Foreclosing On Investment Property – Where to find Funding for your Investment Property No Due Diligence

25 October, 2011

Where to find Funding for your Investment Property No Due Dilligence

So you have just located the perfect investment property in your area, and to sweeten the deal it just happens to be a foreclosed property. The property needs very little renovations, and is located in a neighborhood that would make for a quick sell. There is only one problem, your bank refuse to lend money for investment properties. 

This is a common problem many would be investors face as they try to seize their portion of the real estate boom. I refer to this period in it as a real estate boom, and I make no corrections in saying so. This particular time in history will go down as a boom for investors who are able to buy as many foreclosed properties as possible. 


A very wealthy real estate investor once told me that the opportunity of a life time has to be seized during the lifetime of that opportunity. As you read this article you are reading it during the lifetime of this opportunity in real estate investing. But not for everyone, many would be investor will find it very difficult to acquire foreclosed properties no matter how sweet the deal appears to be. 

The Alternative Funding Group says many people that contact him never heard of Private Funding for real estate investing. So when I introduce them to the ideal that I can buy properties without begging a bank, or without using a dime of their savings many seem to laugh at the ideal. 

There is an old word of wisdom in the business community that says “it’s not what you know but who you know that matters.” This is the first rule of real estate investing; it’s who you know that matters. Knowing the right person to call when you find the perfect deal and then having that person wire the money plus closing cost is simply priceless.


Please allow me to introduce you to The Alternative Funding Group.


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The Alternative Funding Group Get a list of the 100 Hard Money Lenders for only .95


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Franklin County Foreclosures – Lets Think Positive; Funding To Help Foreclosure

11 September, 2011

There may perhaps numerous help coming for such people who are willing to buy a .
Harvey County is struggling hard to access endowment funds all the way through the South Central Kansas Economic Development District which is later on being acknowledged as one among the 21 counties like possessing the most number of .

“They looked at all the foreclosures in the state of Kansas,” added Sandy Ring of the SCKEDD. “It’s by the number, not the percentage. I think it is a great opportunity for Harvey County to utilize some funds.”

Particularly up to 4,820 in the subsidizing as a division of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.
In what way the county puts forward to utilize the finances came into much more clearer focal point on Monday as soon as the commission was made known about an action strategy produced by county bureaucrats.


Underneath the said plan low- and middle-income home buyers will become qualified for support in buying a foreclosed house. The program will shell out up to the level of 10 percent of the total costs for any buyer with a 50 percent of the HUD region median income or less income.

“We talked to some bankers to get their input on this,” county administrator Craig Simons further added. “It’s designed to help the financing of a foreclosed home.”

The program is planned to get the foreclosed houses packed, instead of sitting blank on the marketplace.

Simons told to the Kansan in the month of March that 70 foreclosures were there in the year 2007, in 2008 it was 51 and through March of 2009, it is 8.

The curriculum would utilize financial support apposite by Congress all through the transitory of Housing and Economic Recovery Act on the month of July 30, 2008. The work is being executed by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Further counties comprised in the curriculum were Johnson, Sedgwick, Wyandotte, Douglas, , , Butler, Shawnee, Lyon, Saline, Franklin, Crawford, , Cowley, Jefferson, Osage, Geary, Leavenworth and .

In some different business, the commission has:

• Approved more than ,000 in herbicide bids for the noxious weeds department. Crop Production Services of Goddard was the low bidder.
• Reviewed the annual noxious weed management plan.
• Received an annual report from the Newton Public Library.
• Received a report on health and wellness efforts by the worksite wellness initiative.
• Signed a proclamation for Fair Housing Month.

Julie Thompson, has been working on studying the foreclosures market, helping buyers on the finer points of foreclosed homes. Try to visit and search foreclosure homes by state


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