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October 14, 2010

This is comedian Billy Eichner’s version of Jay Z’s hit song Empire State of Mind. Featuring the hilarious Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live) as Alicia Keys!!! Watch it, share it with your friends, upload to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter!!! Follow Billy Eichner on Facebook and Twitter @billyeichner Lyrics are below! Lyrics by Billy Eichner Produced by ETC. Productions ( Music Mixed and Recorded by Quinn Raymond Guest vocals by Amy Albert Lyrics: I was born in Forest Hills To a Jewish yenta Had my circumsicion Forest hills jewish center Dad got a discount Taught me to finagle They cut the skin off my penis While they ate bagels and when I grew up I learned to play the tuba And baby you can tell by penis Im not from cuba Forced to play little league Even though I hated it And when I watched spice on pay per view I masterbated it Hated playing sports I preferred the mall Youre not good at basketball Just because youre tall! Strutting down 71st and continental they made me get bar mitzvahd as if I was yentl loved playing clue hated playing yahtzee ironically my rabbi was a bar mitzvah nazi so I got bar mitzvahd and though I didnt wanna the theme of my bar mitzvah party was Madonna! chorus in forest hills concrete jungle where dreams are made of theres nothing you cant do when youre in forest hills the city lights will inspire you upper middle class jews walk around forest hills, forest hills, forest hills rosh Hashanah I went to museums And the

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