Foreclosure Listings Canada – Foreclosures in Canada-Reasons and Tips to make a decision

26 October, 2011

Foreclosure Listings Canada is a great resource, but first let’s talk a bit of foreclosures. Reason for Foreclosures is simple. Home owners are not able to make mortgage payments. The reasons could be various- Job loss, divorce, ill health – in short, a change in financial situation. Further to the above reasons, it is the booming real estate market in prior years and global financial down turn and crisis. People have refinanced their homes by pulling out available cash for increased mortgage payments from their equity and are unable to make those payments for various reasons.

Foreclosed homes in Canada are sold in two ways:

Courthouse Auction sale: Check with the Courthouse assistant to verify available sales and dates. If the bids do not cover the mortgage balance, usually the bank or any other mortgage lender will buy out the property. But one cannot buy such a property as the balance of the mortgage payment has to be made on the date of the sale. House inspection is not possible prior to the purchase. You have to take it as it is. The highest bidder wins and gets to buy the property. Realtor or MLS Listings: Most of the foreclosed homes in Canada are sold by realtor even before the houses are listed on any foreclosure listings. The procedure is just like buying a regular property, the house can be financed, and you can do prior house inspection but need not pay any commission to anyone. To buy a home that is going into foreclosure, you make an offer to the home owner. If the offer does not cover the mortgage the bank has to approve the offer. If the house is already in foreclosure, you have to deal with only the bank. Check with the court house clerk/assistant to know if the house you want to purchase is already in the Courthouse Auction list


Buying a foreclosed property is now a Smart Investment. It has become the fastest evolving trend in Canada now. It is important that the buyer considers every pros and cons before buying a foreclosure home.

Before starting on research on the foreclosure homes, the buyer should work on the plan. You must work out on the finances first- how much money you have and how much are you going to borrow. It is very important to understand and learn the buying and selling procedure of the foreclosed properties. You must decide on the best mode of purchase

It can be through bidding, through auctions or through negotiations. Once all the research is completed you can start the procedure with utmost care and caution. After the research, you have to understand what your needs and requirements are; start looking for a dependable source of property listing. It should be within your budget but should not end up in a compromising state. You can choose a local agent because they are the best as they know all about the location. You can then start looking for the foreclosure home listing. Apart from the above you need to locate a house where you can get necessary amenities and basic facilities of life. Choose a place where property rates will go up in the near future. This is an important point to consider if you are looking for a better resale value.

After you have short listed the foreclosure home, it is time to get on to the next step.

The next step is inspecting and viewing your future home. A thorough examination of every minute detail can show up things like utility dysfunction or structural weakness or damage. This validation inspection can cost you some but it is worth spending as it saves you from expensive repairs later.

Last but not the least- you must complete all the legal formalities and issues to save yourself from any unexpected future problems.

You have to have a realtor who is experienced and familiar with the area and location.

It is always easier to buy a foreclosed home from the bank direct than to buy at the courthouse auction. If you go in for a courthouse auction house, you have to deal with the unpleasant task of evicting occupants, house inspection and competitions from other eager buyers.

Joe Varling is the author for this article, as he is a Master in Foreclosure Homes in North America. Kindly visit M3REO GROUP to know more.

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Bankruptcy Act Canada – Personal Bankruptcy in Canada: The B Word

23 October, 2011

is a scary word. Although bankruptcy provides debt relief, it also conjures up images of losing your home, no hope of rebuilding credit, and other unpleasant thoughts.

Let’s address those concerns with an analogy. Do you remember going to see the doctor when you were a child for your yearly check-up? You dreaded getting jabbed in the finger for a blood sample, but before you knew it, it was done and over with and the sting went away. One can think of the bankruptcy process in the same way – you dread filing for bankruptcy and expect it to be painful, but before you know it your debts are gone and you’ve moved on with your life.

