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10 January, 2011

The analysis paper is an assignment dreaded by many students.  In fact, it can be a creative and fun process!  You will be critiquing another’s work and making determinations about that work from a specific perspective:  you will put forth a thesis about the work based on your observations.


Analysis papers are frequently written about books, but you can analyze any object, statement or other subject: works of art, literary pieces, or aspects of technical disciplines.


How to write an analysis paper?  Before you start tapping the keyboard, be sure that you first carefully pick your subject and thesis.


In some cases, your subject may be assigned to you; if you have a choice, select a piece that genuinely intrigues you.  For literary analysis papers, a book you love or a book you have wanted to read is a great place to start.  Something that will be interesting for you to learn more about.


.  Read it again. Even a third time.  Understand what is happening, which characters are driving the story, what forces are at play.


There unlimited potential theses. Think about your subject.  What have you observed, what conclusions have you drawn?


Do any symbols or themes stand out?
Where does the story take place, and how does that setting factor in?
Does the author employ specific techniques throughout to illustrate a theme or point? In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, the characters’ personalities are often reflected by nature:  think of sunlight dancing on innocent Pearl while the Reverend Dimsdale stands in shadows.
Was the author influenced by another body of work, and can you draw comparisons?  A case in point:  Mary Shelley read Milton’s Paradise Lost shortly before beginning to write Frankenstein.  Are there images and themes common to both works?   

Keep the thesis and the point you are going to make very specific.   And most important: remember that your thesis should discuss something about the story that you cannot conclude simply by reading it.

For you next writing project, visit this site  http://coolestwords.com to find some cool words .!

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27 December, 2010

“White Buffalo Calf Song” sung by Pipestone Creek

Fitzsimmons Homes For Sale – Fitzsimmons Real Estate Foreclosures

23 December, 2010

An expert believes that few banks will offer current accounts with no charges in the near future.

Current account holders may soon have to pay charges on their products as such deals are unlikely to be available without fees for much longer, an expert has stated.

Writing for online resource Lovemoney.com, John Fitzsimmons noted that “what we understand as free banking may be dead within a year”, as the country’s financial services sector is being forced to adapt and change according to the post-recession monetary landscape.

Mr Fitzsimmons explained that “some banks already charge a monthly fee for their current accounts” on the basis that customers are then offered additional services such as travel insurance and breakdown car cover as bonuses and added this would “become the norm” if financiers “had their way”.

He added that the Commission of Banking’s report on how the country’s fiscal sector operates is due next September, meaning that lenders may have their wish within the next 12 months.

This comes after Ed Bowsher, also of Lovemoney.com, said recently that consumers need to check the overdraft charge attached to their current account.

Meanwhile, anyone with a current account should be fully aware of the charges attached to their overdraft, an expert has said.

Taking the time to compare savings on the most attractive current account deals available in the UK might be a good idea for people who are perennially overdrawn, if one specialist’s comments are anything to go by.

According to Ed Bowsher, head of consumer finance at online resource lovemoney.com, individuals should make sure they check whether or not overdraft facilities are charged via a daily fee or with an interest rate before they join a bank.

Mr Bowsher noted that many people “aren’t aware” they will face a fee for going overdrawn, while some “don’t know” how large any charge will be.

Therefore, heeding his advice could avoid the possibility of having to use a savings account to afford to pay these unexpected bills.

The expert was speaking after the Bank of England revealed earlier this week (December 6th 2010) that rates for authorised overdrafts reached a record of 19.09 per cent in October.

UK Price Comparison website Which4U – Compare Credit Cards, Santander Savings Accounts, Fixed Rate Bonds, Bank Accounts, ISAs, Loans, Mortgages, Insurance, TV & Broadband and Gas/Electric bills to find the best UK deals

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17 December, 2010

Mason Creek is a master-planned neighborhood located west of Highway 183, north of Crystal Falls Parkway and south of 2243.  The first homes were built in the mid-1980’s and continued to be built through 2008.  American Premiere Homes built the newer homes that were completed in 2008.  The sizes of homes range from around 800 square feet to around 2600 square feet, and prices range from under 0,000 for the smaller, older homes to just under 0,000 for newer, larger homes.  There is a greenbelt in the neighborhood that some of the homes overlook.  Mason Creek has homes for everyone from first-time home buyers to big families who need lots of room. 

