial DOWNTOWN & MOUNTAIN VIEW . Excellent Home in GREAT AREA. Available for QUICK POSSESSION. More HOMES for sale in Calgary with VIDEO HOME TOURS at – calgary discount real estate service
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Fsbo Calgary – I Like For Sale By Owner Companies

23 October, 2011

A significant amount of attention has been given to the For Sale By Owner network of companies in Calgary over the last month or so (aka fsbo Calgary). In Calgary Alberta, we have several companies that will provide materials and some service to those who want to sell their property by themselves., Property Guys, ComFree, and there are many smaller players in the FSBO market as well. All of these companies will provide you with contracts, signage, and information on how to sell your home. Recently, one of these FSBO companies in Alberta joined a group of others in forming the largest For Sale By Owner company in Canada.

Now, you might be thinking that I’m going to dismiss these companies, and talk about the virtues of working with a REALTOR. After all, this is my blog, I’m a REALTOR, and For Sale By Owner properties are not paying listing commissions. The same commissions that put food on my table.

You would be wrong.

I think the existence of these companies is fantastic. There are few things that I like about these companies and how they do business.


1. The consumer has choice. Much of what I personally do today is done after seeking information on the internet. With the wealth of information out there, there are things I find I can do myself with some research. For many people, this is the same for real estate.2. They are not a threat to my business. These companies exist for people who want to control and manage everything required in the home selling process, and they offer some basic materials and send you on your way. My business offers services and experience that these networks don’t come close to providing. 3. They provide contrast. The existence of this business model actually helps businesses like mine stand out. You can compare what you are going to have to endure, and what the process is like selling your home by yourself, with the services that I am going to offer.4. The exposure is increasing. While most of these companies are not able to provide access to the MLS for exposure, some of these FSBO sites are attracting some decent traffic and becoming more popular.

Can you sell your home by yourself? Absolutely. Can you save some money by not paying all the commissions that a REALTOR like me is going to charge? Possibly. With these companies, and companies like them, you are enabled and empowered to attempt to save money and manage the process on your own. I think it’s great, and I don’t feel threatened at all.

So try it. You’ve heard success stories from those that have sold their homes on their own. Maybe it will work for you.

But if you have any difficulty with the sales process on your own, I would be happy to talk to you and explain how I might be able to help.

Cliff Stevenson is a Calgary, Canada REALTOR® who is redefining service in real estate. He is an Accredited Green Agent (AGA) – National Association of Green Agents And Brokers, Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) – Real Estate Buyers Agent Council **Less than 1% of Calgary REALTORS® hold this designation and a Certified Condominium Specialist (CCS) – Calgary Real Estate Board. For more more information you can go to: Clickbank Wealth Formula is a crazy CB traffic machine.

Hope you enjoyed this article on FSBO Calgary.

Homes For Sale Ajax Ontario – Search the best real estate in Toronto

22 October, 2011

Canada has one of the highest ratios where most of the families there own their own house. When it comes to investment in the real estate market Canada has always been fist choice for most of them. Toronto located in Canada is the largest city of north America ranked on the fifth position and has a population of 2.6 million roughly. Most of the top rated companies of the world are also present on Toronto. It can be defined as a city which is full of opportunities and you would never regret a real estate move in here.
People from all walks of life are present in this city. It is one of those few places which is blessed with multiculturalism and you can actually realize that more than 100 languages are spoken in this one place,  no matter yo belong to whichever place you would always find yourself comfortable in this place. It is easy to have real estate dealings at such place. The real estate in Toronto is the best that anyone could ever think of. Rightly said the “city of neighborhoods” each place there has its own uniqueness.  The home sin Markham and the homes in Ajax have been upcoming attractions for the real estate buyers. Also the Pickering homes and the Richmond homes are not less.  For a person dealing with the real estate properties the location and the exposure of that location matters a lot and all these places hold it all.

