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31 October, 2010

The 2008 presidential election is drawing nearer which means that many voters who have yet to find that perfect candidate to vote for is running out of time. With so many people running for president it is hard to beget that big decision, who will they vote for? The following is a summarized version of information about each democratic presidential candidate that might make that decision a little bit easier.


Born: November 20, 1942 Scranton, Pennsylvania

Religion: Irish Catholic

Education: J.D. at Syracuse University COllege of Law 1968, B.A. at the UNiversity of Deleware 1965

Marital Status: Married- Jill Jacobs Biden

Children: Joseph “Beau” Biden III, Naomi (deceased), Ashley

Professional Occupations: Adjunct Professor at Widener University School of Law 1991-present, Private Practice Attorney 1968-1972.

Political Offices Held: US Senator for the position of Delaware 1972-present, New Castle County (Delaware) Council 1970-1972



Biden proposes a partial removal with most troops brought home by summer of 2008 with a residual force left in Iraq to help maintain honesty between the Iraqis and their neighbors.


Joe Biden believes that everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare. Biden ensures that if elected president he will eye to it that all children are medically covered. He also plans on getting “buy-ins” for adult insurance and other beneficial healthcare benefits.


Biden would like to extend the number of educational years for children to a 16-year experience along with smaller classrooms and more pay for the educators.


Biden wants to safeguard Social Security Benefits, protect pensions and shareholders rights, and create a $500 savings yarn for all children born after December 31st 2008.

Homeland Security

Biden has committed himself to finding a way to create a more secure America.


With oil prices rising to recount highs Biden will work to find a way to make a living in America more energy efficient by using more efficient fuel, green jobs, and creating a responsible policy towards Iran.


With the rise of crime in America comes the need of more law enforcement, better tools, and stricter import security measures. Biden is ready to see these things accomplished.

Climate Change

Biden urges for the use of green materials along with the US to get more involved in the climate problem.


Biden believes sending immediate heavy attend to Darfur and setting a deadline for Khartorum to accept the full United Nation Peace Keeping force and if declined enforce a No-Fly-Zone over Sudan plus other actions.

Fire Fighters

Biden feels especially strong about supporting the firefighters because of three occasions in his life and wants to increase befriend for the FIRE Act, increase SAFER grants, fire fighter safety, and the communications problems.

Fiscal Responsibility

Biden wishes to restore a fair and more responsible budget.

Foreign Relations

Biden wishes to rebuild America’s standing with the world.


Biden believes in the rights of occupational organization and defends overtime. He also wants to increase minimum wage, workplace safety, and retirement benefits.

Women’s Rights

Biden believes in equality in the workplace as well as in the home. He strongly feels the need to stop the violence against American women and supports letting women choose what to do with unwanted pregnancies.


Biden wants to end the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell rule and also wants stronger punishment for dislike crimes. He believes in equal work for equal pay and will strive to invent a discrimination free country.

Online Nation

Biden wants to increase the speed of high speed internet and make it more affordable for the lower income families.

Veterans Rights

Biden wants to improve healthcare for veterans, reform the handling of disability claims, and make a way to make job and education placements easier for veterans.

Website: www.joebiden.com


Born: October 26, 1947 Park Ridge, Illinois

Religion: Methodist

Education: J.D. Yale Law School 1973, B.A. Wellesley College 1969

Marital Status: Married- Bill Clinton

Children: Chlesea

Professional Occupations: Attorney at Rose Law Firm from 1976 to 1992, member of Faculty at the University of Arkansas Law School in 1975, counsel in the House of Judiciary Committee in 1974, and Co-Founder of the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

Political Offices Held: US Senator New York 2001-Present, First Lady of United States 1993-2001, First Lady of Arkansas 1979-1981 & 1983-1993


Strengthening Middle Class

Hillary’s goal to strengthen middle class is to invent healthcare more affordable, reduce cost of energy, make access to high-quality child care easier, and make higher education more affordable. Also she plans to find a arrangement to avoid foreclosures along with gaining protection from predatory lenders. Another way to help the middle class is to raise minimum wage, beget better jobs with better pay, balance the federal budget, and provide a greater retirement security.

