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08 January, 2011

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02 January, 2011


Heading into a big mid-August series with the Reds, the St. Louis Cardinals were sitting two games back of Cincinnati, a team that has been surpassing expectations all season long.  Despite having more star power and far superior starting pitching, the Cardinals have had only brief stints atop the division and have constantly jockeyed back and forth with the relentless Cincinnati ballclub.  But the Cardinals answered the call in a big way recently by sweeping the Reds in Cincinnati, making a clear statement to the rest of the division and league.  After the season concludes, the series could very well be looked at as the turning point for the Cardinals’ season.

As usual with the Cardinals, the series began with their starting pitching.  In the series opener, Chris Carpenter, who is having another monstrous season, went seven innings to give the Cardinals a big 7-3 win.  The victory also improved Carpenter’s record to a very impressive 13-3 in the process.  In the game, Albert Pujols continued his hot streak, smacking a couple hits and a big two-out RBI single to give Carpenter a comfortable lead early on.

Sitting just one game behind the Reds at this point, it wasn’t until game two of the series that the rest of the league took notice.  When Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips tapped Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina’s shin pads, the seemingly innocuous gesture soon erupted into the biggest bench-clearing brawl of the season.  The melee ended with both managers getting tossed from the contest and Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto mistaking backup Cardinals catcher Jason Larue for a member of the Cobra Kai.  But while Larue suffered battered ribs and a mild concussion, the Cardinals had the last laugh by taking the game and drawing to a dead tie with the Reds atop the division.

As the intensity between the two rivals heated up, the Cardinals also had the perfect antidote in the form of Adam Wainwright.  With the two teams locked at the top of the N.L. Central, Wainwright pitched yet another gem, going seven shutout innings to procure the series sweep and a full-game lead in the division for the Cardinals.  The outing gave Wainwright his 17th win of the season and plunged his ERA below 2.00.  If, or perhaps when, Wainwright wins the Cy Young, his start on Aug. 11 could very well go down as his banner performance given the importance of the circumstances.  With his growing stature around the league, Wainwright is a guy who is quickly becoming one of the best sellers of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/3137123’]);” href=””>St. Louis Cardinals tickets</a>.

Of course, there is still plenty of baseball to be played and the Reds have proven that they aren’t likely to go away any time soon.  However, the Cardinals have had the more talented club all season long and are finally starting to pull it all together.  After somewhat slumping for a chunk of the season, Pujols is finally starting to swing a red-hot stick and the rest of the lineup has responded.  Batting behind Pujols, Matt Holliday is hitting .382 in the month of August, which should ensure Pujols gets some pitches to hit the rest of the season.  Filling in for the recently traded Ryan Ludwick, Colby Rasmus has also picked it up as of late and hit a towering grand slam to spur the Cardinals on in the final game of the series against the Reds.

If the brawl in Cincinnati was any indicator, though, the division race should continue to be an intense battle right up to the end of the season.  But as long as the Cards can stay away from the right foot of Johnny Cueto, they’ve now put themselves in a great position to win the division and challenge for the National League pennant.




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15 December, 2010

Braeside area

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13 December, 2010

Edmonton area (Stony Plain) home for sale. Edmonton real estate brokerage Coldwell Banker Johnston real estate Realtor Sheldon Johnston presents this great bi-level home in the Glens.
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Stony Plain – Glens Real Estate

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01 December, 2010

Finally it was time for another excursion. As a true architecture buff, Detroit had been on my radar for a long time, and I definitely wanted to explore this unique city in detail. So for the last few weeks I had been working with Visitdetroit, the city’s visitor and convention office, to map out a detailed itinerary of the city that would expose me to all sorts of unique facets of the Motor City.

After a hectic day at the office on October 16, 2009 I finally got going at about 2:30 pm and arrived in Windsor, on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, shortly before 7 pm. I drove straight to the waterfront to catch the last few rays of sunshine that still lit up the skyline. Orange and purple hues formed the backdrop of the Ambassador Bridge that connects Canada and the United States. A stunning night-time skyline of Detroit was taking shape. Surrounded by various historic and contemporary skyscrapers, the impressive multi-tower headquarters of General Motors were glittering on the other side of the river. The squeeling of the wheels of the Detroit People Mover, an elevated light rapid transit system, could be heard wafting across the water.

