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06 March, 2011

There are six campgrounds in Apache National Forest along the East Fork of the Black River – all within a few miles of each other. We visited these campgrounds in late November, 2006. The Black River is more of a stream than a river – but it’s beautiful, remote and pristine. If you’re coming from Alpine, AZ, as you head south on Forest Route 276, the campgrounds are in the following order: Diamond Rock, Aspen, Deer Creek, Raccoon, Horse Springs and Buffalo Crossing.

All six of these campgrounds are in a canyon that starts off narrow with beautiful steep canyon walls. As you pass the fourth campground (Raccoon), the canyon starts to spread out and the canyon walls become less steep. The canyon continues to spread out and the canyon walls continue to taper off and become very shallow at Buffalo Crossing campground with views of an open expansive meadow and the river.

The views from the first four of these campgrounds are very similar. Each of these four campgrounds is small with less than 12 camp sites. As the sun hits the canyon walls, the views are gorgeous and the tall ponderosa pine trees that spread out along the canyon walls are majestic. As you look out between the canyon walls, you’ll see beautiful views of the narrow canyon floor, often dotted with small meadow-like areas and beautiful tall ponderosa pine. Some of the camp sites overlook the river, but river views are obstructed from most of the sites by surrounding trees and vegetation along the river banks.


Most of the camp sites are well separated. Even though many of the camp sites don’t have views of the river, you can still hear the sound of the moving water which enhances the sense of beauty of the area. The overall feeling of the campgrounds is rustic, pristine and beautiful. The only downside to these first four campgrounds is that because the canyon is narrow with steep walls, direct sun light is limited to late morning thru early afternoon. If you prefer more sunlight, try Horse Springs or Buffalo Crossing campgrounds.

Horse Springs is the largest campground of the six with two loops (Polecat and Porcupine). Each loop has several rows of camp sites with one of the rows situated along the river. Camp sites in this campground are a little less secluded and private than those in the other five. Views of the canyon walls are very pretty and several sites have excellent views of the river.

The canyon walls at Buffalo Crossing campground are shallow and the area between the walls is much wider than the other five campgrounds in this area. Some of the sites are in a beautiful open meadow between the canyon walls and some hug the edges of one of the canyon walls forested by tall majestic ponderosa pine. Several of the sites in the meadow have views of the Black River. Because of the open meadow, this campground has lots of sun.

If you like shade, pick a camp site that is along the shallow canyon wall — you’ll still have a view of the meadow. The sites located in the meadow have no shade but are closest to the river. We thought that each of the six campgrounds in this area had beautiful views; but our favorite was Buffalo Crossing because of the wide-open expanse of the beautiful meadow between the canyon walls that allows a lot of sunshine.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since all six campgrounds are so close together, I recommend that if you visit this area for camping, look at all six. I’m sure you’ll find a camp site that you will think has a beautiful view. We really liked this area and I’m sure you will too.

Happy camping!

Carl Zimmerman is owner and webmaster of Camping with a View, dedicated to finding campgrounds with beautiful views. Visit the section of the site for photos, reviews and more information on campgrounds discussed in this article.

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Homes For Sale Campbell River Bc – Parksville & Qualicum Beach Forecast for Housing in 2011

23 February, 2011

As a REALTOR®, I have been monitoring the market statistics and looking at the economic data for our local region. Thank heavens for Economics 101! Perhaps the most common question I’ve been asked over the Holidays has been “How will our local housing market fare in 2011?” People are wondering if  we will see volatility or stability. Are we coming into a buyer’s, seller’s or balanced market?

In the reading and research I’ve done, there is a common belief that British Columbia will likely lead the country in home sales activity next year. The market will be characterized by plenty of inventory, steady demand and moderate growth in both unit sales and prices. Although the BC economy will probably only experience modest growth through 2011, the province is in a relatively strong position. Nearly all BC jobs lost during the recession have been recouped.

A gradual pace of growth will be a good thing for our province, keeping inflation and interest rates low. If borrowing costs were to escalate rapidly, there could be a sharp erosion in home affordability. Fortunately, a quick increase in interest rates is not expected to occur. The Bank of Canada appears to be staying the course in keeping interest rates low.