The bankruptcy process has the objective of rehabilitating the debtor, so that he can become a productive member of society without the burden of crushing debt. The bankruptcy system also ensures that all creditors are treated fairly and get an appropriate share of any debtor assets. Therefore, you should be aware that the bankruptcy system exists to work for you as well as your creditors.

The bankruptcy process is governed by a federal statue called the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”). Under the BIA, the major steps in the bankruptcy process are:

Meet with a trustee to evaluate your financial situation File an assignment in bankruptcy with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (“OSB”) Attend two financial counselling sessions Meet with the trustee to discuss your discharge

Each of these steps will be discussed below.

Just as you would see a doctor to assess your symptoms when you’re not feeling well, one sees a trustee in bankruptcy when experiencing great financial distress. The trustee’s evaluation includes a review of your assets, debts and household budget (i.e., income and living expenses). Upon completing the evaluation, the trustee will give you options in dealing with your debt, including the option of bankruptcy.

Once you’ve made a decision to file for bankruptcy, the trustee prepares a legal document called an Assignment in Bankruptcy. By signing the Assignment, you are indicating that you are voluntarily filing for bankruptcy.

At the time you sign the Assignment, the trustee will explain that you have duties as a bankrupt individual. These duties are to:

Disclose all of your assets and liabilities to the trustee Advise the trustee of any property disposed of in the past year Surrender all credit cards to the trustee Attend an examination at the OSB, if required Attend the first meeting of creditors (if a meeting is requested by the creditors) Advise the trustee in writing of any address changes; and Generally assist the trustee in administering the estate

The Assignment is filed with the OSB, a branch of the federal government that monitors bankruptcy and insolvency filings. Once the OSB receives the Assignment, it issues to the trustee a Certificate of Appointment, appointing him as the trustee of your bankruptcy estate. There are three things that happen once the trustee is appointed:

1. Once the Certificate of Appointment is issued to the trustee, you are legally bankrupt. At that point, your assets vest in the trustee (i.e., he becomes the legal owner) for the purpose of liquidation and distribution to your creditors.

In the majority of situations, you won’t lose your assets, as Ontario law allows a bankrupt person to retain:

Household furniture up to ,300 Personal effects up to ,650 Tools of the trade up to ,300 A vehicle valued up to ,650 Pensions Other special exemptions for farmers Certain life insurance policies and certain RRSPs


The trustee for the benefit of your creditors may sell other assets you have. However, in most cases arrangements can be made to allow you to keep assets that would normally be sold.

2. Wage assignments and garnishments are stopped, as well as most other legal proceedings against you.

3. You are required to keep track of your monthly income and expenses and may be required to pay a portion of your monthly income to the trustee. How much you have to pay is determined by the trustee based on guidelines set out annually by the OSB. These guidelines take into account the amount of your household income and the number of dependents.

During your bankruptcy you’ll be required to meet with the trustee to discuss any potential non-financial issues that led to your filing for bankruptcy. For example, gambling, substance abuse, and marital breakdown are common problems in society that inevitably lead to financial hardship. In addition, the trustee will provide information to you on money management and ways in which you can rebuild your credit.

An important event in the bankruptcy process is obtaining your discharge from bankruptcy. Being discharged from bankruptcy essentially means that you are free of your debts (with certain exceptions –
student loans, alimony/child support, fines for breaking the law, and judgments arising from fraud or physical/sexual assault, are not discharged), and that you are no longer “bankrupt” for legal purposes.

Your creditors, the trustee or the OSB have a right to oppose your discharge. Common reasons for opposing a bankrupt’s discharge are:

Failure to attend financial counselling sessions with the trustee Failure to make required payments to the trustee Failure to disclose all assets to the trustee Questionable transactions entered into by the debtor before or during the bankruptcy

If no one objects to your discharge and you are a first-time bankrupt, a discharge is automatically granted nine to 21 months after filing bankruptcy. Whether you are bankrupt for nine to 21 months will depend if your net monthly income exceeds a certain monthly living allowance established by the OSB. If you are granted an automatic discharge, there is no court hearing and the Trustee sends you a copy of the discharge.

