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08 September, 2010

Everyone interested in will no doubt consider the news which this article will reveal to be just plain astonishing. What if i told you that anyone who plays basketball can elevate their game to an impressive, professional level in a matter of a few short weeks, without any extra on-court practicing, drilling and training.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “yeah, right,” but hear me out – it is not just a vague possibility, it has succeeded in helping scores of young players from all across the us to improve their game skills by at least 30% in just a matter of few weeks. To really “make it,” you have to understand: turning into a basketball player that every coach will want on his team is a matter of acquiring the skills and techniques for quickly determining your next move(s) and the ability to determine the opposing team’s strategy for the game.

It may be the case that you were just curious about making the Kentwood girls basketball team, and possibly you have your own plans for basketball, but i want you to be aware of the fact that you will have the ability to increase your unrealized talents to a previously undreamed-of level – to know what the opposing team has planned and to figure out quickly and accurately what your next move should be. Top coaches and trainers from impressive teams all over the united states have used this incredible new training method which trains basketball players – individuals and even whole teams – to achieve a whole new level of play in a few short weeks.

Although perhaps you are simply looking for information about , realize that there is an amazing new system available to you which will allow you to take your game strategy and skills to unbelievable heights and make your basketball dreams start to come true, whether you’re hoping to be a better team player, a varsity stand-out, or even getting that college scholarship you always wanted. Sound too good to be true? You won’t know until you try it!

Want to improve your basketball skills by 30% in just few weeks?

Watch this SHOCKING Video!


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06 September, 2010

Sorry for the non-musical YouTube video, but I just had to upload this video of the biggest moment of my life so far! Here mom is filming while I am opening my letter from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London saying if I have gotten in at their BA in Musical Theatre course!
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02 September, 2010

Our family run Bed and Breakfast ( B&B ) near Carlisle, Wigton, Dalston and Thursby offers luxury Bed and Breakfast ( B&B ) accommodation within easy travelling distance of Keswick, the Northern Lakes, Gretna Green and the Scottish Borders including Hadrian’s Roman Wall. We hope you will decide to stay at Woodlea Bed and Breakfast for several nights, but, being just off the A595 near Carlisle our B&B is also ideally placed for an overnight stop en-route between England and Scotland. We are also close to the popular wedding venues of Dalston Hall (Dalston) and Greenhill Hotel (Wigton).
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31 August, 2010

Staying at the Grandview, Las Vegas can be fully enjoyed in comfort and class; amenities include spectacular simulated volcanic eruptions and pirate battle reenactments, spacious and luxurious suites, access to the world famous Strip including the neighboring South Point Casino and entertainment complex, and tropically inspired pool area and spa. These combined with the fact that the Grandview is one of the newest and largest hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada makes a stay at this facility a truly unique and exciting experience.

This hotel is billed as a vacation village resort and rests on almost thirty acres of prime property at the southern end of the world renowned Strip. Modeled after a tropical island resort and designed to resemble an exclusive island getaway, a first time visitor will be spell bounded by the lagoon-like atmosphere and the full sized functioning volcano. This volcano erupts several times a day in dramatic fashion. Adding to the earth shaking eruptions are reenactments of pirate battles complete with cannons, full customs, and ships.

The lagoon-like ambiance is continued to the pool area. This area includes two pools separated by a fantastic, double sided waterfall. Both pools combined offer a guest over four thousand square feet of water. Poolside amenities include a deli shop, coffee shop, and bar. Also nearby are two world class spas and fitness center equipped with treadmills, free weights, and cycling machines. Added to all this luxury and convenience is a sense of technology. The pool area boasts a state of the art music system that allows every guest to listen to personalized music poolside or while working out in the fitness center.