I checked in at the Argyle Manor Bed and Breakfast, a historic Edwardian mansion built in 1923, actually the former rectory of St. Anne’s Church, in the Walkerville area of Windsor. My hosts Dr. Paul and Kerri Thomas welcomed me and showed me the entire mansion. Dr. Thomas filled me in on many of the historic and architectural details. My accommodation was in a beautiful suite that featured a private bathroom, a bedroom and a spacious living room with fireplace.

My stomach was growling by now and my local experts gave me a few ideas for dinner. Based on their suggestions I drove to Erie Street, Windsor’s Little Italy, but it was very quiet there this Thursday evening. Instead I made my way to the waterfront where I had a relaxing meal at the Keg, a large casual restaurant that was packed with people. My table was right in front of the panorama windows that featured an impressively illuminated skyline of Detroit.

After a good night’s sleep I sat down to interview my hosts and learn a bit more about them and their business. But first I had breakfast, one of those really hearty breakfasts that you only get at a bed and breakfast. My first course was a fruit salad that was accompanied by freshly baked muffins made from self-rising flour and ice cream (today’s flavour was double-churned strawberry) as well as a “garbage bag omelette”. Naturally I had to inquire about the unique name of this dish, and Dr. Thomas explained that to produce a true “garbage bag omelette” all the ingredients are placed in a clear plastic bag and boiled in hot water. Accompanying the egg dish were different types of toast: seven-grain, brown and white.

Dr. Thomas went on to say that he prepares a wide variety of egg dishes for his guests, including different types of omelettes and Eggs Benedict. In his dry humour, he explained that, with the help of his guests, he has done a double-blind study and scientifically determined that brown eggs do indeed have a better taste. He also uses Uncle Richards’ Maple Syrup and Barbecue Sauce, made by a farmer from Priceville, Ontario, who arguably makes the best Maple Syrup in the world (according to his own assessement anyway).

Running a bed and breakfast always involves interesting guest stories, and one of Argyle Manor’s most interesting stories unfolded one day when a French couple came to stay in April a few years ago. Then the couple returned in July and asked if it was okay if they could bring a newborn. Dr. Thomas and his wife were surprised since the woman had not been pregnant during the couple’s stay three months earlier. Finally it turned out that the couple had found a surrogate mother in Windsor who gave birth to a baby in July, six weeks prematurely. The couple stayed with the Thomas’s for three weeks after the arrival of their newborn baby, much longer than the average leisure traveler.

Quite frequently business travelers will also stay for extended periods at Argyle Manor. Windsor, due to its location right next to Detroit, is a big automotive manufacturing centre, and many business travelers come into town for professional reasons. One time a couple from Minnesota stayed with the Thomas’ for five months. The husband was a millwright working in the automotive industry and was here to install robots. His wife helped Kerri decorate the house, and the two couples are still in touch. Sometimes guests turn into friends in a bed and breakfast.

Another celebrity, an artist by the name of Blake Richardson, also stayed at Argyle Manor B&B. Dr. Thomas explained that he is the type of artist who sees hidden objects in everyday images. To demonstrate this he showed me a calendar by the artist entitled “Images found in nature”. Dozens of hidden objects were painted on an image of Niagara Falls, all hidden images that the artist had seen in the seemingly random patterns of the waterfall.

One time a European couple, the husband was from Germany and his wife from Poland, stayed at Argyle Manor, and neither one of them spoke good English. As a result, the conversations were very limited. But apparently these European travelers liked their abode since the couple stayed for nine days. Due to language restrictions, the interaction was essentially restricted to “thank you – bye bye”. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all.

Of course, running a bed and breakfast is no easy task. Especially when you buy an empty church rectory that still needs to be converted into a functional hospitality establishment. Dr. Thomas explained that even getting insurance for his building was initially a tough challenge. The old house still had outdated knob and tube wiring and galvanized plumbing. The insurance company would not cover the property until the knob and tube wiring was replaced.

Severing the rectory building from the rest of the church property was another ordeal that took three to four months. Add to that three to four more months for rezoning to make it an official bed and breakfast property. The Thomas’ have a good friend, Wayne Strong, the owner of the nearby Ye Olde Walkerville Bed and Breakfast, who was already running a bed and breakfast in Windsor and provided extremely helpful advice to the couple.

The fire code required that the entire property be hardwired with a smoke alarm. Some of the building regulations contradicted one another, causing additional delays in sorting them out. The back stairway needed to be a second exit, otherwise the couple would have had to install special metal self-closing doors. One of the rooms by the back stairway is not allowed to have any furniture in it for fire safety reasons. Dr. Paul and Kerri Thomas had to deal with a lot of red tape to get this property converted into a bed and breakfast.