Affordable Healthcare

Hillary has three terms that sum up what she plans for healthcare’s future; affordable, available, and reliable.

Ending War in Iraq

The Iraq War is a hot topic for all presidential candidates and Hillary’s views on the topic is to bring the troops home immediately after she becomes president all the while securing stability within the Iraqi Government.

Fighting Global Warming

Global Warming is a concern for all Americans and it is time for an efficient system to help fight against it. Hillary has an extensive concept to reduce electric consumption and make America more energy efficient.

Supporting Veterans

Hillary plans to enact the GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century and create a more affordable and better quality healthcare system for the veterans. She will ensure that all veterans receive the full benefits they deserve and expand the Helmets to Hardhats Program that places veterans in employment. She will give them additional opportunities to serve and reduce homelessness for the veterans.

Restoring America’s Standing in the World

Hillary plans to restore America’s standing in the world.

Women’s Rights

One word sums up what she will do for the women; equality.

Government Reform

Hillary plans to restore America’s confidence in the US Government.

Strengthening Democracy

Hillary plans to create a paper trail for all votes, make Election Day a national holiday, create a same day registration, minimize long lines at the polls, find unprejudiced officials to administer elections, and allow the D.A. to prosecute against anyone distributing false information to the public.


Hillary plans to secure the borders and ensure that employers are following the laws against hiring undocumented workers.

Website: www.hillaryclinton.com


Born: May 27, 1944 Willimantic, Connecticut

Religion: Catholic

Education: B.A. in English Literature at Providence College 1966, J.D. at University of Louisville 1972

Marital Status: Married- Jackie Dodd

Children: Grace, Christina

Professional Occupations: US Army 1969-1975, Attorney in Unique London Connecticut 1972-1974, Peace Corps Volunteer Dominican Republic 1966-1968

Political Offices Held: US Senator in Connecticut 1981-Present, US Representative Connecticut 1975-1981



Bringing home troops in a timely safe manner is what Dodd will strive to achieve if elected president. He plans on bringing them home starting within 120 days of taking office and using all the funding available to make it a safe journey home. He wants all troops home by April 30th 2008. He also plans direct negotiations with the Middle Eastern Countries and convene a regional summit.

Restoring Constitution

Dodd introduced the Restoring the Constitution Act which would bring the US back on track by restoring the Habeas Corpus.


Dodd has a plan that would make America a leader on climate change and help to bring energy costs down for everyone. With his Corporate Carbon Tax it will help make a better fuel efficient economy for everyone.

National Service

Dodd believes that when serving the country people feel a better sense of community which will help to make it through the challenges that the US is facing in this new century.


Dodd believes that we need to give our children the best education now because they are our future and there will be hard challenges facing them later on in life and we need them to have the opportunity to grow their minds from Pre-K to College.


An affordable quality healthcare coverage for people of all walks of life.

Veterans’ Rights

As a person who has served in the National Guard and Army Reserve Dodd realizes the need for better support and care for our veterans is a top priority and if elected will see that the system will be overhauled to better meet the needs of the veterans.

Senior Citizens

Dodd realizes the importance of a fetch retirement with quality healthcare, come by pensions, and a strong social security which he will strive to achieve once he becomes President.

Labor and Economics

Dodd wants to bring the workers and their employers together which will work to benefit all the parties involved.

Revitalizing Rural America

Dodd will work hard to see that rural families are helped in overcoming challenges they face in rural life because he knows that America’s best hope lies in rural America.

Supporting First Responders

Dodd knows the importance of the feeling safe and secure and his plans to help support the First Responders will give them better tools to complete their jobs, better recruitment, and better preparedness.