Once you have finished exploring the dramatic and exciting grounds that surround the Grandview, Las Vegas, you may want to freshen up in your luxurious suite. All of the nearly one thousand rooms at the hotel are suites with a full kitchen including a dishwasher, range, full-sized refrigerator, microwave oven, and coffee maker, a washer and dryer, wireless internet access, entertainment center with a surround sound thirty six inch television, and walk-in shower and Jacuzzi bathing tubs. The suites are professionally decorated in a desert motif with ceramic tile throughout the living areas. The bedroom is adorned with a king sized bed and a twenty-seven inch television. A world class menu is available twenty-four hours a day through room service.

Even though the suites are one of a kind, the real excitement resides next door at the newest casino on the Strip. This casino offers the typical slot machines, gaming tables, and sports booking services. However, it can also brag about an eighteen screen state of the art movie theater, bowling alleys, a half dozen restaurants that cater to any culinary palette, a live concert venue, and even a forty-four thousand seat equestrian center where world case horses and jockeys compete and race.

Taken all into account, these amenities, entertainment options, and luxurious details make the Grandview Las Vegas a unique experience in the already dramatic and spectacular surroundings of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Experience Comfort and Class at the Grandview Las Vegas.

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27 August, 2010
by drona

Did you won pine desk? What kind of pine desk that you have? Or you never know the writing desk in your house is actually a type of pine desk? I’m not surprise if this thing happens of you. This is because of I also just only get to know that the computer desk at my room is actually a pine desk. However, no matter what kind of reason make you to know more about pine desks, today we going to learn more about the varieties of pine desks. We will talk about three common types of pine desk in the market.

Pine Computer Desk

Pine computer desk is the most popular pine desk in the market. They are made of solid pine and are a type of classic solid pine desk. These pine computer desks are finished with quality light lacquer. They have been constructed in simple design. However they look presentable and nice. Same like other types of pine desk, pine computer desk is attached with drawers and compartments. Thus the drawers come with cable hole at the back. This is to enabling the users for connecting the computer with the power point. Generally this kind of pine desk is quite heavy. This is because of they are needed to support heavy stuff like computer and printers. However they are the necessary item for every family.

Pine Corner Desk

Pine corner presented a rustic and sophisticated look. As such, they always become the selection of many places. Pine corner desk is actually the general type of pine desk. However these pine desks have been placed at the corner of the house. Thus they are not necessary use for writing or putting computers. Some of them are used for decoration. One of the examples is pine corner desks are used by hotels and resorts to hold decoration items like antique vase and brochure holder at their lounge. Pine corner desk is constructed with accurate measurement. They need to fit accordingly to the measurement of the house. Apart from that, this pine desk is the favorite of small size family. The reason is because of they are space savers. You can also find this kind of pine desk in offices. They are used as receptionist or enquiry counter.

Antique Pine Desk

Apart from pine computer desk and pine corner desk, antique pine desk is a type of beautiful and charming furniture piece in your living room. They are full of historical value. Most of the antique pine desk is in country style design. However simple design applies. One drawer or cupboard is attached with the desk only. They called them as single Dorset pine desks. This kind of pine desks normally are used for decoration only. Unlike pine computer desks, their role is more to provide living lounge a vintage look. Generally antique pine desk is emphasizing on the finishes work. They required quality varnish and detail touch up. This is to protect the piece from damage as well as sustaining its value. The longer the pine desk is, the more value of it. Vintage lover would love to keep this stuff under their collection.

Learn more about pine desk. Stop by Michelle’s site where you can find out all about pine desks and what it can do for you.

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25 August, 2010

Familiarize  yourself with all the resources and tools available .  Check what you Pre-qualify for before approaching the market. The time spent on gaining knowledge will bring you excellent results .   Knowledge alongwith resources  are required  for a  good decision  .This article is to help the Home Buyer  in their  search for Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures.

In the present situation buying makes perfect sense.  A prospective buyer deserves great buys  due to  foreclosures and homes out there. Often the process of purchasing  can be an overwhelming experience. The first step is to get prequalified  for financing  to determine what price range you should be looking  in . Then determine the cities you are inclined for   and set up a free account to receive  properties  in your search criteria.  City is a integral part of your home buying process.  A  prospective homeowner should possess all the information regarding the neighborhood they plan to reside in.

