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November 21, 2010

The Dubliners – Springhill Mine Disaster Performed by Luke Kelly All rights are reserved to the original authors.

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  1. Chomuno Says:

    Three people never suffered during their whole life!

  2. glaveror Says:

    @leducdodon it’s simply sick to use this song to promote that clip

  3. leducdodon Says:

    type in “ski crashes” in the youtube search and click the video with stars in the title to be shocked!

  4. tony10396861 Says:

    @levdt What?? They get plenty of acknowledgment

  5. pixiedust7659 Says:

    @macaibhistin And Pike River in NZ… And all the men that have died in Australian underground coal mines in the last 120 years.

  6. p97154 Says:

    Disturbing tune. Glad I didn’t do that stuff my downstairs neighour did.(ex minor)

  7. p97154 Says:

    Dubliners put me on to this bad shit. Fuckin Hell. I’m weeping.

  8. farridub Says:

    R.I.P Luke, Ireland still misses you, your a true legend to us all!!!

  9. mbstonehouse Says:

    That be where i was born in beautiful Nova Scotia…grew up just down the road.

  10. C3MC2 Says:

    Thanks for uploading I’ve been wanting to hear Luke or The Dubliners sing this song since seeing the Late Late Show tribute in 1987.

  11. HaulinOre Says:

    Pray for all of our brother and sister miners who risk their lives with no thanks from those that benefit from our work. Copper miner in Bagdad Az

  12. plt3012 Says:

    @margatelad God bless.

  13. plt3012 Says:

    @margatelad God bless.

  14. macaibhistin Says:

    Glad to see the chileans made it out safely. My heart still goes out to others who did not fare so well – springhill, westray, west virginia.

  15. John41tube Says:

    The Chileans were blessed and luckier by comparison.

  16. LAHFaust Says:

    @Comerford1986 I meant the Dubliners’ version of this song makes Bozo’s version look like what it is, not music at all.

  17. Comerford1986 Says:

    @LAHFaust u seem to have misspelled vastly improved

  18. kraexaie Says:

    now you can add 2010

  19. anthonie909 Says:

    HORRAY for nova scotia grunts

  20. Micakanto Says:

    Luke Kelly !!! Best voice ever!

  21. LAHFaust Says:

    Destroys Bozo’s version.

  22. FatherChrismas Says:

    This is one of the first songs i remember from my early childhood. I thought it was important that we remember the miners and their families today in West Virginia, and all around the world.

  23. TheMrNamefag Says:

    Good minecraft song.

  24. Tusalu Says:

    This seems to me the absolutely best way to sing about a tragedy. Powerful, yet melancolic.

  25. mikal9000 Says:

    Mining must be *the* most dangerous and miserable job on earth. Google “mine disaster” some time — the toll of lives taken over the centuries in the name of extracting minerals is appalling. A shout-out to all miners worldwide, and a big “Thank You” for posting this!

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