Houses For Sale Sherwood Park Alberta – Selling in an Edmonton Winter

28 March, 2011

The days are getting shorter, and the temperature in Edmonton is contstantly dropping. Father winter is coming back to Edmonton and knocking on our doors, and soon we’ll have fluffy white snow on the ground. Because we’re in such a lovely climate here in Edmonton, there are certain things that every Edmonton home seller should be doing. Here’s a list of some of them…

1. Shovel the Front Walk – You want the buyer looking at the home, not picking herself up from the snowbank that she slid into. Make the home welcoming, and keep that sidewalk clean. Salt the ice, and keep it safe! I can promise you that if a buyer hurts themselves while walking up to the front door; they likely won’t look favorably on the home.

2. Turn on the Front Lights – This means the outside lights, as well as the light in the entrance. It just makes it easier for people to get into the home and get their bearings. There’s not much more frustrating that hunting for a lightswitch in the dark in a home that you’ve never been in before. Also, having that light on really cuts out the “creepy” feeling of a dark home; it’s just more comfortable. This is especially true for vacant houses; leave those 2 lights on all the time!

3. Don’t Turn Down the Heat – Many home owners try to save some expenses on their vacant property by turning down the heat to a minimum level. A cold home is a tougher sell; people want to get out and get into the comfort of their warm car. Make the home cozy and welcoming; keep the heat an normal room temperature. It may cost you a little more money in heating bills; but it will go a long way towards a successful sale.

4. Keep Major Paths Cleared – Think about where the buyer is going to park. You may want to clean the neighbors walk too, it that’s going to influence the buyers’ opinion of your home. I know it seems like a silly amount of work; but it could give you that small edge.

Likewise, remember to clear paths around the home. If you have a detached garage, make it easy for buyers to go and look at it. Clear the walk-way. Surprisingly, this goes a long way towards showing “care and attention” of the home; buyers will like you and your home more because you’ve taken this extra step.

5. Let Fresh Air In – When it’s cold, we tend to keep our windows closed because of the bitter Edmonton winters. This means our homes get stagnant and stuffy very quickly. So schedule yourself to swing by the house once a week and open the windows for an hour. The fresh air is free, and will really help your home from becoming stuffy; especially if it’s empty.

Here’s an Example of Going “OverBoard”!

I once showed a home in North Edmonton in the dead of winter and late in the evening. It was cold, about -25. We walked into the kitchen, to see heaven sitting on the table… a pot of hot coffee with some stirofoam cups and a note “Help yourself. It’s cold out, and I appreciate that you came to see my home tonight.”

If the seller had been there, my client and I likely would have kissed her! It was a good cup of coffee, and perfectly timed!

Edmonton winters suck; nobody can argue the point. But we have to survive it, and as a seller of Edmonton real estate you can use this bitterly cold time to your advantage…

– John Carle
Edmonton Realtor
Re/Max Real Estate

“Nice Realtors for Nice People”

John is a Realtor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Re/Max real estate. John markets and sells homes in the Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskachewan, and Morinville areas. You can visit his website at or visit his blog at

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Brampton – North Park Homes For Sale – Brampton – North Park Real Estate Foreclosures

05 March, 2011

North York Astros vs Brampton Lions at Victoria Park Givova Canadian Soccer League CSL May 16th 2010 North York Astros Roster: Ryan Zamora Victor Gallo John Jung Peter Dimitrakopoulos Alex Kawalit Mauricio Chamale Camilo Moreno Mohamed Aborig Erik Grigore Roozbeh Houdaji Mahyar Kohbad Shahab Noorafkan Jaksa Wabinski Alexandre Oran Manuel Calleja Diego Bonilla Coach: Michael Ridout Brampton Lions Roster: Roy Blanche Martin Artale Nico Poku Mike Marchese Peter Petropanagos Kevin Omokhua Daniel Nascimento Daniel Cameira Sebastian Busto Blazej Skoczylas Judah Hernandez Kodzo Euloge Awitor Chiron Robinson Mohammed Kanu Cam Medwin Liam Martin Matthew Rios Coach: Goran Rapaic Music: Boom and Go Through by Sizzla
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Brampton – North Park Real Estate

Land For Sale Sherwood Park – Homes For Sale, Washington County

01 March, 2011

The state of Oregon is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, nestled between Washington on the north, California to the south, Idaho to the east, and Nevada to the southeast. House hunters looking for a piece of prime real estate in this state have shown a marked preference for the capital city of Portland, in the Portland metropolitan area. Washington County, located in the Greater Portland metropolitan area, also scores points with real estate buyers and agents.

