Alma Homes For Sale – Alma Real Estate Foreclosures

24 August, 2010

Escrito e dirigido por: Rodrigo Blaas- Produzido por: Cecile Hokes- Música: Mastretta- Diretor de Arte: Alfonso Blaas- Programador da Iluminação: Jonatan Catalán- Supervisor Técnico da Modelagem: Jaime Maestro – Design de Modelagem: Bolhem Bouchiba, Carlos Grangel, Sergio Pablos, Santi Agustí- Animação: Daniel Peixe, ManueBover, Remi Hueso- Efeitos Sonoros: Tom Myers e David Hughes- Coordenador de Pós Produção: David Heras- Agradecimentos especiais: Keytoon, Next Limit, UserT38- Todos os créditos:

Point Park Homes For Sale – Point Park Real Estate Foreclosures

22 August, 2010

Point Park University students extend a peaceful start to the G-20 Summit to be held in Pittsburgh in this flash mob dance.

East Coast Village Homes For Sale – East Coast Village Real Estate Foreclosures

12 August, 2010

East Coast Lagoon Food Village is one favourite haunt for local delights.Its location nearest to the seaside.Thus its layback and romantic natural ambience is additional factor of attractions aside from its many varieties of food sold here.The stalls are open from evening onwards till late nights.Weekends are often congested.
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West Riverview Homes For Sale – West Riverview Real Estate Foreclosures

10 August, 2010

Contact: Nick Shivers Phone: 15038105366 Email:
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Stephenville Homes For Sale – Stephenville Real Estate Foreclosures

04 August, 2010

UFO Stephenville Texas one hour of discussion on larry king this is the last part actually
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Point Park Homes For Sale – Point Park Real Estate Foreclosures

03 August, 2010

A montage of experiences at Point Park University as recorded by Justin DeWolf during his first semester. *An Unofficial Slipshod Produktions documentary.
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Point Park Real Estate

Stephenville Homes For Sale – Stephenville Real Estate Foreclosures

02 August, 2010

Jewel ~ Stephenville Tx ~ Music Video Jewel asked me for a video treatment for this song, she wanted something low key and cheap. So I came up with this. Basically flew out to her place in Texas and filmed her on her ranch for a day. She was a tad under the weather and we actually fought a bit regarding the “feeling” I was trying to get out of her. All in all it was a good shoot. She’s awesome to work with and very down to earth. The budget was 4k and I shot on my 16mm Arri and a K3 16mm…

Grenville Place Homes For Sale – Grenville Place Real Estate Foreclosures

31 July, 2010
Grenville Place
by lisby1

Water breaching the parapet wall at Grenville Place/Bachelor’s Quay, near the Mercy Hospital.
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\Grenville Place Foreclosures

East Riverview Homes For Sale – East Riverview Real Estate Foreclosures

30 July, 2010

New York East River view from Millennium Hotel Music: Bebel Gilberto “Ceu Distante” remixed by DJ Spinna
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Cross Creek Park Homes For Sale – Cross Creek Park Real Estate Foreclosures

28 July, 2010

Cross Creek County Park 35H, 36H and 39H Marcellus Shale drilling pad inside this Washington County Pennsylvania park. Some now call this public park and fishing lake “Cross Creek Industrial Park” due to all the industrial-grade drilling activities within the public park over the past several years, that included a spill and fish kill in May 2009.
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