Website: www.chrisdodd.com


Born: June 10, 1953 Seneca, South Carolina

Religion: Methodist

Education: B.A. at North Carolina Area University 1974, J.D. with Honors at University of North Carolina

Marital Status: Married-Elizabeth

Children: Catherine, Emma Claire, Jack, Wade

Professional Occupations: Director at the Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina School of Law from 2004-2006, Partner at Edwards and Kirby 1993-1998, Partner at Tharrington Smith & Hargrove 1984-1992, Associate at Tharrington Smith & Hargrove 1981-1983, Associate at Dearborn & Ewing 1978-1981, Law Clerk at the office of Mediate Franklin T. Dupree Jr. of the US District Court for the Eastern District 1977-1978

Political Offices Held: US Senator from North Carolina 1998-2005


Edwards believes in quality preschool programs for all children, better pay for the educators, and a top quality school system for all schools.



Edwards plans for the families without insurance to pay less on their medical bills and the families that do have insurance to pay less and fetch more choices along with employers paying less to insure their workers with quality insurance.

Ending Poverty

Edwards plans to end poverty by 2036 by creating a working society, raising minimum wage, and protecting people from abusive financial products.

Rural America

Edwards believes by increasing a new energy economy with wind farms and other natural energy stations it will help farmers execute a new form of farming and raise profits. He also plans on creating fairness for farmers and find a way to bridge the gap where broadband does not reach.

Tax Reform

Edwards has a plan for a “get ahead” tax credit for families that make over $75,000 a year, a triple earned income for single people, and a thought to cut the marriage penalty.

Restoring Democracy

Edwards plans to strengthen the yelp of everyday citizens to help bring help the confidence that has been diminishing in today’s society.

Food Safety

Edwards plans to have country of origins information on all imported foods and to step up the inspection of food imported into the states.

Ending War in Iraq

Edwards plans for an immediate withdrawal of 40,000 to 50,000 troops while at the same time train Iraqi security forces to better stabilize their country.

Homeland Security

Edwards plan is to protect the first responders with better equipment and health benefits. He also wants to tighten the border security and protect vulnerable targets such as US landmarks.


Edwards plans to reduce pollution by making America more energy efficient.

Support for Veterans

Edwards believes all veterans should have quality healthcare and the means to be educated and be placed in a good job.

LGBT Rights

Edwards believes in equal rights for everyone and that it should not exclude same sex marriages.

Women’s Rights

Edwards believes that equal rights go for equal pay for women workers and will fight for the equal rights of everybody.

Senior Citizen Rights

Edwards plans to protect the seniors by protecting their pensions, improve nursing homes, and giving better healthcare.

Website: www.johnedwards.com


Born: May 13, 1930 Springfield, Massachusetts

Religion: Catholic

Education: B.S. in Economics at Columbia University, 4 Honorary Degrees in Law and Public Affairs

Marital Status: Married- Whitney Stewart Gravel

Children: Martin, Lynn

Professional Occupations: Founder of the Democracy Foundation 2001, Real Estate Developer in Alaska throughout the 80s, US Army 1951-1954

Political Offices Held: US Senator Alaska House of Representatives 1965-1966, Alaska State Representative 1963-1966


The National Initiative

The National Initiative will be used to give us “citizens the power to put measures on national ballots.”

Ending the War in Iraq

Gravel has a plan that would have all US troops withdrawn from Iraq in as little as 120 days.

Iran and Syria

Gravel believes a more diplomatic touch is needed for the situation with Iran and Syria.

Global Warming

Gravel wants to reduce carbon emissions by taxing at the source and to work to end the dependency of oil in the world.

Fair Tax

Gravel plans for a Progressive Fair Tax which would eliminate the IRS and income tax and replace it with a national sales tax and to compensate for taxes on necessities there would be a monthly rebate check for all citizens.


Gravel plans for a universal healthcare for everyone that would be paid for by a portion of his proposed retail sales tax.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Gravel believes that a woman should have the right to make the difficult decision to have an abortion.


