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11 November, 2010

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09 November, 2010 Louisiana hunting – Hog hunts, exotic anilmal, deer hunting are with lodging or without. Southern Louisiana hunting ranch with other animals to hunt.(lolp2byouth)

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07 November, 2010 Take a look at this FANTASTIC property only 20 minutes west of Red Deer. Properties with RIVER FRONTAGE and a MOUNTAIN VIEW are RARE to find. The SPACIOUS 2200 sq ft home features UPGRADED flooring paint, large kitchen, gas fireplace, huge ensuite in Master bedroom, office, large North facing deck and a 26×26 ATTACHED GARAGE. Bring the large equipment, TRUCKS & TOYS for the 36×50 HEATED SHOP wi…

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05 November, 2010 Doctors Eyecare located in Labuma Red Deer is an excellent choice if you are looking for optometrists or optometrist office. To learn more call 4034060105, visit us at Red Deer, AB or check the url above.
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03 November, 2010

IMDB: Using hidden cameras and never-before-seen footage, EARTHLINGS chronicles the day-to-day practices of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit.

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30 October, 2010

That’s a great question, meaning you’re seriously thinking about getting your first boat.
To answer that question, you’ll have to think about how you will use your boat and define your specific needs.  So before you start searching the boat classified ads or go looking for a new boat for sale or used boat for sale, here’s some of the things to think about to help you define what type of boat and how large a boat you need.

– What kinds of activities do you want to do – leisure boating, water sports such as water skiing, fishing or better yet travel and overnight excursions?

– What types of water will you use your boat in – small inland lakes, large inland lakes, waterways, bays or larger bodies of water?

– How many people do you need to accommodate while boating?

When it comes to fishing you can fish in small aluminum boat 10-12 feet with a small outboard. These are considered utility boats and are perfect for small inland lakes and ponds. They’re relatively inexpensive, light and easy to move around.  And on calm days you can use them on larger lakes near shore. In terms of capacity, they can hold two adults or an adult and a child. Larger aluminum boats come in 16-18′ range and can hold 4-6 persons.

Taking a step up you get into the 14-18 foot range which are considered small boats. They’re available with an open or closed bow and in many varieties – from deck boats, ski boats to powerboats and fishing boats. Fishing, ski and deck boats have unique features for those activities.  Our first boat was a 14 foot Bayliner Bowrider, meaning it had an open bow and seating for two in the front. It also had 3 seats across in the rear.  It was good for 2 – 3 persons comfortably.  If I wanted to take my boys out cruising on a small inland lake, this would have been the perfect size. It was equipped with a 50HP Chrysler Force outboard and moved fairly well for a small boat. It was even capable of pulling a skier as long as the skier wasn’t too heavy and the boat wasn’t overloaded.  We skied with it when we pretty thin and there was only 1 or 2 persons in the boat – more than that and it had a difficult time pulling a person out of the water.  But it was fine for pulling tubes or other water accessories. We once had it out on a larger inland lake when the water was pretty choppy with 2 to 3 foot waves. That was pretty rough. The boat was bouncing around to the point where we had to get it out. If you’re going to take a smaller boat out on larger waters, for example 14-16 footer, it’s only enjoyable and safe when the water is fairly calm.  If you’re target is general or recreational boating, then a powerboat or deck boat provides the ability to do a number of activities. But if you have a specific focus, like fishing or waters skiing, you’ll want to take a closer look at boats in those categories.

Advantages: low to mid cost depending on whether you buy new or used, easy to trailer, launch and store, perfect for dad and kids in small to midsize lakes Disadvantages: minimal seating capacity, smaller engines means limited ability for recreation and sports.

If you’re planning on larger parties and pulling adult skiers, you’ll want to move up to the 18-24′ range. These boats generally come with larger motors, outboards or inboards and hold 4 or more passengers comfortably. They’re great on both small and larger lakes and because their depth or draft is relatively low, they’re also good on shallow lakes.

Many of these boats come with large outboard motors or 4cyl., 6cyl. or even 8 cyl. engines.  Reliability is generally high and gas mileage is pretty good. You can also find 6 or 8 cylinder I/O’s for added speed and power.

Advantages:  mid-cost range, fairly easy to trailer, launch and store, good for families and larger parties of 4-6

Disadvantages: generally without sleeping amenities, head or shower

If boating and sleeping over night is in your blood, you may need to consider 26 to 30′ footer with a cuddy cabin. These boats offer usually offer sleeping for 4 or more, toilet, shower, and some include kitchen amenities. This size of boat is getting fairly large and you’ll need a good size truck to pull it. These boats are perfect for the larger inland lakes and waterways. You can also get them out in the inlet waters off the coast or in bay areas in calm waters. In this size of boat you’ll have the ability to cruise to different locations or hot spots for fishing, swimming, overnight camping and the like. They’re fitted with larger gas tanks, around 100 gal and also hold 15-30 gallons of water. They provide large storage areas and amenities to keep every member of the family satisfied.

Advantages: ability to do a variety of boating recreational activities- from skiing, tubing, fishing and more

Disadvantages: more expensive than mid-size, requires a larger truck and trailer, more expensive to operate, store and maintain.

