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18 August, 2011

More and More contractors like myself are having to travel for work.

I can honestly say as long as there going to pay top dollar I would be there. The economy is not that great right now and people in are home town just don’t wish to spend for quality home renovations and Improvements.

I have found that are Toronto based clientele are always willing to have us there and are happy when they see us show up on time. There are so many contractors in Toronto now! Well Maybe. Last year I read an article in a business magazine about contractors in Toronto.

I article said that more than half of the Home Renovations Guy’s there are just some lay-off worker with NO liability insurance. I even tested the fact! I had a client in Richmond Hill Ontario, I already new I would get the job but I told her to get a few estimates first.

She did not really wish to do that but I wanted to see what these guy’s are charging. I looked at 4 different estimates from 4 so called home renovation companies. 1 of the contractors was a good friend of mine that I have worked on other jobs with before.

! good contractor that was insured that is what I found. The other guy’s where way less in price and 2 of them did not even give them a copy of there insurance. The other one gave a copy of his car insurance and said he was insured. WOW!


If the insurance doesn’t say skilled trades policy there not insured bottom line. Most contractors have a least one master trade. If one guy gives you a price and the other guy’s give you something totally way off that price you need to check a little farther.

The bylaw officers in Toronto should be out there enforcing these permits. Another thing permits is up to the customers. If a contractor tell you you don’t need em! He is not a good contractor. If the contractor tell you you should have permits!

He is probably a contractor that is good. I don’t like running around getting permits but if the customers want the permits I’ll get them. The bottom line is with permits without permits the contractor should still give you the same job! For more on permits in your area visit my quality home renovations website 
If have put a few links on the permits and codes page and you can read about the Ontario Building code. Every city follows the Ontario Building codes but you also need to check with your city or town regarding permits.

Example In St. Catharines Ontario the town has made a couple of changes to residences for students because of poor quality of living. Your town might have some different restrictions so always check first.

Quality home renovations and Improvements Niagara is an award winning company from Niagara Ontario. If your sick of dealing with contractors in your city or town and wish a quality home renovation at reasonable prices email us today at

We travel all over Ontario giving people the renovations they need at reasonable prices.

Quality home renovations & Improvements Niagara at

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10 February, 2011

As requested by Riganera. This is a fun, dramatic smokey purple look, using black, white, and purple. Very pretty, and suitable for both monolid and double eyelids. This time, I did something different, so products will be at the end of the clip. I am normally a monolidded girl. In this tutorial, you can see that I used false eyelashes to achieve double eyelids. You can reference my tutorial here: More detailed HQ video: Original video: Please visit my blog at
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Mono – Violet Hill Real Estate

Mono – Purple Hill Homes For Sale – Mono – Purple Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

03 February, 2011 administrācija saviem lietotājiem pateicībā par sniegto atbalstu dāvina “HHRadio izlasi Vol.2”, kas pieejama brīvai lejupielādei. Šoreiz izlasē piedalās tādi mūziķi un bītmeikeri kā detwut, Jera, Punkts uz i, Eiksho, Edžons, Arčijs, Oriole, Kosmo, Pionieris, Misters, Kašuks, Grifs, Wazaaa, Transformerz, Janķels, mono, AKE, Elfs, milktune, Volts, ansis, Edavārdi un Mazais Zaļais. Lejupielādēt var šeit: Jāatgādina, ka 8. jūlijā klubā “Purple Hills” notiks “HHRadio Vol.2” prezentācijas pasākums, kurā dalību ņems ne tikai izlases dalībnieki, bet arī tādi viesi kā Ritvars, KZR, Dairis, Reiks, Dj Vinvins uc

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Mono – Violet Hill Homes For Sale – Mono – Violet Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

01 February, 2011

Coldplay: Viva la Vida – Piano Cover You can get the sheet music at
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Galena Hill Homes For Sale – Galena Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

23 January, 2011

For the past year I’ve been compiling a list of model train stores for my model railroading website.  These shops all look like a lof of fun to visit, but what are the most popular?   Here is a list for the great state of Illinois.

The most popular model railroading shops (based on online chatter) in the state of Illinois are:

10. Ace Hobby Place in Chicago

9. Hammers Hobbies in Springfield

8. Woodstock Hobbies in Woodstock

7. B and G Train World in Elgin

6. Denny’s Trains and Things in Oswego

5. America’s Best Train Toy and Hobby Shop in Itasca

4. Prospect Bikes and Trains in Mount Prospect

3. Spring Hill Northern Train Supply in Richmond

2. Chicagoland Hobby in Chicago

…and the most popular shop for model trains in Illinois is…

1. First Hobby in Decatur

Hobby shops not quite making my top 10 were Al’s Hobby Shop in Elmhurst, Atomic Toy Company in Galena, Berywn’s Toy Trains and Models in Berwyn, Choo Choo Connection in Schaumburg, Des Plaines Hobbies in Des Plaines, Ed’s Hobby Warehouse in Palos Hills, Golden Spike Train Shop in Burbank, Grayslake Hobby World in Grayslake, Hands To Work Railroading in Alsip, Hauff Hobbies and Train Repair in Glenview, Hill’s Hobby & Collectors’ Shop in Buffalo Grove, Hobbies R 4 U in Bradley, Hobby City in Berwyn, K-10’s Model Trains in Maryville, LaGrange Hobby Center in La Grange, Leisure Hours Hobbies in Joliet, Mike’s Scale Rails in Peoria, Oakridge Hobbies and Toys in Downers Grove, Past-Time Hobbies in Brookfield, Pat’s Hobbies Oak Lawn, Pizza Express LGB Train Shop in Carterville, Rossville Depot Railroad Museum in Rossville, Royal Hobby Shop in Rockford, Sweetname Hardware and Model Train in Peoria, Thunder Road Hobbies in Moline, Tom Thumb Hobby and Crafts in Evanston, Trains and Toys of Yesterday in in Morton Grove, Venture Hobbies Wheeling, Wabash Junction in Springfield, and Walt’s Hobby Shop in Joliet.