Because a very large portion of home sales in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region are to retirees, our local market is much less susceptible than others to macro-economic conditions such as volatility in the resource sector. Overall, we should be seeing a very balanced market in 2011 with increased consumer confidence and historically low interest rates still available.

One key indicator of the health of our local housing market is sales of luxury homes. In 2009, only 9 single family homes over million sold in the Parksville/Qualicum region. In 2010, up to the end of November, that number had more than doubled with 20 single family homes over the million mark sold in this area! That certainly demonstrates significant confidence in the Oceanside real estate market!

Dramatically increased activity in lot sales in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region also bodes well for the market in 2011. 37 lots were sold in Oceanside in 2009. In 2010, up to the end of November, that number is more than twice as high with 84 lots sold! I consider this to be an important indication of speculative buying, especially by builders – definitely a strong sign of market confidence!

As for the key price point range from 0 to 0 thousand, unit sales of single family homes in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region were almost identical from 2009 to 2010. I expect we’ll see a modest increase in number of homes sold for this type of property in 2011.

Are you interested in having access to Parksville and Qualicum Beach market information? Every month, I post the latest stats on my website at These detailed reports include important figures such as sales price and days to sell averages. You’ll also find the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board HOME SALES Map with data for other nearby communities including Nanaimo, Port Alberni / West Coast, Campbell River and the Comox Valley. I welcome you to visit my website soon to easily find this useful information.

Please remember to talk with a local REALTOR® to examine how the market affects your particular circumstances. Jim Stewart, the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board’s President-Elect says that, “Although there are signs of stability in the market, it is critically important to consult with a REALTOR® to be properly informed on how it might affect an individual situation.”

Sources: Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, BCREA Forecast

Marc LaCouvee is a REALTOR and a DAD. He was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has spent his lifetime exploring this great paradise. Whether supporting Oceanside Minor Hockey, other local organizations or attending PAC meetings, Marc is committed to community, his family, and the area that he and his children live in. Marc works for REMAX Anchor Realty in Qualicum Beach. Please visit his website at

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Pickering – Green River Homes For Sale – Pickering – Green River Real Estate Foreclosures

21 February, 2011

This disc is CRAZY for bass, Capitol label true stereo pressing, wish I had a stereo mic.Played on my 1962 Seeburg DS160HR – fully refurbished and customized. It has an auto-speed unit so it plays both 45rpm and 33-1/3rpm 7″ records, holds 80 records for 160 selections (more with extended-play discs), original rebuilt tube amplifier (transistorized pre-amp circuit), rebuilt Tormat tube-type selection receiver; rebuilt solid state (all transistorized) auto-speed unit; original Pickering dual-styli magnetic stereo cartridge. Original speakers: two 12″ woofers thru a “Seeburg Stereo Network” (low-pass filter); two 4×6″ ear speakers each thru a high-pass filter. Two extra 4″ tweeters and one subwoofer have been added (concealed inside the cabinet). If you are playing this back thru a sub and tweeters, you will get astounding bass and treble response. New reproduction upper & lower glass, custom 3-D mirrors around center crown and also flanking speaker grille. New stainless steel mirror-finish kickplate; repainted cabinet sides with custom pinstriping and decal work. The jukebox is wired with a ‘free-play’ credit unit which keeps the credit lamp lit, but the latch bar solenoid is only energized once the first button is pushed and releases when the second one is pushed. Ropelighting installed underneath the cabinet creates a blue glow beneath the juke. This piece of history looks as good as, or better than the day she rolled off the assembly line and has provided me with untold
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River Line Homes For Sale – River Line Real Estate Foreclosures

16 February, 2011

River cruising is a popular vacationing idea that over the years has gained significant amount of interest among the travelers. A number of tourists looking forward to a European vacation are considering touring the nations on a river cruise. Europe with its number of rivers actually makes it hard for the travelers in search of a best cruise deal. Choosing a best river cruise in the world , be it in the European continent or any other parts of the world, requires a lot of planning and thoughts. However, at the end of it all, the choice definitely lies on the interest and personal taste of a traveler.