Now that I knew more about the property I also wanted to find out more about my hosts. I learned that Dr. Paul Thomas was a professor and basketball coach at the University of Saskatchewan, San Fernando Valley State College in California, and the University of Windsor. He also coached Canada’s basketball team at the Olympic Games and the World University Games, and is in several Halls of Fame. As an expert in human kinetics and ergonomics, Dr. Thomas offered consulting services for many years to large corporate clients such as General Motors and General Electric to implement more ergonomic work processes. For a time he also had his own sports medicine clinic.

Although he is officially retired, Dr. Thomas is now the athletic director at a private school. He still coaches basketball and also coached Canada’s Olympic basketball team. His daughter Misty is also an Olympian, having played on Canada’s Olympic Team in the Los Angeles Olympics. Now, because of countless knee surgeries, she is eligible to play wheelchair basketball and is on Canada’s national team and played in the Bejing Olympics. Misty is the first athlete to have played in the regular olympics and the para-olympics.

His other children are actively involved in high level sports as well. Athletics definitely run in the family: Dr. Thomas’s older son Scott played basketball on his dad’s teams and also played pro-ball in Australia. His other son Brett is a volleyball coach. Kerri Thomas herself is also an accomplished athlete. She is a human kinetics graduate and plays elite level basketball, slo-pitch, floor hockey and volleyball. She works as a sports medicine therapist and loves her profession.

After I finished breakfast I was ready to embark on some brief discoveries of Windsor. Just before I headed out the couple gave me some special tips on how to get rid of my plantar fasciitis that I had acquired in one of this summer’s tennis games. Dr. Thomas also explained various different pieces of physiotherapy equipment that are located at the couple’s house. There was no doubt that I was dealing with two experts of human kinetics here.

I had a couple of hours before my planned border crossing to Detroit, so I took a walk in the surrounding Walkerville area, a historic neighbourhood that was developed by Hiram Walker, the distillery owner of Canadian Club Whiskey fame. The distillery started in 1856 and Walkerville was originally a housing development for workers at his distillery. It also featured a number of upscale mansions for managers at Hiram Walker. The workers’ townhouses were built from 1858 onwards and are still in great shape today. The entire neighbourhood features leafy historic streets with attractive houses dating back to the Victorian times.

My stroll in the neighbourhood continued to Willistead Manor, the original mansion of the Walker family that today is a city park. The 36-room

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27 November, 2010
Bon Accord
by MamaT

If your wrinkles are becoming more noticeable and you are less than thrilled with what you see in the mirror, there is an affordable, non-surgical way to reduce those tell-tale signs of aging and restore a youthful, rested appearance. With Botox, you can say bon voyage to wrinkles, roll back the clock, and look years younger. Seek out a convenient and affordable Chicago Botox Treatment Center. These convenient treatments are the solution to quickly and easily making yourself look much younger and more radiant.

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Botox has become the most popular non-surgical medical procedure for temporarily reducing or eliminating wrinkles. This is according to the ASAPS, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It is an injectable solution which contains a cosmetic form of botulinum toxins. It is also the only treatment of its kind that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed safe when properly administered.

If you have crow’s feet, frown lines, or creases on your forehead, the toxins in the injections will temporarily relax the muscles that cause your wrinkles. The results from Botox injections can last up to 4 months. Botox injections in Chicago are popular because they produce great results, and it is important to find a qualified and trained professional who will help you safely reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

The benefits of Botox will give you a youthful, more rested look with a marked reduction in visible wrinkles within a week or less. The continuing results will last as long as 4 to 6 months. You will not need to disappear from public view or miss extended work time, either. Discomfort is minimal and your practitioner can choose to apply an anesthetic cream or cold pack prior to injection.

If you have any kind of infection near the site under consideration for treatment, Botox should not be injected. Some individuals are known to be allergic or hypersensitive to an ingredient in the solution. People with neuromuscular diseases such as ALS, Myasthenia Gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome are at increased risk of contracting side effects. A practitioner will meet with you to answer all your questions and make sure you are a good candidate for the magic of Botox.

Botox will not alter your normal expressions and you will continue to look like yourself. You can still look surprised or frown, but the wrinkles that accompany those expressions will be greatly reduced. This gives your face a happier, younger look. When you say yes to Botox, you’ll be saying good-bye to signs of aging and hello to a confident, youthful, new you.