More and more number of wealthy expatriates are drawn towards Canada and they are looking for major investments in Toronto. The real estate market of Toronto is blooming and these are due to more and more amount of wealthy people investing their real estate funds in Toronto. For people facing problems with the increasing mortgages rates in Toronto the financial firms have started giving various schemes for the flexible loan rates and these schemes would help the investors to cope up with the soaring rates which at time become the reason for unmanageable payments for the mortgage.
This is expected to grow more and more stronger after 2010 as the Canadian dollar has not been hitting parity and thus the land tax transfer policies does not seem to lose its pace and would not slow down the Toronto real estate markets.  This would definitely bare many unknown disasters concerning the real estate market and would be a good investment for the real estate dollars.  Rest all is about the foreign investment in Toronto. Big typhoons have been investing in this place. Invest in Toronto. That’s a wise decision.

Markham Real Estate agent Tom Sachdeva offers you the most complete list of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/5144028’]);” href=””>Markham homes</a> for sale in Markham – view our Ontario MLS House listings search for your perfect home.<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/5144028’]);” href=””>Homes in Markham</a> ,Markham real estate MLS Listings & Markham houses.

Markham Real Estate agent Tom Sachdeva offers you the most complete list of Markham homes for sale in Markham – view our Ontario MLS House listings search for your perfect home.Homes in Markham ,Markham real estate MLS Listings & Markham houses.

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Homes For Sale Foreclosure – Homes for sale foreclosure Tucson AZ: Steering clear of blunders

22 October, 2011

It’s obvious when you look at homes for sale foreclosure Tucson AZ that this part of the United States is one of the places that has been hardest hit by the downward spiral in the housing market, and that’s why it’s a fabulous idea to look for any kind of foreclosures that you can find in that area. These are generally good investments that will bring you an excellent ROI.

There are several things that you need to look for in Coalinga foreclosures or Arizona properties that will help you close a good deal where you can make some money, but there are other things that can steer you down a bad road if you don’t watch out for them.

For example, many people who are novice investors underestimate the cost of renovations for the homes for sale foreclosure Tucson AZ they are looking at. Although most people are honest, you cannot rely completely on the claims and disclosures of the seller. In some cases when you’re buying a house or the foreclosure sale that could include Coalinga foreclosures, you may not have the luxury of obtaining a thorough home inspection before handing over the cash, but you should examine the house yourself as much as possible.

Never assume that you’re buying a place with a clear title either. There have even been cases where con artists move into a house and print up a phony title to sell to unsuspecting buyers. It’s even possible that a homeowner can try and sell you a property without telling you it has multiple liens against it. If you’re not 100% certain that the person who is trying to sell you the house owns it, experts suggest that you don’t buy the property at all.

It’s always a safe bet to look at our daily updated listings of foreclosures for sale here, at

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Foreclosed Homes For Sale – Investing in Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Henry County Georgia

20 October, 2011

There is a reason why many homebuyers rush to shop for foreclosed homes for sale in Henry County Georgia. The area has among the most reasonable, if not cheapest, foreclosures that are put up for sale in the market. That is the reason why many buyers consider the area as a haven for buying foreclosure homes.

An analysis into the county’s foreclosure reveals that up to 27% of total homes that are up for sale in the area are comprised of foreclosures. There are 2,993 homes overall that are available to buyers in the area.
According to a local foreclosure listings and data provider, of the 803 foreclosures, 99% or 798 are foreclosed homes for sale in Henry County Georgia.


Thus, there are much more foreclosed homes that are up for sale in the county than in any other areas. Madison County Mississippi short sale, for instance, does not enjoy the high rate of foreclosed homes for sale in Henry County, which is 99%. Even in foreclosure busy centers like Marion County in Florida and in Oklahoma County in Oklahoma, only about 42% and 26% of foreclosed homes are up for sale, respectively.
But the biggest come-on for foreclosed homes for sale in Henry County Georgia is its much lower price tags.

The median price of overall homes available in the area is presently at 2,000. Median price for foreclosed homes for sale in Henry County Georgia is at ,000. That is a 39% discount from median price of all home sale prices in the county. The national average for that difference is only 27%.