If your discharge is opposed, the Trustee sends a discharge application to the Court. The Trustee will advise you if you are required to appear in Court for the discharge hearing. At the hearing, the Trustee’s report informs the Court of the circumstances surrounding your bankruptcy. The Court will then issue one of the following orders:

: You are no longer responsible for debts incurred prior to bankruptcy (save for the exceptions noted above).

: You may be required to pay a certain amount of money to your creditors through the trustee for a specified period (e.g., 0 per month for 24 months). Your discharge is subject to fulfilling the terms and conditions of the order. An absolute discharge will be granted when the specified conditions are fulfilled.

: This could be an absolute discharge but there is a delay before it comes into effect or is reviewed again by the Court.

: The Court has the right to refuse a discharge in unusual circumstances.

If you’ve been bankrupt before, your discharge is automatically granted 24 months to 36 months after filing bankruptcy. Again, whether you are bankrupt for 24 or 36 months will depend if your net monthly income exceeds a certain monthly living allowance established by the OSB.

You must supply the trustee with documents to complete two income tax returns during the year in which a bankruptcy occurs. A pre-bankruptcy income tax return must be filed for the period from January 1 to the date of bankruptcy. A post-bankruptcy income tax return must be filed for the period from the date of bankruptcy to December 31.

Income tax refunds from prior years are an asset of the bankrupt estate and must be sent to the trustee. The trustee may request that refunds from the post-bankruptcy return be paid to the estate. Income taxes owing prior to the bankruptcy are discharged. Any amount owing on the post-bankruptcy tax return must be paid by the bankrupt.

One concern for many individuals contemplating bankruptcy is the effect on their credit rating. Bankruptcy will bring a person’s credit rating to an R9 with the credit bureau. It will remain so for 6 years after the bankrupt obtains his discharge, after which it will be deleted from the debtor’s credit file.

Does this necessarily mean that you won’t be able to get credit during this period? No, it does not.

Your credit rating is certainly an important factor in determining your credit worthiness. However, lenders will look at other factors such as your income and your ability to get a guarantor or co-borrower. There are also other devices through which you can rebuild your credit:

Secured credit cards – Certain financial institutions issue secured credit cards. By providing a bank or trust company with a money order (usual minimum is ,000) along with the credit card application, you’ll be issued a credit card with a maximum credit line equal to the money order. For example, you submit a ,000 money order along with the application form, and you are issued a credit card with a limit of ,000. The bank has your ,000 as security to ensure you pay your credit card balance. Mortgage brokers – If you are in the market for a home and need financing, a mortgage broker will shop around for the best mortgage rate avail able to you given your bankruptcy. However, due to your bankruptcy, the rate offered to you will usually be above current market rates.

Bankruptcy is ultimately a rehabilitative process that relieves a debtor from the burden of crushing debt and allows him to become a productive member of society. From the creditors’ standpoint, the bankruptcy process provides transparency into the debtor’s financial affairs and ensures that they will be dealt with in an orderly

Houses For Sale Victoria Bc Canada – Real Estate Market in Victoria, BC

13 October, 2011

Your Perfect Match in Real Estate

The local Real Estate Market in Victoria, BC, Canada, is not performing as poorly as the news rags are “reporting.” The market statistics for this year compared to previous years show only a decline in sales volume; while the median selling price for a single family home remains virtually the same as last year, at 2,000 (last year it was 5,000.) There are many more home to choose from than previous years, so Buyers have the luxury of taking a little more time to select their perfect home.

As for the general market trend, it has been following closer to a “normal” cycle throughout the year: sales prices & activity higher in the first & third quarters and the second (and probably the fourth) quarters following at lower levels. We are still seeing “well-priced” properties that have been nicely presented selling very close to asking price (or over asking price) with multiple offers – much to the chagrin of the news reporters and “experts” that are predicting (or should I say provoking) a market down-turn.