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19 November, 2010


Proposals and attempts

Key dates


Albert Mathieu put forward a cross-Channel tunnel proposal.


The Channel Tunnel Company Ltd began preliminary trials


The Abbot’s Cliff heading had reached 897 yards (820 m) and that at Shakespeare Cliff was 2,040 yards (1,870 m) in length

January 1975

A UKrance government backed scheme that started in 1974 was cancelled

February 1986

The Treaty of Canterbury was signed allowing the project to proceed

June 1988

First tunnelling commenced in France

December 1988

UK TBM commenced operation

December 1990

The service tunnel broke through under the Channel

May 1994

The tunnel was formally opened by HM The Queen and President Mitterrand

Mid 1994

Freight and passenger trains commenced operation

November 1996

A fire in a lorry shuttle severely damaged the tunnel

November 2007

High Speed 1, linking London to the tunnel, opened

September 2008

Another fire in a lorry shuttle severely damaged the tunnel

December 2009

Eurostar trains stranded in the tunnel due to condensation affecting the trains’ electrical hardware

In 1802, French mining engineer Albert Mathieu put forward a proposal to tunnel under the English Channel, with illumination from oil lamps, horse-drawn coaches, and an artificial island mid-Channel for changing horses.

In the 1830s, Frenchman Aim Thom de Gamond performed the first geological and hydrographical surveys on the Channel, between Calais and Dover. Thom de Gamond explored several schemes and, in 1856, he presented a proposal to Napoleon III for a mined railway tunnel from Cap Gris-Nez to Eastwater Point with a port/airshaft on the Varne sandbank at a cost of 170 million francs, or less than GB7 million.

Thom de Gamond’s 1856 plan for a cross-Channel link, with a port/airshaft on the Varne sandbank mid-Channel

In 1865, a deputation led by George Ward Hunt proposed the idea of a tunnel to the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the day, William Ewart Gladstone.

After 1867, William Low and Sir John Clarke Hawkshaw promoted ideas, but none were implemented. An official Anglo-French protocol was established in 1876 for a cross-Channel railway tunnel. In 1881, British railway entrepreneur Sir William Watkin and French Suez Canal contractor Alexandre Lavalley were in the Anglo-French Submarine Railway Company that conducted exploratory work on both sides of the Channel. On the English side a 2.13-metre (7 ft) diameter Beumont-English boring machine dug a 1,893-metre (6,211 ft) pilot tunnel from Shakespeare Cliff. On the French side, a similar machine dug 1,669 metres (5,476 ft) from Sangatte. The project was abandoned in May 1882, owing to British political and press campaigns advocating that a tunnel would compromise Britain’s national defences. These early works were encountered more than a century later during the TML project.

In 1955, defence arguments were accepted to be irrelevant because of the dominance of air power; thus, both the British and French governments supported technical and geological surveys. Construction work commenced on both sides of the Channel in 1974, a government-funded project using twin tunnels on either side of a service tunnel, with capability for car shuttle wagons. In January 1975, to the dismay of the French partners, the British government cancelled the project. The government had changed to the Labour Party and there was uncertainty about EC membership, cost estimates had ballooned to 200% and the national economy was troubled. By this time the British Priestly TBM was ready and the Ministry of Transport was able to do a 300 m experimental drive. This short tunnel would however be reused as the starting and access point for tunnelling operations from the British side.

In 1979, the “Mouse-hole Project” was suggested when the Conservatives came to power in Britain. The concept was a single-track rail tunnel with a service tunnel, but without shuttle terminals. The British government took no interest in funding the project, but Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said she had no objection to a privately funded project. In 1981 British and French leaders Margaret Thatcher and Franois Mitterrand agreed to set up a working group to look into a privately funded project, and in April 1985 promoters were formally invited to submit scheme proposals. Four submissions were shortlisted:

a rail proposal based on the 1975 scheme presented by Channel Tunnel Group/Franceanche (CTG/F),

Eurobridge: a 4.5 km span suspension bridge with a roadway in an enclosed tube

Euroroute: a 21 km tunnel between artificial islands approached by bridges, and

Channel Expressway: large diameter road tunnels with mid-channel ventilation towers.

The cross-Channel ferry industry protested under the name “Flexilink”. In 1975 there was no campaign protesting a fixed link, with one of the largest ferry operators (Sealink) being state-owned. Flexilink continued rousing opposition throughout 1986 and 1987. Public opinion strongly favoured a drive-through tunnel, but ventilation issues, concerns about accident management, and fear of driver mesmerisation led to the only shortlisted rail submission, CTG/F-M, being awarded the project.