A foreclosed home sold by a bank could be priced at about ,900 to 3,000. Median price is at ,900. HUD homes sold could be between ,000 and 0,000 with a median price of ,000. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae foreclosed homes could be priced at ,900 to 3,900 with a median price of ,410.

It could be hard to find such low prices in any Madison County Mississippi short sale. But it could be a breeze if you are buying any of foreclosed homes for sale in Henry County Georgia. is your source of relevant and useful information about foreclosures in the country.


Original post: on, your source of foreclosure homes.

Houses For Sale Vernon Bc – How to select an appropriate pet store?

20 October, 2011

Pet Stores are a great place for pet lovers. You can buy pets such as birds, snakes, spiders, fish, dogs, cats, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, turtles, and frogs at pet stores. You can also buy aquariums, pet foods, cleaning solutions and tools, medication and healthcare supplies for your pets. You can also get a variety of pet toys, carriers, leashes, collars, and beds for your pets.

You can find a lot of pet stores in  Kelowna , Vernon BC , Penticton , Prince George , Dawson , Williams lake, 100 house , Kamloops , Quesnel , etc. Most of the these, particularly Kelowna  have the best and latest varieties of dog, cat, fish, mice, rat, guinea pig, bird, reptile, and spider supplies.

You can find a lot of these stores in Kelowna. The services offered in Kelowna  are Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies, Pet Products & Services, Pet Supplies & Foods, Pet Washing & Grooming, etc. The stores in Vernon, BC and Penticton  provide pet foods, Pet Products & Services, Pet Washing & Grooming, etc. Prince George provides services such as animal remedies, Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies, Horse Training, Pet Supplies, pet foods, etc.  You can find a variety of pet accessories, supplies and food for all types of pets at Dawson Creek. You can find an assortment of pets, Pet Products & Services and pet accessories at Williams Lake . At Quesnel, you can find variety of pet products and services, pet accessories, pet foods, etc. At Kamloops, you can choose a pet the way you desire. Here you can find a variety of healthy pet supplies and pet foods which may be the right choice for your pet. Most  in Kamloops provide even pet training services. Those in Kamloops help you to choose the right supplies and equipment for your pet using their educated and friendly staffs having great passion for pet animals.

Finding an appropriate pet store can be very easy if you have a look at the following tips. When you visit these stores, note the smell you get from it. The smell of feces, old food or disinfectants is the signs of a bad one . See to that the pet store you choose maintains the pets they offer for sale in sanitary conditions. Avoid buying your pet from these stores which maintains the pet in dirty cages because the animals living in their own dirt will not be as healthy. If you are looking for a particular type of pet or pet accessories, research and find the appropriate shop which sell that pet or pet accessories. Choose only those at which the staffs answer your questions clearly. This is important to take care of your pet properly. See to that the pet store you choose has well knowledgeable staffs who are ready to answer all of your questions, and will guide you to the right supplies and equipment for your pet. Choose a clean and odor-free pet store where you feel comfortable to visualize all pets and pet accessories and where you feel comfortable to ask questions related to pet care.

Sarah Jose is an expert in writing articles in several fields.
She has contributed articles towards prince george pet store,pet supplies quesnel.For more information on pet supplies vernonand any other pet supplies contact100 house pet store,pet supplies vernon Beautiful family home with 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Upstairs is perfect for entertaining with an open concept, Coldstream Valley views to the front and no neighbours behind. Call Hayley Today 250-309-7695

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Houses For Sale Thornhill – Scotland property for sale – Better value in the Highlands?

19 October, 2011

In Scotland property for sale this year has been a hard time for many people selling. Although overall it has seen a 3.7%rise in value increase in the last year BUT purchasers are down by 17% since last year! What does this mean? Well this means there are some particularly good bargains to be had especially in more rural or remote areas as prices have dropped and with less people purchasing it really has become a buyers market. You can expect in this climate to pay as much as 25% less for some properties than in 2007! For long term investors or people with capital behind them it really is a chance to own a bargain!