The best cruise on the river definitely depends upon a balanced combination of the itinerary, the time of travel, and the ideal cruise line. Among all these necessities, finding the right ship can actually create differences in your experience of cruising on a riverboat. From luxury lines to budget lines, the options are plenty with the ultimate choice resting in your hand. You can go ahead and choose the cruise line offering a convenient seating and bedding arrangement or one offering a very luxurious and a grand stay. The wish and the interest of seeing the world lies in your mindset.Do visits to historic sites or exotic islands thrill you? If so, take a trip in one of the best river cruises in Russia



You, as a traveler also have the option of selecting a river cruise line by comparing between a number of ships and the deals they offer. Another idea will be to gather comprehensive information about the tour itinerary that is the places to be covered and the time to be taken. After all, you cannot expect to have a great time while the thought of time constraints and budgetary needs dominating your mind. Choosing the best ship for a cruise line should also depend on the destinations and the ports of call that you wish to visit and which holds your interest too.


Choosing the perfect ship is another option that should be kept in mind while selecting the best cruise from river cruises. You should be well aware of the benefits and the amenities offered by the ship to ensure ultimate comfort and convenience to its travelers. Cribbing and complaining after being onboard will not yield much result. However, keeping all these requirements and selection needs in mind, the magic of the nest experience lies in knowing your own choices and interests along with desires and needs the best. A number of river cruises operating around the world include Danube river cruises, Po River cruise, Yangtze River cruise, Seine river curies, Thames river cruises, and many more.



Neha writes about such world wide cruising . For more info on Cruising do visit Travel information

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11 February, 2011

Journey through Yorkshire along the eastern coast of Scotland, along the northern coastline then back taking a south-westerly route via Cumbria.
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Halifax – West East River Homes For Sale – Halifax – West East River Real Estate Foreclosures

02 February, 2011

This is a drive from the Robie/Young intersection in Halifax to Highway 102 via the 111 and 118. It was filmed during the last leg of rush hour, so you have an idea of what the city roads look like just after peak hours. Early evening, beginning at about 17.10. MacKay Bridge and the beginning of Highway 111 is featured at 2:04. 111/118 Junction: 4:59 118/102 Junction: 10:12 Music is by Gas and it’s called Konigsforst V ***** Exit directions are incorrect. Exit 13N and 13S on Highway 118 are supposed to be 13E East and 13W West. Sorry about that. *****
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Pickering – Green River Homes For Sale – Pickering – Green River Real Estate Foreclosures

24 January, 2011

Jim Robb and Kevin O’Connor play important roles in the FRW. Hear what they have to say on the Rouge Park and why it should be given a National Park status. Produced by Puppy House Pictures Music by Corrina Keeling
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19 January, 2011

Located in the heart of Oakville, the leading health professionals at River Oaks Chiropractic and Wellness Centre are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives — combining skill and expertise that spans the entire wellness spectrum. Dr. Alison Leitch and the team at River Oaks Chiropractic and Wellness Centre are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of wellness care. We offer many services including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Registered Massage Therapy, Nutritional Consulting, Naturopathic Medicine, Active Release Technique, Custom Orthotics, Exercise Prescription, Life Coaching/Counseling, Physiotherapy modalities and much more! Check out our website at
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Houses For Sale Powell River – Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia

19 January, 2011

Early life

Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich with three of his brothers(from left to right) : Alexander, Alexei, Vladimir and Tsarevich Nicholas

The Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Romanov of Russia was born in Saint Petersburg on 14 January 1850 (4 January O.S.). He was the son of emperor Alexander II and empress Maria Alexandrovna. He was a younger brother of Grand Duchess Alexandra Alexandrovna, Tsarevich Nikolay Alexandrovich, Alexander III of Russia, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia and He was an older brother of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia and Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich.

Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich was destined for a naval career since his childhood. At the age of 7 he received the rank of midshipman. The next year Konstantin Nikolayevich Posyet was appointed as his tutor. While the winters were dedicated to theoretical studies, during the summers he trained on Russian warships of the Baltic fleet stationed in Saint Petersburg harbour. The training was rough, but gave him the possibility of getting used to various sailing ships:

in 1860 the yacht Shtandart on a cruise from Petergof to Livada [disambiguation needed]

in 18611863 the yacht Zabava under the flag of counter-admiral Posyet in the Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia,

in 1864 the frigate Svetlana in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea

in 1866 the frigate Oslyabya during an extensive training cruise to the Azore Islands.

Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich in his youth

On 18 September 1866 Grand Duke Alexei was promoted lieutenant. He continued his navy career serving as officer aboard the frigate Alexander Nevski on a cruise in across the Mediterranean Sea to Pireaus, where he attended the wedding of his cousin Olga Konstantinovna.

In 1868 he went on a trip to southern Russia traveling by train from Saint Petersburg to Nikolaevsk [disambiguation needed], continuing by ship down the Volga to Astrakhan. He then boarded a military ship for a cruise on the Caspian Sea to Baku, [Petrovsk (now Makhachkala) and then to Iran. He then crossed the Caucasus and reached Poti where the Alexander Nevsky was moored. From there he sailed to Constantinople, Athens and the Azore Islands On the return voyage, on the frigate was involved in a shipwreck off the coast of Jutland during a storm on the North Sea. Though the ship was lost, the crew including Alexei Alexandrovitch was unhurt and could safely reach the shore.

In January 1870 Alexei Alexandrovich reached the age of majority according to Russian legislation. The event was marked by taking two oaths : the military one and the oath of allegiance of the Grand Dukes of the Russian Imperial House. In June 1870 Alexei Alexandrovich started the last part of his training. This included inland navigation on a cutter with a steam engine, on the route from Saint Petersburg to Arkhangelsk through the Mariinsk Canal system and the Northern Dvina River. After visiting the schools and industrial facilities of Arkhangelsk, he started his navigation training in arctic conditions, aboard the corvette Variag. His cruise took him to the Solovetsky Islands, continuing through the White Sea and Barents Sea to Novaya Zemlya. The route continued to Kola Bay and the city of Murmansk, the ports of northern Norway and Iceland. He returned to Cronstadt at the end of September.

Love affair with Alexandra Zhukovskaya

Alexandra Zhukovskaya

In 1869/1870, Alexei had an affair with Alexandra Zhukovskaya, daughter of poet Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky, who was eight years older than him. They were parents to a son, Alexei, born on 26 November 1871. Tsar Alexander II was strongly opposed to this relationship.

Some historians claim that they were morganatically married and that the marriage was annulled by the Russian Orthodox Church , because, according to the “Fundamental Laws of the Imperial House”, this marriage was illegal. However, articles 183 and 188, which prohibited marriages without the consentment of the emperor, were included in the Fundamental Laws only by the 1887 revision under Tsar Alexander III. The rules valid in 1870 did not prohibit mornaganatic marriages, but simply excluded their offspring from the succession to the throne. There is no evidence either to the marriage or to the divorce. There is also no evidence that the Grand Duke even requested the permission to marry. As Alexandra Zhukovskaya, was not an aristocrat and, besides, the daughter of an illegitimate son of a Russian landowner and a Turkish slave, such a marriage would have been unthinkable.

Upset by his son’s affair, Alexander II even refused to grant Alexandra Zhukovskaya a title, which would have officially recognized the Grand Duke’s paternity, even if illegitimate. Other European courts also refused to grant her a title. As a solution of last resort, on 25 March 1875 Alexandra was able to secure the title of baroness Seggiano from the Republic of San Marino, with the right to transmit the title to her son Alexei and his firstborn male descendants. It was only in 1883, that Alexander III, the Grand Duke’s elder brother, granted the baron Seggiano the title of count Belevsky, and in 1893 approved his coat of arms.