We have noticed that a good portion of the residential Buyers seem to be originating from the Victoria/Vancouver area – either as first-time buyers, or people moving up or downsizing their homes. Decent revenue producing properties and office buildings in the downtown core are becoming a rarity because of the healthy vacancy rates.
There has been a very large decrease in customers coming up from the U.S. to buy second homes, probably because of the value of the dollar changing so much and because of the devastating real estate market conditions that have precipitated in the South. The Greater Victoria (and possibly the Vancouver) area seem to be fairly isolated from our close American neighbours’ real estate problems.
Now, I am not a financial expert by any means, but I think that all of the problems that are currently reeking havoc in the U.S. stem from the huge sale of the sub-prime mortgages to not-so-qualified Buyers; whereas, I think that we have a more strict mortgage qualification system in Canada and that probably helped avoid a devastating crisis that would have been similar to what seems to be taking place South of the Border.

So, if you read any “doom & gloom” about real estate in our neck of the woods – don’t believe it!! Check out where the information is coming from – it’s probably speculation from people who aren’t in the field and don’t really know what’s going on. Listen to the Local Experts!

Your Perfect Match in Real Estate

Full Tour Sotheby’s International Realty Cathy Travis (250) 380-3933 1(866)599-3933

Commercial Real Estate Canada – Choosing The Right Commercial Real Estate Canada Agency Is Valuable For Striking A Bargain

11 October, 2011

One of the very important functionaries in a new establishment is the real estate agency in a locality. And if the locality is in a region where there is a stiff competition among people to take up residence, then the importance of the agencies is further increased. Even for something like sell your home Canada, the agencies are required. They help in getting the right price for the property and can finalize a deal that is the optimum.

Real estate business is a prospect that is not the cup of tea of everyone. There are a lot of paraphernalia that are to be followed. The paper work is important so also the finding of a right customer who is ready to pay the worth of the property. Recognizing the right customer for the property is essential along with their willingness to carry out the deal.

Many customers are there who approach the agencies that deal with for sale by owner Canada properties. After talking for a few days and furthering their interests, they stop any communications. This leads to a lagging of the sale as during the talks, some other potential customer might have been given a miss. In such a scenario, the commercial real estate agency has to play a pivotal role.


First of all, they can arrange the right customer who has a real interest is buying the property. By dint of their remaining in the real estate business since a long time, they have the ability to identify the prospective buyers who have a real interest in buying the property. Also, the agencies are experienced enough to fix a proper price of the property and provide a good bargain on the house under the listing of sell your home Canada. This way, the sellers of properties are not to miss out on the actual worth of their property.

Moreover, the real estate agencies are well versed in the local market and can identify the pros and cons of a particular property. They are able to accurately give a quote on the value of the property at a current date. The real estate prices are changing continuously due to various factors, of which one is the financial markets. Being in the buying and selling of property business, these people can strike a prefect deal with the customers on the owner’s behalf.

When a property is for sale by owner Canada, the owners require a good value of their property and would not want to dispose of their property at less than the market price. It might also, so happen, that the owners are not able to negotiate the prices correctly as they do not have any experience in such matters.

The talks can be best handled by the commercial real estate agency as they have the necessary know-how and skill to talk through the negotiations. People, who are interested in disposing off their properties, should get in touch with an agency that is well versed in these matters and is preferably established in the locality. There are many advantages of such agencies and people should be aware of the performances of the agency, whose services they are hiring. For Sale 1.19 acres of prime commercial realestate, directly across from No-Frills supercentre, 150 feet from Rio-Can Retail Business complex, 250 feet from Tim Hortons Drive through. Canadian Tire Supercentre 1000 feet, new Honda Power Dealership opening in Fall of 2010. Staples, Dollarama, Pizza Pizza, Urban Planet, Reitmans, Pet Valu, Northern Reflections, Biba, No-Frills Gas Bar all across the road from the property. Any questions Contact Matt 1-888-345-5521 or 613-432-8967
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Homes Ontario Canada – Lease to Own Homes in Canada

