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November 07, 2010

Did you know there are more than 10 Dodge dealers in the Edmonton region?

What’s the big difference in between them?

They all stock the exact same stock, made by the identical men and women, on the same assembly lines, in the identical plants.

They all shell out specifically the very same wholesale cost to the manufacturer.

They all give the very same financing alternatives from the very same banks.

They all offer for about the very same value.

They all promote to the exact same individuals.

All the shops look fairly a lot the very same, inside and out.

All the vehicles and trucks search the exact same, simply because they are, precisely the very same.

So… you’re purchasing a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler

1 spot to commence may be speaking to other folks who have buy from the dealer or dealers you are considering. Search online for testimonials. Request the seller for referrals. You would never contemplate heading to a Medical doctor or Dentist without initial speaking to somebody who understands them, choosing a vehicle seller must be no diverse.
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Getting a vehicle is the 2nd most important purchase most Albertans make. I meet folks each and every week who share tales of how they rushed into a purchase determination at some level in their life and regretted it later. Best assistance I can give is to just sluggish down.

I don’t count on any person to get from my enterprise prior to I have earned their believe in. If you uncover oneself in a scenario in which you experience pressured to “indication on the line” run, don’t walk, to the exit. Rest on it. The offer will still be there in the early morning.

Oh, by the way, in scenario you are asking yourself how I assemble have confidence in with my consumers, when asked a query, I am completely candid, even when I know what I am stating could not be common.

To be clear,

Bottom line; when deciding which seller to go with, do your study, take your time, request loads of queries and don’t allow any individual discuss you into purchasing far more automobile than you want or require.

Here is a checklist of the 10+ Edmonton place Dodge Dealers:

1. Sherwood Park Dodge

2. Grove Dodge

3. Excellent West Chrysler

4. Derrick Dodge

5. Money Jeep

six. Londonderry Dodge

7. Southtown Chrysler

8. Crosstown Chrysler

9. St. Albert Dodge

10. Stony Plain Chrysler

eleven. Leduc Chrysler

twelve. Crystal Chrysler

Are all Dodge dealers in Edmonton the similar?

Indeed, the dealerships are the same. The only variation will be their enterprise philosophy and the men and women who function there.

Scott Held
Are There Actually ten Edmonton Place Dodge Dealers and Are They All the Similar?


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