Mason Creek has a park with a play scape.  The neighborhood also has tennis courts, a swimming pool , BBQ pits and picnic tables.  It is close to a larger park, Robin Bledsoe Park, which has a playground, swimming pool, baseball field, rock climbing wall, balance beam and basketball court. 

To see ALL houses for sale in Mason Creek visit the Mason Creek page on our Leander Real Estate website.

Children in Mason Creek neighborhoods attend the acclaimed Leander Independent School District. 

Leander offers an excellent school system, affordable living and the close proximity to Austin.  It has great nature features, including lakes, rolling hills and wildlife.  Austin Capital Metro is currently working on the first commuter rail that will connect Leander to central Austin.  Leander also has a golf course, a state-of-the-art library and several parks and activities.  Parks contain sports fields, a pavilion, hike and bike trails, a BMX track, a skate park, disc golf, a play scape, picnic tables, a swimming pool and an amphitheater.

Tim Kress writes articles for Austin Real Estate, Round Rock Real Estate, Cedar Park Real Estate, Pflugerville Real Estate, Leander Real Estate, and surrounding areas. Other articles written by the #1 REMAX Team in Austin and Austin TX Real Estate can be found online.

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05 December, 2010


Human Resource Department is a part of any organization. Many companies do depend on HRM on various things like improving performance standards and excellence, staffing motivation etc.If HRM is clubbed with Business Intelligence it bound make some excellent results and also enhances the value of HRM.the statistical techniques applied in BI are bound to yield precise and reliable results in solving many problems proactively. In this article we see the application of BI in the HR department.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term coined for technologies and applications employed in data collection, access, analysis and information about an organisation’s business. It refers to the use of several financial / non-financial metrics / key performance indicators to assess the present state of business and to assist in deciding future course of action. It is ‘actionable intelligence’.

Human Resource Management is based on ideas and techniques developed to enhance worker motivation, productivity and performance.

Human Resources metrics have always been linked to other key performance indicators such as revenue and profitability. However, applying measurements systems, including Balanced Scorecard, to people management is always a challenging task.


HR is not usually viewed as a source for hard measures. In order to analyze the return on all workforce investments, such as recruiting, developing capabilities, compensation and directing behavior, HR function should understand the business challenges of its entire organization.




HR professionals must understand the organization’s business plans and the operational, financial and customer-facing goals they are expected to achieve. Then they should associate these goals with the existing workforce metrics.


In many cases, HR information is scattered, which leads to non-systematic hiring, training, performance management and compensation processes. Detailed HR measurement data is essential these days, as globalization, tight labor markets and an aging workforce are causing many businesses to more closely inspect the performance of their largest investment: the workforce whose compensation represents 60 percent to 70 percent of the general expenses.



New Business Intelligence technologies offer HR departments the ability to invest in Human Capital Management analytics solutions designed to yield the insights essential for making informed decisions on HR.


Business Intelligence allows HR departments to become a strategic asset within the organization. It helps boost the efficiency within the HR department and make key decisions around recruitment, planning, and budgeting to support the strategic goals.

Business Intelligence systems help HR professional access information from data warehouses and other sources, structure analyses to find areas of improvement, and communicate the results in a way that is convincing to others.


HR function in the organization is not limited by administrative issues. HR department should use a fact-based systematic approach to solve business problems and offer a longer-term viewpoint in order to adjust to environmental changes. The key task of the HR professional is to proactively produce solutions to strategic business issues facing the organization.



More than ever before, HR professionals are being asked to show how their company’s workforce policies affect its overall business plan. As a rule, this information is not readily available.


For example, you granted merit raises to your employees this year. Can you measure your ROI on that expenditure? Did it resolve the turnover issue at your underperforming facility? Did it help retain the people and skills required to meet your company’s five-year growth plan?


In order to provide strategically sound answers, the HR staff needs the critical information provided by the right technology processes and analytical tools. They must be able to access and analyze data from all HR functional areas and employ appropriate methodologies to interpret the data, draw meaningful conclusions and make fact-based decisions.


