Edmundston-Est Homes For Sale – Edmundston-Est Real Estate Foreclosures

14 July, 2010

(Part 1/2) In this beautiful journé Saturday 19 June 2010 to 11: 45 CN(Canadien_National) 121 is a train are passage has Edmundston.NB the entered the yard at mile 219.20 on the SUBDIVISION: Napadogan.NB. The train 121 NC has an average speed are passage. Train 121 NC was Moncton.NB, Halifax.NS, provenence in direction to Joffre (Charny) .Qc, Coteau.Qc, Montréal.Qc and Toronto.ON. Train 121 NC consisted of 3 locomotives CN and 167 (TTX) intermodal cars. (Dash9-44CWL ad) 2546 (EMD SD75i ad) 5673 (CN SD60F) 5510 Ensure take note that this video is divided into 2 parts to supplement the entire train because of 121 a CN train took over in 10 minutes has do are passage, then I had no choit to this video in 2 parts. Thank you very much!! The name of the next serat video (CN 121 at Edmundston.NB, 219.20 Napadogan.NB SUB. mile (part 2 / 2). ______________________________ (Part 1/2) En cette belle journé du Samedi le 19 Juin 2010 vers 11:45 le train du CN(Canadien National) 121 a fait sont passage a Edmundston.NB a l’entré du triage au mile 219.20 sur la SUBDIVISION: Napadogan.NB. Le train du CN 121 roulait a une vitesse moyenne a sont passage. Le train du CN 121 était en provenence de Halifax.NS, Moncton.NB, en direction vers Joffre(Charny).Qc, Coteau.Qc, Montréal.Qc et Toronto.ON. Le train du CN 121 comportait 3 locomotives du CN et 167 wagons intermodaux(TTX). (CN Dash9-44CWL) 2546 (CN EMD SD75i) 5673 (CN SD60F) 5510 Veiller prendre note que cette video est divisé en 2 parties

Edmundston-Est Homes For Sale – Edmundston-Est Real Estate Foreclosures

09 July, 2010

Danik – Jeep YJ Ride Extreme (Club Jeep de l’Est)

Boucher Homes For Sale – Boucher Real Estate Foreclosures

08 July, 2010

Director: Claude Chabrol, Cast: Stéphane Audran, Jean Yanne www.squidoo.com