Tour of the United States

On board the frigate Svetlana

Voyage to the United States

After the official visit to Saint Petersburg of an American squadron under the command of Admiral David Farragut in 1867, a high level visit of the Russian Navy was envisaged by the Russian Government. After lengthy negotiations, it was decided that the Russian delegation would be headed by Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich. The official announcement of the visit was made on 29 June 1871 by Nikolay Karlovich Krabbe, Minister of the Imperial Russian Navy.

The Russian squadron, under the command of admiral Konstantin Nikolayevich Posyet on board the frigate Bogalye included the frigates Svetlana and The Admiral General, the corvette Ignatiev and the gunboat Abrek. The Grand Duke was serving as lieutenant aboard the Svetlana. Before reaching the United States, the Russian squadron was to be met by the frigate Vsadnik of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Though all ships were equipped with steam-engines, the squadron made the passage to America mainly under sail, so as to avoid making port on the route for coal supplies. Except for the Grand Duke personal staff, the crew included 200 officers and over 3000 sailors. The squadron set sail out of Kronstadt on 20 August 1871.

The squadron first stopped in Copenhagen, where the Grand Duke paid a visit to King Christian IX of Denmark. In the English Channel the Russians were met by a squadron of the Royal Navy and escorted to Plymouth, where the Grand Duke was met by the Duke of Edinburgh Alfred of Saxe-Coburg. A visit to Balmoral Castle had been scheduled, but had to be canceled because the Prince of Wales was very sick and Queen Victoria extremely concerned. The Russian squadron set sail from Plymouth on 26 September. and, on route to New York, stopped for a few days in Funchal, (Madeira Islands), leaving on 9 October.

The Russian squadron was met by an American squadron under the command of vice-admiral Stephen Clegg Rowan Port Admiral of New York hoisting his flag on the frigate Congress. Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee, commander of the North Atlantic Squadron attended on his own flagship, the Severn. The other ships of the squadron were the Iroquois and the Kansas, attended by several tugs.

A welcoming committee had been formed in New York, chaired by William Henry Aspinwall. Among the members of the committee were Moses H. Grinnell, general Irwin McDowell, Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. rear-admiral S. W. Godon, John Taylor Johnston, Albert Bierstadt, Lloyd Aspinwall and others. After a short delay due to the weather, the Russian squadron anchored in New York harbor on 21 November 1871, where the Grand Duke was greeted by general John Adams Dix. A military parade took place in the city. The Grand Duke then attended a thanksgiving service at the Russian chapel.
Reception by President Grant

On 22 November, the Grand Duke left for Washington by special train, placed at his disposal by the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company. The train had three cars: the “Commissariat” having all the modern improvements of a hotel, comprising store-rooms and pantry, the “Ruby”, dining room car to accommodate 28 persons, with kitchen, ice boxes, and a sort of wine cellar, and “The Kearsarge” used as sitting, sleeping and reading room.

On 23 November, the Grand Duke was received by president Ulysses S. Grant The president wife Julia Grant and his daughter Nellie Grant also attended. Most of the members of the cabinet were present at the meeting: Hamilton Fish United States Secretary of State, Columbus Delano United States Secretary of the Interior with his wife, Amos Tappan Akerman United States Attorney General with his wife, George S. Boutwell United States Secretary of the Treasury, George Maxwell Robeson United States Secretary of the Navy, general Frederick Tracy Dent (the president brother-in-law and military secretary), John Creswell Postmaster General of the United States as well as generals Horace Porter and Orville E. Babcock .

The Grand Duke arrived at 1 p.m. in company of minister Katakazi, admiral Posyet and other members of his suite. The president and the members of the cabinet received them in the Blue Room where the presentations were made. The president then escorted the Grand Duke to the Red Room where he was introduced to the ladies. The interview lasted only fifteen minutes, after which the Grand Duke left.

The visit to Washington was overshadowed by President Grant discontent caused by the Russian government refusal to recall Konstantin Katacazi,

Halifax – Fall River Homes For Sale – Halifax – Fall River Real Estate Foreclosures

18 January, 2011

An overview of Fall River, Nova Scotia with a focus on real estate in the area. Provided by Sandy and Judy Hines of Royal LePage.
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