Fortunately, today’s advanced technology systems can assimilate essential data and transform that data into business acumen that supports the broader enterprise business plan. Companies may have this expertise in house, or they may turn to HR outsourcers and consultants who have the data, technology and knowledge to provide solutions.


Many companies struggle with the problem of disparate data that is housed in separate HR systems, making it difficult to extricate, and even harder to interpret.


The first step is to extract and combine data from the various vertical HR functions, such as benefits, payroll and staffing. This integrated information can then be examined using appropriate metrics and analytics to produce business intelligence (BI) – the useful information on which HR professionals can base strategic decisions.


For example, a company can discover what is really driving the cost of benefits – the plan design or a hiring freeze that was instituted to control near-term expense and has created an older workforce over time. Or, whether increased hiring is due to growth and skill upgrades or to unwanted turnover. Additionally, BI incorporates insight into statutory and regulatory compliance issues that are front of mind because of Sarbanes-Oxley.


By accessing HR data horizontally across functional areas, companies can establish an informational baseline. That, in turn, allows them to measure the results of HR programs and practices, and identify critical insights about their workforce. They can examine trends over time and build a base for modeling and conducting ‘what-if’ projections for the future.



BI is an especially critical area – and challenge – for global organizations, given the complexities of managing a culturally and geographically diverse workforce. An organization should start with a clear understanding of what it needs to measure and why, and take an inventory of the systems that house the base data. Often, a capital investment is necessary to obtain the requisite tools and infrastructure.


It’s best for companies to start with a few key business challenges that are significant to overall results. Although a long-term vision is essential, it’s better to implement in stages.


As HR outsourcing has matured, more industry benchmarking information is becoming available. Proprietary databases are being developed that can be used with benchmarking data maintained by third-party vendors, industry groups and government.


By comparing typical ranges for workforce metrics in the marketplace, HR can set appropriate targets. For example, a company can consider labor supply, compensation; healthcare and payroll tax norms to understand what will drive its future profitability and productivity, to evaluate the impact of changing workforce demographics or to consider where to expand call center operations geographically.


Business intelligence is an important input in measuring the value of a company’s workforce because it helps link people data and programs to financial performance. Sophisticated analytics now can measure how HR systems and programs affect employee behavior and how that, in turn, influences customer behavior – and ultimately drives financial results.


Companies need to know the demographic and skills profile of their workforce in order to optimize the value of that workforce. That is increasingly the job of a strategic HR function. And, companies must be able to link workforce measurement and the role of the HR function to their business goals. That allows them to evaluate whether HR is doing the right things to help the company grow.


Using current employee data and projections about future workforce trends, companies can model the people implications of their business plans. HR can then develop targeted workforce strategies to help it attract, engage and retain the right people, in the right locations, at the right cost.


For example, a global banking organization modeled its total projected labor costs to make decisions about where non-customer-facing employees should be located. In another instance, a leading information services provider was able to better understand current and future staffing trends to better align its reward programs.


Leading companies create capability in workforce management. By leveraging a combination of excellent processes and technology, they take control of their future workforce today and position themselves to be ready to deliver on their strategy.


Business Intelligence for HR functions as decision support structure for assessing and administering all HR functions. It offers access to precise, appropriate, wide-ranging information from HRMS applications besides facilitating tools to make improved and more calculated choices.


Applying Business intelligence in HR helps in executing extensive manpower assessments, preparing account reports, employee performance reports, evaluating wages, staffing, available jobs and termination rules. This eventually helps the organization in making advanced choices that joins the staff with the corporate goals.


BI helps the HR to provide strategically sound solutions with the help of right expertise and methodical instruments.

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01 December, 2010


Threw These Eyes

Doug Brainard


Eloquent Books

ISBN: 978-1-60860-507-1

Pages: 45

In Threw These Eyes, author Doug Brainard shares what he has learned as a little league baseball coach with over sixteen years of experience. In this book, Brainard speaks directly to the main players in the world of little league: kids, parents, coaches and the community. He is direct, writing in a voice that is friendly and expresses genuine concern for the game and the kids who play it.

When reading this book, the image of Brainard standing in front of a room full of players, parents, and new coaches comes to mind. While the book is divided into chapters that address specific issues such as preparing the park before the season begins and techniques for hitting and fielding, Brainard often goes off onto tangents about dealing with kids who are late for a game, encouraging the community, including older people, to become involved with their local little league organizations. He even advises coaches on how to contribute to the self-esteem of their players: “Coaches, when dealing with young players, hugs will go a long way toward making them feel wanted and comfortable (31).”

