Edmonton Developers – Edmonton Ab Home Builders Building Green Homes Assist Homeowners In Qualifying For Up To $10,000 Rebate

November 24, 2010

Edmonton Green Home Builders are working closely with new home owners and assisting them in qualifying for a government cash rebate by building their new home green.  So, if you looking to build a new home in the Edmonton Alberta region, and want to build green, you are more then likely wandering how much more does it cost. You want to build green, but you still want to end up with your new custom dream home that is also affordable.

Well, then I have good news for you. Edmonton home buyers who select green home builders that offers the ‘EnerGuide Rating Program for Houses’ can get huge savings by designing their new home in a way that it will be very energy efficient and at the same time qualify for a Government cash rebate up to ,000 for building green in the Edmonton region. Plus a good EnerGuide rating can also increase the value of your home.

Many of the most valuable energy improvements are easier and cheaper to install while a home is being built. Any investment in energy efficiency improvements you make at the building stage will start to pay you back in lower energy bills the very first day you move in.
A green home pays attention to energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, the use of sustainable or recycled products, and measures to protect indoor air quality.

Building Green is a home that is

less expensive to operate
more comfortable to live in
more environmentally friendly

The EnerGuide rating program is managed by Enervison, a Alberta-based not-for-profit organization with a mandate to help the residential building sector build energy efficient, environmentally responsible homes. With each region in Alberta having its own rating system designed to suit that particular area, these areas are as follows:

Central Alberta,
Calgary Region,
Edmonton Region,
Grande Prairie Region,
Lethbridge Region,
Medicine Hat Region,
Fort McMurray Region,
Bow Valley Region.

Different rebates may apply depending on the municipality or region a house is built in, here I am only referring to the rebates offered specifically to the Edmonton region. (A full list of rebates offered to other regions of Alberta may be found by visiting the EnerVision web site)

The requirements for building green government rebates in Edmonton region may change from time to time, or new rebates may become available as old ones end. Regardless, all rebates are likely to be based on the EnerGuide Rating Labelling System, since it is developed and endorsed by Natural Resources Canada.

Current Rebates that are available to Edmonton Home Builders/home owners are.

,000 for Edmonton new homes that meet or exceed building green homes EnerGuide 86.
$ 3,000 for Edmonton new homes that meet or exceed building green homes EnerGuide 82.
$ 1,500 for Edmonton new homes that meet or exceed building green homes EnerGuide 80.

In the recent top ten list of what Edmonton home buyers are looking for when building a new home, building green was on the very top of the list. Everyone is “Going Green to Save Green” in every possible way. Today as consumers we are constantly reminded about our own carbon footprint and the effect it has on our environment and we all want to do our part. As individuals there is no better way then to start with building the family home by building green from the very beginning.

Edmonton home builders, work very closely with a EnerVision’s Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs) who are government-certified industry experts to evaluate your building plans for energy efficiency and find out where you can improve your new home. They can help you build a more energy efficient, environmentally responsible healthy home. Making sure your home receives a high EnerGuide rating label, as this is usually the only way to qualify for a government rebate.

The EnerGuide evaluation begins at your first visit with your Edmonton builder. Look out for high quality Edmonton home builders who offers the EnerGuide rating service, they have thier house plans evaluated by a certified energy advisor. They then will work with the advisor to develop energy upgrade packages that have money-saving features you will want to include in your new home. Also in these economic times you need to be asking yourself how much will your new dream home going to cost you to run. Your EnerGuide label will tell you what it will cost you to run your new home.

The final rating is calculated when construction is complete, the builder arranges for a CEA to visit your home to verify the energy efficient upgrades and performs a blower door test. Once all the tests have been completed and the data has been collected, the home owner is provided with the evaluation report and a official EnerGuide rating label that shows the true rating of your home. This label is then affixed to the electrical panel. The final step is then to apply for your rebate by completing the necessary paperwork and application form to have your rebate request processed. (Available from the EnerVision web site)

This final independent evaluation is for you, the home owner. It provides you with confirmation of your EnerGuide rating – a number, or numerical range, that your builder committed to when you decided to include energy upgrades. The final rating shows that your builder has met that commitment, and is also used to calculate the government rebate that you are eligible for.

In closing the average new home owner is still looking first and foremost to build their dream home. But as times are changing rapidly the Edmonton new home builder is now not only building their dream they are building green, by making smart choices in the design and construction of a home to ensure it is energy efficient.

Moving into your new home should be the experience of a lifetime. The EnerGuide labelling for Edmonton home builders helps that experience to be the best it can be.

Michael Homes Inc, are high quality Edmonton Green Home Builders with 30 years commitment and experience, they offer and support the EnerGuide rating Label program to all their new home owners. Excellence is design construction and service are the pillars of the Michael Homes Inc a name which has become synonymous as outstanding quality Edmonton home builders.have designed and built custom single and multifamily homes through out Edmonton and all its surrounding regions.Call 780-490-5608 or 780-919-4994 and ask about all the special building green extras at no extra cost to you.

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