Foreclosures By Zip Code – High Point Foreclosures and the Expected Prices

01 April, 2011

High Point foreclosures are increasing which is just similar to the trend prevailing in other parts of the country. Though overall rate of North Carolina Foreclosures is declining but there are still some opportunities to invest in cities like High Point.

When you start your research about the foreclosed properties you will find that there are lots of homes available in this category. In fact, it has been found by the Community Development and Housing Department in January 2009 that there were as many as 1,015 foreclosed, preforeclosures, auctioned or blighted properties. These are the homes which can be acquired at lower prices.

Talking about High Point foreclosures, surely there are some zip codes to watch for. For instance, 27265 and 27262 are the zip codes where you can still find the most number of foreclosed homes in Hog Point. Zip code 27260 is considered to be on top of the list for blighted properties.

Although there are number of opportunities available for you to cash in, you must invest in this market only after getting a right idea about the prices. The very first thing you will notice about price is the diversity. There are some areas where prices are extremely low and it will feel like homes in those areas are dirt cheap. But, when you move into the other areas, you will see that the prices move up a bit. For instance, in E Russell Ave you can find a home in foreclosure auctions with two beds and one baths at an estimated rate of ,900.

It is however not something you should take as a standard as prices in other areas are totally different to this. For instance, a home in Clay Ave with five baths may cost you somewhere around 9,756. It seems to be totally different from the prices in other areas. It is however another undeniable fact that homes in some areas will give you better value for your invested money.

What it means is that if you invest more, the chances are high that you will earn more. But, always bear this in mind that it is beneficial to search for homes in the most popular neighborhoods. For instance, you can always consider searching in Lower Queen Anne, Broadway, Wallingford, Belltown and Rainier Beach. The average price for a home in these areas starts from 5,043 and goes up to 0,355. So, don’t forget to check these areas at the time of investing in High Point foreclosures.

Alex Uchoa is a foreclosures writer. For more information on High Point foreclosures visit, online foreclosures database.

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Foreclosure Point – Massachusetts foreclosure : Stop it in the track

19 March, 2011

The pleasure of getting a new home is indeed matchless. The satisfaction is almost incomparable. But what when the financial crisis strikes and you just have to helplessly let go your dreams, your possession; yes, that’s pretty frustrating almost devastating to be the silent witness as your house goes with the Massachusetts foreclosure!

Although the most undesirable incident to occur but with the recent meltdown in the housing market there are now arrays of people seen,  desperately to figure out the ways to hold on to their homes. Wait, worry not as  you still have some remaining options to stop Massachusetts  foreclosure. Seek expert advice from the Massachusetts foreclosure attorney because the aim of Massachusetts foreclosure law is to protect and preserve your home from being foreclosed.

In layman’s language foreclosure stands as a legal process which is being used by the lenders to claim the property which was used as collateral against a particular amount of mortgage loan. In fact it can happen when life can give you lemon instead of apples and you can find yourself in a situation when foreclosure may seem imminent. It is exactly when you need to know, how to stop foreclosure.

The most basic thing to do first is to talk to your lender. Do you know that the lenders also  do not always want to foreclose the property? Yes, although it might seem like a fairy tale especially when the phone calls and demand notices start streaming in, but this is true; and in most of the cases lenders would be more interested in working out a solution with you to avoid foreclosure. This is because; the lenders find it difficult in selling off the foreclosed houses.  Honestly, standing on the colossal portfolio of the foreclosed properties, instead of receiving a steady income from the mortgage payments, can often cause major problems for the lender.  So, the moral is no matter how many times you receive the demand letters from the attorney, do not just walk away of your home, there is still hope and you can talk clearly with your lender to figure out an alternative.

Do not be shy because you have done no wrong and it is just the common American dream  of owning a house, which you were trying to fulfill. So without any hesitation, contact your lender even if you are behind on your mortgage payment. Try to understand the logic here; your lenders would be still interested in collecting at least something on a loan rather than nothing at all. Owing to this reason often the lenders feel happy in reducing the regular payment amount.