Also in Illinois be sure to visit some of the great railroading museums including Chatham Railroad Museum in Chatham, Chicago Great Western Railway Depot Museum in Elizabeth, Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Kankakee Railroad Museum in Kankakee, Monticello Railway Museum in Monticello, Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and Union Depot Railroad Museum in Mendota.

I compiled this list by searching for the hobby shops listed on a number of search engines and ranking them by the number of web pages, discussion forums, photos, videos, etc that are available online.  I further screened this list to include only pages that mentioned model railroading.

Check out my complete list of Model Train Shops in Illinois at which has complete contact information for each shop including an address, phone number, and map to the store.

I’m a freelance PHP and MySQL programmer living in the San Carlos neighborhood of San Diego with my wife and our 3 cats. I enjoy hiking, reading, gardening, watching too much television, and other nerdy activites.

TJ descending a steep section near Galena Hill

Galena Hill Real Estate

Galena Hill Homes For Sale – Galena Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

13 January, 2011

Locating hidden treasure in Illinois is no different than searching for lost treasures in any other State. The key to locating any treasure is research. You cannot locate buried treasures of any kind if you don’t know where to begin your search.

Also having a metal detector is a good idea. You don’t need anything expensive with all of the bells and whistles either. You can purchase a reliable detector for between 0 and 0. However, a metal detector is not always necessary to search for hidden treasure. You can search inside old barns and old homes without a metal detector. I know of one individual who searches for caches hidden inside old houses that are abandoned. Of course he always asks for permission before doing so.

However, for starters, here are six places to search for lost treasures in Illinois.

is located approximately two miles north of Bishop Hill. U.S. 34 in Henry County. Originally settled in 1846 by Swedish religious zealots, it was abandoned in 1862. There are rumors of a buried treasure in the area.


is located on route 20, in Jo Daviess County.

Galena was an important riverboat town during the nineteenth century. It was also one of the richest towns in the State. Over the years as the Mississippi River changed its course, it left the town of Galena two miles away from the rivers banks. Old abandoned ruins and buildings still remain there. And like many prosperous riverboat towns, a hidden treasure may be in waiting.

In 1679 Sieur de la Salle a Frenchman settled here. The town was situated somewhere on the east bank of the Illinois River, near Peoria. There are rumors that the wealthy Frenchman may have buried a treasure somewhere in or near the town.

is located approximately one half mile from the Mississippi River, near Fulton, off route 136 in Whiteside County. A large cache of gold coins may have been buried on the farm.

This well known author may have buried a large treasure of gold, silver coins and jewelry in or near his home in Chicago.

There have been many rumors that gangsters buried treasures in or around their homes in the Chicago area. The Cicero area has produced gangster hoards.

It is important that you always ask for permission when entering private property. If you are going on to State or Federal Land, in search for lost treasure, be sure to check with your State laws about any digging.

Good luck in your search for hidden treasure.

©  Frank W. Pandozzi

Frank W. Pandozzi is a treasure hunter, author, TV Producer, and host of Exploring History’s Treasures TV series. He began his treasure hunting days thirty-five years ago. To learn more about Frank, please visit him at his website

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08 January, 2011
Greenwich  -  Greenwich Hill
by eldan

If you’re from the Rhode Island area, you may remember the Rocky Hill State Fair on Division Road in East Greenwich, RI. If you’re from the Kent County area, you know Laura’s Auto Sales in Coventry as well. This very rare footage shows the highlights from one of the last special years of the Fair before high insurance rates and greedy lawsuits forced the Hamilton famliy to end one of the family favorites in RI. The Flea Market at Rocky Hill fairgrounds still ran on Sundays for over a decade more until the property was sold to Brooks Drugs ( who oddly enough was purchased by Rite Aid) ending many a weekender’s treasure hunting and, extra income flow for many weekend entreprenuers. Do you have a memory of the Fair or Flea Market? Maybe you bought French Fries at Joe’s? Clam cakes from the Chowder hut. Fireworks, (back when people made their own descisions to loose a digit or two) 8 track tapes from Frank the tape guy, or even the bargain priced pair of shoes (because one was a size 5, the other a 6-1/2) Let’s here your fond memory!
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Greenwich – Greenwich Hill Real Estate

South Frontenac – Ida Hill Homes For Sale – South Frontenac – Ida Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

06 January, 2011

West Vancouver – Sentinel Hill Homes For Sale – West Vancouver – Sentinel Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

02 January, 2011

View to see PRICE and more PHOTOS. Developed by Aliant Developments, designed by renowned architect Mason Kent & built by Phipps Construction, this 4 bedroom home represents an eloquent mix between modern contemporary architecture, state of the art home technology & indoor outdoor entertainment living. 75 x 122 ft lot on West side of Sentinel Hill, 4000 sf, water views, 2-5-10 Home Warranty, Total Home Automation System & detached home office or nanny accom. Spacious main floor boasts kitchen, dining, family open plan connecting covered heated slate floor patio & B/I BBQ. Separate Living room or den w/large mud room. Kitchen includes Sub Zero fridge, Delonghi range, wine fridge, hand made mahogany cabinets, granite countertops & oversized island. Bedrooms: 4 SqFt: 3871
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South Frontenac – Ida Hill Homes For Sale – South Frontenac – Ida Hill Real Estate Foreclosures

19 December, 2010

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