Foreclosure Listings Ca – Irvine Foreclosure Listings: The Road to your Dream Home

03 June, 2011

Irvine, CA is one of the best residential localities in the United States. And you can buy your dream home in this beautiful city at stashed prices. By referring to the Irvine Foreclosure Listings, you have at your disposal some of the best properties (houses) to choose from. Since the bank or the dealer who has foreclosed this property wants to sell it off as soon as possible (in order to have their money back), they  agree to sell the house at a price lower than what you imagine.


The Irvine Foreclosure Listings shall suggest you some of the best options available in the city within your budget. And now the question arises “Why live in Irvine?” The answer lies in the simple fact that this planned city is one of the safest places in the United States with all  the basic amenities being provided to its citizens such as communication, transportation, energy etc.,  and has literally got everything you are looking for.


If you check the Irvine Foreclosure Listings, you would find that there are lots of properties available in the market at a variety of locations available in the city. If your child is studying in school, you can pick your house near Irvine Unified School District and give your child the best basic education. In case you are a university student, you can buy and share the apartment near the Irvine Campus of University of California or others. If you are working, then why not pick your house near to the headquarters of the company you work for, be it Taco Bell, Gateway Inc., Quicksilver Software to name a few.


The Irvine Foreclosure Listings shall let you know which areas have the maximum greenery in case you are in love with nature. With huge areas of Irvine are covered with green belt, The Great Park for instance even organizes lots of concerts and cultural programs for its citizens the Listings shall give you tons of options as to which property is the best suited for you.. With warm and hot summers and not so freezing winters, the city is ideal for even retired people. This is so because this city has various support groups which takes care of their emotional and care giving needs even if one is not able to afford it. Irvine Seniors Travelers also organizes lots of day trips to keep them engaged.


Thus by providing some opportune properties with several benefits in the area Irvine foreclosure listings are a road to your dream home.


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Kingston Mls – Drink Driving in Scotland: a Recent Case Study by Michael Lyon Solicitors, a Firm of Specialist Road Traffic Lawyers in Scotland

25 March, 2011

The Charge: on xxx 2008 on a road or other public place, namely the Kingston Bridge, M8 Motorway, Glasgow you xxx did drive a motor vehicle, namely motor car registered xxx after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in your breath was 86 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath which exceeded the prescribed limit, namely 35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath;

CONTRARY to the Road Traffic Act 1988, Section 5(1)(a)

The Brief: Michael Lyon Solicitors were instructed to defend the case as recognised specialist road traffic lawyers in Scotland.

The Evidence: The Police statements detailed a sequence of events that confirmed the correct procedures had been followed. From initial arrest to subsequent caution and charge, there was nothing exceptional. The intoximeter forms confirmed the terms of the statements.

The Outcome: The case proceeded to trial at Glasgow District Court in October 2008 and our client was found not guilty of drink driving. A submission of no case to answer was upheld. We are not willing to disclose the basis of our defence although can confirm we have had success in various Courts in Scotland with the same point.

“I contacted Michael Lyon Solicitors through a media friend who Michael had defended a number of years ago. I really didn’t hold out much hope as I felt that I would simply have to accept the inevitable. I was aware the allegation of drink driving was serious and was probably only looking for a bit of damage limitation.

After six months of various Court hearings, the case finally proceeded to trial. Michael had discussed with me a technical defence in relation to drink driving cases and we decided to proceed on that basis.

To my utter delight, I was found not guilty of the charge.

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for saving my licence and livelihood. For anybody out there looking for a specialist road traffic lawyer in Scotland I would urge you to contact Michael Lyon Solicitors. Having had the pleasure of seeing Michael in action, I can only say that I was, and remain to be, amazed by his level of expertise. The guy is, quite simply, The Road Traffic Lawyer in Scotland.”

We were delighted with the outcome of the case and wish to thank our client for his kind words and support.

Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited exclusively practices road traffic law and defends all types of motoring offences throughout Scotland. All Solicitors within the Firm have an expert knowledge of road traffic law in Scotland with a particular focus drawn on speeding, dangerous driving and drink driving allegations in Scotland.

Specialist legal representation provided in all Courts for motoring offences in Scotland including Glasgow, Paisley, Dumfries, Perth, Aberdeen, Invernesss and Kilmarnock.



A: Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR

T: 0141-550-1074

M: 07903-818-719 (Urgent cases only)

Michael Lyon, a specialist road traffic lawyer provides some invaluable insights into his time defending road traffic cases in Scotland.