The real estate market is passing through boom times in these two areas. When it comes to houses for sale, Washington County dazzles you with a host of choices–luxurious condominiums, spacious townhouses, cozy single family homes, charming bungalows, and trendy apartments. The preferred real estate destinations here are the county seat of Hillsboro, Beaverton, Cedar Hills, Sherwood, Rock Creek, Tualatin, and Tigard. Wherever your nest may be, you can be sure that you won’t be too far from the necessities of life–a medicinal facility, an educational institution, an eating out joint, or a place for recreation.

More benefits are in store for the buyers, with home prices in Washington County hitting a new low in the year 2009. The median price of houses for sale in Washington County dipped to 9,000, with a host of low-priced homes flocking the market. There are also many foreclosed homes for sale. Washington County house hunters will never be without an attractive deal.

When it comes to land for sale, Washington County will also not disappoint you with its choices. So go ahead and give shape to the house of your dreams.

The capital city of Portland is matching Washington County house for house and land for land. There are a host of architectural styles to choose from–the very dominant arts-and-crafts style, the much beloved bungalow, the quintessentially American craftsman style, and the charmingly archaic ranch style. These homes for sale in Portland dot its many popular real estate neighborhoods–Arlington Heights and Forest Park in the West Hills area; Hillsdale, Lair Hill, and Sylvan-Highlands in the southwest part of the city; Eastmoreland, Mt. Tabor, and Hosford-Abernethy in the southeast part; and Boise, University Park, and Piedmont in the north. Some other popular neighborhoods in Portland include the Goose Hollow area, Pearl, Nob Hill, and the South Waterfront.

There are many realtors in Portland who will be happy to scout the perfect home for you. They are efficient, experienced and have been fishing in the real estate waters of Portland for a long time. Get in touch with one and you can be sure that you will clinch an attractive deal in no time at all.

Looking for homes for sale? Washington County and Portland are waiting.

Tony and Libby Kelly, MBA, M.Ed. ranked in the top 1% of REALTORS in Portland If you are looking for a property. They specialize in providing a superior level of professional real estate services combining today’s technology with yesterday’s hands-on personalized care. As top producing listing and marketing specialists, they will provide you with the best prices for purchase and sale of your property. They are also the member of Portland Million Dollar Club. Their main aim is the satisfaction of their customers. If you are looking for a homes for sale Portland then Tony and Kelly would be the right persons for you to meet.

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Mississauga – Lorne Park Estates Homes For Sale – Mississauga – Lorne Park Estates Real Estate Foreclosures

21 February, 2011

Waterfront in Lorne Park This is truly a jewel in the crown for exclusive “Lorne Park Estates”! Rarely does a home and property like this become available! Boasting full lakefront views from all the principal rooms, this waterfront jewel is nestled at the end of a private cul-de-sac, the last of a few privileged lakefront homes. 180 degrees of lakefront views, with a direct view of Toronto’s city scape. One of a very few properties not only with full riparian rights, but a private pier extending approx 50 feet into the privately owned water lot, and angles a further 70 feet towards the city. Natural armour stone creates a visual border along the entire edge of the pier. The dock along the shoreline has a wooden boardwalk and custom boat lift. The remainder of the property’s topography would support a large future pool. The east edge of the property borders the “Lorne Park Estates” private beach with exclusive use of property owners only. This home was custom built by Renex and Peter Gabour was not only the original architect, but was integral in the complete renovations 7 years ago. With 2890 square feet of luxury finishing on the main level, and a further 2643 square feet fully finished in the lower level, there is no lack of space. Contemporary in its open concept design, yet warm and inviting in its presentation. Only the finest of finishes and the highest quality of products used. Jatoba and slate flooring, mahogany front foyer doors, and custom cherry cabinetry
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Mississauga – Lorne Park Estates Real Estate