A few of the  relevant issues are ;


Data on Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures & other  prominent CA cities should be researched before entering the market. This  resource guide covers details on  Home Buying for Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures.
The median  household income in Lancaster was ,494 compared to ,192 in Los Angeles County, ,154 in California and ,175 in the US. Median Age in Lancaster was 29.8 yrs compared to 34.5 yrs in Los Angeles County, 34.7 yrs in California and 36.7 yrs in US. Use companies that give you free  access to the current Economic Indicators, Neighborhood Information, Schooling Information ,Demographic Information.


You need related market research  information on markets you intend to compare. Home Buyers need immediate and complete access to  Current  Listings ,foreclosed homes  ,and sales research information  for all prominent  cities in and around the city you plan  to purchase periodically publishes  reports on Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures listings,   sold units, median days on market ,list price to sales price  ratio, number of months homes inventory ,bank owned properties sold , for all prominent cities  in the areas we cover. Home Buyers should review  latest sales information on the city  you intend to purchase  in. has recently updated  the yearly report for Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures .  Current Median Sales price is at 1,415 reflecting a decline of 33.40% over last year in 2008. Median days on market changed from 22 in 2008 to 74 in 2009. The number of units sold in 2009 was 750 reflecting an increase of 17.92% in 2009.   More detailed information of Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures in comparison to nearby cities is available on the company’s  website.

Access  the complete listing  inventory through the  large  network of Realty agents and immediate MLS access for major markets in California. Access  listings and foreclosure  / pre foreclosure homes  in the NOD stage. Set up daily email updates, save and view properties in your personal organizer, map search  and more.

Compare several lending guides  for VA, FHA, Conventional, USDA, First Time Home Buyer  Advantages,Compromised credit loans, 1/2% Down Loans with a 96.5% first and 3 % second.

Detailed Research Reports on Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale,Latest Listings ,Foreclosures and Instant Prequal on the web site at is a FREE ONLINE WEBSITE that provides you immediate online access to the above tools,resources and services. We have current listings, foreclosures, sales data, detailed financing  information and more for Lancaster Ca Homes For Sale, Lancaster Ca Foreclosures &  prominent  cities in California.

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17 August, 2010

Over the last decade, the hotel industry in Las Vegas, Nevada has seen a dramatic shift away from the typical high rise luxury hotel and casino model to a more inclusive, more dramatic hotel resort model that includes more amenities such as pools, spas, retail space, entertainment options, and dining options on premises as well as large scale reenactments of such famous scenes as the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, and strange tropical islands; a perfect example of this trend towards a resort styled hotel in the Grandview at Las Vegas. When taken into account with the neighboring casino and entertainment arena, this hotel can be billed as a vacation resort and boasts such amenities as a lagoon like pool area complete with a full scale, erupting volcano and reenacted pirate battles, luxurious and spacious suites, large gaming and gambling casino, eighteen screen movie theater, bowling alleys, and dozens of upscale dining options.

Like other newer hotels in the Las Vegas area the Grandview at Las Vegas likes to advertise itself as an all inclusive resort. Gone are the days of considering a hotel just a place to sleep in between casino visits and shows. These days many visitors do not leave the premises of the hotel they are staying in. This phenomenon has occurred because so many hotels offer everything a tourist would want under one roof. The Grandview is no different.

The first and most obvious attraction that this hotel offers is a dramatic recreation of a lagoon or island like resort. The exterior of the building is dominated by a pool area that offers guests four thousand square feet of water, a double-sided waterfall, poolside dining and bar options, poolside spa and hot tub facilities, poolside fitness amenities, and a dramatic, full-sized, and fully functioning volcano. This volcano erupts several times a day to the delight of all visitors and guests. A poolside fitness center includes treadmills, stationary bikes, yoga and stretch areas, and free weights and a state of the art music system that allows each guest the ability to listen to their own music poolside.