Lastly, if you want to spend even more time on the water, either traveling or overnight trips, you may be interested in 30-36′ boat.  Now you’re in the large size boat range or small size yacht range. These guys are not towed frequently. They are usually kept at a marina, stored and maintained there.  They generally have twin or triple inboard motors and outdrives and are well detailed inside and out.  You can easily sleep for 4 or more and you’ll usually find a stove, refrigerator, TV, shower and toilet.

Advantages: ability to travel, stay overnight and enjoy all the comfort features of home
Disadvantages: cost is generally high to purchase, operate and maintain, also harder to trailer and store, usually done professionally

There are many boat manufacturers of all types and you have quite a large choice depending on where you’re at and what your local dealers offer. Here’s a few to get you going. Check these boat manufacturers out.

Utility /Small Boats: BRIG , Whitehall


Ski Boats: EPIC

Pontoon Boats: Sun Tracker, Manitou, TRACKER, Sunchaser, Premier, Gillgetter, Northwood

Power Boats: Bayliner, Sea Ray, MAXUM, Rinker, Four Winns, Wellcraft

Race /Cruisers: Formula, Fountain

Yachts: TIARA

Well, that should give you some things to think about.  Look around, shop around and also talk to your friends that already own a boat. They’ll be able to offer some great advice. But it’s more important to really figure out what you want to do and where you want to do it.  If you do that before you go out and start searching your local boat classified ads or start looking at new boats for sale or used boats for sale, you’ll be well on your way to deciding what type of boat and how big a boat you really need to buy.  And remember, it’s not the size that counts, it’s just being on the water!

Learn about cactus varieties and edible cactus at the Types Of Cactus site.

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28 October, 2010

Spruce View, Spruceview waterski water ski club red deer alberta canada
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24 October, 2010

Hertfordshire’s magnificent cathedral in St Albans which dominates the surrounding countryside is where England’s first recorded Christian martyr is buried.

It also has a fine museum that houses one of the best Roman collections in the country.

In Hertfordshire you can find many major cities of interest like Hertford itself, Watford and Welwyn Garden City which is not far from your St Albans City Tour.

This area was assigned a fortress constructed in Hertford under the rule of Edward the Elder in 913AD.

The name Hertford is derived from the Anglo Saxon heart ford which means deer crossing.

Hertford is located immediately to the north of Greater London and is therefore a part of South East England.

Despite the spread of built-up areas, much of the county is still given over to farming and agriculture.

Local rivers although small, do support developed local industries such as paper production at Nash Mills.

Alden ham is a village approximately 3 miles North-East of Watford, Hertfordshire and about 2 miles from Radlett town.

Many historic buildings are here like Alden Social Club and Wall Hall. Alden Social Club is a medieval hall built in 1500 a very fine example of red brick architecture.

Also situated in Hertfordshire is Wall Hall which is a magnificent gothic revival mansion with a castellated fa?e created in the early nineteen century for George Woodford Thelluson, a very prosperous city banker mentioned in Charles Dickens ‘A tale of two cities’.

Then you have Bridgewater Monument which is a tower on the Ashbridge estate, built in 1832. In around 1959 Ashbridge college was relaunched to provide management training and is now Ashbridge Business School.

The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Trust are responsible for protecting the land forms and natural habitat which is sometimes threatened by urban development.

At the northern end of the County are the Ivinghoe Hills – an outstanding area of chalk down land and dominated by the impressive Ivinghoe Beacon.

At Paradise Wildlife Park you can see an extensive range of animals like lions, tigers, zebra, monkeys and camels.

It also has many new attractions including the On Safari adventure golf, The Angkor reptile temple, tiger falls, gold panning, wonders of the rainforest, the wild west parrot show, battle of the robots and Children’s craft area. There are many indoor and outdoor activities for a great day with your family.

There are three themed adventure playgrounds, children rides, indoor soft play areas – don’t forget to bring socks as children can’t play without them and there are many modern attractions, so come and discover the fun !

The timber framed Grange, once the market hall, is Hertfordshire’s most carved building and a very rare example of the work of John Abel, the king’s carpenter.

Hertfordshire’s museum and art gallery is housed in a Victorian gothic building exhibiting publicly since 1874 with regularly constantly changing exhibitions.

Hertfordshire is a great place to live even if you don’t have a vehicle with great shopping arcades. The old town market is within walking distance from anywhere in town and London is only half an hour way by train.

There are many museums in Hertfordshire like the Ashwell Village Museum, Baldock Museum, Bishops Stortford Museum, Buntingford Heritage Centre, Bushey Museum, Cromer Windmill, Dacorum Heritage Centre, Datchworth Museum, De Havelland Aircraft Heritage Centre, Elsetree Heritage Centre, Elsetree Film and Television Heritage Group, Hertford Museum, British Schools Museum, Hitchin, Hitchin Museum and Art Gallery, Knebworth House, Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery, Lowewood Museum Hoddesdon, Mill Green Museum, Museum of St Albans, Museum of Technology, The Great War & WW II, Potters Bar Museum, Redbourn Museum, Royston & District Museum, St Albans Organ Theater, Scott’s Grotto Ware, Stevenage Museum, Three Rivers Museum Rickmansworth, Natural History Museum Tring, Watford Museum, Ware Museum, and Welwyn Roman Baths.