Mississauga – Park Royal Homes For Sale – Mississauga – Park Royal Real Estate Foreclosures

20 February, 2011

Preview of Tombuttle’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Mississauga, Canada Entry Title: “01 Meandering South” Entry: “After circumnavigating Lake Superior we headed for Milwaukie where Cindy and her siblings celebrated her Mum’s ninetieth birthday by taking her to the casino and a football game (in a bar since the Packers were away – they lost in overtime) in a fifty foot RV. A good time was had by all; Bogie and I did lots of shopping and we stocked up on Miso soup mix at Trader Joe’s so I can make my famous stews while camping, Headed for Toronto in the rain and spent the night in a “cheapo” motel near Kalamazoo, then continued on the next day and crossed the border at Detroit. While on highway 401, doing about 110 kmph, the van axle broke (likely due to lack of lubrication, which unfortunately is improvable although I changed all fluids three weeks earlier). It is no fun trying to keep the van from rolling while avoiding your runaway wheel and other traffic without brakes. I was happily surprised that Baby survived the mishap, although the bike carrier was dragging on the road for a couple hundred yards. Interesting that from a monetary standpoint, I would have been better off hitting another car or guardrail so the insurance would fix the van. Continued to Mississauga in a rental car so I could have my three inch colon resection — three
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Milton – Dorset Park Homes For Sale – Milton – Dorset Park Real Estate Foreclosures

19 February, 2011 J & D Tire Sales & Service located in Dorset Park Milton is an excellent choice if you are looking for tire dealers or winter tires. To learn more call 2898131713, visit us at 555 Main E, Milton, ON, L9T3J2 or check the url above.
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Whitby – Peel Park Homes For Sale – Whitby – Peel Park Real Estate Foreclosures

11 February, 2011

Haunt Ventures Haunted House reality web series by HIY Productions, Jason Dasti and Melissa Mcknight. The two operate the Power House of Terror Power House Recreation Centre 65 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive Toronto Ontario, M8V 4B6 (Lake Shore & Kipling) The haunted house caters to guests GTA Toronto Etibicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough Port Credit, Peterbrough, Vaughn, Markham, Pickering, Durham, Peel, Oshawa, Oshawa, Whitby, Canada USA. In this episode of Haunt Ventures Jason talk about a costly purchasing mistake.
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Amherstburg – Park Place Homes For Sale – Amherstburg – Park Place Real Estate Foreclosures

09 February, 2011

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Brampton – Eldorado Park Homes For Sale – Brampton – Eldorado Park Real Estate Foreclosures

05 February, 2011

A lot of people looking to buy their own place instead of renting often start out with buying a condo/condominium apartment. Brampton condos, or Brampton condominium apartments are a good alternative to Mississauga condos. Brampton condos are quite a bit cheaper than comparable condos in Mississauga.

Where even a one bedroom condo can reach close to 0,000 in Mississauga, it’s still relatively cheap in Brampton, starting at around 0,000 or so. It’s because of affordability that people are attracted to Brampton.

Living in a condominium apartment is all about choosing a different lifestyle. There are no lawns to mow, no snow to clean, no garbage to take out on the street, no fixing the roof or anything external to the condo unit you’re staying in. Usually parking is underground so no need to worry about car not starting in the winter or having to clean it after snow. There is at least a security guard in the building, sometimes even a concierge. A lot of the amenities are included such as a gym, swimming pool, party room, and sometimes even tennis courts, bowling alleys, billiards room and so on. These are all the things that you would pay separately for if you were living in a house.

A lot of the condos in Brampton are built around Bramalea City Centre. This is one of the biggest malls in Brampton. It’s home to a more than 280 retail stores along with grocery stores as well. Brampton transit buses, GO transit buses, and York region buses connect riders to major cities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and all of them have connections/stops at the Bramalea City Centre.

