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09 March, 2011

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09 March, 2011

Lise de la Salle NEW ALBUM. To be released in August, 2010. Lise de la Salle plays Chopin, Piano Concerto 2 opus 21, and the four ballades. – Concerto 2 opus 21, Live Recording, Maestro Fabio Luisi conducts the Staatskapelle Dresden. – 4 ballades, MDR Studio Recording in Leipzig, Germany. New video produced by APTLY MEDIAS – Paris and directed by Jean-Philippe Perrot for naive classique records label. © 2010 naive

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07 March, 2011

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Repairs and Emergencies

If you experience an emergency related to your electricity service or a power outage, call the number printed on your electric bill for repairs and emergencies. The local TDSP will repair your service or restore your power, just as they will your neighbors’ service, regardless of your Retail Electric Provider. There is no special treatment or priority in service restoration for customers of any particular Retail Electric Provider.

Electric Assistance Programs

There are several types of assistance programs for electric customers who are low-income, elderly, disabled, or victims of family violence.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

In 2005, the Texas Legislature passed a “Renewable Portfolio Standard” that requires electric utilities and Retail Electric Providers (REPs) to generate and sell specific target levels of renewable power over time, with a target of 10,000 MW in renewable energy capacity by 2025. With each megawatt hour of renewable power generated, a “renewable energy credit” (REC) is produced. Utilities and retailers are required to meet certain renewable generation targets and they can meet those targets by generating renewable power or by purchasing RECs, which are openly bought and sold in the environmental commodities market. Additionally, businesses and individuals may voluntarily purchase RECs to offset their carbon footprints and to support the development of clean energy sources.

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17 February, 2011

No state in the Midwest holds as much natural riches as Michigan, richly deserving its title as the “Maine of the Midwest.” Midwest camping is plenty at Michigan campgrounds and Michigan RV camping resorts. The state’s western reaches follow the shoreline of Lake Michigan and offer a dynamic drive along the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. The drive begins just north of Muskegon and heads north into the Muskegon State Park. This 1,160-acre park hosts miles of hiking trails and wonderful views as sand beaches and dunes tumble into Lake Michigan.

Head north and one finds nearly 1,000,000 acres of pristine forest at the Huron-Manistee National Forest. Of course, there’s more than just miles of wilderness. Also found here are the Muskegon, Manistee and Pere Marquette rivers, much to the appreciation of canoeists and anglers. Within the National Forest also lies the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area. Set along the Lake Michigan shoreline, this area offers more than 3,000 acres in a primitive setting complete with lakes, bogs, and sand dunes.


Those in search of more fantastic dunes should head north on the scenic drive to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. This park trails the lakeshore for 35 miles and displays dramatic sand structures that meld into the lake.

As you head into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, be prepared for some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty anywhere between America’s two coasts. Starting at the scenic town of St. Ignace you’ll head into the Hiawatha National Forest, an enormous park that is broken into two parts, which bookend the Upper Peninsula. North of the park, along the chilly waters of Lake Superior, visit Whitefish Point Bird Observatory to catch glimpses of the loons and other birds who frequent the area. While you’re at it, be sure to visit the Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery, which stocks the area’s lake trout population.

Head west along the Upper Peninsula’s northern shoreline and you’ll soon cross the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and some of the best scenery in the Great Lakes region in the form of limestone cliffs towering over Superior’s shoreline.

Although winter weather in Michigan can be brutal, the winter sports abound and some Michigan campgrounds and Michigan RV camping resorts are actually open year round. Call ahead to be sure!

Article Courtesy of Woodall’s Campground Directory where you can find Michigan campgrounds and Michigan RV camping resorts at your fingertips. Browse Michigan Campgrounds

Woodall’s Campground Directory is the largest and most detailed North American Campground Directory available, with nearly 15,000 campgrounds included. Woodall’s rates and inspects privately owned campgrounds with its trusted 5W-5W rating system. Find out more about Woodall’s at Woodall’s… We’re everywhere RVers go. Well the busses were some how canceled because the roads were icy or something so me Mack and Steven decided to take out the Citations. This is one leg of our vintage ride we thought of documenting and tward the end me and Steven unexpectedly flip

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09 February, 2011

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09 February, 2011

Traveling is a blessing for many people and one that you probably enjoy doing as well. When you are making your plans though you will want to know why you need to visit the town of Leamington Spa – Warwickshire. This charming little town might not be high on your list of places to see, but here is why it should be on the list for you to see.