The suites at this hotel have also been designed to be more than simply a place to sleep at night. Most suites come complete with a full service kitchen with full sized appliances including a refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. The bathrooms are spacious with Jacuzzi style tubs and marbled floors. Rooms also include state of art entertainment features which includes high speed internet, on demand television, and big screen televisions.

Next store to the hotel is one of the area’s largest casino and entertainment arenas. This venue offers one of the largest casino floors complete with card games, slot machines, gaming tables, and sport booking services. However, the complex is also home to an eighteen screen state of the art movie theater, bowling alley, a high end gaming arcade complete with all of the latest gaming technology, a performing arts stage, live concert venue, and a forty thousand seat equestrian center where world class horse racing and other competitions can be seen. There are also half a dozen dining options ranging from sandwiches and soups to luxurious four star restaurants.

When all of these features are taken into account, it is no wonder that the Grandview at Las Vegas is considered an all inclusive resort. 

Resort Style accomodations Grandview at Las Vegas.

The history of the Grandview (Alias) is much broader than just a tale of a single resort. This plot of land represents the times of an entire region… Within these walls you witness the rise, and fall, of the Borscht Belt. The Borscht Belt is (was) a band of hotels, resorts, spas, and places of that nature, that spread across the Catskills Mountain area of New York state. At one time vacationing in the Catskills was a very popular thing to do. It was at it’s most popular from the late 1940’s, up until the 70’s. A number of factors contributed to the eventual demise of the Borscht Belt, not the least of which was affordable air-travel. A family could now go to Florida for little more than the trip to up-state NY… The entire Borscht Belt region now lays in ruin. Hundreds of miles of mountain land, dotted with abandoned resorts. Though the Grandview may stand for an era of American popular culture, this is not to say that it was just a number in the list of Catskill resorts. Of all the resorts that stretched the Borscht belt, the Grandview was the crown-jewel. In fact, the “Kellerman’s Mountain Resort” from the 1980’s film “Dirty Dancing” was modeled after the Grandview. It was so popular during it’s time that an airstrip was constructed on the grounds so that vacationers could fly directly to the resort. An airstrip that now has 20+ years of growth covering it… The Grandview had very humble beginnings, as a single house in the rural mountains of New York state. A
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13 August, 2010

Marching to the beat of his own drum, Anders Helmerson truly exemplifies what it means to be the exception and not the rule. From music to medical school and back to music, Helmerson is a well rounded artist who let his creativity take him to new heights which ultimately resulted in him creating his own genre of music which he dubs Progressive Fusion; a combination of long songs with virtuosos performed in complicated time signatures, elaborate melodies and harmonies that are built on pentatonic scales that are neither major nor minor. This musical mastermind fuses jazz and rock to create a sound that amazes listeners with the power of superior technique and great composing. His success was far from overnight, however.

Born in Sweden in 1959, Helmerson studied classical music in Sweden and Denmark while playing in various short-lived bands in the 1970s. He recalls a time, while studying in Stockholm he recorded a few electronic music with two friends of which some of his teachers wanted to hear, “they insisted on hearing it, so I played it for them, once I turned the tape recorder off, they stared at me. They said absolutely nothing. A couple of days later I was dismissed from school.”

Helmerson took a steady self-imposed exile from music and composing altogether in 1981, after a failed attempt with “The End of Illusion,” his debut album. He went on to attend medical school in Sweden, then worked as a surgeon in Copenhagen and finally as a cruise ship doctor to realize that his true passion lay, with music.

Through his travels, Helmerson would make his new home in Rio de Janeiro, and it is here that he revitalized his love for music. The array of Brazilian music coupled with the backing from one of Brazil’s premier progressive labels, “Som Interior Productions,” Helmerson, recorded the album, “Fields of Inertia,” of which he described as “having the classical influences with a blend of techno.”