For instance currently at the lower end of the market you can obtain a rural 2 bedroom cottage with a garden near Thornhill Dumfries for around £75,000 or if your sights are on development or escaping the rat race to run your own business there are even better opportunities. For example in the Highlands near Ullapool theres an established Motel with 7 self catering units with your own fishing Loch and planning for a family house up for around £350,000 and for a £125K more they will include 3 plots with planning on! But only sold as a whole. How do you come by these bargains? Well keeping away from more urban areas and looking with an open mind of where you want to live can lead to exciting opportunities. Personally having lived and worked in the heart of urban areas moving to a more rural area was not only better financially but gave me back a much better quality of life. In terms of buying now the opportunities for people who are looking then maybe its one of the best times to buy in years. Spending a short time on line using google using the advanced search facility (date and time to 1 month) may bring in some very attractive bargains – both residential and commercial. Alternatively some of the dedicated property search sites (findaproperty, right move etc) make things easier than an agent by agent search. However you do your searches, the real bargains really do sem to be in the rural areas. Happy hunting!


Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Houses For Sale Windsor Ontario – Selling Your House with a Realtor vs. Privately

18 October, 2011

Before I was a real estate agent, I bought a few properties myself, all with the help of my real estate agent. For the most important investments of my life to that point, I figured an agent was a necessity! Since joining the profession, I’ve come to learn that more than a few deliberate between using an agent or not to sell their home. Some facts:

Less than 10% of all For Sale by Owners (FSBOs), are successful in selling their home by themselves.
90% of all potential Buyers of your property are already using a real estate agent
the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is used by the vast majority of out of town Buyers to find properties that match their needs; bear in mind Windsor has the third highest per capita immigration rate in Canada.
80% of real estate sold through an agent sells higher than houses sold privately.
Investment properties are going to get seasoned investors enquiring, not naïve 1st time buyers. You need a strong negotiator in between the two parties.
A Buyer comes into your home looking for reasons NOT to buy the property. They won’t cite their concerns to the seller out of politeness, but they will freely to their real estate agent. This gives a chance to have these concerns quelled, and an offer presented.
It is extremely rare for a Buyer’s agent to bring his clients to a private deal. These agents also have listings, and their listing clients would kill the agent for trying to sell a private deal and not their own home!
You don’t have to pay for any advertising.
You don’t have to do the open houses.
This is an important one. If you’ve accommodated for the sales agent’s commission in your “bottom line” price, then it’s really not you paying the commission.
Financing knowledge is crucial. Myself, I have 18 different financing techniques at my fingertips, and you’d be surprised how often this knowledge is required to complete a deal. Call me for financing options at 519-250-8800.
Knowing which professionals to deal with. Who’s a competent lawyer? Is that particular building inspector going to do an in depth 2 hour inspection of the house, or 20 minutes? Should I go with a bank or a mortgage broker?
People feel much more secure dealing with a realtor. A realtor, unlike a private seller, is legally responsible for his actions. Without a realtor, a buyer is concerned about getting taken by a sneaky seller – there is no legal recourse for a buyer in a private deal!

I hope this helps. I don’t think many people realize the amount of work involved in selling a house. An agent is compensated for a lot of hard work, personal expense in advertising your home for sale, and the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table (e.g. available Buyers, financing options, what price to list your property at etc. etc. etc.)

To buy or sell a home, give us a call. We have a team ready and waiting to help you! Ontario RCI Team 519-250-8800.

OntarioRCI is a team of professional realtors who are investors also and have an in depth knowledge of real estate investment, marketing and land lording. Fixing and flipping good investment properties pays you much. Through these profits you get financial stability and diversify your portfolio. Our ability to identify quick fix and flip will enable you to gain maximum.  Let’s help you by adding value to your business. OntarioRCI is the best one in fix and flip deals in Windsor ON.  Contact Ontariorci at 519-250-8800 for more information on POS properties in Windsor-Essex County.

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