A block diagram describing the organisation structure used on the project. Eurotunnel is the central organisation for construction and operation (via a concession) of the tunnel

The British Channel Tunnel Group consisted of two banks and five construction companies, while their French counterparts, Franceanche, consisted of three banks and five construction companies. The role of the banks was to advise on financing and secure loan commitments. On 2 July 1985, the groups formed Channel Tunnel Group/Franceanche (CTG/F). Their submission to the British and French governments was drawn from the 1975 project, including 11 volumes and a substantial environmental impact statement.

The design and construction was done by the ten construction companies in the CTG/F-M group. The French terminal and boring from Sangatte was undertaken by the five French construction companies in the joint venture group GIE Transmanche Construction. The English Terminal and boring from Shakespeare Cliff was undertaken by the five British construction companies in the Trankslink Joint Venture. The two partnerships were linked by TransManche Link (TML), a bi- national project organisation. The Matre d’Oeuvre was a supervisory engineering body employed by Eurotunnel under the terms of the concession that monitored project activity and reported back to the governments and banks.

In France, with its long tradition of infrastructure investment, the project garnered widespread approval and in April 1987 the French National Assembly gave unanimous support and, in June 1987, after a public inquiry, the Senate gave unanimous support. In Britain, select committees examined the proposal, making history by holding hearings outside of Westminster, in Kent. In February 1987, the third reading of the Channel Tunnel Bill took place in the House of Commons, and was carried by 94 votes to 22. The Channel Tunnel Act gained Royal assent and passed into English law in July of that year.

The Channel Tunnel is a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) project with a concession. TML would design and build the tunnel, but financing was through a separate legal entity: Eurotunnel. Eurotunnel absorbed CTG/F-M and signed a construction contract with TML; however, the British and French governments controlled final engineering and safety decisions. The British and French governments gave Eurotunnel a 55- (later 65-) year operating concession to repay loans and pay dividends. A Railway Usage Agreement was signed between Eurotunnel, British Rail and the Socit Nationale des Chemins de fer Franais guaranteeing future revenue in exchange for the railways obtaining half of the tunnel’s capacity.

Private funding for such a complex infrastructure project was of unprecedented scale. An initial equity of 45 million was raised by CTG/F-M, increased by 206 million private institutional placement, 770 million was raised in a public share offer that included press and television advertisements, a syndicated bank loan and letter of credit arranged 5 billion. Privately financed, the total investment costs at 1985 prices were 2600 million. At the 1994 completion actual costs were, in 1985 prices, 4650 million: an 80% cost overrun. The cost overrun was partly due to enhanced safety, security, and environmental demands. Financing costs were 140% higher than forecast.


Eleven tunnel boring machines, working from both sides of the Channel, cut through chalk marl to construct two rail tunnels and a service tunnel. The vehicle shuttle terminals are at Cheriton (part of Folkestone) and Coquelles, and are connected to the British and French motorways (M20 and A16 respectively).

Tunnelling commenced in 1988, and the tunnel began operating in 1994. In 1985 prices, the total construction cost was 4650 million (equivalent to 10152 million today), an 80% cost overrun. At the peak of construction 15,000 people were employed with daily expenditure over 3 million. Ten workers, eight of them British, were killed during construction between 1987 and 1993, most in the first few months of boring.


The Channel Tunnel was opened in Calais on 6 May 1994 by British Queen Elizabeth II and French President Franois Mitterrand

A small, two-inch (50-mm) diameter pilot hole allowed the service tunnel to break through without ceremony on 30 October 1990. On 1 December 1990, Englishman Graham Fagg and Frenchman Phillippe Cozette broke through the

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17 November, 2010

Real estate is a term that refers to land with houses, drainage, tree, etc or it could be an empty piece of land, where something could be build. The problem with real estate is that whenever someone invests in this field, he invests to get the profit, or invest in a place which would be beneficial to him in the future.  So people tend to choose the best places after careful observation, where their investments won’t hit a dead end. This article tells about the top 10 cities in Canada to buy the real estate.

