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November 17, 2010

Real estate is a term that refers to land with houses, drainage, tree, etc or it could be an empty piece of land, where something could be build. The problem with real estate is that whenever someone invests in this field, he invests to get the profit, or invest in a place which would be beneficial to him in the future.  So people tend to choose the best places after careful observation, where their investments won’t hit a dead end. This article tells about the top 10 cities in Canada to buy the real estate.

Firstly; Calgary, this is the best city to buy a property in, because over the past two year the prices of the houses and the land has fallen, and made it affordable for people to buy the property, however, the new developments made are sure to raise the cost of the estate, thus investing in this city is quite profitable. Calgary’s strengths in producing food, fuel and fertilizer will boost its growth. Secondly; Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, Ont. Because it is not only seen as a new economic engine for Ontario but it will also out-perform the other major cities. Thirdly; Edmonton, this is famous because of its future potential. It is a growing market and would also be the main benefactor of energy development. Thus there would be improved infrastructure and high profits. Fourthly; Surrey B.C, because it is growing so fast industrially and infrastructure wise that it would soon become bigger than Vancouver. Moreover it’s a prime place for business, due to natural harbor, and good rail way lines, etc.

Fifthly; Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows, B.C. recently the infrastructure developments have made these town easily accessible and the cost of purchasing is very low yet and is expected to raise a lot over the next few years. Sixthly; Hamilton, Ont. It is in the top 10 cities because the city’s leadership, as well as local business owners, has transformed what was once a rough-and-tumble steel town to a city with economic vitality, diversification and population growth. Seventhly; St. Albert, Alta, is said to be the biggest benefactor of Edmonton ring road. So as the transportation facilities have improved, so people will more in to this city and along with that most of the offices will also move to the city thus raising the cost of the property and making it an ideal place to buy some land. Eighthly; Barrie & Orillia, Ont. these used to be just cottage countries , but now the  new universities that are opening up here and the way the development is taking place and people are moving in, soon the prices are expected to rise.

Ninthly;  Red Deer, Alta. This city is famous because it has a lot of hidden opportunities and in the near future when the developments start to take place then this land could turn out to be a gold mine. Tenthly; Winnipeg, it’s an average city, it doesn’t boom up like other cities but it doesn’t get slummed like other cities so it’s ideal place to buy some expensive property, as there is more of a chance of profitability than loss.  

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Beautiful St.Albert Erin Ridge 2 storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home, ideal for a family of any size. Contemporary decor and an open concept design sets this stunning two storey apart. Along with an oversized kitchen paired with a deck off the back, this home offers a manicured ample sized lawn and hotub to easily accommodate all of your family gatherings. Take advantage of Erin Ridge’s close proximity to local shopping, schools, playgrounds and community centers. Call Michael Gibson today to book a showing or to receive additional information @ 780 224 0044 or via email at MLS#: Thank you for looking. CONTACT US @: Michael Gibson RE/MAX Elite 780 224 0044
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