The condos around the Bramalea City Centre are older than the ones being built around downtown Brampton. Due to their age, there is a huge price advantage over the newer condos being built in Brampton or Mississauga. They are not only cheaper but also quite large. It’s not uncommon to find a 1,150 sq. ft. or larger 2 bedroom condo around the Bramalea City Centre, whereas the same 2 bedroom condo in a newer building might be around only 750 sq.ft. or so and yet costing almost double!

If you’re looking to own your own place instead of renting, Brampton condos might be what you’re looking for!

Check out Vic Singh’s personal blog and website at Brampton real estate agent and at Brampton homes. Avenue Optical located in Eldorado Park Brampton is an excellent choice if you are looking for opticians or optician dispensing. To learn more call 9054541277, visit us at 200 County Court Blvd, Brampton, ON, L6W4K7 or check the url above.

LaSalle – Morton Industrial Park Homes For Sale – LaSalle – Morton Industrial Park Real Estate Foreclosures

26 January, 2011

Increased Plan allocation for city & core push likely to boost real estate prices

The Real estate market in the City Beautiful is witnessing a revival, at least in the commercial space. Chandigarh, known to be one of the top test markets for retailers across India, had seen rentals in prime retail area — Sector 17 — in the heart of the city, fall by more than 60%.

Rentals dropped from Rs 800 per sq ft a year back to around Rs 250-350 per sq ft currently. The global slowdown had an equal impact on Chandigarh as it had in other metros in the country in terms of correction in rentals.

Large retailers such as Cantabil, Provogue, Annie Smith, Ethnic India have vacated showrooms as business was becoming unviable. Traders Association of Chandigarh general secretary JPS Kalra told ET: “More than 15 brands are about to shift from the piazza area here.” But smaller players expanded their retail footprint in locations that were earlier being rented out a very high prices. Venus Garments, makers of the UV&W apparel brand, has signed up for a 1,000 sq ft (super area) property at Centre Mall in the southern side of Chandigarh on 15% revenue sharing basis.

But real estate consultants Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj (JLLM) says the present scenario looks more promising. “Fence-sitters are now looking at Sector 17 again, but they are cautious. The priority is viability and not competition like it was around a year or two back when companies were pushing themselves to expand,” says JLLM regional director Manoj Kashyap.


Ground floor rates in Sector 17 could touch a maximum of Rs 350 per sq ft and the first floor rates get lowered to Rs 300 per sq ft. Another prime area — Sector 35 — has a mix of space for food retailers and prices are only marginally lower than Sector 17. The likes of KFC, McDonalds, CCD and Barista have taken up large spaces in this sector where rentals have seen a slight drop. But there have been exits as well such as Costa Coffee which closed down its “unviable” outlet here. Retail rentals in the southern sectors, which have smaller showroom sizes, have dropped from Rs 60-65 per sq ft that was being offered a year or two back to Rs 45-50 per sq ft. This non-prime area, comprising sectors beyond Sector 35, has reasonable rentals but the small size of showrooms and the city administration not allowing conjoined showrooms has thwarted large retailers to set up shop.

Demand for office space is, however, stagnant and price per sq ft has also come down from Rs 75-80 to Rs 35-40 in Sector 17. for which the government had ambitious plans of making into a financial hub, has also seen a correction of 15-20%. Prices that were earlier touching Rs 45-50 per sq ft are now in the range of Rs 25-30 per sq ft. The industrial park at the eastern end of the city, land use guidelines for which were changed from industrial to commercial by the government, has made new commercial space available. Asking rates for it are going at Rs 45-50 per sq ft but demand is still not giving sales the much required stimulus.

The highlight for Chandigarh has and perhaps will always beprices for which range between Rs 2.5 crore per kanal (4500 sq ft) to Rs 3 cr, across the city. The northern Sectors of 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 that have bungalows and larger houses are on the higher side of the price spectrum while the southern sectors belong to the lower end, due to a large concentration of flats and apartments. Sectors such as 15, 16, 18 and 19 fall in the midsegment where prices can touch Rs 2.75 cr per kanal. The Union Budget announced an increase in Plan allocation of the city, which would be used for infrastructure projects such as the proposed Metro. This could perhaps give the required push to real estate in the city, especially on the retail front.

Courtesy:- ET dt:- 12-07-09

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\LaSalle – Morton Industrial Park Foreclosures