Houses For Sale London – House for Sale in South Africa

25 October, 2011

House for Sale in South Africa – HOUSE SALES IN SOUTH AFRICA-South Africa is a mixture of plateaus with grasslands, mountain ranges and coastal areas. The deserts, stretch of grasslands, mountains and tablelands found in South Africa makes it a wonderful place to explore areas with diversified climate. To buy a property in South Africa will definitely be a dream for most of us. We make the job of buying and selling properties in South Africa an easier one. It is not easy to buy or sell a property where were we wanted in South Africa. Flats, houses, bungalows, Villa and town houses in important towns and cities, namely, George, Plenttenberg bay, Alexander Bay, Mossel bay, Durban, East London, Cape Town or Johannesburg. Renting a property abroad is a great way to enjoy the freedom of your next holiday – no fighting for sun beds around your own pool here. Book your next holiday rental property abroad online here and save money. More and more people are traveling independently nowadays and as such the overseas property rental market has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Investing money on properties and spending time with our family after retirement is becoming casual now days.  It is a dream to buy a property for many of us. Each one of us will definitely have certain expectations as to where and how the property that we buy should be. Nevertheless, South Africa has not only got a sublime climate but also landscape with golden beaches, to green belts, safari parks and rocky mountain peaks. If you are interested in urban chic, seaside living or a rural retreat, there is a range of residential homes to suit your every whim. Each and every House for sale is unique in price and position and is generally more expensive in the outlying suburbs.  However, once money is invested on a property in South Africa the potential is excellent due to high rental levels.  South Africa has got all kinds of Stylish, fashionable and modern development of properties of land available, different types of bedrooms along with superb mansions and housing estates. South Africa has a massive amount of properties for sale in all urban and rural areas throughout the country

Buy or Sell Property and House in South Africa. Whether you are ready to sell a Property in South Africa or Planning to Buy a property in South Africa visit House Sales South Africa today.

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House For Sale By Owner Toronto – Buying a power of Sale in Toronto

24 October, 2011

Please read this article to learn the true facts about House For Sale By Owner Toronto;

I have written about power of sale properties in Toronto before and I have had an overwhelming demand by my readership to continue to touch upon this subject further.

First, let me begin by asking you a few questions. Raise your hand if you believe that when buying a power of sale that you are purchasing the property below the true market value? And second; once the purchase is in place and the deal has been negotiated between the bank and yourself that you can now call the movers and start making preparations to move
into your newly purchased home once the deal is closed? Hopefully you won’t be too shocked to learn that if you raised your hand that you are absolutely in correct! Please feel free to sit down and take a moment if need be. I say this due to the fact of all the stigma that is attached with buying a power of sale in Toronto and the general public’s refusal to come to terms with the facts.The pros and cons can be discussed in great lengths and debated as well, I will
start the debate by going on the record as saying “I don’t find any pros but I can see tons of cons”(please feel free to click here to read an article written by Bernie Jankowski Barrister and Solicitor) which will reaffirm my position.

As I said earlier in this article that this subject can be debated endlessly but allow me to explain in a nutshell. There are 3 main reasons to stay away from buying a power of sale in Ontario.

1- The property must be sold at market value and NOT for the amount that is outstanding.

2-  Where is As is

3-The mortgagor’s right to Redeem

There are many differences between a power of sale and a foreclosure and this where I believe that the general public has a huge misunderstanding of those differences. Without diving to deeply into another subject that is foreclosure as this a subject entirely on its own that I will be writing about very soon. Just note this that a power of sale must be sold
for true market value as the lender must oblige according to the provincial mortgage act. The mortgagor (owner) of the property has the right to any equity if any from the proceeds of the transaction. Here is an example; assume that Property “A” has a first charge with lender “A” for the amount of 300k and the subject property market value at the time the sale is being enforced by the lender is estimated at 500K. Its lender “A” responsibility to sell the property for close to 500k as the mortgagor as the right to the remaining funds from the sale, in
this easy example that amount would be 200k. Now assume that lender “A” sold the property for just the outstanding loan amount plus its costs to enforce the sale then the mortgagor (owner) of the property would have the right to seek damages from the lender. It’s also important to note that Canadian banks are in business to earn a profit and that they are not seeking to profit from anyone’s misfortune. Lenders do not like bad PR (public relations) this is one of many reasons why Canadian banks opt to power of sale a property rather then
foreclose as their counter parts do south of the border.


