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20 January, 2011 A Death, Folk and Black metal band from Sweden. This is a song from our upcoming album if you are intrested in a copy send a mail to

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29 December, 2010

M-Phazes performing at the AIR AWARDS 2010 Featuring: M-Phazes Illy Mantra Solo Muph Candice Monique – vocals Luke Hodgson – bass Ishan Cooper – guitar Leigh Fisher – drums D2 Drumline – percussion Dustin McLean – Keys

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05 December, 2010

This is a Mandolin duet from the rock CD “Little Queen” by the band Heart. It is the “intro” to Dream of the Archer. It is played in my living room. We are heartmongers, so lets rock! I put in some fun video effects (can you find the little hearts?)

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27 November, 2010

Boycott Misty Lake Lodge and North Gimli Estates

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19 November, 2010

We would like to introduce Audia Otto of the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Sales Office in Murrysville, PA. Please enjoy the video.
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24 October, 2010

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20 October, 2010

Another boring day in the small town of Gimli Manitoba takes an unusual turn into the unknown. An original film by Ian Johnson
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11 October, 2010

Footage from my visit to the Inwood Snake Den. The first part is real time and small portions of the clips are used. The time lapse shows the full clips, but are 10 times as fast. The music is arranged and recorded by me. If you look closely at the clip with the pile surrounded by grass, one snake yawns at the beginning, and another snake does something similar halfway through. Watch closely to find out!
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08 October, 2010

Bifröst performing their song “valhalla” at Freysitz Hallein, 18.4.07 for more infos check:

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04 October, 2010

Winner at Scene Meeting 2000 Code: Psycho, Blueberry Music: Booster Graphic: Bifrost, fasix 3D modelling: Laika Arla is a small, but fast paced demo, done in an attemp to do Polka Brothers anno 2000 style. All routines are running very fast and smooth (1 or 2 frames) on an 060, for which the demo is heavily optimized – don’t expect miracles on an 030…
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