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Vancouver Home Listings – The Road to Finding the Best Vancouver Home Mover Company Isn’t Easy

25 March, 2011

If you are contemplating hiring the service of a local moving company in Vancouver, you will be faced with a huge dilemma in regards to what constitutes as the ideal residential mover for your needs. By searching for movers within Vancouver, you are guaranteed to be provided with a large list, whether your research in conducted over the internet or through your local directories. However, by taking the following points into consideration, you will find the ideal Vancouver home mover company you require.

During your initial search, you should create a list of potential local moving companies which you can obtain by using both the web and a local directory. It is also beneficial to ask the advice of any friends or family who has used a Vancouver home mover company in the past. Ask about the level of service they received, the price they had to pay- including any additional costs, and their overall experience of the company. Where possible, only ask the advice of those who have used a Vancouver home moving company within the past 12 months as a company is likely to change its prices, policies and so forth over the course of a year. If you strive for a more professional opinion, ask the advice of a real estate agent regarding Vancouver home moving companies they have used in the past that they would recommend.

Once you have a list of potential moving companies to use, you will next need to obtain a list of in-home estimates from each individual company. Some companies may provide a number of methods in which a customer can obtain a quote, such as over the phone or by visiting their official website. However, these quotes are not always reliable as a home moving company will take other factors into consideration before you are provided with a concrete quote. An in-home estimate will involve the home moving company coming to your home to evaluate the furniture and goods that you need moving which will then provide you with a sound quote. If a moving company prefers to not visit your home, this should create cause for concern. Do not opt to only gain one or two estimates as each company may provide different, additional services which justify their proposed fee.

Once you have obtained a number of quotes, you should then compare each home moving company in terms of the price they have provided and any additional features of their service. It is not just about who is the cheapest, but is also about the level of quality service they can provide, the safety factors they take into consideration and how reliable they will be-reliability can be determined by reading customer testimonials of each house moving company. If you are provided with any quotes which are a huge fraction lower than other companies, inquire as to why this is. Often, a company that quotes a small fee will either be inexperienced or may even be a starting out as a relocation company.

Finally, be sure that your chosen home moving company is not a ‘rogue mover’ which is the term used for companies who will charge a low estimate and once your goods are loaded into their vehicle, will then demand a large fee in order to release your possessions back to you. A rogue mover can be identified by looking at the following points:

– The moving company does not offer to complete an on-site estimation of your goods and instead offers a ‘confirmed’ estimate over the phone/web
– They request a large deposit or cash payment before your agreed move
– Their website does not provide a local address or any information regarding the company’s licensing; and
– The company does not own their own removal trucks and instead, provide you with hired vehicles on the day of your move

When it comes to moving home or relocating, many have the misconception that the sale of their home and the purchase of a new property is the biggest gamble they will make. However, when it comes to select among the best moving companies in Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, or anywhere in the lower mainland, this can be a huge gamble in itself if you do not choose a reputable and trustworthy business. By taking the above points into consideration, not only will you have peace of mind that your possessions are cared for and will reach their destination, but you will also have a home mover company that strives to provide you with the utmost in terms of service and care.

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Saint David – Bay Road Homes For Sale – Saint David – Bay Road Real Estate Foreclosures

28 January, 2011

Flooding at the Bay Road in La Cheaseur, Corinth, St. David caused by rains on Nov. 26 2010.

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Amherstburg – Texas Road Homes For Sale – Amherstburg – Texas Road Real Estate Foreclosures

12 January, 2011

Investigation of Texas Road in Amherstburg, Ontario.
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Amherstburg – Texas Road Real Estate

Fort McMurray – Draper Road Homes For Sale – Fort McMurray – Draper Road Real Estate Foreclosures

12 January, 2011


Please help improve this article by expanding it. Further information might be found on the talk page. (February 2010)

Bill Elliott grew up near Dawsonville, Georgia. According to his autobiography, many generations of Elliotts grew up there. According to his autobiography, William Clyde Elliott was named after two relatives. He is the youngest of three boys. According to his autobiography, his father George created a lumber company and loved racing. He later created a speed shop where Bill’s brothers Ernie (born 1947) and Dan (born 1951). His father was a Ford man and later created a Ford dealership as there were none around.

Bill Elliott has a daughter, Starr, and a son, Chase. Chase Elliott now has a burgeoning racing career.