Gravel supports protecting our borders and advocates a guest worker program to help illegal immigrants already here to become upright citizens.

LGBT Rights

Gravel supports equal rights and believes that same sex marriages should be allowed.

Social Security

Gravel wants to put real money instead of borrowed money into the Social Security Trust Fund.


Gravel wants to stare a re-ordering of the national budget to provide more money to the education of our young.

Veterans Rights

Gravel will see veterans receive their pudgy funding for their notable issues such as post traumatic stress disorder.


Simply assign Gravel plans to start treating addiction as a public health problem.

Net Neutrality

Gravel is in support of a free and open internet with unlimited use to all sites.

Website: www.gravel2008.us/


Born: October 8, 1946 Cleveland, Ohio

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: Bachelors of Arts and a Masters in Speech Communications at Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio 1974

Martial Status: Married- Elizabeth Harper Kucinich

Children: No

Professional Occupations: Consultant for the Publicly Owned Electric Systems 1979-Present, President of the Marketing and Communications Firm 1985-1995, Teacher of Communications and Political Science at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University 1991-1994, Professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University 1982-1992, Communications Entrepreneur for Software and Public Relations 1982-1992

Political Offices Held: US Representative of Ohio 1997-Present, Ohio State Senator 1994-1996, Mayor of Cleveland 1977-1979, Cleveland City Council 1970-1975 and 1981-1982, Clerk of Courts of the Cleveland Municipal Court 1976-1977


Strength Through Peace

Kucinich believes that America will catch more strength in peace times. Instead of trying to “bully” the rest of the world around he wants to use America’s “unrivaled power” to lead.


Kucinich is the sole person running for president that has created a plan for a not-for-Profit healthcare system. He realizes that most reasons people are non-insured or underinsured is the fact that people just can’t afford it. He plans to fix that problem while in office.

Middle Class

Kucinich believes the best thing for the middle class families is affordable healthcare, better wages, better educational access, and retirement security.

Restoring Democracy

Kucinich realizes that corrupt campaign financing and problematic electronic voting have affected America’s confidence in the voting system he plans to build America’s trust in Democracy.


Kucinich will immediately save the US in the forefront in solving the problems of Global Warming and find ways to execute America more fuel efficient.

End Poverty

Kucinich understands the problems that evolve around people living in poverty and that if we catch away poverty other problems will soon follow in its footsteps.

Saving Capitalism

Kucinich plans to instill fairness in global trade and big business as well as instill ethics and accountability.



Born: August 4, 1961 Hawaii

Religion: Protestant

Education: Columbia University 1983, Harvard Law 1991

Martial Status: Married- Michelle

Children: Malia, Sasha

Professional Occupations: Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School 1993-2004, Attorney at Miner, Barnhill, & Galland 1993-2004

Political Offices Held: US Senator Illinios 2005-Present, Illinios State Senator 1997-2004


Strenthening America Overseas

Obama wants to take weapons out of the hands of the terrorists along with stopping nuclear threats and preventing an Avian Flu Pandemic.

Ending War in Iraq

Obama’s plan is to bring home one or two brigades each month and have all troops out of Iraq by the waste of 2008.


Obama plans to lower the cost of quality healthcare and strengthen public health as a whole.

Fighting Poverty

Obama believes that transition jobs are a step in the moral direction to help people earn skills they need to move up the career ladder. He wants to raise the minimum wage and help support the lower-income families.


Make America more energy efficient to help reduce pollution. He also plans to invest in a Digital Smart Grid to befriend bring our energy into the 21st Century.


Obama has a plan to slice carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 along with strengthening America’s oil and energy independence.

Technology and Innovation for a Novel Generation

Obama plans for an open internet that will benefit everybody.

Senior Citizens

Obama wants to protect our senior community by giving them retirement security, better healthcare, and help to prevent poverty.

Improving Schools

Obama wants to expand early childhood education, give larger salaries to the educators, and increase federal college befriend.