Where is, As is- This is a term that you will hear more often than not when dealing in this type of transaction and it simply means that the lender will not warrant anything regarding the state of the property from the time you see it to the time of possession. A simple example of As is would be;  assume that the property is furnished with appliances at the time the submits an offer to purchase, and on the date of closing those appliances are no longer on site at the time of possession even though they were included in the agreement of purchase and
sale. In this instance then the buyer is out of luck, so I hope the buyer has taken into account that their budget hopefully included new appliances.

The mortgagor always has rights, and one of those rights is the RIGHT TO REDEEM! In the event that owner of the property has come up with the necessary funds that are in default then they can take the property back from the lender. The mortgagor has this right throughout the process but loses its right to redeem if the lender has entered into a binding agreement of
purchase and sale agreement with a buyer. This is when it can become very tricky! Most lawyers that I have spoken with about this subject agree that this is how they interpret the act, and I stress most lawyers. Some lawyers argue that the right exists up to the moment of closing on an accepted agreement of purchase and sale. My opinion is through tons of real life situations that the mortgagor has indeed lost its right once the property has been sold, but here is the twist. Remember when I stated that banks do not like bad PR? Well this
is why any reputable lender would allow the mortgagor the right to redeem up until the very last moment possible.

So if you’re one of those buyers that have bought a power of sale and have yet to complete the transaction, don’t call the moving company until you actually have the keys in your hand, and make sure you have a backup plan in the event the mortgagor does in fact redeem!

Remember that as a buyer you are negotiating with the bank for the purchase of the property and not the property owner! And the bank has a legal obligation according to the
provincial mortgage act to sell the property for true market value! It’s also important to remember that a power of sale is NOT a foreclosure and therefore different legislation applies.

Knowing all this! Does it still make sense to pursue properties that are being sold under power of sale, or is the risk just too high?

I employ you to research and do your due diligence when buying Toronto Real Estate and always seek the expertise of a professional.

Please feel comfortable to contact me if you would like to learn more about buying a power of sale.

Please comment below so we could continue the conversation.

A Real Estate Broker from Toronto Ontario Canada. I am actively trading and I have  been investing in Commercial and Multiplex Residential for more than 15 years. I Coach and Mentor Real Estate Sales/Reps and Brokers.I also invest in many projects across Toronto and abroad. Born and raised In Toronto Canada in 1973 and consider Toronto my home. Fathers name is Gaetano La Fiura, born in Palermo Sicily Italy and Mothers name in Annunzata Di Taranto born in Matera Italy.

I hoped you enjoy this article titled House For Sale By Owner Toronto

Mls Listings Online – Tips on Selling a House by Using Flat Fee MLS Listing

23 October, 2011

If you have been planning to sell your house but don’t want to give a real estate agent most (or all) of your profit, then keep reading. This article is for you. In the old days, the only way to get your house onto the MLS was to list with a traditional real estate agent. They would charge you a commission of approx 5% to 6% of the sales price, and put your house on the MLS. A listing on the multiple listing service (aka MLS) used to be only provided by a local, real estate developer or agent. Now, it’s possible to purchase a flat fee MLS listing online with one of Canada’s leading, real estate promotion resources. This MLS listing will help you to save a lot of money and eventually earn more money through providing broad exposure of your listing to many interested buyers in your region. This ultimately, has the power to considerably promote and elevate your sales profit. There are a number of ways that you can sell your house using a strategy that incorporates a free MLS listing or a flat fee MLS listing.

To obtain a MLS listing, you may wish to follow the helpful hints below:

• First, you must make sure that you are ready with a list that has all of the best details about your house: the features, the dimensions, quality construction materials (marble, woodworking, custom refrigeration drawers, etc.), and any other information that may be enticing to potential buyers. These details will be necessary in order to create a free MLS listing for your property. Additionally, you will also need this information if you plan to obtain your own, flat fee MLS listing as a key component in your promotion strategy. Remember that this listing is always helpful, when selling property, because it promotes your site amongst higher numbers of potential buyers. This will, in effect, make it possible for you to sell your house even faster and better than selling without this breadth of promotion.

• A flat fee MLS listing will help you save as much as tens of thousands of dollars compared to what you might have to pay otherwise. An agent normally takes a commission fee off of the price that your house sold for. This fee typically covers the agent’s expenses in fees, time, and associated costs while providing a decent paycheck for their hard work and consultation.

