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March 28, 2011

The days are getting shorter, and the temperature in Edmonton is contstantly dropping. Father winter is coming back to Edmonton and knocking on our doors, and soon we’ll have fluffy white snow on the ground. Because we’re in such a lovely climate here in Edmonton, there are certain things that every Edmonton home seller should be doing. Here’s a list of some of them…

1. Shovel the Front Walk – You want the buyer looking at the home, not picking herself up from the snowbank that she slid into. Make the home welcoming, and keep that sidewalk clean. Salt the ice, and keep it safe! I can promise you that if a buyer hurts themselves while walking up to the front door; they likely won’t look favorably on the home.

2. Turn on the Front Lights – This means the outside lights, as well as the light in the entrance. It just makes it easier for people to get into the home and get their bearings. There’s not much more frustrating that hunting for a lightswitch in the dark in a home that you’ve never been in before. Also, having that light on really cuts out the “creepy” feeling of a dark home; it’s just more comfortable. This is especially true for vacant houses; leave those 2 lights on all the time!

3. Don’t Turn Down the Heat – Many home owners try to save some expenses on their vacant property by turning down the heat to a minimum level. A cold home is a tougher sell; people want to get out and get into the comfort of their warm car. Make the home cozy and welcoming; keep the heat an normal room temperature. It may cost you a little more money in heating bills; but it will go a long way towards a successful sale.

4. Keep Major Paths Cleared – Think about where the buyer is going to park. You may want to clean the neighbors walk too, it that’s going to influence the buyers’ opinion of your home. I know it seems like a silly amount of work; but it could give you that small edge.

Likewise, remember to clear paths around the home. If you have a detached garage, make it easy for buyers to go and look at it. Clear the walk-way. Surprisingly, this goes a long way towards showing “care and attention” of the home; buyers will like you and your home more because you’ve taken this extra step.

5. Let Fresh Air In – When it’s cold, we tend to keep our windows closed because of the bitter Edmonton winters. This means our homes get stagnant and stuffy very quickly. So schedule yourself to swing by the house once a week and open the windows for an hour. The fresh air is free, and will really help your home from becoming stuffy; especially if it’s empty.

Here’s an Example of Going “OverBoard”!

I once showed a home in North Edmonton in the dead of winter and late in the evening. It was cold, about -25. We walked into the kitchen, to see heaven sitting on the table… a pot of hot coffee with some stirofoam cups and a note “Help yourself. It’s cold out, and I appreciate that you came to see my home tonight.”

If the seller had been there, my client and I likely would have kissed her! It was a good cup of coffee, and perfectly timed!

Edmonton winters suck; nobody can argue the point. But we have to survive it, and as a seller of Edmonton real estate you can use this bitterly cold time to your advantage…

– John Carle
Edmonton Realtor
Re/Max Real Estate

“Nice Realtors for Nice People”

John is a Realtor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Re/Max real estate. John markets and sells homes in the Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskachewan, and Morinville areas. You can visit his website at or visit his blog at

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