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January 20, 2011

www.peoplestandup.ca I proud to be Nova Scotian know matter what my government does. I am lost for words and I dedicated this video to all Nova Scotians that lost for word at this time! NOVA SCOTIA – NS -one of the four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada -second smallest province (PEI is the smallest) -made up of the mainland and Cape Breton Island -also includes over 3800 coastal islands -capital city and largest city is Halifax – 372858 (2006 Census Canada figures) -Halifax is an international seaport and transportation center. -flower – the Mayflower, tree -Red Spruce, bird – Osprey -“Nova Scotia” means “New Scotland” in Latin. -motto ” One defends and the other conquers” WATER AND LAND -The province is almost surrounded by water. -The Atlantic Ocean is to the south and east. -Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are connected by a small land bridge (28 km Isthmus of Chignecto) . -The Bay of Fundy stretches between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. -The Bay of Fundy has world’s highest tides. -Much of the province is part of the Appalachian Region. -The province is covered with forests and lakes. -There are 3000 small lakes. -Almost 7500 km is rocky coastline. -There are salt marshes and ice-free deep water harbours along the coast. -The Strait of Canso (1.2 km wide) separates the mainland of Nova Scotia from Cape Breton Island. -The Canso Causeway is a road which connects the island to the mainland. RESOURCES/INDUSTRY -Coal mining, fishing and fish processing were
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