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October 30, 2010

Many home buyers know that they want to live in Mt. Pleasant, but they get overwhelmed with all of the homes and neighborhoods to choose from.  I’ve included below a short question and answer format that will help you find the home you’re looking for based on what’s most important to you.


   If you want a short commute to downtown (or if you simply want to live close to the Peninsula), you’ll pay more for these homes just over the Ravenel Bridge because they’re in such high demand.  Neighborhoods such as Old Village, Olde Park, I’on, Wakendaw Lakes are good places to start your home search because they’re within a 10 minute drive of downtown Charleston.  If you’re willing to live further out, you’ll be able to get more home for the money.  Park West, Dunes West, Rivertowne, and Charleston National are some of buyers’ top choices, but they’re a good 25 minutes from downtown Charleston.  If you want to look in the middle of Mt. Pleasant (so that you’re not so far out but also so that the homes are more affordable), Seaside Farms, Sweetgrass, Snee Farm, Longpoint, Belle Hall, and Hamlin Plantation are good neighborhoods to consider.  These are located near Towne Center, so they still have an excellent location.


  In price ranges under 0,000, you’ll find some of the best homes in Carol Oaks, Park West, Ivy Hall, Snee Farm, and Longpoint.  If you’re looking 0-400K, you’ll find a lot of options in New Parrish Village, Longpoint, Park West, Belle Hall, Planters Pointe, Rivertowne, Charleston National, and Seaside Farms.  In the 0-600K range, buyers often like Horlbeck Creek, Hamlin Plantation, Park West, Dunes West, Rivertowne, Brickyard Plantation, and Planters Pointe.  If you’re looking 0K plus, good neighborhoods to consider are Dunes West, Park West, I’on, Darrell Creek, Grassy Creek, Hobcaw Creek Plantation, Hamlin Plantation, Rivertowne, Belle Hall, and Old Village.


  If you want to live in a community with a pool, there is a long list of options:  Belle Hall, Brickyard Plantation, Charleston National, Darrell Creek, Dunes West, Hamlin Plantation, Hidden Lakes, Hobcaw Creek Plantation, I’on, Longpoint, Park West, Planters Pointe, Rivertowne, Seaside Farms, and Snee Farm.  Most of these also have tennis courts and a club house.  If you’re looking for a golf community, be sure to check out Dunes West, Charleston National, Rivertowne (specifically the Country Club subsection), and Snee Farm.  These are the only golf course communities in Mt. Pleasant, and they have very nice golfing facilities.  Neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant with first rate amenities are Dunes West, Rivertowne, I’on, and Park West.  Buyers are usually most impressed with these amenities, and they’re the nicest you’ll find anywhere.


  If you enjoy older homes, some good neighborhoods to start your search include Old Village, Snee Farm, The Groves, and Wakendaw Lakes.  Most of the homes in these neighborhoods were built before 1985.  Because Mt. Pleasant has considerably more newer homes than older ones, the list of neighborhoods with newer homes is probably too long for this article.  However, buyers looking for newer homes tend to really like Carol Oaks, Park West, Dunes West, Darrell Creek, Rivertowne, Planters Pointe, Hamlin Plantation, and I’on.

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