05 October, 2011
Homes Ontario Canada
by mjb84

With the historically low interest rates recently available, many people purchased their first homes in Canada over the past year.  What if your credit is poor and you don’t qualify for traditional mortgages?  Often only high interest loans are available if you are considered a credit risk.  Another option to become a home owner is through lease to own homes in Canada.

With some lease to own programs, you get to choose the home you want to buy.  You are able to move into the home right away and can decorate or make improvements.  When you make your monthly lease payments on time, you work towards building or repairing your credit. When the time comes to purchase the home at the agreed upon price, you will have a better chance to qualify for low mortgage rates.

In addition, you can benefit from any rises in home prices during the period you are paying the lease.  Since the purchase price is pre-determined, you benefit from any rises in home values above that price.  This difference is considered equity, and can also help you obtain a mortgage – much like having a larger down payment would.

Working with an expert lease to own company also helps you avoid many of the pitfalls in buying your first home.  The company will pre-qualify the home, making certain it is a sound investment in terms of price, structure and build.

Lease to own homes in Canada are a good way to start building equity and living in your dream home, before real estate prices go up further.

Sherie Hickman is a mortgage enthusiast living in Oakville, Ontario Canada always searching for the best mortgage rates and terms for local residents.

Land For Sale Vancouver Island Bc – Canada – The Best Place To Live In The World –

05 October, 2011

For anyone thinking of moving country, there is often lots that must be considered and certain things that must be ‘given up’ when making the move. Often we move away from family, friends and the familiarity of places we have known for a long time, to find somewhere new that will afford us a better quality of life. It stands to reason that if we are to move away from much that we hold dear, then we would only do that if our new homeland offered up something really special.

Canada is the Shangri-La of the modern world. A new multi cultural country that covers a huge space, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west making it the world’s second largest country. It is a land that was inhabited for thousands of years by Aboriginal people until the early 15th century when the British and the French explored and settled bringing Europeans in their masses and a tug of war between the two super powers ensued for supremacy over the land.

Possibly due to the huge land-mass complete dominance was hard to win and the country was split between English and French speaking colonies. Well publicized arguments over the governing structure and the constant call for autonomy from certain French quarters have run to this day, but thankfully this is no longer an issue that clouds over the country itself. Canada is no longer seen as America’s dorky cousin that cannot unify itself. It has stepped out of the USA’s shadow to become a world leader in quality of living. Defining itself as the most progressive country on earth for sustainability and a genuine love and care for its natural habitat.

It’s hard to imagine the epic scale of the untainted natural beauty of this country until you visit. Voted the best country to live in time and time again, based on affordability, prosperity, health care, crime rates and lifestyle, when you visit Canada you will know why it is held in such high opinion. The country is split into ten provinces; Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador. Each of the provinces varies greatly in terms of weather, cultural dynamics and geography. Traveling through Canada you will find many of the good things the world has to offer within its borders. From the mammoth Rocky Mountains, to great lakes, wilderness that is untouched for hundreds of miles, beaches, wine country, golf, skiing and cities that are rated as the best in the world, all work together to make Canada a first choice when thinking of a great place to relocate.


One thing that is felt when traveling in Canada is the unusual praise the people have for their own country. The ingrained cynicism of the citizens of the older world is far way. Canada is loved by its people, but not in a mindless flag waving frenzy, but from a genuine happiness with their lives that many attribute to the wonderful place that they live.

So, to live in the best and most progressive country in the world, the most beautiful and cleanest country in the world, with the most healthy and happiest people in the world, its surely going to cost the earth right? Not so, there are mega bargains to be had all over Canada that would enable even a buyer on a modest budget to buy a slice of heaven.