Firstly; Calgary, this is the best city to buy a property in, because over the past two year the prices of the houses and the land has fallen, and made it affordable for people to buy the property, however, the new developments made are sure to raise the cost of the estate, thus investing in this city is quite profitable. Calgary’s strengths in producing food, fuel and fertilizer will boost its growth. Secondly; Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, Ont. Because it is not only seen as a new economic engine for Ontario but it will also out-perform the other major cities. Thirdly; Edmonton, this is famous because of its future potential. It is a growing market and would also be the main benefactor of energy development. Thus there would be improved infrastructure and high profits. Fourthly; Surrey B.C, because it is growing so fast industrially and infrastructure wise that it would soon become bigger than Vancouver. Moreover it’s a prime place for business, due to natural harbor, and good rail way lines, etc.

Fifthly; Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows, B.C. recently the infrastructure developments have made these town easily accessible and the cost of purchasing is very low yet and is expected to raise a lot over the next few years. Sixthly; Hamilton, Ont. It is in the top 10 cities because the city’s leadership, as well as local business owners, has transformed what was once a rough-and-tumble steel town to a city with economic vitality, diversification and population growth. Seventhly; St. Albert, Alta, is said to be the biggest benefactor of Edmonton ring road. So as the transportation facilities have improved, so people will more in to this city and along with that most of the offices will also move to the city thus raising the cost of the property and making it an ideal place to buy some land. Eighthly; Barrie & Orillia, Ont. these used to be just cottage countries , but now the  new universities that are opening up here and the way the development is taking place and people are moving in, soon the prices are expected to rise.

Ninthly;  Red Deer, Alta. This city is famous because it has a lot of hidden opportunities and in the near future when the developments start to take place then this land could turn out to be a gold mine. Tenthly; Winnipeg, it’s an average city, it doesn’t boom up like other cities but it doesn’t get slummed like other cities so it’s ideal place to buy some expensive property, as there is more of a chance of profitability than loss.  

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Beautiful St.Albert Erin Ridge 2 storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home, ideal for a family of any size. Contemporary decor and an open concept design sets this stunning two storey apart. Along with an oversized kitchen paired with a deck off the back, this home offers a manicured ample sized lawn and hotub to easily accommodate all of your family gatherings. Take advantage of Erin Ridge’s close proximity to local shopping, schools, playgrounds and community centers. Call Michael Gibson today to book a showing or to receive additional information @ 780 224 0044 or via email at MLS#: Thank you for looking. CONTACT US @: Michael Gibson RE/MAX Elite 780 224 0044
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09 November, 2010

An ancient Spanish monastery, spiritualist camp, castle made entirely of coral, undersea lodge, bat tower, seven mile bridge, Navy SEAL museum and other unique curiosities can all be found in the Sunshine State for those travelers who like to stray off the beaten path. Below are 50 of the most offbeat attractions in Florida:

African Queen – Key Largo, Florida

The marina at the Holiday Inn Key Largo (Mile Marker 100) is home to the original boat used in the classic 1951 movie, The African Queen, which was directed by legendary director John Huston and starred Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Huston and Robert Morley.

Ancient Spanish Monastery – North Miami Beach, Florida

Built in Segovia, Spain, in 1141, the Spanish Monastery is the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere. Newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst, had the entire monastery dismantled and sent to the United States in the 1920s where it serves today as St. Bernard de Clairvaux Episcopal Church.

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida

The world’s largest big cat rescue and sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue is home to lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats, ocelots, servals, lynx, caracals and other exotic cats. Guided educational tours of Big Cat Rescue are available.

Blue Hole – Big Pine Key, Florida

The largest body of fresh water in the Florida Keys, the Blue Hole is an old rock quarry created during the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway, according to legend. Today, the Blue Hole is home to alligators, turtles, fish, ducks and a variety of wading birds. The Blue Hole is located at Mile Marker 30.5 (bayside).

Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum – Jupiter, Florida

A monument to actor Burt Reynolds’ massive ego, the Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum contains a collection of awards and memorabilia from his movie and TV career.

Butterfly World – Coconut Creek, Florida

One of South Florida’s top tourist destinations, Butterfly World is the world’s largest butterfly aviary – home to more than 80 butterfly species and 5,000 butterflies.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp – Cassadaga, Florida

A Historic Spiritualist Camp founded in 1894, Cassadaga is the oldest active religious community in the Southeastern United States and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Christ of the Deep – Key Largo, Florida

The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, “America’s First Undersea Park,” is home to the famous nine-foot-tall bronze “Christ of the Deep” statue, which lies 25 feet beneath the ocean in the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary.

Citrus Tower – Clermont, