Foreclosing On Investment Property – Where to find Funding for your Investment Property No Due Diligence

25 October, 2011

Where to find Funding for your Investment Property No Due Dilligence

So you have just located the perfect investment property in your area, and to sweeten the deal it just happens to be a foreclosed property. The property needs very little renovations, and is located in a neighborhood that would make for a quick sell. There is only one problem, your bank refuse to lend money for investment properties. 

This is a common problem many would be investors face as they try to seize their portion of the real estate boom. I refer to this period in it as a real estate boom, and I make no corrections in saying so. This particular time in history will go down as a boom for investors who are able to buy as many foreclosed properties as possible. 


A very wealthy real estate investor once told me that the opportunity of a life time has to be seized during the lifetime of that opportunity. As you read this article you are reading it during the lifetime of this opportunity in real estate investing. But not for everyone, many would be investor will find it very difficult to acquire foreclosed properties no matter how sweet the deal appears to be. 

The Alternative Funding Group says many people that contact him never heard of Private Funding for real estate investing. So when I introduce them to the ideal that I can buy properties without begging a bank, or without using a dime of their savings many seem to laugh at the ideal. 

There is an old word of wisdom in the business community that says “it’s not what you know but who you know that matters.” This is the first rule of real estate investing; it’s who you know that matters. Knowing the right person to call when you find the perfect deal and then having that person wire the money plus closing cost is simply priceless.


Please allow me to introduce you to The Alternative Funding Group.


The Alternative Funding Group Get a list of the 100 Hard Money Lenders for only .95



The Alternative Funding Group Get a list of the 100 Hard Money Lenders for only .95


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Houses For Sale Surrey – Find House For Sale In Surrey To Enjoy Your Life Forever

09 October, 2011

Surrey is located in lower mainland of the beautiful British Columbia. Surrey is one of the largest municipality in all Canada. The beautiful city is surrounded with a lush, green, natural environment and sophisticated with a modern urban convenience. With so many wonderful features it’s no wonder that this city is home of many people who are starting to be part of this community. If you are planning to relocate, there are house for sale in Surrey that you will surely fit your needs. There is a wide choice of properties available for anyone.

In fact, during your stay in Surrey there are many activities in store for you such as nature tripping, shopping and many kinds of lifestyle. Other than this, the city takes pride of their 600 parks and patches and they called it as “The City of Parks”. It has a very green area no matter where you go, with lots of mature trees and some wonderful landscaping in the area of their huge parks.


For bird watcher lovers will enjoy their time in Blackie Spit and while nature trekker can have their grand time in Green Timbers Urban Forest. If you love train riding you can ride one at Bear Creek Park, and you can pass by in Surrey Arts Center which is also located there. This is where you can watch local and international performers. While the Bell Center for Performing Arts holds series of concerts and dance presentations.

Surrey is also famous with their largest shopping mall and the Surrey’s Guildford Town Center where you can find hundreds of retail stores selling brand name products and you can watch with their 12-screen movie theater. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy in the Cloverdale Antique Mall and in the Cloverdale Flea Market.

The surrey is a modern city but once you view Stewart Farm wherein actors dressed in Victorian attire, you feel like you reminiscing from the history. Take an amazing view in Surrey Museum where you will enjoy with state-of-the-art exhibits and offering a full schedule of fun activities to enjoy. The museum features exhibits of a selection like photographs of local pioneers, and historic artifacts.

Many people who have been captivated in the city have eventually settled down permanently.  If you want to be part of their community and begin your journey then start looking for a house for sale in Surrey. Find time to contact your trusted real estate agent to further help you with find your dream house in the said place.

If you are thinking of moving to Surrey then take a look at House for Sale in Surrey. They have the best selection of Surrey homes available on the market today.

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Foreclosure Property Search – Online Listing- Best Way To Find Foreclosure Properties

08 October, 2011

Are you well aware of the benefits associated with foreclosed properties? Have you made the final decision of buying foreclosed real estates but are confused about where to search foreclosure properties? If you wish to search foreclosure property, there are a large number of choices available. The primary key to search foreclosed property is through the medium of lis pendens lists, direct mail, friends, newspapers, real estate agents, lending institutions, real estate offices and not to forget the World Wide Web.

The Internet serves as a great destination to search foreclosure properties. There are various foreclosure listing portals available on the net that help the interested buyers to know the rates, location, neighborhood area, infrastructural details and see pictures of the search foreclosure properties available.

It has been observed that searching through these online listings is by far the easiest and comfortable way to search foreclosed property from the comforts of one’s home. As there are various listing sites that offer subscriptions to the interested users, it is always a wise option to ask for a free trail once in order to see the current search foreclosure property listings available.

Direct mail is another exceptional method to search foreclosure properties. This is due to the fact that the interested buyer can actually talk to the individual who is in the pre-foreclosure phase and can give tips regarding how to negotiate for nice discount on foreclosure properties. Newspapers are yet another place to search foreclosed property. It has been laid in the law that all states are needed to post public notification of auction in some or the other local newspaper for all the foreclosed properties available. This way, the interested buyers can look up at these notifications and then send the letter or call them.

Needles to say, the real estate agents also serve as a great way to search foreclosure property. Generally, banks which end up with the foreclosure real estates hire these agents to represent them as the financial institutions are not in the business of foreclosure and are just concerned about the lending procedures. Also, as these agents have links with banks and other foreclosure property holders, they can offer great services of providing the best possible foreclosure deal to the interested buyers.

Myself webmaster of – A source of lender owned foreclosed homes and properties where you can search foreclosed property, foreclosed homes, foreclosure home listings, search foreclosure properties ,bank owned foreclosed homes etc.

Houses For Rent By Owner – Easy Way to Find Houses for Rent by Owner

01 October, 2011
Houses For Rent By Owner
by dbking

If you are a person who is planning for a long vacation and thinking on how to find houses for rent by owner, low income homes for rent, and foreclosed homes. This is not an easy thing to do but if you give more effort to easily find one. You need to be very careful in choosing on e and ensure that what you are renting for is a good space or property to live in. Have those that are convenient to use and stay in.

First, but a newspaper and look to the section with regards to the real estate and look for houses for rent by owner. Home listing are there as a guide for you which is listed by the Realtors for you to rent. Investors, owners and property managers do have homes available for individuals who are searching for one. All you have to do is to contact the owner and have some schedule for you talk about the agreement.


Classified ads can also be found online where in it offers listing for houses for you to choose from. There are companies that has classified website that all kinds of houses for rent by owner are all there. Before paying any money you need to have a thorough about that company. You can even look for the price and see the bedrooms. So with that website that can give you less time and satisfaction as well.

Lastly you can ask a realtor to help you search for such home for rent. Many companies of real estate do have rental properties being listed. An agent of the real estate that deals properties for rentals are listed and have the option of choosing the right amenities and features you are searching for a home you want to stay for a vacation or for a long period of time.

With the home that you want to rent you must stay safe and be have the best choice that will guarantee you satisfaction and that will give you a happy living all the way long. Take good care of your rented home.


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How To Find Foreclosures Homes – Buying Pre Foreclosure Homes

20 August, 2011

When a borrower fails to make his payments for several months in a row, the bank starts the foreclosure process. The phase of the foreclosure lasts for a few months and the borrower needs to come up with a way to pay off his debts and avoid foreclosure. Many investors would like to buy a foreclosure home because of the low price, but another option of making profit from foreclosures is to buy a pre foreclosure home. Instead of losing the house to the bank, the owner may decide to sell it. But in most cases, pre foreclosure homes are sold at a very low price and this is where investors appear. It might be hard for the owner to sell his house at a low price, but this option if often preferred instead of foreclosure.

There are many advantages for buying a pre foreclosure home. At this stage, the owner is about to lose the ownership of the house and the back will soon take possession of the property and sell it at a low price. The owner can repay his loan until the day when the house is being foreclosed and the bank tries to offer him many possibilities to avoid foreclosure. As a last resort, most people try to sell their home to any buyer just to avoid foreclosure. If you know where to look for a pre foreclosure home, the owner will surely pay attention to your offer, no matter how low it is. In some cases, the owner is willing to drop the normal price to 50%. The advantage of buying a pre foreclosure home over a foreclosure home is that you have no competition. When the bank sells a foreclosure home, many bitters will attend the public auction and the prices may rise. But if you are the soul buyer, you can deal straight with the owner and you can get a good price. If the owner fails to sell the house, he will lose everything, but if you buy it from him, he will still end up with something. Everybody wins from this situation and buyers shouldn’t feel guilty for buying a pre foreclosure home – they are actually helping the owner. Further more, the owner is not obligated to accept your offer so you shouldn’t have any moral constrains about how much you want to give him for the house.

If you want to buy a pre foreclosure home you need to check out one of the 3 sources: the newspaper, online lists or lenders. Each option has its advantages and you can find a great pre foreclosure home with any one of them. If you are looking for a new home you should start with pre foreclosure homes because they have the lowers prices, the highest quality and you have no competition. If you by foreclosure homes from a bank, they might be in a poor condition. After the initial owner loses his home, there is no one responsible with the maintenance so you might have to clean it up after you buy it. But if you buy a pre foreclosure house, you just have to move in. It can be your dream house or your next investment.

Pre foreclosures can be profitable. Anyone can start searching for this type of real estate and make a profit. The only difference between pre foreclosure houses and normal houses is the price and pre foreclosures are a huge investment opportunity for real estate business men.

Find more foreclosure information at NewForeclosureOnline

How To Find Foreclosures For Free – Find Foreclosure Listings Free of Charge

12 August, 2011

Finding foreclosure listings can be a very easy exercise or a significant challenge, based upon the location where you live. Sometimes, in large areas, you will have plenty of foreclosure listings or your location may be very well covered, depending on your geographical area. Sometimes, many times that there are too few foreclosure listings it to be worthwhile for a corporation to cover the region, which may cause very sparse listings.

However, finding foreclosure listings is even harder in case you are on a low quality. Free foreclosure listings are difficult to locate, but it’s quite worthwhile if you are willing to do a little work, and will save you a huge amount of money. First of all , you need to search for is trial offers, or introductory purports to a site. If you intend to buy a property soon it’s highly unlikely you will use this type of service greater than a number of times on the year for which you would need to pay. Therefore, it may be a good idea to just make use of the seven day free trial or similar offer that numerous sites have. There aren’t many completely free services, however , many pay sites that offer limited free services.

This is the best way to locate foreclosure listings free of charge. However, if you are trying to find free listings, the quality of the website that you are using is unquestionably still something you should take into consideration. Most significant may be the frequency that the site is updated. You do not need to find yourself visiting a home which has been recently auctioned off, or missing antique dealer on which could possibly be your dream home. Many sites find it adequate to update their listings only once or two times a month. However, should you more research, you will find some gems, these may update their listings normally as daily. It is possible to genuinely have an enormous advantage should you choose your research every day. Additionally you need a site that gives extras, for instance photos of the property or descriptions of the neighborhoods.

Note: By researching and comparing the best free foreclosure listings with pictures services in the market, you will be able to determine the one that meets your specific requirements, plus the free or cheaper options.

You are very welcome to visit the Free Foreclosure Listings website, where you can see a comparison of the top foreclosure listing services.

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Houses For Sale Scarborough Ontario – Real Estate Agents in Markham to help you find our Dream house

28 June, 2011

To own a house is everyone’s wish for it provides a sense of security and fulfillment to an individual. People apply a lot of efforts to find and acquire a home which is similar to what they have desired for long. With different aspirations and needs associated with owning a home, it is not easy to find the right property for the self and the family. But can simplify the task by providing guidance and locating a suitable property.

Markham Realtors have made available several housing options for people to invest in. With the help of a , one can easily locate and decide which one to buy depending upon the budget. It is a wise move to buy a home here as the place has all the facilities that one requires to live comfortably like good infrastructure, offices, schools, malls, parks, etc. The place offers quality living which compels one to look out for a . For people with lesser budget, Condos offer the best solution as they are available at cheaper prices.

A buyer can consider to fulfill his needs to own a property at cost that suits his pocket. is another viable option to invest in and in order to acquire such space; a person can hire a Real Estate Agent.