This a short book that can be easily skimmed and referred to as often as needed; especially for parents or coaches who are new to little league. The author uses simple language that even non-baseball fans can understand. Players may find it helpful to read Brainard’s instructions about how to practice at home and on the field and the most helpful strategies to use during a game.

Threw These Eyes is a no-nonsense review of little league baseball and a helpful tool for coaches, parents, and the all important players of the game.

Melissa Brown Levine



Melissa Brown Levine is a writer, book reviewer, and manuscript consultant. Her work has appeared in Skirt Magazine, Foreword Reviews, and IP Book Reviewers.

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29 November, 2010

Our interior shutters are a window treatment that is both classic and current that never goes out of style. Our window shutters immediately revamp the appearance of your Cherry Hills Village, Colorado home and complements any decor. Our window shutters add solid value to your Cherry Hills Village home that is as useful as they are beautiful, and they will last a lifetime. They are also a very good source of insulation against the tough high altitude Cherry Hills Village environment, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Like any Colorado home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and raise appreciation. At New View Blinds & Shutters we provide the very best plantation shutters which hold up to Cherry Hills Village’s high altitude sun. We provide all types, Composite Wood Shutters, Hardwood Shutters, Vinyl Shutters, and Poly Shutters.

Our real wooden window shutters are constructed from a multitude of varieties of wood such as Basswood, Poplar, Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Knotty or Select Alder. They may be custom put together to your specifications with your preference of framing material, either painted or stained, and louver sizes ranging from 1″ to 5 1/2″. Real wood is lighter and more stable than composite, so larger individual panels can be put together in sizes up to 36″ to 50″ wide.

Our vinyl plantation shutters are an easy-to-care-for alternative. They’re durable, and for those with young children, they are a choice that is easily cleaned. They also handle difficult environments well, such as extreme humidity areas. Louver sizes are 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/2″. They can be put together at wider widths with use of aluminum reinforcing on the inside.

Our poly plantation shutters are put together with a solid polymer material that will not chip, crack, warp or split. . They are moisture resistant and fire resistant. Louver sizes likewise come in 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/2″. Single panel can be made up to 36″ wide . They look the same as wood shutters, but simply come in shades of white.

Plantation shutters by New View Blinds and Shutters provide superlative energy effectiveness. Not only do our plantation shutters insulate from temperature extremes, but they also are optimal for sound insulation. Our shutters are an asset that will be appraised into the value of your Cherry Hills Village, Colorado house. They are both beautiful and sturdy. Window shutters should be considered fine furniture for you windows. They are surely a lifetime investment.

Ray Bork is the owner of New View Blinds and Shutters, located in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.
Visit our Cherry Hills Village, Colorado shutter page, http://www.nvbas.com/shutters-cherryhillsvillage-colorado
We provide information including pictures and videos on all the different types of window shutters to help you in your buying decision

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27 November, 2010

As you may have seen, HomeStars Toronto is showing up on Google for many residential companies. But do the reviews on Homestars for Toronto really separate the good from the bad? Are the reviews accurate enough? Most of all, can you rely on the information to base your home improvement decision?

It must be made clear that showing on the first page of Google (and HomeStars Toronto is ALL over the top pages of Google) does not always translate to excellent or 100% truthful information.

The fact is, Homestars Toronto is a fantastic website and it will help you discover information to help you make a better choice when hiring a company in Toronto and the GTA. On the other hand, there is a certain amount of biased information and reviews that may not always tell the whole truth.

Brookside Roofing is a member of Homestars Toronto. We like this website. It helps to get the word out to you. It helps to provide some basic information. All said and done, it is one more way for businesses to get noticed on the Internet.

Like any Internet tool, it can be good, bad, or ugly.

As we all know, word of mouth from a person you trust is, by far, the most reliable source of truth. So let’s keep this in mind as you continue reading . . .

Everyone LOVES honesty.

In my experience, for the most part, yes. Homestars does their best to keep the information as accurate as they can. Brookside Roofing currently has a 8.3 rating and 8.3 is pretty good.