• A flat fee MLS listing will enable you to make certain that your house is visible to all the outsiders and potential buyers throughout a region without working directly with a real estate agency or representative. To sell a home, it is necessary to obtain decent exposure of your property through various promotional venues. A flat fee MLS listing provides the perfect medium for this exposure, but without the expensive, commission price. Aggressive home owners may well benefit from this type of service when marketing their house for sale. If you have been planning to sell your house, you may wish to learn more about how to obtain a flat fee MLS listing to promote it. Begin by performing a basic Google search to locate additional information on this subject. If you would rather sell your home on your own, without getting assistance from a local realtor, then you should visit, Here you can apply for a free MLS listing or flat fee MLS listing that will suit your needs perfectly; while maximizing your exposure to all regional buyers.

Visit for more information regarding homes, flats for sale by owner, flat fee MLS listing in Canada.

Sheila Elgart, Sales Manager at Prudential California Realty of Rancho Cucamonga, explains that posting a listing online that is not yours is an MLS violation. If this has been done to you, save the posting, contact the website managers, forward the info to them, and they will likely remove that posting soon after.
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Houses For Sale Windsor Ontario – Selling Your House with a Realtor vs. Privately

18 October, 2011

Before I was a real estate agent, I bought a few properties myself, all with the help of my real estate agent. For the most important investments of my life to that point, I figured an agent was a necessity! Since joining the profession, I’ve come to learn that more than a few deliberate between using an agent or not to sell their home. Some facts:

Less than 10% of all For Sale by Owners (FSBOs), are successful in selling their home by themselves.
90% of all potential Buyers of your property are already using a real estate agent
the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is used by the vast majority of out of town Buyers to find properties that match their needs; bear in mind Windsor has the third highest per capita immigration rate in Canada.
80% of real estate sold through an agent sells higher than houses sold privately.
Investment properties are going to get seasoned investors enquiring, not naïve 1st time buyers. You need a strong negotiator in between the two parties.
A Buyer comes into your home looking for reasons NOT to buy the property. They won’t cite their concerns to the seller out of politeness, but they will freely to their real estate agent. This gives a chance to have these concerns quelled, and an offer presented.
It is extremely rare for a Buyer’s agent to bring his clients to a private deal. These agents also have listings, and their listing clients would kill the agent for trying to sell a private deal and not their own home!
You don’t have to pay for any advertising.
You don’t have to do the open houses.
This is an important one. If you’ve accommodated for the sales agent’s commission in your “bottom line” price, then it’s really not you paying the commission.
Financing knowledge is crucial. Myself, I have 18 different financing techniques at my fingertips, and you’d be surprised how often this knowledge is required to complete a deal. Call me for financing options at 519-250-8800.
Knowing which professionals to deal with. Who’s a competent lawyer? Is that particular building inspector going to do an in depth 2 hour inspection of the house, or 20 minutes? Should I go with a bank or a mortgage broker?
People feel much more secure dealing with a realtor. A realtor, unlike a private seller, is legally responsible for his actions. Without a realtor, a buyer is concerned about getting taken by a sneaky seller – there is no legal recourse for a buyer in a private deal!

I hope this helps. I don’t think many people realize the amount of work involved in selling a house. An agent is compensated for a lot of hard work, personal expense in advertising your home for sale, and the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table (e.g. available Buyers, financing options, what price to list your property at etc. etc. etc.)

To buy or sell a home, give us a call. We have a team ready and waiting to help you! Ontario RCI Team 519-250-8800.

OntarioRCI is a team of professional realtors who are investors also and have an in depth knowledge of real estate investment, marketing and land lording. Fixing and flipping good investment properties pays you much. Through these profits you get financial stability and diversify your portfolio. Our ability to identify quick fix and flip will enable you to gain maximum.  Let’s help you by adding value to your business. OntarioRCI is the best one in fix and flip deals in Windsor ON.  Contact Ontariorci at 519-250-8800 for more information on POS properties in Windsor-Essex County.

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New Mls Listings – MLS listing company – List your house for sale with a flat fee broker

15 October, 2011

list on the MLS by owner with your own flat fee mls broker and ejoy the benefit of selling your home as a fsbo.  Our listings start at only and our Premium MLS listings are only 9 for 6 months.

1. MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service”, and is “the real estate market”. 
2. Over 90% of all properties sold in the US are as a result of MLS listing exposure. 
3. Being listed in MLS means all the local Realtors can find your home in their MLS database.


4. Buyers can find your home on thousands of public MLS websites, where they are most likely to be searching for a home. 
5. MLS listed properties (for sale by owner or not) sell faster and for more money than non-MLS listed “for sale by owner” properties.

MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service”. Most people refer to MLS as if it were all one big database of homes. Actually there are over a thousand individual MLSs across the country; some big, some small. They are all separate from each other, so a Realtor who looks on his local MLS in Boston can’t see the listings in the Miami MLS. That’s why it’s so important to be listed in the correct local MLS. There are many national websites, like, that aggregate listings from all these 1000 MLSs, and put them all on one giant website. Some information, such as commissions offered to agents and owner contact information, is only displayed on the local MLS for agents to see, and not the national public websites.

1.You get the same MLS listing in the same local MLS for a one-time low Flat Fee instead of 6%.
2.If you sell your home without a buyer’s agent involved, there is zero commission.
3.More exposure on hundreds of national MLS websites. Many 6% Realtors limit the exposure to public websites to increase their chances of getting the entire 6% commission.

MLS listing company offers info on flat fee mls.  Our flat fee mls blog offers all the most current info on flat fee companies and offerings in all states in the US.  We offer listings in all 50 states Choose flat flat fee listings from anywhere from New York to Hawaii and everywhere in between.  We can list your house on the MLS in almost any part of the United States. – The MLS Is A Powerful Tool For Finding Motivated Sellers. Here’s A Quick Video On Using MLS Listings To Find Motivated Sellers… Hi, this isFrank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on how to find motivated sellers using the Multiple Listing System The multiple listing service (MLS) is a fantastic FREE tool for real estate investors. With it’s specific search criteria it makes finding properties very easy. You are also able to setup automatic email notifications the moment New properties are uploaded into the system that fit your mls listing criteria. Customize Search Results within MLS – Radius Search, within a specified distance from a target address – Property Type – Single Family, Multi-family (duplex, 4-plex) – Subdivision, Section – Price range from low to high – DOM – Days on Market Tip – The more specific the criteria, the higher chance there will be less results. Tweak these around till you find a balance. Prices are not concrete, always room for negotiation. Keywords In the Remarks section – Short Sales: short sale, Give bank time to respond, preapproved by bank, short sale, preforeclosure, notice of default – REOs: REO, Bank owned, foreclosure(s), HUD, repossessed home – Expired Listings: motivated seller, simply request “expired listings” – Handy Man Specials: handyman special, investors delight, rehabbers wanted, needs work, investors welcome, fixer upper DOM: – ADOM vs. CDOM
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Houses For Sale Surrey – Find House For Sale In Surrey To Enjoy Your Life Forever

09 October, 2011

Surrey is located in lower mainland of the beautiful British Columbia. Surrey is one of the largest municipality in all Canada. The beautiful city is surrounded with a lush, green, natural environment and sophisticated with a modern urban convenience. With so many wonderful features it’s no wonder that this city is home of many people who are starting to be part of this community. If you are planning to relocate, there are house for sale in Surrey that you will surely fit your needs. There is a wide choice of properties available for anyone.

In fact, during your stay in Surrey there are many activities in store for you such as nature tripping, shopping and many kinds of lifestyle. Other than this, the city takes pride of their 600 parks and patches and they called it as “The City of Parks”. It has a very green area no matter where you go, with lots of mature trees and some wonderful landscaping in the area of their huge parks.


For bird watcher lovers will enjoy their time in Blackie Spit and while nature trekker can have their grand time in Green Timbers Urban Forest. If you love train riding you can ride one at Bear Creek Park, and you can pass by in Surrey Arts Center which is also located there. This is where you can watch local and international performers. While the Bell Center for Performing Arts holds series of concerts and dance presentations.

Surrey is also famous with their largest shopping mall and the Surrey’s Guildford Town Center where you can find hundreds of retail stores selling brand name products and you can watch with their 12-screen movie theater. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy in the Cloverdale Antique Mall and in the Cloverdale Flea Market.

The surrey is a modern city but once you view Stewart Farm wherein actors dressed in Victorian attire, you feel like you reminiscing from the history. Take an amazing view in Surrey Museum where you will enjoy with state-of-the-art exhibits and offering a full schedule of fun activities to enjoy. The museum features exhibits of a selection like photographs of local pioneers, and historic artifacts.