The town is old and with an old town comes quite a bit of history that you can find. Since you might be a history buff you could easily imagine all the action that the town has seen. Some of that could include seeing the Romans marching across here, or many of the other things that the town has seen over the year even including a royal visit.

Many people enjoy eating food and when you are on a trip you know that you enjoy eating even more than what you would at home. By traveling here you are going to find many high quality eateries are present to allow you to get a wide sample of food that you might have never been exposed to before.


The attractions in the region though are going to be the main reason that people are going to be coming here. One of the most famous attractions was visited by Queen Victoria and that would be the Royal Pump rooms and baths. Many people used to travel here to soothe there pains. However, now this is going to serve as a great cultural museum for you to visit so you can learn more about the area.

While you are in the area you will want to visit the gardens and parks which are close by. Going here will allow you to have a relaxing walk away from all the hustle and bustle that surrounds you normally.

Boat rentals is going to be a popular stop as well. If you decide that the parks are to crowded for you then you might want to get away from it all and paddle around in some of the available boats. They will allow you to relax while enjoying the soothing sound of water lapping against the boats.

If you are going on a trip you might not even think about the wonderful town of Leamington Spa – Warwickshire. However, you will find that many things are present for you to do and learn from. The cultural museum is going to be a great time for you to learn about the history and then you could walk around the town and understand more about the importance that this town holds.

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05 February, 2011

Essex is a place with so much to offer. It is a town rich in history and culture and, both residents and tourists never get enough of it. It is situated in East Anglia close to the capital city, London. Singles in Essex get up to doing so much. This is because there are so many attractions and activities to engage in. Singles who love the outdoors meet many people through activities like walking, cycling and horse riding. Those who love history will; find the entire archeological splendor to marvel at. Historical sites are in plenty and singles get out and about in such places.

Social groups and events bring singles here together and many relationships have been established this way. If you are a single in Essex, you need to take advantage of the amazing resources and, you will not be lonely again. If you love going to the park, Essex has 9 very attractive country parks. If you like exploring, there are villages that will have you wide mouthed all the way. This is a great way to get together with friends.

The Norman castle and museums will have you learn more about early settlement of refugees in the 16th century. Other attractions include the sparkling golden beaches, famous shopping malls, tree lined avenues, and the list goes on. Churches will play matchmaker to lonely hearts in Essex. They organize great social events for their singles to interact. One of the most popular churches in Essex is the beautiful church of St Mary. Away from attractions for singles in Essex, the lonely meet in other ways. Online dating is very popular with singles in Essex.

It provides a great forum for people with similar interests to come together. You will have a variety of services to choose from when it comes to online dating services. The most popular site with singles in Essex is, Essex cupid. It is for men and women who are looking for a date in Essex. The free to join service features over 35,000 personals and dating ads of singles from your local area. The popular demand for the service has led it to expand to cater for the needs of singles beyond this area.

When you register for free, you will get the opportunity to browse through the thousands of profiles and, you are not only sure to find a good match but, you will have so much fun in the process. Get registering today. If you want to join other services to provide you with a match in Essex simply search the Internet and, you will find what you need. There are also off line dating agencies for singles in Essex. The agencies organized speed dating, dinner dates, activities and many other social engagements to get singles to make a connection. If you do not think you can keep up with the speed, speed dating is certainly not for you. But, if you feel you can handle the adventure, try it and see how it goes. With all these methods of finding a date in Essex, you can never be sure where your soul mate is going to come from. Therefore, be open to many options and, you will not regret it.

Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest ProjectSingles in Essex Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Singles in Essex

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05 February, 2011


Many consider Pele to be the greatest player of all time and though many do not agree with this opinion, they will at least acknowledge that he was one of the greatest. These people believing that there were those who were equally as good. This while others might simply say that there were those who were better such as perhaps Garrincha, Maradona, Zico, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Cruyff or perhaps even Messi. Pele however not content with being considered by basically everybody (myself included) to have been one of the greatest of all time, the other day on CNN started bragging about his accomplishments; in a way that even made Mohamed Ali seem modest.


