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September 08, 2010

The Royal Wedding between Prince William of Wales and Catherine “Kate” Middleton in Westminster Abbey was a wedding for the ages. Literally a modern day fairy tale appeared to come to life. An estimated viewing audience of two billion interested onlookers tuned in to watch from around the world. The global reach of this phenomenon brings up a whole host of issues. ⋅ Why is there global interest in a wedding from a former super power with declining pull? ⋅ What did Kate’s role as a “commoner” play in the wedding’s popularity? ⋅ Is there such a thing as a “modern day princess”? ⋅ Will the Royal Family’s extension of its reach beyond royal lines preserve its place in British Society? Or will it dilute it? ⋅ Is there an analogue to the Royal Family in the United States? ⋅ How is this romance viewed by British visiting, living and working abroad? ⋅ Did this marriage bring back to life memories of Charles and Diana’s wedding? If so, were they sweet, bitter or something indescribable? This story examines these issues through the perspective of New Yorkers, both American and foreign-born visitors and residents. What is the American perspective on the Royal Marriage? The story includes interviews from people at Trinity Church, Wall Street; Greenwich Village and DUMBO, Brooklyn. I was the producer, director, cinematographer and editor for this story.
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