Fast forward eight years later and Helmerson is proud to release his five track album, “Triple Ripple,” which he was able to masterfully compose by drawing on his love for synthesizers and progressive music. With Bryan Beller on bass and Marco Minnemann on drums, this jazz rock fusion is a tour de force that truly radiates with his progressive fusion genre.

Anders Helmerson’s music seems to change with the time and thus he cannot be packaged in a box. His sound is unique and his creativity is limitless as evidenced with his creation of progressive fusion. With his relentless energy and steady fusion of synthesizers, anyone with an appreciation of testing and pushing the limits is sure to enjoy his inimitable style. When asked his opinion of Triple Ripple, he eloquently stated, “1,876 bars measured to perfection. Making of Triple Ripple is done. It was a real journey.” With his talent and ability to invent new genres and the luck that makes turns a musical flop into a cult-like success, Anders Helmerson’s journey is almost certainly just beginning.

By Michele Wilson-Morris


Michele Wilson-Morris is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and formerly the Marketing & Communications Director for Tag It, the former parent company of Mi2N and MusicDish e-zines. She graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in 1991 with a B.S. in Business Administration, and has held a variety of professional corporate positions since that time.

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09 August, 2010

International practices

New Zealand

See also: Hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand has had a number of deer species introduced and in the absence of predators became to be considered an animal pest due to its effect on native vegetation. From the 1950s the government employed hunters to cull the deer population. Deer hunting is now a recreational activity.[citation needed]

North America

The deer most sought after in North America, east of the Rocky Mountains, is the white-tailed deer. West of the Rockies, the mule deer is the dominant deer species. The most notable differences between the two, other than distribution, are the differences in ears, tail, antler shape(the way they each fork), and body size.[citation needed]

Whitetail Male Deer at night in Central Texas

The mule deer’s ears are proportionally longer than the ears of a white-tailed deer, and resemble that of a mule. Mule deer have a black-tipped tail which is proportionally smaller than that of the white-tailed deer. Buck deer of both species sprout antlers; the antlers of the mule deer branch and rebranch forming a series of Y shapes, while white-tailed bucks typically have one main beam with several tines sprouting from it. White-tailed bucks are usually smaller than mule deer bucks. Both of the species lose their antlers in the spring time.[citation needed]

Moose and elk are also popular game animals that are technically species of deer. However, hunting them is not usually referred to as deer hunting, it is called big game hunting. They are considerably larger than mule deer or white-tailed deer, and hunting techniques are rather different.

In Canada and Alaska, reindeer (caribou) are hunted extensively.

United Kingdom

There are six species of deer in the UK : red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, Sika deer, muntjac deer, and Chinese water deer, as well as hybrids of these deer. All are hunted to a degree reflecting their relative population either as sport or for the purposes of culling. Closed seasons for deer vary by species. The practice of declaring a closed season in England dates back to medieval times, when it was called fence month and commonly lasted from June 9 to July 9, though the actual dates varied. It is illegal to use bows to hunt any wild animal in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Victorian era dramatist W. S. Gilbert remarked, “Deer-stalking would be a very fine sport if only the deer had guns.”

While “deer stalking” is widely used among British and Irish sportsmen to signify almost all forms of sporting deer shooting, the term is replaced in North American sporting usage by “deer hunting” – an expression that in Britain and Ireland has historically been reserved exclusively for the sporting pursuit of deer with scent-seeking hounds, with unarmed followers typically on horseback.


In Australia, there are seven species of deer that are available to hunt. These are Fallow deer, Sambar deer, Red deer, Rusa Deer Axis Deer (Cervus timorensis russa and Cervus timorensis moluccensis), Chital Deer, Elk and Hog deer.

Deer were first introduced to Australia between 1800 and 1803. All States/Territories have populations of deer including many coastal islands. Deer hunting in Australia is mostly practiced on the eastern side of the country. Hunting access varies from state-to-state with varying classifications from pest to game animal with some species afforded the protection of hunting seasons and a requirement for a Game Hunting permit or license.