Pele declaring that his record could not be compared to anybody not only in football but in any other sport. Pele claiming this not because of the logic that how could one compare his achievements to those of for instance Jordan in basketball or Phelps in Swimming or Bolton in athletics but because his were simply so great that there was no comparison. Pele citing his 3 world cup wins and his 1281 goals in 1363 games.


Pele being most arrogant about saying he was better than both Messi and Ronaldo perhaps to get attention. After all, lets be honest, once an athlete retires he is no longer the center of attention. He maybe have the camera on him for a couple of seconds in a match while there is a break but the cheering; he for the most part will not get. As for the limelight outside of sports, well this will not be his either unless he is accused of killing his ex-wife and a friend of hers. This as was the case with an America football player of another kind.


Pele’s boasting however did get Pele some attention but not of the kind I imagine he wanted. Pele repeated that he had won three world cups which most people accepted yet perhaps were unaware of the fact that in one of those world cups; he only played in his teams first two games. This putting in to question perhaps for the first time if he could really call himself a three time world champion. Of course some also mentioned that he was on really great teams which were packed with brilliant players such as Garrincha, Vava, Zagalo, Jairzinho, Didi, Carlos Alberto, Nilton Santos, Tostao, Gerson which might have even won without him like they basically did in 62.



Pele mentioned his 12 world cup goals which prompted some people to reply that that was in a time when more goals were scored in a slower game with defenders not being so good and when teams set up 5 forwards and that his 12 goals did come in 14 matches. This in contrast to Fontaine whose 13 came in 6 matches while Germany’s Muller scored 14 in 13 matches and Ronaldo scored 15.


As for Pele’s 1281 goals in 1363 games well, it was but a matter of time before he mentioned this. Pele perhaps feeling the need to claim it at least once for every goal yet even this drew scrutiny from those like myself who wanted to dive deeper in to this number. Of course, some claiming that he scored so many goals because he played in a very open system of football with very little defense and on a team which practically played in its entirety to provide him with passes. Some not forgetting to ask how many had been off penalty kicks while another point to this being that Romario had also gone over the 1000 goal mark yet perhaps the one that really surprised people was the following.


This being that a lot of these goals perhaps as many 300 or more were scored while Pele was in the military playing for his division or whatever unit he was placed in. This meaning that these goals were not even scored against professional teams. This putting some series doubts as to how many goals he actually scored in the Brazilian league which he played in for most of his career apart from the 3 years he spent in the United States. The United States having one of the worst leagues at the time which was not even what it is today.


I, for my part really feel that Pele should simply have left well enough alone as he was seen as one of the greatest and now perhaps that might even be doubted. As at Pele’s own insistence some are starting to look closer at the statistics and numbers and at him as a player and starting to see for themselves that statistics can mislead people. Of course when his career starts going under the microscope even further some will see that he once broke a German player’s leg. Pele also getting a red card for hitting an Argentine player with his head in an even more brutal manner than Zidane did Matterazzi in 2006.


Some will undoubtedly point out to how Pele was only elected South American player of year twice which is even one less then Chile’s Figueroa who played in the same years he did. Of course, in this it will also come out that his team Santos only won the Copa Libertadores on two occasions in all the years he played for them and that he also never won the Copa America with Brazil.


I have already even seen some following Pele’s exploits outside of football which show clear traits of envy, pettiness and nastiness such as the time he sent a letter to Flamengo telling them not to take Zico. Pele claiming Zico had no discipline though his opinion had not even been asked and Pele did not even know Zico in person or at least not at the time. I, in all this can imagine that other such signs of malice on Pele’s part are bound to come out when certain people start proving in to his past.


All of which leads me to my conclusion that Pele really should have kept his mouth shut about being the greatest of all time in not only football but in all sports. It being a case that once one does so, those about will start seeing if such is really the case and even start calling in to question many things. This being what many are doing with Pele. As they are looking past his boasting and his “3 world cup wins” and his “1281 goals in 1363 games” which he did score in a 20 year career which was pretty much injury free. I however do not think anybody would have questioned these achievements if he had just been able to keep his big mouth shut. This more so because Pele went beyond just blowing his own horn and in to insulting other players.

My name is Gianni Truvianni, author of many an article to be found on the internet along with the book “New York’s Opera Society”. My works also include the books “What Should Not Matter”, “Love Your Sister” and several others which still remain unpublished though I am presently looking to change this.