The Importance Of Negotiating Skills For Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Sales Training

31 October, 2010

Negotiating skills for real estate agents are an integral aspect of a successful career. While most real estate professionals possess an inherit ability to express themselves during deal negotiations, educational and training courses are encouraged. Achieving not only closure of a real estate deal, but garnering the best price and commission are the mark of a successful actual estate agent.

Strong negotiating tactics, along with effective communication techniques are crucial skills for real estate professionals. Getting a buyer and seller to effect a contract is only share of the battle. No commission is earned until the ink dries on all documents placed upon the closing table.

The negotiating actually begins when the first contact with a potential client occurs. Selling yourself as an agent, the brokerage, and services provided for listed properties is the first step in earning a commission. Negotiating with a potential seller or buyer can be conducted on the phone, via email, or in person.

Confidence and an outgoing personality bolster the way an agent’s knowledge and experience come across to clients. Body language and public speaking courses are often a part of an agent’s continuing education training. Technology courses and special “E-Pro” licensure designation are growing trends in real estate education. Clients should expect their agent to be able to market their property to the fullest extent possible, in multiple venues, including virtual tours online, and with media buys for real estate related television spots.

Competition is the name of the game in right estate. Thousands of agents across the country volley for the good to represent clients, and add another notch to their closure belts each day. Buyers and sellers benefit from the competitive environment, and the frenzy to offer the best array of services and promotion of the listed properties as possible. Potential clients should shop around for the best producing agent, or valid estate brokerage, and thoroughly interview each agent on their sales records, and level of experience.

Actual estate educational centers offer courses in negotiating skills and sales tactics for agents. While such courses are not a required aspect of the required continuing education curriculum, successful agents and brokers strive to hone their skills and earn higher commissions.

The art of the deal does not involve one particular formula, but the ability to read the client quickly, and choose the right words to comfort them during deal obstacles, and close the deal. Networking with lenders, title agencies, real estate appraisers, and insurance companies is also am important aspect of developing a streamlined system of services to offer a potential client, and close deals without a lot of red tape.

Are Real Estate Guru’s Worth The Money – Russ Whitney

31 October, 2010

I was talking to a friend a while help about Real Estate investing. My friend and I talk about the subject of business quite a bit. We talk about success, the companies and the people that have become successful in business. When the subject of Real Estate investing came up, it lit a spark in my mind, a reminder of my first exact experience in the field of Accurate Estate investing.

A few years ago, around 1998, I was up unhurried at night and came across an infomercial on how to obtain rich in Real Estate. The infomercial said that a fellow named Russ Whitney was giving a free seminar that weekend in the next town over, Tacoma Washington. I had read a few books on Genuine Estate investing over the years and found the subject curious, but not to terribly exciting. I asked my wife if she was interested in attending, she was, so we went to Russ Whitney’s real estate seminar that weekend.

The seminar was the first I had ever attended that had so many people in attendance. It was like what I would expect of an Amway convention with the amount of people it attracted and the excitement of the crowd. Now that I mediate about it, it was like an weak fashioned revival, only with the music being played on CD’s instead of live singers. Instead of preaching about an almighty God, they preached about the almighty dollar and how to get as worthy of the almighty dollar as you could by investing in Real Estate.

The seminar was somewhat informative, but they (Russ Whitney was not there, his disciples were) let you know that the real “meat and potatoes” could only be had by purchasing their tapes, books or attending live boot camp style classes. I absorb the cost of a one week class was $1,500 and they “guaranteed” that you would come away with some very lucrative information if you attended these classes. While driving home I asked my wife what she thought of the seminar and she blurted “We need to go to the week long class and buy the tapes!” I’ll have to tell you I was shocked. I had bought one of his books. But personally, I figured, what could they possibly tell me that I either did not already know or was not in the book?

So, we attended the seminar. Mind you I entered the situation with skepticism, but the classes turned out to be ravishing informative. We had five days, forty hours of training on how to become a real estate investor and on how to improve and salvage credit. At the end of the five days, fully satisfied that I had made my wife gay by attending, I went assist to my normal life. My wife in the mean time kept watching for good deals in real estate. We were renting a really nice ranch style house at the time and had previously owned a house in Colorado and had a few credit problems.

After looking at a few homes and not finding any really good deals I lost interest altogether. One day, a few months later, the wife found a home she thought we should go search for at. It seemed to meet the criteria of a good investment, so we made an offer. Long legend short, we used Russ Whitney’s techniques, purchased our home and got a really great deal. The wife and I eventually divorced, I moved to Ohio and remarried. Since part of the terms I negotiated was a!0 year sign, the ex wife has now paid off her home and is now secure in shiny that she no longer has that debt to worry about. Also the house has doubled in value since we purchased it so it was really a good investment.

Neither of us has since become house flippers or bought rental property, but I would say the investment in Russ Whitney’s course paid off. There are a lot of Actual Estate gurus advertising on the Internet and TV these days. Are they all worth the money they charge? I don’t know. I have a remodeling and construction business. A few years ago I was talking to a client that invests in Trusty Estate and rents it out. She told me that whenever a new “Real Estate Guru” comes along she will buy their material and check it out. Most of the time it is the same old thing, just packaged a little differently. Every once in a while a Real Estate program will have a new idea or some really good information that will make the money and time spent worth wile.