North America

A New Hampshire Deer Hunt

There are five common methods of hunting deer: stalking, which consists of following signs and trails of deer; stand hunting, waiting where deer are likely to travel (including tree stands); still hunting, alternately walking quietly and waiting concealed in the pursuit of game; line drives, which consists of flushing deer toward a line of hunters; and spot and stalk hunting, which consists of spotting and then stalking the deer. Spot and stalk hunting is generally a method of hunting used in places where there are large visible areas, such as mountainous terrain where a person can see across canyons. The other four methods of hunting are used in places such as rolling hills or in country that is more level, where a hunter can hardly see over trees or bushes to spot and watch the deer. Scouting and stalking involves following deer sign. Common signs to pursue include deer rubs, scrapes, and tracks. Scrapes are places where bucks scrape the ground and urinate below low hanging branches on the edge of fields, bucks rub their faces on the low hanging branches leaving their scent. Bucks do this to mark territory and attract female deer. Deer tracks may reveal the size, age, and species of a deer. Rubs are marks on the trunks and low branches of trees which indicate where bucks have rubbed the velvet off their antlers; this leaves a tell-tale mark because it removes tree bark where the deer rubbed. Another purpose for this is to mark territory with a visual signpost.[citation needed]

Modern Hunting Methods

Deer hunting may be done from a stand which places the hunter above the line of sight of a deer. There are various types of stands including portable hunting stands, climbing hunting stands, ladder stands, self-made stands, and tripods each which can be used for different hunting methods.[citation needed]

Deer hunting for trophies may also take place from ground blinds. These can be natural blinds; like dead falls and brush; hay bails in open farm country, or specifically manufactured for this purpose.[citation needed]

United Kingdom and Ireland

Depiction of deer hunting with hounds from a 15th century version of The Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus, MS. f. fr. 616

The vast majority of deer hunted in the UK are stalked. The phrase deer hunting, however, has also been used to refer (in England and Wales) to the traditional practice of chasing deer with packs of hounds, now illegal under the Hunting Act 2004.

In the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, there were several packs of staghounds hunting “carted deer” in England and Ireland. Carted deer were red deer kept in captivity for the sole purpose of being hunted and recaptured alive. More recently, there were three packs of staghounds hunting wild red deer of both sexes on or around Exmoor and the New Forest Buckhounds hunting fallow deer bucks in the New Forest, the latter disbanding in 1997.

The practice of hunting with hounds, other than using two hounds to flush deer to be shot by waiting marksmen, has been banned in the UK since 2005; to date, two people have been convicted of breaking the law.

There is one pack of stag hounds in Ireland and one in Northern Ireland, the former operating under a licence to hunt carted deer.


Most of the deer hunting in Norway is by hunters driving the game towards other hunters posted in strategic locations in the terrain, though there is also a fair bit of stalking.[citation needed]


The majority of hunting methods in Australia are similar to North America, except for Sambar Deer which are commonly hunted with hounds.


A pop-up pack-in style blind

Many different weapons are permitted in various states of the USA during certain times of deer season. These include bows, crossbows, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and muzzleloaders.

Archery season usually opens weeks or months before a state or locality’s gun season and usually is permitted for several weeks or months afterwards. Modern compound bows and recurve bows are used, as well as some primitive recurve and longbows by historical enthusiasts when permitted. Crossbows are often reserved for disabled hunters who are unable to draw a bow, but are allowed to be used in Alabama and Tennessee by anyone disabled or not[citation needed] and in Minnesota, Kansas, and some other states during firearm season. Most bows and crossbows offer an effective accurate range of 30-40 yards.

Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are all commonly used for hunting deer. Most regions place limits on the minimum caliber or gauge to be used; rimfire rifles and centerfires under .22 caliber are often prohibited due to ethical concerns, although they have been used to hunt deer and larger game in some cases.[citation needed] Some areas of the United States prohibit rifle hunting altogether.[citation needed]

Muzzleloader hunting is also practiced. Modern muzzleloading rifles equipped with synthetic stocks, telescopic and fiber optic sights, in-line ignition systems, advanced conical or sabot bullet designs, and black powder substitutes such as Pyrodex are much more effective than the muskets of generations past.[citation needed] However, many traditionalists still use wood stocked, iron sighted rifles with round lead balls and traditional black powder charges.[citation needed]

Hunting deer with edged weapons, such as the lance or sword, is still practiced in continental Europe, primarily in France. In such hunts, the hunters are mounted on horseback, and use packs of deerhound or greyhound dogs to track and drive deer. Only the hunt masters have the right to deliver the death blow, while other mounted hunters simply ride to the chase.[citation needed]

Alabama permits spear hunting of deer during its archery season.


Use of a Hitch-Haul platform to transport harvested game

Hunters employ many tools, among which are camouflage, tree stands/blinds, knives, vehicles, chainsaws, and handheld GPS units. Camouflage has been used for some time and while it is very important, it is not essential, especially during gun season when it is required that hunters wear blaze orange clothing.[citation needed] An industry of

Rosedale Homes For Sale – Rosedale Real Estate Foreclosures

05 August, 2010

Rosedale is simply enchanting. The small cottage-like homes offer a charming, homey, and exquisite appeal. The neighborhood offers a mix of the old and new Austin. It is the perfect place for career-driven individuals who want to recoil from the busy and buzzing city. It is also the best place to raise kids or to begin a family of your own.

The charming Rosedale consists mostly of single professionals and families who want to live the traditional life. Houses are built with bungalows and Bohemian-style architecture. There are also wide lawns with plenty of homemade sculptures on them – perfect for the traditional appeal you are looking for. 

The Location

Rosedale is situated on the Northern part of Austin, Texas. It borders 38th street down South with Hancock Drive and North Loop at the North. Lamar Boulevard lies to the East and Shoal Creek at its West. Rosedale’s location makes it one of the most desirable places in the city. It is located near the Capitol and is only minutes away from the downtown area. The University of Texas, as well as the other access roads in the city, lies close to this subdivision.

The Neighborhood

Leisure spots are also well distributed in the subdivision’s vicinity. Ramsey Park is in the heart of the community and is the main recreational center in the area. It has playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pool, and picnic areas where you and your family can enjoy. 

If you wish to take a break, you can visit Uppercrust Bakery for a yummy selection of pastries and goodies. You can even try the famous burrito at Taco Shack. The subdivision is also close to Central Market which makes it a more convenient place to live in. 

The 1200 homes in the area are greatly supported by the wide selection of businesses and the network of medical services which are just around the corner. 

Attractions In And Around Rosedale

Rosedale is close to many activities that individuals and families would surely enjoy. Here are some of the places that might interest you.

Ramsey Park

Picnics, afternoon fun with kids, weekend breaks, and even daily exercises can be enjoyed at Ramsey Park. It is the main recreational spot in the area which offers different activities for every type of individual or family.

Moore-Hancock Cabin

Log buildings that will surely amaze you can also be found in Rosedale. This free-for-public-viewing residence offers quite an amazing view for families residing in the subdivision.

Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Shoal Creek is the favorite spot of athletes and dog owners in Rosedale. It is a perfect area for walking your dogs, riding the bike, and getting that fresh morning air.

Austin Public Library

Austin Public Library offers more than just thousands of books you can borrow. You can let your kids enjoy the weekly story-telling services of the library.

To get your own view of the subdivision, visit Rosedale together with your realtors. You’ll surely experience the best of everything that Austin has to offer.

About the Author:

Joe Cline writes articles for Lakeway Texas. Other articles written by the author related to Pflugerville Texas MLS and Austin lofts for sale can be found on the net.