Many people who have been captivated in the city have eventually settled down permanently.  If you want to be part of their community and begin your journey then start looking for a house for sale in Surrey. Find time to contact your trusted real estate agent to further help you with find your dream house in the said place.

If you are thinking of moving to Surrey then take a look at House for Sale in Surrey. They have the best selection of Surrey homes available on the market today.

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Foreclosure Homes For Sale – The smart way of buying a house – refer bank foreclosure homes for sale

04 October, 2011

If buying a home for investment purpose is underway, it is a brilliant idea to buyfromforeclosure homesthis time? You may not realize but there are numerous enlisted in foreclosure homes listings, available online.

When you refer to the long list of bank foreclosure homes for sale, you would come across three types of mortgage real estate opportunities, namely


Foreclosures for sale and

REO properties

These three types of investment opportunities in the foreclosure listings are actually the three phases that each foreclosure property goes through. You can buy foreclosure homesat any one of these phases.


The prospects of buying pre-foreclosures

Pre-foreclosures involve interacting with the homeowner directly and in fewer cases, with the lender of the property. It is a highly lucrative bargain for both the parties. The home owner wishes to make a quick sale and you wish to buy this property (under consideration for foreclosure) at a significant concession.

By buying a pre-foreclosure, you may secure a discount up to 35% and the sale agreement may be much more flexible. You can research to your heart’s content and seal a deal for low cash down payment.

The prospects when you bank foreclosure homes for salein auction

To buy foreclosure homes in the auction can be the most profitable way to buy a mortgaged property. It can, alternatively, turn into a bad deal in the heat of the moment, as you compete with other investors and lenders while bidding.

These property deals can bag you up to 45% discount on the market value of the property. The entire procedure, however, may end up wasting a lot of your valuable time and give you no time to research.

The prospects of buying a REO property

REO or Real Estate Owned properties are easiest to buy because lender is in possession of the property and wishes to cut the losses. The motivation to sell the property is apparently high. The property is already free from all liens and with a clear title. The savings are, however, milder; barely up to 15% savings on the market value.

Myself webmaster of – A source for bank foreclosed properties, bank foreclosure homes for sale, find foreclosed homes listing, Buy Foreclosed Properties, Buy foreclosure homes.

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Free House Foreclosure Listings – Free Indianapolis Foreclosure Listings – Advantages of Buying and Guidelines on Searching

03 October, 2011

The capital city of Indiana State, Indianapolis is an important region in America and makes a great choice for buying a property especially if you purchase one through free Indianapolis foreclosure listings.

The city is one of the fastest growing in United States and has various unique advantages that have made it one of the most popular residential cities in the nation.  

•    Economic development – There are many economic development-related initiatives currently taking place in the city ranging from the global-wide effort of the Bio Crossroads Initiative to develop and attract life sciences-related business to the Mayor’s Fostering Commercial Urban Strategies (FOCUS) initiative which makes buying a property through free Indianapolis foreclosure listings a great option.

•    Department of Metropolitan Development – The department  has been creating affordable homeownership opportunities , supporting the growth of jobs and investment in the community for its residents which makes it a very good reason to buy a property through free Indianapolis foreclosure listings


•    Senior Center – The city’s Senior Center provides programs and services that enhance the lives of the senior citizens  through health, recreation, and educational activities that support their independence  thus making owning a property through free Indianapolis foreclosure listings a sensible option.

•    Tourist destinations – The city is one of the most attractive tourist destinations due to the great combination of its diverse cultural opportunities with first-class hotels and fine shopping and dining where modernized nineteenth-century buildings stand adjacent to futuristic structures.

•    The City Zoo – The first urban zoo to be built in several decades, houses more than 2,000 animals. The zoo is located on 64 acres in the urban White River State Park including whale and dolphin pavilion shows, a simulated Amazon forest, and a desert conservatory which makes the city a great choice for your family.

The following guidelines will be helpful in buying a home through free Indianapolis foreclosure listings successfully:

Searching for information on foreclosed properties in the city is easiest through online free foreclosure listings.

Looking up the city’s online public records makes a good source of getting information on foreclosures available in the city.

There are various online websites hosted by realtors, and various financial houses which give foreclosure related free listings on a trial basis.

Visiting the local county office as well as looking out for foreclosure auction notices in the classifieds is helpful while looking for free Indianapolis foreclosure listings.

Fiona Livnat is an author with expertise on varied subjects. She has over ten years of experience in writing.Her commitment to help people is reflected in her writing. For more details please visit Free Indianapolis Foreclosure Listings.

Houses Foreclosure For Sale – House Foreclosures for Sale at Auctions

02 October, 2011

Auctions are your sources of bargain . The process can be exhilarating, with the ultimate goal of winning the bid for the property of your choice. However, buying at auctions is not something that you should do in a spur of the moment. You need to study your options and familiarize yourself with the process.

Finding the Property:

Having an organized system to find and track the properties that interest you is important. Subscribing to foreclosure listings is the only way you can get accurate, comprehensive and updated information about across the country. Compare as many properties as you can to determine which house fits into your budget and answers your housing needs.

Shortlist the properties that you want to check out personally. Then take some time to drive by the property and around the neighborhood to get a better view of the house and its condition as well as the kind of neighborhood where it is located. It would be a prudent move on your part to talk to the owner of the property or to some neighbors. These meetings may yield some information that can help you decide if the property is worth your time and money.


Basic Information on Auctions:

In most states, the owner is given a chance to redeem his property before the scheduled auction by paying the amount that he owes to the lender for the house. Cancellations and postponements are big possibilities for auctions. So, before you attend any auction, make sure that you call a trustee to find out if the auction will take place at the scheduled time and place.

The bidding procedures differ from one state to another. It is, therefore, at your convenience to familiarize yourself with rules and regulations that apply to foreclosure auctions in the state where you plan to buy . In some states, you may be required to give the full amount, either in cash or check, if you win the bidding. In other states, winning bidders are only required to pay a percentage of the winning bid amount.

Familiarizing yourself with the auction process is the best way to prepare for the challenges that you may encounter during auctions.

house foreclosures for sale expert Amy Roman is armed and ready to answer all questions involving current and upcoming homes on the market. Visit to find out everything you need to know house foreclosures for sale currently on the market.

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Houses Edmonton Alberta – BBQ House Edmonton

30 September, 2011
Houses Edmonton Alberta
by Elijah

Smokey Joes Hickory House wins best BBQ House in Edmonton.

If you have a craving for the smoky, sweet and tangy taste of barbeque then the first place you should try out is the Consumers Choice Award winner in the category of best BBQ House in Edmonton. Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House is the winner of this coveted award and their menu selection, dining atmosphere and mouthwatering good food are the reason they have been voted best in Edmonton by their patrons. If you enjoy great food and casual dining in a family friendly environment then this is definitely a must try spot to eat.

For those that just like a light dinner or lunch Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House does provide some vegetarian and light meal options, but their main emphasis is on the BBQ. This southern style smokehouse will definitely be a major attraction for those that like large portions and lots of absolutely delicious meats. As the name implies, this winner of the best BBQ House in Edmonton smokes all their meats in a hickory smoker, giving a rich flavor to chicken, beef and pork. Of course you can also choose to order one of their great pulled beef or pork sandwiches or a delicious smoked turkey sandwich. Don’t forget to also try out the wonderful hand cut fries, with either the curly or straight available. Other sides to try include the coleslaw, cornbread, beans, potato salad, onion rings and baked potatoes. For light snacking before the main dish arrives try the hot wings or nachos, but leave room for the meat.

Winning the Consumers Choice Award as the best BBQ house in Edmonton is a way for the food lovers in the community to bestow a distinction on a restaurant that excels in food, service and atmosphere. Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House has been around Edmonton for awhile, so they have definitely earned their dues. The Consumers Choice Awards are found in major North American cities and allow the people in the community to recognize exceptional business in different classes. The results are tallied by an independent research company that surveys each year to find the best of the best. Unlike other awards there are no set judges, no exclusionary types of criteria and definitely not elite group of judges making the decision. Since the award is from the community and from actual customers, winning it is a real honor.

Being named the best BBQ House in Edmonton by the Consumers Choice Award organization provides recognition for Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House. If you haven’t stopped by for a true southern style meal, complete with some outstanding BBQ sauce, drip in and give it a try. The restaurant is now located at 15135 Stony Plain Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta. To get directions or to ask about anything on the menu give them a call at 780-413-3379.

While Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House doesn’t have a website, you can still find excellent reviews for the restaurant at

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