NASCAR career

Early career

Elliott made his first Winston Cup Series start at Rockingham in 1976, qualifying 34th in a field of 36 cars. Elliott only lasted 32 laps that day before the oil pump failed in his Ford Torino, earning him 0. Elliott toiled for five years in the Winston Cup Series without corporate sponsorship, and along the way showed flashes that he could compete with the established veterans of the sport. In mid-1977, Elliott bought a Mercury Montego from Bobby Allison after his split from Penske Racing to replace the inferior Torino, and the move paid off. He soon earned his first top-10 finish in the Southern 500 (10th), and his first top-5 finish 2 years later in the same race, finishing second to race winner (and Elliott’s boyhood hero) David Pearson.

With Melling Racing

In the fall of 1980, Elliott gained his first major sponsor in the form of 0 from Harry Melling of Melling Racing in the 1980 National 500 at Charlotte. Melling would extend his contract and gave the team enough sponsorship to run a 12 race schedule in 1981. After a 1981 season that consisted of one top-5 and seven top-10 finishes in 13 races, including the team’s first pole in the CRC Chemicals Rebel 500, Melling bought the team from Elliott’s father George on December 1, 1981. In 1983 Elliott earned his first Winston Cup win in the Winston Western 500 at Riverside in the final race of the 1983 season. He gained full sponsorship from Coors in 1984 to the tune of 0,000 and won three races, four poles and finished third in the championship standings.

In 1985, Elliott earned 11 wins and 11 poles out of 28 races and also won the first Winston Million in the Southern 500 at Darlington. This earned him the nickname “Million Dollar Bill”, and “Awesome Bill From Dawsonville.” He won the Daytona 500, the Winston 500 at Talladega (at the time ran at a record average speed 186.288 MPH) and the Southern 500 to earn the Winston Million. This led to him becoming the first NASCAR driver to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Elliott finished second in the championship standings by 101 points, losing the Winston Cup Championship to Darrell Waltrip after a string of poor finishes in the last quarter of the season.

In 1986, Elliott won two races, four poles and finished fourth in the championship standings. He also won the The Winston II, held at Atlanta, the only year the race was run somewhere other than Charlotte. He won six races in 1987, including his second Daytona 500, seven poles, and finished second in the final point standings. In The Winston he tangled with Dale Earnhardt in what has become known as “the Pass In The Grass”. However, Elliott’s most lasting accomplishment that year was setting 2 Nascar qualifying records, which stand to this day. At Daytona, he set the NASCAR speed record with an average speed of 210.364 mph. He broke his own record at Talladega with an average speed of 212.809 mph; the previous record he set in 1986 was 209.383 mph. In both races, he used a Ford Thunderbird which contained an engine built by his brother Ernie. However, at Talladega, Bobby Allison was spun and went airborne into the catch fence, tearing a large section away and injuring several fans. After this incident, NASCAR mandated the use of restrictor plates at Daytona and Talladega. As a result, Elliott’s speed records will likely never be broken. In 1988 Elliott won another six races, six poles, and his only Winston Cup Championship.

Following his championship season, Elliott broke his wrist in a crash during testing at Daytona and required relief by Jody Ridley during several races in the first part of the 1989 season. Elliott won two poles and three races and finished sixth in the championship standings. In 1990, Elliott won one race and two poles and finished fourth in the championship standings. In the 1990 race at Atlanta, Elliott’s rear tire changer Mike Rich was killed when Ricky Rudd lost control of his car, spun, and slammed the crew member between his car and Elliott’s. This resulted in NASCAR restricting the speed of cars on pit road. The year 1991 saw Elliott’s sponsorship change to Coors Light beer and the familiar red on the car was replaced with blue. Elliott won once in the Pepsi 400 and won two poles and finished eleventh in the championship standings during his last season with the Mellings.

With Junior Johnson

1994 car

Elliott left Melling to join Junior Johnson and Associates in 1992. Elliott’s sponsor during his time with Johnson was Budweiser; ironic because his sponsor at Melling Racing was from Bud’s rival brewery Coors. In 1992, Elliott won five races (including four in a row) and three poles, but much like his 1985 season he finished a disappointing second in the championship standings after squandering a large lead in the standings with a late season string of poor finishes. He did win the season finale at his home track in Atlanta, but lost the championship by 10 points to Alan Kulwicki. The difference was that Kulwicki gained the 5 bonus points for leading the most laps in the race. Kulwicki led one more lap (103 vs 102) than Elliott. The 10 point difference was the closest point differential until NASCAR changed to the Chase for the Cup points format 12 years later.