Some businesses recieve a rating of 3 out of 10 or less. We need to keep in mind that opinions are not truth.

After 25 years in the residential roofing business, and after 10,000 happy customers, I’d just like to point out that our LIFETIME success rate is almost perfect. 9.9 out of 10.

In conclusion, it is important to consider the LIFE of a business rather than make a choice based on a new-fangled website that gets good positioning on Google simply because of the volume of their website.

It is a website with lots of programming that will never compare to decades of time and REAL customer satisfaction from businesses that lived and loved long before the Internet and websites like Homestars made their incredible appearance.

It’s all good.

Brookside Roofing is Leading Residential Toronto Roofing Companies with Better Solutions for Home Owners. 25 Years of Trustworthy Service. Contact Brookside Roofing for a Free Estimate!

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25 November, 2010

Being the largest Real Estate Company in India,the residential business group of DLF, Dlf Homes Developers have repeatedly shown timely deliverance of high quality homes with intenational standards. Keeping contemprary lifestyle in focus,Dlf Homes are true value for money.

DLF Launch-Soon Third Phase of DLF CAPITAL GREEN PHASE-3 project on Shivaji Marg, New Delhi. When the rates will be announced. you can really appreciate that it is a wonderful inaugural price on which you will be getting this “Life-time opportunity to own you Dream Home”, in New Delhi itself, with all the amenities of a suburban living.It is just about 10 Kms. from Connaught Place, and is a Gated community, where you will have all facilities and amenities of Luxury Condominium, e.g., 100% Power Back-up, Basement Parking’s, Shopping Centre within the Complex, School, Club, Pool etc. etc.

The structure of DLF CAPITAL GREENS Phase 3 is designed for the highest seismic considerations of Zone-V, against Zone-IV as stipulated by the BIS codes, for better safety.
Air Conditioned Apartments with energy efficient VRV / VRF system.Ø  Air Conditioned Lift Lobbies and Entrance Halls.
High speed Passenger Elevators
Eco friendly environment with Rain Water Harvesting system and use of recycled water from Central STP for flushing.
Hot Water Supply through geysers in Toilets, Kitchens, supplemented through Solar Water Heaters.

DLF brings quality living and contemporary lifestyle at DLF new development, a residential project in Shivaji Marg, Delhi. A long awaited project in the heart of New Delhi. DLF Capital Greens is a complete residential estate spread across acres of natural greens . It’s a suburban lifestyle located right in the heart of the city, featuring, Landscape parks and playgrounds, Breathtaking views and ambience, Peaceful living amidst of acres of greens, Dedicated jogging and walking tracks.
It is just about 7 Kms. from Connaught Place, and is a Gated community, where you will have all facilities and amenities of Luxury Condominium.

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Allcheckdeals.com offers you every type of property for sale in India including flats, apartments and family homes. Log on allcheckdeals.com to Book DLF Capital Greens Phase 3 Now !

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Eastland Acres Homes For Sale – Eastland Acres Real Estate Foreclosures

23 November, 2010





Main Actor: Mlolongo town building owners

Other Actors:

Ministry of Lands.

Ministry of Roads.

Location: Mlolongo town.


Mlolongo town is located along Mombasa road, 15 minutes drive form Nairobi CBD.

The town’s buildings were ‘chain sawed’ and sliced to remove the parts that had encroached into the main Mombasa road road-reserve.

To avoid such a scenario on your plot, it’s important to understand how plot boundaries are created and the processes to be followed before constructing your building.




The procedure begins with the original land owner who consults a Physical Planner to come up with a sub-division plan.

The Physical Planner comes up with a plan on how the large piece of land will be sub-divided into smaller plots. The subdivision plan is then submitted to the relevant Local Authority for deliberations by the Town Planning department. The local authorities have bye-laws that regulate the plot sizes. For example, land in Karen and Muthaiga areas can be subdivided to a minimum of 0.5 acre size while land in Eastlands area can be subdivided to a minimum of 1/8th of an acre.

These bye-laws regulate the zoned areas so as to maintain certain required atmospheres within specific neighborhoods.

After the Local Authority planning department reviews the subdivisions, they may request the land owner through his appointed Physical Planner to make ammmendments such as increasing the plot size, increasing the road and road reserve sizes.