Homeland Security

Obama has plans to keep track of spent nuclear fuel, give better protection from radioactive releases, and secure our chemical plants.

Immigration and Border Issues

Obama plans to secure our borders, improve the immigration system, and honor our immigrant troops.

Veterans’ Rights

Obama wants to achieve a roof over the heads of every homeless veteran and ease the transition of new veterans into society after defending our country.

End Corruption in Washington

Obama plans to lead an begin government to help waste corruption to attend salvage the confidence of everyday US citizens.

Strengthening Community and Family

Obama wants to support low-income families, protect people from mortgage fraud, and help low-income workers move up the employment ladder.



Born: November 15, 1947 Pasadena, California

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: B.A. at Tufts University 1970, M.A. at Tuft’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Marital Status: Married- Barbara Falvin Richardson

Children: No

Professional Occupations: Richardson Trade Group 1978-1982

Political Offices Held: Governor of Unique Mexico 2003-Present, US Secretary of Energy 1998-2001, US Ambassador to the United Nations 1997-1998, US Representative of New Mexico 1983-1997, Staffer in the Senate of Foreign Relations Committee 1976-1978, Legislative Management Officer in the Congressional Relations for the State Department 1974-1976


Ending War In Iraq

Richardson plans a removal of all troops as quickly and safely as it can be done and plans a diplomatic surge in hopes of restoring diplomacy into today’s world.


Richardson has a belief that will cut oil demands by 50% by the year 2020 and encourage the manufacturing of the 100 mpg vehicle. He wants America to lead by example and restore America’s standings in the world without breaking the bank in America.


Covering every American with affordable quality healthcare is what Richardson plans when elected President. He has come up with a plan for advance refund as tax credit which is based on the person’s income. He also plans to eliminate high interest rates for medical expenses and give support to prevention and to living a healthier lifestyle.

Jobs and Economy

Richardson plans to restore discipline to the U.S. Government and invest more in Technology and Innovation to bring America more fully into the 21st century.

Civil Liberties

Richardson is all for expanding Equal Rights and better protection for the Native Americans. His notion is for every vote in an election to be counted and he believes that internet should be free and open.


Richardson plans to withdraw all troops, leaving none slow. He plans to reform the military and expand the number of Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operation community.


Richardson knows the value of a reliable education. He plans to provide access to quality pre-k programs for all children. He also realizes that the teachers play an indispensable role so therefore he plans to raise the salary for the educators.


Richardson’s notion is Restore Spruce Water Act a program that will back get water cleaner than it has been in a long time. He plans to enforce the Endangered Species Act and encourage the states with low recycling communities to help take better care of our world.

Support for First Responders

Among the many things that Richardson plans to do to help support the First Responders is establish a National Fire Fighters’ Survivors Fund for the families of fire fighters killed on duty.

Foreign Policies

The most necessary thing to do when the new president takes office is to restore the alliances with other nations. Richardson plans to encourage respect and appreciation for our country’s allies and strengthen efforts to encourage reduce greenhouse gas admissions.

Enforce Immigration

Richardson plans to secure our borders by hiring and training as many patrol guards as needed to patrol the entire border and will also create a reasonable path to help the people already here become legal citizens. His plan is to crack down on illegal workers by cracking down on the employers that hire them by creating a national ID system.

LGBT Rights

Richardson believes in equal rights for all people in the United States and will fight for them.

Women’s Rights

Richardson believes in equal rights in all ways including equal pay for women as well as giving women business owners their pretty piece in government grants and other funds.

Support for Our Veterans

Richardson plans to create a “Heroes Health Card” that is to be given to every veteran so that no matter where they go they will receive quality healthcare that they need. He also plans to offer tax cuts for veterans and take care of military families by offering a one year disability insurance for those who have to finish their jobs to take care of an injured soldier.


This is just a summarized list of issues and information about the Democratic Presidential Candidates for more information please make sure and check out each individuals’ website.