Elliott went winless in 1993 and finished eighth in the standings. He scored just one win the following season in the 1994 Southern 500 while finishing 10th in the championship standings. After his Darlington victory, Elliott announced he would be starting his own team with sponsorship from McDonald’s in 1995.

As an independent driver and at Evernham Motorsports

1997 racecar

After leaving Johnson’s team, Elliott fielded his own Winston Cup race team from 1995 to 2000. Elliott failed to win a race during this time, though he did manage two top ten finishes in the championship standings, with eighth place finishes in both 1995 and 1997. In 1996, Elliott suffered a broken leg during an accident at Talladega and missed seven races that season. Elliott would sell his team to Ray Evernham in 2000 and began driving the #9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid in the the following year. The team found success in his first race in the #9 Dodge, as Elliott won the pole for the 2001 Daytona 500 and finished in the top 5, bringing home a 5th place finish, though the race will forever be remembered for the death of fan favorite Dale Earnhardt. Bill finished his first season with Ray Evernham Racing with two poles, five top 5 and nine top 10 finishes, and a win at the season ending Pennzoil Freedom 400 at Homestead from the pole. This was his first win in over seven years. He finished 15th in the final standings. In 2002 he won four poles and went to victory lane twice. His wins included the Pennsylvania 500, and one week later an overwhelmingly dominant victory in that year’s Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He finished 13th in the final standings. His last win, in what became his final full-time season, came in 2003 at Rockingham. A week later Elliott came within a lap of winning his final race as a full-time driver (he would have been the only retiring driver to do so) in the 2003 Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Elliott led 189 of 267 laps and was on his way to victory, but a cut tire on the final lap gave the win to Bobby Labonte. He still finished the race and maintained his ninth-place position in the final points standings, his best finish since an eight-place finish in the 1997 standings. A few weeks later, Elliott announced that he was relinquishing the #9 car to Kasey Kahne and switching to a part-time schedule driving R&D cars for Evernham.


In 2004, Elliott drove the #91 Dodge Intrepid for Evernham in three events (along with the Budweiser Shootout) and also drove the #98 Dodge Intrepid in one other event because of sponsorship issues between Coca-Cola (Elliott’s sponsor) and Pepsi (Evernham’s sponsor). Elliott was listed as the owner of the #98 car, but Evernham leased the car to him. Although he only made six starts during his first part-time season, he still managed to have some success which included a ninth-place finish at Indianapolis and second and third-place qualifying efforts at Texas and California respectively.

In 2005, Elliott continued his part-time driving duties which included driving the #39 Coors Dodge Charger(in a paint scheme reminiscent of his 1987 Coors Light Ford) for Chip Ganassi Racing in the Budweiser Shootout and the #91 Evernham Dodge in several events. Although he made three more starts than the previous season, he did not have the same amount of success. He managed to get an eleventh-place finish and a tenth-place qualifying effort at Michigan, along with a ninth-place qualifying effort at Texas. He also competed in select NASCAR Busch Series events for Rusty Wallace and also drove the #6 Unilever Dodge Charger in the Busch Series for Evernham at Memphis, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

For the 2006 season, the 2005 owners’ points for the #91

Amherstburg – Front Road North Homes For Sale – Amherstburg – Front Road North Real Estate Foreclosures

10 January, 2011

Contact Jason Laframboise at 519-736-1766 – – Enjoy the sunsets and ships from around the world right on your doorstep. Beautiful 3 bedroom brick to roof ranch, extensive high end renovations throughout. 2 fireplaces, updated furnace and air, open concept floor plan, panoramic views, iground pool, large patio and covered deck. Great breakwall, waterfront paradise.
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Amherstburg – Walker Road Homes For Sale – Amherstburg – Walker Road Real Estate Foreclosures

06 January, 2011

Amherstburg – Walker Road Real Estate

Sussex – New Line Road Homes For Sale – Sussex – New Line Road Real Estate Foreclosures

04 January, 2011

I discovered that the program which I’m using to edit my videos allows the option for Pip, aka – Picture in Picture. I thought it would be neat to have the video in the corner of the screen of 406’s OCS clearance while the train was down the line. Maybe I’ll do this more often with my older camera as well mixed in. CN 406 heads west through Upper Mountain Rd, west of Moncton, NB. This is mile 7.89 on the CN Sussex Subdivision.
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\Sussex – New Line Road Foreclosures

Dartmouth – Wyse Road Homes For Sale – Dartmouth – Wyse Road Real Estate Foreclosures

04 January, 2011

FridAY fEB 26 2010 5pm