But that’s just one part of the harrowing story and it may happen that the negotiation with your lender may also fail.  Here is how foreclosure works and what you can expect from Massachusetts foreclosure. Keep the following important points in mind.

Pont 1: Legally you should be 60 days behind on your mortgage payment before any foreclosure can actually begin.

Point 2: You will be contacted when your first mortgage payment is about 30 – 45 days late. Never try to avoid this contact as it can be your best chance to work out on your Massachusetts foreclosure.

Point 3: Lender will send you a letter, demanding the payment. This is basically a formality. The letter states that have 30 days in hand to make the delinquent payments.

Point 4: The next step in the Massachusetts foreclosure occurs after 60 days when the lender turns the delinquent account over to their legal department to start with the formal foreclosure proceedings.  At this point of the process the proceedings are made public.

It is the time to be PROACTIVE for digging out the right way to stop foreclosure.  In fact, the Massachusetts foreclosure attorney can help you in a number of ways. For example the attorney can request the lender for allowing you a payment extension; he can also slash down your monthly payment rate, convince the lender to agree to a forbearance period and even can arrange a short sale.

Boasting a team of experienced attorneys the Massachusetts foreclosure center has helped hundreds of people in saving their homes. In fact when the threat of foreclosure looms large then consult the Massachusetts foreclosure center for the greater perspective of protecting and preserving your home from foreclosure.

Massachusetts foreclosure offers you the best help to stop foreclosure to save your loved ones from disaster.

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Long Point Homes For Sale – Long Point Real Estate Foreclosures

24 February, 2011

This is a story that almost wasn’t. As the old saying goes, the first impression can be a lasting one, well not this time.  When it comes to Long Point Park Campground, rest assured Cindy’s first impression was terrible. We were camping a few miles south of Long Point at Sebastian Inlet. Since we had a reservation there we decided to take the short ride to the campground to see what it was like. It happened to be Mother’s Day Weekend, and of course the campground was totally booked. This being the largest campground we had been to so far, Cindy was excited to see what it was going to be all about.

To Cindy’s horror, she was totally shocked. This campground was wall to wall people, R.V.s, tents, boats, and more people. There was so much going on and so crowded, that we could hardly tell where one camp site started and one ended. It looked like mass confusion. Cindy was very adamant that she did not want to ever go back there to camp. I told her she had to give it a chance, she agreed, but unwillingly. A few weeks later we arrived for our reservation and the campground wasn’t as busy, so Cindy felt better upon arriving at our camp site.

As the weekend progressed and we got out and mingled with the people, it didn’t take long for her to realize what the crowd was all about. She fell in love with this campground and four years later, she still considers Long Point Campground her favorite one. We now camp here at least four times a year; yes we make it a point to book this campground on holidays when the campground is at its capacity. This campground fits the bill, the more people the better it is. We quickly discovered that this park is great for family gatherings.


Long Point Campground is located on an Island in the Indian River Lagoon which makes this campground a fisherman’s paradise. Most of the outside lots are designed so one can anchor their boat at the back of their camp site in the lagoon or the river. Imagine how nice it must be to walk off your campsite right onto your boat. The campsites themselves are large enough to accommodate any size camper with enough room left for family gatherings, additional tents, and boat trailers or about anything else. Staying at Long Point allows for fishing in the lagoons, Indian River or one can boat south to the Sebastian Inlet and go out into the Atlantic Ocean.

In the early morning one will see many campers walking or jogging the paved road that makes up the campground circle which is just less than one mile. A few trips around this circle will make a great bike ride, or if you so choose ride the mile back to A1A and have breakfast at Long Point Restaurant. When we have our older grand-kids we enjoy the ride to the restaurant which prepares excellent omelets and pancakes. Being just one mile from A1A makes this campground an excellent choice for the beach lover. Just north of the campground entrance is a beautiful public beach. This is where one will find many of the family campers during the day. Because of this, we plan several extended weekend camping trips during the summer months with our grand-kids. In the late afternoon the kids will enjoy the swimming pond while the parents sit around the pond in their camping chairs and visit.