There are varying price scales to be found throughout the country. The most popular province with the English is undoubtedly British Columbia, known as BC or ‘Bring Cash’ (which speaks for itself), as the awesome climate that enables enjoying the lovely lakeside beaches in the summer to world class skiing in the winter, up the prices around the area. Parts of BC could be mistaken for Florence in Italy in the summer and there is a large booming wine area around Kelowna and Penticton. The main city in BC is Vancouver, and again, looking for property here could empty your wallet, but then what would you expect from a city that has been voted best in the world for the last 10 years.

Still if you don’t mind moving just outside of the city, more affordable properties can be found in Victoria Island, where a 3 bed detached home can be purchased for as low as €200,000. There are bargains to be found in BC but it is important to look outside of the most exclusive places, for often just going ten or twenty miles outside prices drop considerably. However, if it is a bargain that is sought after, then in other provinces such as Alberta, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, it is easy to find highly desirable, detached lakeside properties going for as little as €100,000 and inland properties for as little as €50,000. Where else could you find comparable prices alongside such quality of life? In fact there is so much to choose from in Canada, it really is a buyers market.

If looking for affordable city property, then the city’s of Calgary, Halifax and the French speaking Quebec, would certainly be worth looking at, as these are all cities with their own distinct personalities and lower property prices. Obviously before selecting a preferred place to buy, it is necessary to find out the weather conditions throughout the year, as there are some parts of Canada that can feel unusually cold and even go as far as to shut down much of normal life throughout the winter months. Having said that, Canada knows how to function in extreme cold weather better than anywhere else in the world.

When thinking about buying in Canada, the good news is that it is relatively easy. Most provinces such as New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia have no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate. However, some do limit the amount of property or land that a non resident can purchase, so it is advisable to check the rules if buying more than one property.

• If you are not attached to one particular area, so much the better as there are incredible bargains to be had within the country that are outside the main tourist destinations. However, as has been previously mentioned, it is important to research chosen area’s well for climate and local infrastructure as they vary greatly.

• Once decided on a place, the first thing to do is find a good local realtor. This is a must as a professional realtor will guide you through all the stages, from finding through to purchasing a dream home.

• Non residents can obtain a Canadian mortgage. A mortgage that can be obtained by local banks, will usually offer a ratio of approximately 65% mortgage and 35% down payment. The qualifying procedure for financing is much the same as any other country, assets and liabilities must be proven as well as employment and income information. Normally an answer can be given within 48 hours.

• Once a mortgage is secured, then an offer is to be made at which point a deposit is to be paid. The deposit will be placed in trust and will go towards the purchase price once building inspections have been agreed and the offer has been accepted by both parties.

• When purchasing a property in Canada, it is important to note that all offers must be made in writing. This is so all aspects of the transaction are properly recorded, protecting both parties.

Canada really is a first rate country to relocate to and the immigration procedure favors families and skilled workers. Moving country is always a challenge, but choosing Canada makes that challenge worthwhile, as once there, those that have made the move will benefit from that amazing Canadian quality of life that has been award winning for many years.

Tony Osust, director: Search through our extensive worldwide portfolio of properties for sale and rent. now showcases thousands of sale and rental properties, from single family homes, commercial and recreational properties including hotels, bars-restaurants, new build or off-plan developments for sale internationally. See our latest Canada Property for Sale | Canada Holiday Rentals

See for more information, pictures, lot plan of this amazing ocean view acreage for sale. Tim Ayres is a licensed REALTOR® with Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty in Sooke, BC.
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Ontario Property – Properties to rent fame the Canada

29 September, 2011


Are you looking in that properties to rent fame the Canada? Apartments for Rent London Ontario, certainly believe you hold come to the felicitous place. Very few property portals cater for all sectors of the rental property market, including listings from landlords and agents. You may further notice that Apartments for Rent London Ontario, cover lettings string many parts of the Canada that other sites do not cater for.

