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26 January, 2011

I have been following the work of Frank Chester for more than 3 years now and I come to understand the heart more and more through his work; and the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. This understanding comes at a time when it is sadly needed, because if the heart is a sense organ – tasting – sensing through minutely stopping the flow of the blood, tasting what is going on in the whole human being – sensing what this human being is experiencing every minute of the day, then we may not have as much heart DIS-EASE. The sense impressions that especially children and also adults have to experience every day are certainly different than they were – lets say – 150 years ago. So how do we care for the heart – I say – first of all by understanding that it is a sense organ and not a pump. Human Beings are not robots or machines and when I call a child a “kid” it may already hurt the heart.
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Chester – New Russell Foreclosures

Chester – Upper Blandford Homes For Sale – Chester – Upper Blandford Real Estate Foreclosures

10 January, 2011

Unique small development on the south shore of the Nova Scotia. There will be 30 units maximum and they are stnd

Chester – Bayswater Homes For Sale – Chester – Bayswater Real Estate Foreclosures

08 January, 2011

During our oceanside drive in the Hubbards area coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. We stop by Bayswater Beach. This is the same beach by the spot in the ocean where Swiss Air Flight 111 crashed in the Fall of 1998. I remember that night all too well.
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Chester – East Chester Homes For Sale – Chester – East Chester Real Estate Foreclosures

01 December, 2010

east chester singing away
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Chester – Shaw Island Homes For Sale – Chester – Shaw Island Real Estate Foreclosures

09 November, 2010

The grudge match is afoot as two of our finest Gentlemen meet head on.
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Chester – Blandford Homes For Sale – Chester – Blandford Real Estate Foreclosures

26 October, 2010

Price 9000 Southweast facing historic home and dock. Call Pat Parker 902 275 8112

Lunenburg Homes For Sale – Lunenburg Real Estate Foreclosures

20 October, 2010

On Friday 21st September 2007, we went on a trip on the Bluenose 2. It left from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. This footage is shot from the Bluenose 2, looking back at Lunenburg. Isn’t Lunenburg pretty? In 1995 the town was designated a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. More about Lunenburg: Music: artist: Manu Cornet album: Distance & Temps track: Place d’Italie Used with permission from Artist at Jamendo: Album at Jamendo: Artist site:
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Chester – Blandford Homes For Sale – Chester – Blandford Real Estate Foreclosures

19 October, 2010

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Chester – Blandford Foreclosures

Chester – Deep Cove Homes For Sale – Chester – Deep Cove Real Estate Foreclosures

16 October, 2010

A guided tour of a beautiful home by realtor, Patricia Parker. The Anchorage is an established condominium project on Nova Scotia’s famed Southern shore. Visit for more information. Contact Pat Parker at 902 275 8112 or at Thanks for viewing.
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Chester – Deep Cove Foreclosures

Chester – Sherwood Homes For Sale – Chester – Sherwood Real Estate Foreclosures

12 October, 2010

4 beds 2 baths Diane King Alliance