Devarenne Homes For Sale – Devarenne Real Estate Foreclosures

26 July, 2010

France October 2006 Shot by Jen Watts and Andy Bilinski Edited by Inspire Creative Studios.
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Airport Homes For Sale – Airport Real Estate Foreclosures

20 July, 2010 The animated story of one man’s epic journey, created entirely from public domain symbols. In other words, an airport story told in the language of airport infographics.

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Benonie Homes For Sale – Benonie Real Estate Foreclosures

18 July, 2010

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Domaine du Ruisseau Homes For Sale – Domaine du Ruisseau Real Estate Foreclosures

16 July, 2010

st-paul-montminy,barrage hydro élect,forêt,rivière,ruisseau domaine maxxum100 sylvain trépanier 514-239-7520
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Chartersville Homes For Sale – Chartersville Real Estate Foreclosures

12 July, 2010

Codiac RCMP & Dieppe Fire responded to a 2 vehicle accident around 8:55pm at the corner of Amirault & Chartersville Road in Dieppe. A 24 year old woman was taken to hospital with a ankle injury. It was raining at the time of the accident. Womans car was driven in between the poles for power and traffic lights. 2 tow trucks were needed.

Benonie Homes For Sale – Benonie Real Estate Foreclosures

09 July, 2010

Romanian Music Folklore Ethno Pop Romanians Singers Song Muzica

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Bonaventure Homes For Sale – Bonaventure Real Estate Foreclosures

08 July, 2010

Extract from an Open University program shown on BBC2 in the early 90s. Ed Soja discusses the postmodern nature of the Bonaventure Hotel I have the full version on VHS still, when I have the time I will try capturing it to computer, and upload it to youtube. I do not own the copyright to this material, all credit to the Open University.