Late in the day it is always a joy when all the campers get out the camping grill or camping stove to cook dinner on. At this time the kids are usually playing with new found friends in the river edge.

A lot of great times has been had for us at this campground and we enjoy every trip there rather it is a full campground or not, but being running over with people is by far more fun. Cindy is really happy that she didn’t let her first impression keep us from discovering our favorite place to go camping. What a lesson she learned about first impressions.

Other amenities include playground, pavilions, picnic tables, wildlife pond, nature trails, volleyball, horseshoes, boat dock, Scout Island for primitive group tent camping, and fish cleaning station.

No matter when we visit this campground, we always see campers that are having family gatherings and spending some quality time together. Its’ a joy in the evenings when all the campers get out their camping stoves or camping grills and fill the air with the aroma of food cooking.

Article by Larry West


My wife and I started camping four years ago. It started when our neighbors invited us to the Keys for a weekend getaway. We knew right away that camping would become part of our lives and that camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The best part of camping for us, is cooking on an outdoor camping stove and eating at the picnic table. Besides this, what better way to meet new and exciting people than by way of camping.

Oakdene Point Homes For Sale – Oakdene Point Real Estate Foreclosures

27 January, 2011

Poole, a resort area in the south of England, is a popular tourist destination. With miles of golden beaches, theatres and the first artificial surf reef in Europe nearby, it is no wonder that many people choose Poole for their holidays.

There are many things to consider when choosing Poole accommodation. Regardless of whether you are searching for hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, self catering, guesthouses or caravan & camping, there is something for all tastes in Poole.

When considering Poole accommodation, it is important to know what features and amenities are offered. Who will be on the holiday is another consideration. Families with children might prefer a hotel that offers amenities such as swimming pools, multiple rooms and is close to major attractions. Hotel’s such as the Chine offer a Children’s Club for kids 4-14, and indoor play area and multiple pools. Couples, on the other hand, might enjoy a Bed & Breakfast such as the Mountbatten Court. This Poole accommodation is near Poole and the beach for long walks, is close to the starting point for sightseeing tours and is only 30 minutes from England’s newest national park, the New Forest.


Self catering is another option in Poole accommodation. Self catering is the best of both worlds. Guests enjoy the attractions that Poole offers while cooking their own meals and being able to launder their clothes. The Iona Holiday Flat offers self catering accommodations with a fully equipped kitchen which includes an electric oven, a stove, a fridge freezer and a washer and dryer.

Caravan and camping is another popular choice when it comes to Poole accommodation. The Oakdene Forest Park offers caravans and lodges that sleep 4-6 people. Features include indoor pool, outdoor pool, table tennis, a Game Zone and cycling paths. The New Forest and the Surf Reef are nearby.

There are many choices when it comes to Poole self catering holiday accommodation. From large hotels to caravans, from B&B’s to guesthouses, the choices are many. Regardless of where you choose to stay, a holiday in Poole will have you coming back again.

We are one of the leading Poole self catering accommodation letting agents. If you want to find out more about planning a holiday in Poole, then please visit our website.

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Halifax – Pleasant Point Homes For Sale – Halifax – Pleasant Point Real Estate Foreclosures

12 January, 2011 – Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company) Point Pleasant Park Halifax Have a picnic with sweeping ocean views or hike through 186 acres of forest in one of Halifax’s most cherished parks. Read more at: Travel blogs from Point Pleasant Park: – “… We also saw Point Pleasant Park, Georges Island, McNabb Island, and as far out as where the navy had strung underwater meshing to stop German U-Boats …” – “… Michelle, the owner, recommended heading out to Point Pleasant park and then showed me a walk to do to explore the area involved in the Halifax explosion …” – “… We checked out a few more places and then found our way over the Point Pleasant Park …” – “… At the southernmost point of the Halifax peninsula, we hiked through Point Pleasant Park – this is the best place to watch ships entering/leaving the harbor …” Read these blogs and more at: Photos from: – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Photos in this video: – “Gold Gates At Point Pleasant Park” by J_and_m from a blog titled “Last Port Of Call” – “Out to Point Pleasant Park” by Churchill2020 from a blog titled “Halifax, Nova Scotia” – “Point Pleasant Park” by Cuzzy from a blog titled “Coming back to Toronto”

