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03 February, 2011
Halifax   -  Oldham
by AdamKR

A compilation of great goals by the footballer Lee Richardson. He played for numerous clubs, including, Halifax Town, Oldham Athletic, Huddersfield Town, Chesterfield, Watford, Stockport County and Aberdeen. Most of the goals are from his time at Oldham Athletic and Aberdeen. Included are his goals in the Scottish Cup Final, and the blockbuster against Torino in the Europen Cup!
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Halifax – Oldham Real Estate

Halifax – West East River Homes For Sale – Halifax – West East River Real Estate Foreclosures

02 February, 2011

This is a drive from the Robie/Young intersection in Halifax to Highway 102 via the 111 and 118. It was filmed during the last leg of rush hour, so you have an idea of what the city roads look like just after peak hours. Early evening, beginning at about 17.10. MacKay Bridge and the beginning of Highway 111 is featured at 2:04. 111/118 Junction: 4:59 118/102 Junction: 10:12 Music is by Gas and it’s called Konigsforst V ***** Exit directions are incorrect. Exit 13N and 13S on Highway 118 are supposed to be 13E East and 13W West. Sorry about that. *****
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Halifax Real Estate – Nova Scotia Real Estate in 2007. It’s About Business, the People and the Weather

25 January, 2011

Nova Scotia has been experiencing a steady upswing in both real estate sales and development. The province has gone through rigorous change in the way of government and employment opportunities. With a potential bid for the Common Wealth Games, Halifax is on the tips of people’s tongues around the world. After much deliberation and business dealings, Nova Scotia’s Natural Gas pipelines and corresponding development has begun.

Since the early nineties young graduates and laborers have been leaving the province in search of more lucrative employment opportunities. Today, Nova Scotia’s real estate and commercial development industries are experiencing a shortage in both skilled and non skilled workers. News of this shortage has reached many of those who left for the western parts of Canada years ago. Young families are relocating and in some cases bringing their businesses with them. For people 20 to 50 Nova Scotia is an ideal place to lay down roots.

Halifax, Bedford and Dartmouth are expanding into more rural areas with the twining of highways from Halifax to the south shore and into the Annapolis Valley through to the southern most tip of Nova Scotia. Real estate in communities like Windsor, Falmouth, Sackville and Dartmouth are experience substantially swift growth. Real Estate prices are middle of the road to high for many local Nova Scotia’s looking to buy. But from both a National and International perspective Nova Scotia has some of the most reasonable real estate prices. Waterfront lots on pristine salmon rivers, rustic coastal vistas, rolling valley properties and Bay of Fundy real estate are all still options for today’s Nova Scotia real estate buyers.

Another considerable draw to the province is our changing weather patterns. Atlantic Canada used to be synonymous with harsh winters, overly wet Springs, a fairly short summer and a colorful fall. In the last 3 years, as weather around the world shifts, Nova Scotia is getting some of the best weather it’s seen in decades. Nova Scotia’s winter now begins in January versus a typical snow fall in November. April brings warm sunny skies ideal for early spring landscaping and real estate development. Summers are hot and last well into September. Our fall season is perhaps still the nicest time of year with warmer temperatures than in the past, lasting well into November.

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Office and Canadian Awards for the sales team at Guaranty GMAC Real Estate in Halifax, Nova Scotia. – created at animoto.com
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Halifax – Purcells Cove Homes For Sale – Halifax – Purcells Cove Real Estate Foreclosures

22 January, 2011

Forest Fire April 30, 2009.
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Halifax – Millview Homes For Sale – Halifax – Millview Real Estate Foreclosures

22 January, 2011

CN 121 leaves a little early with a heavy and a loooong load of 2 cement cars, a closed hopper,and the rest were intermodals. My first night shot ever. I know I could have done a lot better, and need to figure out some stuff with my camera, but I’ll learn. 🙂 Power: 5562, 2447, ????, 2585 There was a special 123 that night, but I had to get home, because I had school in the morning 🙁 Enjoy!

Halifax – Papermill Lake Homes For Sale – Halifax – Papermill Lake Real Estate Foreclosures

20 January, 2011

www.peoplestandup.ca I proud to be Nova Scotian know matter what my government does. I am lost for words and I dedicated this video to all Nova Scotians that lost for word at this time! NOVA SCOTIA – NS -one of the four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada -second smallest province (PEI is the smallest) -made up of the mainland and Cape Breton Island -also includes over 3800 coastal islands -capital city and largest city is Halifax – 372858 (2006 Census Canada figures) -Halifax is an international seaport and transportation center. -flower – the Mayflower, tree -Red Spruce, bird – Osprey -“Nova Scotia” means “New Scotland” in Latin. -motto ” One defends and the other conquers” WATER AND LAND -The province is almost surrounded by water. -The Atlantic Ocean is to the south and east. -Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are connected by a small land bridge (28 km Isthmus of Chignecto) . -The Bay of Fundy stretches between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. -The Bay of Fundy has world’s highest tides. -Much of the province is part of the Appalachian Region. -The province is covered with forests and lakes. -There are 3000 small lakes. -Almost 7500 km is rocky coastline. -There are salt marshes and ice-free deep water harbours along the coast. -The Strait of Canso (1.2 km wide) separates the mainland of Nova Scotia from Cape Breton Island. -The Canso Causeway is a road which connects the island to the mainland. RESOURCES/INDUSTRY -Coal mining, fishing and fish processing were
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Halifax – Bear Cove Homes For Sale – Halifax – Bear Cove Real Estate Foreclosures

20 January, 2011

My ancestors were of the original founders of the little fishing villages of Ketch Harbour, Herring, Portuguese and Bear Coves, Halibut Bay and Halifax Nova Scotia. I shot all this segment during the last couple of days of my month there. One thing I have learned my ancestors were hard working risk takers with nothing to lose it helps to remember…

Halifax – Lakeview Homes For Sale – Halifax – Lakeview Real Estate Foreclosures

18 January, 2011

The sun is out in Halifax

Halifax – Lakeview Real Estate

Halifax – Fall River Homes For Sale – Halifax – Fall River Real Estate Foreclosures

18 January, 2011

An overview of Fall River, Nova Scotia with a focus on real estate in the area. Provided by Sandy and Judy Hines of Royal LePage.
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Halifax – Willowdale Homes For Sale – Halifax – Willowdale Real Estate Foreclosures

17 January, 2011

Is Jesus Christ God or just a prophet? Did He ever claim to be God? What do the ancient texts tell us? What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Is he a prophet or more than a prophet? Representing the Muslim perspective was Shabir ally: Shabir Ally holds a BA in Religious Studies from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, with a specialization in Biblical Literature, and an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Quranic Exegesis. He is now in his third year of PhD studies in Quranic Exegesis at the University of Toronto. Shabir is the founder of the Islamic Information and Da’wah Centre in Toronto, Canada. Representing the Christian side was Rev. Lindsay G. King: Rev King is actively involved with the Family Life Foundation. Since 1964 he has given a series of lectures which he calls The PNEUMA (The Human Spirit) factor. LOVE is the foundation, the core and the goal of this very popular program. Rev. King was born in Bell Island, Newfoundland in 1930. He undertook undergraduate work in philosophy and psychology at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. Theological Training was done at Pine Hill Divinity Hall, Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was ordained to the United Church ministry in 1953, and founded the first congregation at Happy Valley, Labrador. He did his Postgraduate studies (Master’s degree) at Boston University in 1955, and his M.Div. at Pine Hill in 1974. Lindsay served churches at Tide Head, New Brunswick; Point
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Halifax – Willowdale Real Estate