Cumberland, Subd. D – Six Mile Road Homes For Sale – Cumberland, Subd. D – Six Mile Road Real Estate Foreclosures

August 09, 2010

Follows Ben (Duane Jones), Barbra (Judith O’Dea), and five others, who are trapped in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania and attempt to survive the night while the house is being attacked by mysteriously reanimated ghouls, otherwise known as zombies.

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  1. Movie1199Watcher Says:

    @gizmothechamp Yes, but NASA is sending their shuttle to the International Space Station. Not Venus as was stated in the film

  2. CriticsConfession Says:

    Only thing I could ever think this whole time watching this movie is that Barbara is a fucking dumb cunt.

  3. gizmothechamp Says:

    Hold up, the zombies started from radiation because of a probe launched by NASA, and NASA just launched their last shuttle O___O

  4. gizmothechamp Says:

    The thing I hate about the ads in this vid was that i actually wanted to see what they were about

  5. bingggbonggg17 Says:

    wheres the fucking mystery box when you need it!

  6. V0Video Says:

    Does Barbara die

  7. RMac777 Says:

    Bet thats the first time a black guy in the 60’s was happy to hear the sound of police dogs. XD

  8. xXi3PiKZziXx Says:

    31:20 she got sparked in the face!

  9. xXi3PiKZziXx Says:

    call of duty did everything right in making zombies mode from this movie. Especially with George A. Romero in it

  10. digy45 Says:

    is it just my computer or are judy’s eyes like brown when everything else is black and white?

  11. digy45 Says:

    @MrGammaJack I agree

  12. METALis4ME96 Says:

    Why da black guy gatta get shot. Lol I know it wasn’t written to be racist. But I thought he was Gunna live.

  13. nmoravec1 Says:

    This is the best quality that I’ve ever seen this film. Remember having a grainy VHS copy in the ’90s. Movie was great, but picture quality was very poor.

  14. Utoobepooper Says:

    I can’t believe this is on YouTube! This is awesome!

  15. nmoravec1 Says:

    @goddesscaryn Ben’s character was not originally written for a black man. Romero cast Duane Jones because he was the best actor at auditions to play Ben. Race was nothing about it. His character was going to die in the script at the end anyway no matter who was cast. Get the facts before you draw a conclusion…

  16. nmoravec1 Says:

    @FetaCheese222 I know that. It’s a public domain film so there are going to be many companies that will put out an edition probably. Waiting for an official American release by a good company.

  17. FetaCheese222 Says:

    @nmoravec1 It’s already been released on Blu-Ray in different regions by different companies.

  18. FantasticFlicks Says:

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  19. goddesscaryn Says:

    Racist ending

  20. RaulDonovann Says:


  21. MrPivotRg Says:

    If you notice when Ben bends down and looks at a zombie he killed in the woods a hand was waving telling him to get away from the body XD

  22. macattack923 Says:

    I can’t beileve I actually watched the whole thing!!! But george a. Ramero created zombies. He started it all. He directed this!!!

  23. nmoravec1 Says:

    This movie is one of my all-time favorite horror films. I hope they release a blu-ray for it soon. It’d be a first day purchase for me.

  24. TheHayden13579 Says:

    only way to kill a zombie is to shoot its brains out not fire as some of u say

  25. MrSleepyweezul Says:

    That first zombie reminds me of a pissed-off drunk version of Christopher Lloyd!

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