The common road sizes [road carriageway plus road reserve] are 9m, 12m, 15m, 18m 25m and 30m depending on the opinion of the Physical Planner and Local Authority town planning department.


For example, if the traffic envisaged is high, the Local Authority might request the Physical Planer to expand the road reserve.

The land acquisition act allows the Government to compulsorily acquire land for expansion of roads and compensate the land owner at an agreed amount as per the act. This is happening on the Thika road expansion whereby the owners of plots that have been affected have been handsomely compensated for the expansion.

The Local Authority have a duty to make this wise decision on whether to allow for future expansion of the road in the initial subdivision application or let the Land Acquisition Act take action in future when the expansion will be needed.





The local authority enforces a bye law that requires plot owners to set-back their buildings six meters form the main access road. The 6 meter line setback also aims to allow for such infrastructure expansions. This is enforced during the application for building plans approval by the plot owner through a registered Architect.





Once the Physical Planner makes the required changes and resubmits the subdivision plans, the Local authority approves the subdivision plans and instructs the Land owner to develop the infrastructure within the subdivided area to a certain standard. The infrastructure includes the road works, water works, storm water drainage works and Street lighting.

The Land owner is required to undertake the infrastructure works to the satisfaction of the Local Authority. The Local Authority can then give the Ministry of Lands a go-ahead to issue land title deeds to individual subdivided plots.

The Bye Law established in 1978 aims to ensure that as the Country grows and more plots get subdivided into smaller units, the infrastructure such as roads, sewer, water, street lights and storm water drainage grows in tandem. The cost of the infrastructure works is pushed to the Land owner as opposed to the Local Authority. Once the Land owner completes the infrastructure works, the Local Authority takes over to maintain the works with tax payers money.




Other countries that don’t have such laws do not benefit from infrastructure growth that is in tandem with population growth. In such countries, you will notice that land outside the CBD is poorly serviced, no quality roads, poor sewerage network, no street lights e.t.c.

Examples of such towns are Lusaka in Zambia and Kampala in Uganda.

If this law is followed to the letter by all Local Authorities in Kenya, we will not have plots being sold without the necessary services such as roads, sewers and street lights. Since some local authorities flaunt such laws, this is the reason we have some city suburbs that do not have any infrastructure at all.




After the Local authority approves the subdivision plan, the land owner then utilizes the services of a registered Land surveyor to mark the individual plot boundaries with a beacon consisting of a short steel rod encased in concrete.

The surveyed plans are then submitted to the Ministry of Lands for record keeping.

After the local authority certifies that the infrastructure is in place to the required standard, the Ministry of Land issues title deeds to each plot which the land owner can then transfer to potential buyers.






Once the land owner transfers the new sub divided title deed to the new owner, it’s his/her prerogative to ensure that when developing the plot, he/she requests the architect to liaise with a surveyor to establish the extents of the plot boundaries. The surveyor will check with the Ministry of Lands records at Survey of Kenya offices, Thika road.

The surveyor will buy a copy of the subdivision plan and use it to establish the boundaries. He/she will look for an existing beacon and use it as a datum to measure and countercheck the exact location as per the records held by the Ministry of Lands.


Once a Registered surveyor has established the boundaries for the plot, the developer can then request the architect to come up, with architectural designs which will be submitted to the Local authority for approval.

The Local Authority will then guide on the set-back and building line from the main access road.

Once the drawings are approved, the plot owner can then commence construction works and rest assured that the building will not be ‘chain sawed’ in future.




In the event that the Government requires to expand its roads, the plot owner will then be compensated as per the ‘Land Acquisition Act’.

Buildings along Thika and Mombasa roads that were not in line with the necessary statutory approvals such as Mlolongo town and Nakumatt Thika Road had to be pulled down at owners’ costs without compensation. Likewise, building owners that had all statutory approvals along these roads were handsomely compensated.




Francis Gichuhi Kamau




Francis Gichuhi Kamau




The land has thick woods with a beautiful creek. This ranch is a great hunting property with ability to live or retire on. Mature woods include live oaks, post oaks, elms, and mesquites. Paved frontage with electricity and water. More details at www.campbellfarmandranch.com.
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