Apartments for Rent London Ontario, aim to offer the highly well-qualified assistance possible, with a commitment to answer all e-mails received. Apartments for Rent London Ontario, believe in being as slightly owing to possible, and to take notice of our customers’ needs. Some of our competitors embargo advertising to letting agents only, whilst others constitutionality chiefly to particular landlords. We regard fix a service open to all, with no restrictions. For Apartments for Rent London Ontario, and other areas, select the topical Search Button, or character our Ontario coverage locations above. Apartments for Rent London Ontario, is committed to offering you the best service possible. Every day higher Ontario rentals are posted by Ontario property owners, managers, roommates and tenants. It doesn’t matter who you are, Apartments for Rent London Ontario, has something to name you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us about our listing again rental services.

Calgary Apartments for Rent Down Town, Impress your rush associates from the comfort of your home gig bring off with High further Wireless Internet and computer desk. When visiting these apartments, grill about thrive of the cave also whether it’s been renovated or retrofitted dominion greater drawing near. Older buildings may mention lesser rent rates due to the property but may also feature latter soundproof windows and doors juice accord with city ordinances.

Toronto Apartments for Rent Down Town, is committed to providing you the fastest and easiest way to locate your new Apartment rental. Toronto Apartments for Rent Down Town, service has some of the superlatively advanced search capabilities on the en tangle to assist you domination locating your next pad rental. If you buy any comments to make regarding our website, please donate legit feedback by Contacting Us. We cede attain back to you as right now as possible.

Apartments for Rent London Ontario, aim to offer the highly well-qualified assistance possible, with a commitment to answer all e-mails received. Apartments for Rent London Ontario, believe in being as slightly owing to possible, and to take notice of our customers’ needs.

Flat Rate Mls – Flat Rate Realtors Canada

25 September, 2011

Flat Rate Realtors

When you are considering selling your home, you may contemplate several venues for exposure. The local newspaper, real estate books, and online are all possible places you may list your home. In this technological age, more and more are turning to the internet as an advertising venue. Why not?
You gain maximum exposure this way. On the internet, one of the most popular ways of listing your home is to use what is called a MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

The Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is a service that broadens the ability to sell a home.
The idea of this service began in the late 1800s. Since then, it has evolved drastically. In the 1970s, the MLS was printed monthly with updates weekly. The bad part about this was that the book was rather large, heavy and unpractical to carry around. Now that the MLS is on the internet, it is much more practical and can be accessed from pretty much anywhere. Typically however, only real estate agents have access to promote these listings. For this reason, it is thought that you must hire a real estate agent and be subject to their commission fee which is usually a percentage off the sale of your home. This is not always true, at least now days.

Now you have other options available. There are “flat rate” options available. These listings
provide all the same benefits while saving the majority of commissions usually paid when selling a home. The “flat rate” includes professional advice on how to show your home, opinions on the value of your home with comparisons, listing on the MLS, and assistance throughout the entire selling process (including negotiation). No matter what the final sale price winds up being, you know exactly how much you are paying to your realtor. The predictability of this type of contract could help to put you at ease through a complicated and sometimes stressful process.

The Flat Rate MLS program could be the way to go for you if you aretrying to sell your home with minimal headaches. The professional assistance coupled with the maximum exposure you receive could prove to save you thousands.

Garry Samec is professional Realtor in Toronto Canada providing home sellers with reduced commission or flat fee options when selling their home.

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House For Sale Toronto Beach – Farm for Sale in York Durham Region, North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Great Equestrian, Cattle Farm, Two Farms 300 Acres

16 September, 2011

Farm for Sale – Farm One a 93 Acre Farm with 3 Bedroom Panabode/Log Home & Approximately 60 Acres Of Workable Farm Land. Currently Used As Sod Farm Plus House With Investment Income.