Abbotsford – Crown Point Villas Homes For Sale – Abbotsford – Crown Point Villas Real Estate Foreclosures

06 January, 2011

View to see PRICE and more PHOTOS. A 2 bedroom Rancher is available at Crown Point Villas. Toted as Abbotsford’s best kept secret, you will be impressed by this well kept, nicely updated home featuring a very functional open floor plan. Outside the home features patios front and back, extra driveway parking too! The home is an end unit and in one of the best locations within the complex. A Great clubhouse with workshop, library, crafts room and more is at your fingertips. Lots of greenspace and small pets are okay. Low maintenance fees that include everything: heat, lights, cable, water and more. Age restricted to 55+. A great place to call home. Bdrms: 2 SqFt: 1490
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\Abbotsford – Crown Point Villas Foreclosures

Vancouver Island – Shelter Point Homes For Sale – Vancouver Island – Shelter Point Real Estate Foreclosures

03 January, 2011

Preview of Foothills_bears’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Walbran Creek, Canada Entry Title: “Ladders going Up! Ladders going Down!” Entry: “Walbran Creek to Camper Creek 9 km – 8 hrs This morning we woke up to…more rain! Isha also alerted us to a set of cougar tracks that had appeared in the night. The big cat had been stalking an ungulate that bolted to escape the predator. It was intriguing to read the tale in the footprints left behind on the wet sand. With a tough day of ladder climbing ahead, we decided to get underway as quickly as we could. we passed up our usual breakfast in favour of power bars, which we could eat as we walked. We packed up our wet gear in the shelter of our tarp, the one piece of gear that helps us stay civil in the soggy climate. The trail did not take long to makes its demands, and in the rain it was even tougher than usual…roots, roots, and more roots…in fact, HUGE roots; endless mudholes, enormous tree bridges with no railings; puddles everywhere; twists and turns, ups and downs; and everything WET!! Mind you, there were also some welcome stretches of wonderful boardwalk, especially through the unique Bog regions. And then there were the LADDERS! The first was a long descent to the narrow suspension bridge high above Logan Creek. Once again, Danielle demonstrated great preserverance and courage in
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Chester – Fox Point Homes For Sale – Chester – Fox Point Real Estate Foreclosures

29 December, 2010
Chester   -  Fox Point
by dbking

Crystalview Estates-Fox Point NS. Lakefront building lot. Asking 900 +hst CDN
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\Chester – Fox Point Foreclosures

Bowen Island – Cowans Point Homes For Sale – Bowen Island – Cowans Point Real Estate Foreclosures

23 December, 2010

Spectacular executive view home on a spacious 2.5 acre property. State of the art kitchen with Wolfe range, 2 fridges, 2 dishwashers & custom cabinetry. Floor to ceiling windows & doors, huge patios & decks.Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams. Gated paved driveway. Court order sale, all offers subject to court approval, all appointments through Frances. Frances Frost RE/MAX Crest Realty 604 947 9090

Kingston – Perry Point Homes For Sale – Kingston – Perry Point Real Estate Foreclosures

23 December, 2010

I do not own the song and i make no profit by putting it on youtube! The songs belong to their respective owners! It’s not as good as In the End by SoulSp34r -Hey Guys ..I’m so sad about this ..sorry but .. I couldn’t do so many things in this video..coz I had quit playing a few months I dont have my old High Characters..I have used this little Lvl 38 Character..As you you can guess it’s not very cool If you can’t wear good looking clothes or do any skills..And after a while I got bored of editing this video.. -And another point is that…as I redered my video.. the text parts and so other things are not on the right place.. I don’t know why 🙁 Sorry for my bad english 🙂 !!
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