Hertfordshire, an inland UK County, is bound on the North West by Bedfordshire, and on the North by Cambridgeshire, in the East by Essex, in the South by Middlesex and London and in the South West by Buckinghamshire.

Its Eastern boundary, from the middle southward is traced by the rivers Stort and Lea.

A portion of the Chiltern Hills is in the North West and West and there are heights of 904 feet at Kensworth and 664 feet at Little Offley which of course command an extensive view of the surrounding area.

Hertfordshire farms range from 160 to 400 acres and are held either yearly or on leases of seven to fourteen years.

The farm grasslands are used more for hay than for pasturage and the orchards produce chiefly apples and cherries.

The cattle here are principally of the Suffolk, Hereford, Devon and Welsh breeds and the horses used for farm work are the Suffolk punches and a few Lincolns.

There are many tourist attractions in Hertfordshire, but first of all try Woodside Animal and Leisure Park. It is located in seven acres of beautiful English countryside in the quiet village of Woodside. This award winning farm offers a fun packed day with more animals and things to do than any other farm in the county. Everything in the park is signposted and all paths are concreted so families with pushchairs and wheelchairs don’t face a problem.

Then you have a Mead Open Farm where the kids have a heap of play time, which results in more smiles, and they can meet and play with various types of animals.

Shaggy’s Play World over there has over 13000 sq feet of indoor play, which includes giant drop slides, zig-zag net climber and meet the new baby animals. This farm also has a Crazy Golf, Go karts, outdoor log play adventure and during the summer months Tractor and Trailer rides, there is so much to do.

The Leighton Buzzard Railway is not too far away for a Day Out and it is one very few narrow gauge light railway tracks to survive in England. It was built in 1919 to transport sand, and the line has carried a steam hauled passenger train service since 1968 and now houses the largest collection of narrow gauge locomotives in England.

The Clock Tower and the Eleanor Cross are located in the heart of St Albans the historic city. Behind the cross is the Clock Tower which is the only medieval example in the whole country. Guided tours can be arranged for parties of 10 or more.

For the first time visitor to Hertfordshire another thing not to be missed is a visit to Hatfield house. This Jacobean house was the home of the Marquess of Salisbury and was built in 1611.

It contains treasured famous portraits of, rear tapestries, fine furniture and armour. Within the gardens stands a wing of the Old Palace, childhood home of Elizabeth 1. It is the venue for Elizabethan banquets, weddings and private functions throughout the year.

The ground has 1000 acres of parkland open to the public with nature trails through woodlands, wildlife and waterfowl, picnic areas and children’s play area. The west gardens include the herb, knot and wilderness areas whilst the east gardens offer kitchen garden and formal ornamental flower gardens.

Whatever tickles your fancy from Zoos to Aquariums, Animals to Museums, Theme Parks, Parks and Gardens, Castles, Art Galleries, Monuments and Historical Buildings, Tourist Attractions are plentiful when you visit Hertfordshire.

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20 October, 2010

Real estate for sale at 3.85 Acres Near Spruce Rural Red Deer Alberta – for more info visit
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18 October, 2010

Underwater metal detector proposes a wide variety of treasures. After all, it is underwater and who knows what has fallen underneath by early settlers who traveled by water? Underwater hunting, however, may sound tempting but the metal detector used here varies from three different types of waterproof metal detectors: pulse induction, very low frequency and broad band spectrum detectors.

The pulse induction or PI underwater metal detectors are recommended for use in and near salt water. The PI’s electronic currents are strong enough to get through the ground minerals. They are not as accurate when it comes to reading, and you may have to go through finding some trash before you locate your sunken treasure. Garret and Headhunter are both brand names that you can count on for a good underwater handheld metal detector. These metal detectors are guaranteed to withstand the salt water and may be submerged in it as well.

Since VLF is altered by the mineralization in the ground very low frequency or VLF underwater metal detectors are keen and accurate in picking out sunken treasure, unlike PI underwater metal detectors. Fisher and Headhunter provide good feedback for this kind. For broadband spectrum underwater detectors, it offers greater depth than the other kinds. BBS frequencies have better and greater discriminate ion as well as the accuracy it gives.

Have you now decided on what kind of underwater metal detector to buy? If you are still unsure of which kind among these three, consider what is best and most suitable for you. Ask yourself this question: where do you live? Make your underwater metal detector compatible with the kind hunt you will do. Metal detecting in the beach will require you to use the kind of detector perfect for use in salt water. If you are planning to metal detect by the lake that is deep, the most appropriate detector is BBS. Well, you get the picture. Here’s an assurance, after a few hunting sessions you will be able to know what other things you need for you and your metal detector to make your experience more worthwhile and adventurous!

A metal detector comparison chart is helpful and quick glance summary of the best metal detectors available to metal detecting enthusiasts as well as professional users. For a comprehensive guide on how to choose your next metal detector, read metal detector reviews as well as the advice of fellow hunters.