This English River Setting absolutely Gorgeous and a Great Investment. EnjoyThe Beautiful Scenic Black River, Meandering Through The Property with Great Fishing and Feed the Deer, the Views and including a solid Bridge To Your Private Pond. Close To New 404 Extension,To Be Completed 2012.

This Property Can Be Linked To The 207 Acre Adjacent Farm To The South For A 300 Acre Parcel. Please Contact For Further Details.

his Property Can Be Linked To The 207 Acre Adjacent Farm To The South For A 300 Acre Parcel. Please Contact For Further Details.Farm Two 207 Acre Horse Equestrian/Cattle Farm
In a Beautiful English Country River Setting. This Property Has Good Workable Open Land Presently In Hay Crop & 12 Paddocks with trails throughout property.The Two Barns and other Out Buildings have Existing Horse Stalls & Loafing Area For Cattle with Ample Upper Storage For Hay.


The Black River runs through property, great bottom land, good for crops approximately 60 -80 acres of workable land for farming, and 100 acres of woods and trails.

The Modern Brick Side Split Home Compliments This Unique Property W/Winding River & Bush Trails For Horses or ATV’s. Close To New 404 Extension,To Be Completed 2012.

This is a Great Investment, could be Equestrian Centre
contact Mr. Don Bremner
dwbremner ( @ ) HotMail dot com

Farm Two 207 Acre Horse Equestrian/Cattle Farm
In a Beautiful English Country River Setting. This Property Has Good Workable Open Land Presently In Hay Crop & 12 Paddocks with trails throughout property.The Two Barns and other Out Buildings have Existing Horse Stalls & Loafing Area For Cattle with Ample Upper Storage For Hay.

The Black River runs through property, great bottom land, good for crops approximately 60 -80 acres of workable land for farming, and 100 acres of woods and trails.Pat Burns, Broker of Record
Shorelands Realty Inc.
mailto:shorelandsrealty ( @ ) rogers dot com

Shorelands Realty Inc. Brokerage
72 McRae Beach South
Pefferlaw ON L0E 1N0
Toll Free: 1-800-529-0331
Fax: 705-437-4029
Send An Email
mailto:shorelandsrealty ( @ ) rogers dot com


Homes For Sale Toronto Canada – Homes for Sale in Calgary – Grab your Own

26 June, 2011
Homes For Sale Toronto Canada

Calgary is the largest town of Alberta Province in Canada. Located in the southern part, it is surrounded by many foothills & Great Plains. It is 50 miles from the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is the largest of Canadian metropolitan area spread from Toronto to Vancouver.

Calgary is a preferred destination for winter season sports as well as eco tourism with many resorts spread around the city and its metropolitan area. More than three million people visit the city annually and the city has also hosted Winter Olympic successfully in 1988 which has put Calgary on the world stage. The region with nearly one million people has a fastest growing economy in entire Canada with Oil & Gas Industry contributing significantly to the economy of the province. Calgary is also a highly ranked city in terms of its cleanliness and the better lifestyle it offers. Property values of Calgary are always growing with the average price of a property touching 0,000. As the real estate market always pays dividends in the cities like Calgary, the appreciation of the cost will surely exceed all realty costs within a few years. One can find each and Condos which are listed on the Calgary’s Real Estate MLS systems, which get updated hourly and one can get detailed information about all properties on the MLS’ data base of Calgary real estate.

One can search the dream by using online interactive maps where all the communities of Calgary can be searched. The Search Features include Street view also. One can also Sign-up to the websites offering available real estate information to begin the home Search.

Registered members of Calgary real estate MLS systems get the updates by email with the just published Listings of which hit the Estate Market. It also offers many other services to the buyers and their free evaluations of homes to the sellers through the Calgary realtors. They ensure their clients get the best deal and terms for their money. Once a buyer or the seller signs the contract papers, the realtors start the search of the potential buyers or sellers for the client.

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