Foreclosures By – A Primer to Preventing Foreclosure, Practical Options

May 21, 2011

Those facing a home foreclosure need to understand that if you need to delay a foreclosure that you must act as soon as you think that you will have a problem paying your mortgage. Foreclosures are time sensitive issues and banks tend to move as fast as possible. If you think that the law has been overlooked and you have been the victim of an illegal foreclosure, contact a foreclosure attorney ( immediately.

Generally, the first step stopping foreclosure is to contact your banks. Not making contact and staying in touch you are speeding up the foreclosure process. Before we call though, we must first cover some initial details.

Preventing a foreclosure is a convoluted matter and will need preparation in advance of any action.

How to Prepare

Teach Yourself About Foreclosures: Become educated on foreclosures so that you appreciate what you are facing. This should reveal the alternatives that are possible and will help lessen your stress by uncovering what can and can’t happen when you are facing foreclosure. Being familiar with foreclosures will also help you to bypass foreclosure relief scams and other costly missteps.

Master the Timeline: Homeowners facing foreclosure should be aware of the normal foreclosure timeline relevant in your state.

Study the Process: Understanding the foreclosure process, along with where you stand in the process, will affect the best option to prevent a foreclosure.

Stay Alert: Stay abreast of the market conditions for real estate in your community. Know how intense the rate of foreclosures are because this will affect your available solutions. For example, if there is a abundance of foreclosures in your neighborhood, putting your home up for sale, one of the options to avoiding foreclosure, may not be the optimum idea.

Get Advice: It is always a wise to consult with an expert, whether that is a real estate agent, or a counselor or an attorney (, to make sure that you get their informed opinion.

“Experts” don’t always know everything and sometimes they are even self-proclaimed, so don’t trust anyone 100% but use other people’s perspectives to enrich your own. Read and strudy as much as you can and you’ll be better prepared to tackle the task of saving your home.



A pseudo man of the law but fully practicing human being. With a history in real estate and law, Mike Olivarez is the pen name of the foreclosure attorney.

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