Apart from , real estate in Scarborough also offers lucrative opportunities for buyers. One can come across different types of at competitively lower prices. Whether it is home, Condo or a Townhouse, a person can get it at reasonable prices by taking the help from Real Estate Agents in Scarborough who have sufficient knowledge of the various properties available for sale and can save the buyer from making mistakes. There are multiple facts which need to be considered before buying a house and as a first time buyer, it becomes difficult to pay attention to each. Therefore by seeking professional help from an agent, a person can reduce the risk and get what he/she wants.

For those interested in buying real estate, , both present themselves as suitable locations offering quality standards of living. One can easily find residential and commercial property in two towns and satisfy his/her property requirements.

HomeLife Today Realty Ltd offers commercial and Residential Property In Markham. Get the information about Markham Ontario Homes For Sale, Condo For Sale Scarborough, Scarborough Real Estate Agents at

How To Find Foreclosures Homes – Great Buys are Found in Foreclosure Homes for Sale

23 April, 2011

Buying foreclosure homes for sale is an uncharted territory for most of us.  We need to have a comprehensive understanding of foreclosure homes for sale as these are now regular occurrences during these times of crisis.

If we properly learn how to find the best buys in foreclosure homes for sale, this can be one of the best investment options for us in the uncertainty of the times.

Foreclosure homes offer great opportunities to potential buyers by opening up choice selections of prime properties at amazingly low rates.

What are Foreclosure Homes for Sale

Foreclosure homes for sale are unique types of real estate properties that are not sold through agents or brokers.  These are properties offered directly by the mortgage lenders with the intention of selling these foreclosure homes to other potential buyers and investors in order to raise money to prop up their liquidity.

Foreclosure homes are the real estate properties that a mortgage lender has taken over from their original homeowners who failed to make regular payments on a mortgage loan for an extended period of time.

These foreclosure homes are offered for sale through a public auction to interested homeowners and investors.

Who are Qualified to Buy Foreclosure Homes

Foreclosure homes for sale can be bought by any interested buyer or investor.  The potential buyer won’t need the services of a broker or an agent in order to participate in an auction of foreclosure homes.

What is great about these foreclosure homes for sale is that the price tag is much lower than in the open real estate market.  It is normal for you to find some foreclosure homes for sale being offered from 10% to 50% lower than it would normally fetch when sold in the open market or through an agent.

This very liberal feature in auctions for foreclosure homes for sale is predicated by the pressure on the mortgage lender to improve on their liquidity through successful auction of these real estate properties.

Many of these foreclosure homes are found in good locations, with practically no structural damages or defects.  It is really a wonder why it stays in the hands of the mortgage lender over long periods with no apparent takers.  The obvious reason for this is that the mortgage lenders are hesitant to invest more on these foreclosure homes for sale in the form of advertisements.

This is also the reason why foreclosure homes are not very popular among regular home buyers.  Most of us don’t know where to look for them. Therefore, it is essential for wise buyers and investors to do their own research to find these prime foreclosure homes for sale.

The high incidence of foreclosures that has been plaguing the real estate industry for a couple of years now has put to our consciousness the importance of foreclosure homes for sale.  These prime properties are getting their fair share of attention from potential buyers and investors.

The rewards to your effort can be enormous as you can find prime foreclosure homes for sale at really bargain prices, as most mortgage lenders are pressured to dispose of these assets to avoid additional expenses on maintenance and upkeep of these properties that are still in their possession. Claim your FREE video Webinar right now and Discover Otto Ruebsamen’s simple yet extremely powerful techniques to enjoying passive income even in a tough real estate market.

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Bc Foreclosure Listings – Pre Foreclosure Leads – Where to Find Pre Foreclosure Leads, Free Foreclosure Listings and Free Foreclosure Lists

22 April, 2011

What is the difference between foreclosures or pre-foreclosures in BC? That’s what we get asked quite often. So let’s clarifying what is really being asked here You want to know whether the properties on the list are at the stage in the foreclosure process that is the most accessible to you and allows you to go in without having to compete with other bidders.


Let’s explain it like this: let’s say Joe just got laid off yesterday, and he’s worried about how he will make his mortgage payments. At this point, he is not in default yet because he made his mortgage payment last month.

But he is probably considering selling his property because he doesn’t know if he can find another job and continue to make mortgage payments. Most investors consider this a “pre-foreclosure” situation, because the foreclosure process has not started yet.

