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07 March, 2011

I was outside and heard a low flying plane. I quickly got my FLIPVIDEO out and tried to catch the plane in action. This is the video I was able to grab. The plane was about less than 300 ft in the air, when it first flew over me. The video was taken on Rexway Drive around 3:45PM. The Number on the end of the tail was ” _ -_,_,K,U,” – I didn’t see the first letters to the plane it was turning to quickly. If you seen this plane and know of any other information please comment below. After Circling for three minutes, he flew off in the north east direction heading towards Caledon, Ontario
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21 February, 2011

www.ArcticSpasOnline.com Crews from Arctic Spas Oakville Group deliver a new Hot Tub to a customer in Halton Hills, Ontario.
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30 January, 2011

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24 December, 2010
Clear Hills  -  Worsley
by stingp

The EVPS caught on our investigation at Worsley Old Hall on saturday 9th October, not as clear as the ones we have from our smaller investigations but we have these caught over the night. Responses to questions in the Bridgewater Room and the underground Tunnels, where I just left the recorder on as we crawled through claustraphobic and small areas of tunnels used by the hall to reach the Bridgewater canal back in the 1800s. The voices in the tunnels came in where there was just 4 women as we got stuck in an area and couldnt get through to reach the other small group ahead.

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23 December, 2010

** www.exite-listings.com This apartment has a very low maintenance which includes all utilities! Close to all amenities and shopping, call Exit Kingdom Realty to schedule an appointment Virtual Tour: www.exite-listings.com **Refer to listing website for current information. Video uploaded on Mon 01 Nov, 2010 real estate Forest Hills NY
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22 December, 2010

Lookout Point At Bachelor Hills Well Hiking In Kamloops Great Workout But Watch Your Steping Their Are Rattlesnakes But Chances Of Running Into One Are Very Very Rare Don’t Let It Discourage You From Going into the mountains
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18 December, 2010

Preview of Sschwaiger’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: www.travelpod.com This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Hill City, United States Entry Title: “Day 67-69: Badlands & Black Hills… sounds scary!” Entry: “Leaving behind a miserable Chicago, we drove straight through the EziPass toll booth instead of stopping at the cash booth. We’re blaming the rain.Onwards through Wisconsin – I wanted to stop for some cheese but it was too cold and wet to go looking for a dairy/farm – and we still had to get to Worthington for dinner (8 hours away). Another change of state, we entered Minnesota and although the GOP Convention was still in full swing in St Paul, we stayed well south of the Twin Cities. A long, long, day of driving, but the change of scenery again was welcome, lots of green fields in Minnesota. And lots of wooden barns. An overnight stay at a Travelodge was a huge hit with the kids. The decor was pure SleepyBear, so we had bears on the curtains, on the bed and in the bathroom. They hadn’t been that excited about a hotel room since Nickelodeon way back in Orlando. Since we’d all sat through the Democratic Convention and Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech we thought we should also watch McCain accept his nomination, although judging by the number of people in the hotel restaurant watching the NFL opener, it’s possible we were the only ones tuning in. First stop was a trip over the Iowa border
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16 December, 2010

2008 WR450 hillclimb Batchelor Hills Kamloops

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06 December, 2010

From midnight clear album

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28 November, 2010

The 2 PM May 7th, 2011 Graduation Ceremony for East Tennessee State University. www.etsu.edu
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