>Demand Letter / Petition

3 months pass by, Joe still doesn’t have a job, and he’s missed 3 months of mortgage payments. Now his bank/lender sends him a demand letter asking for full payment of his entire mortgage immediately. Joe can’t pay it, so the bank/lender begins a legal process called a foreclosure in which the bank/lender will legally repossess his house. This is done by making a Petition in Supreme Court.

>Redemption Period

At the Petition, the Judge will give Joea Redemption Period, a set period of time to allow Joe to sell the house or repay the mortgage by other means. The Redemption Period is usually 6 months.

If Joe sells his house within this period, the foreclosure process stops and he would have saved his house from being repossessed. If he can’t do that before the redemption period then this will then lead to

>Court Ordered Sale

The bank/lender will now have the right to sell the property. They will usually list it with a real estate brokerage which will make it available on the public MLS.

Once an offer is accepted, it is presented to the Judge in court.

>Court Auction

If there are no bidders in court at that time, the sale will be completed. If there are other bidders present, it is sold to the highest bidder even though there is an accepted offer from the buyer who came from a realtor. Therefore, the price may get bidded too high and the buyer must buy the property without any conditions (with cash).

>The Best Time To Buy Foreclosures

If you have a way of knowing about a pre-foreclosure situation, then by all means, offer a solution to the seller. However, at this stage, the seller, like Joe in this case, may be just thinking about selling, but not that motivated – yet. Also, they are not that accessible, you would most likely have to know the seller personally.

The foreclosures on listings sites such as are in the REDEMPTION PERIOD

before they are foreclosed on and after they miss their mortgage payments. This is the perfect time for you to approach the sellers because they are much more motivated to sell which gives you the chance to buy the property at a significantly reduced price.

And this is before it gets listed on the public MLS and before it is auctioned at the courthouse, which protects you from being out bidded by someone else – even if only for 0 more.

Also, you can buy the property normally with a mortgage and with conditions, unlike a court auction which requires you to pay in cash.

Aiden, who came from humble beginnings, is a highly successful real estate investor who specializes in real estate foreclosures and flipping properties throughout Canada. His company, provides education and tools to aspiring and experienced investors to maximize their income in the shortest time possible. To know more visit

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Information About Foreclosure – Where to find Valuable information on Foreclosure

09 April, 2011

Knowledge is power and the more you know makes you valuable not only to yourself but to other people. It can get you out of a lot of stressful situations. The internet is full of knowledgeable information that will give you guidance to what you need to do about foreclosures. If you are a homeowner that is enduring a foreclosure, you can simply search the internet and bank logs to gather information that will give you steps to escape it.

Such information can be found at the following resources;

Your lender – These are the people that has all your information on file and will help you devise ways to avoid going into foreclosure mode. Lenders are the most valuable source of information hence they are well trained and also staff with other professionals that can help you with your financial dilemma. It is important to keep a good communication with your lenders and read all paperwork concerning your mortgage deed. Make sure you get a good understanding about your loan, and study the various helpful options that maybe available to you. Uncle Sam ( the tax government) – There are booklets available for you online and by mail. You can stay informed by registering with various sites that will email you daily and weekly about important information that may be of interest to you. There may be a customer service line for inquiries and questions that may arise.

When searching for this information be sure and take caution to the many scams that are waiting for you to contact them and inquire. If they request that you send them any money up front you should avoid that process, because information is free.

Other sources available are:

banks investors real estate companies local auctions The HUD office will offer you listings of homes in your area that will suffice you to choose from. USDA – The United State department of agriculture develops opportunities for available bank foreclosure listings. IRS – this source has seize properties that are default and sell them at market value prices. The IRS is stocked with listings that is also available for anyone to have. The real estate properties that are owned by the IRS are available for quick sale loans. Fannie Mae Home steps

There are other online guides where you can get valuable information at The library has a large variety of sources and information that is free of charge to the public.

If you know any potential investors they will be able to link you to the right source of information about foreclosures. Your local newspaper is always filled with local foreclosure homes in your area, along with real estate magazines and booklets.

It is in your best interest that you find a source that you can trust to give you the information that you need on foreclosure homes. All information that you find, review it carefully and verify the information with other sources.

Find Bank Owned Homes at

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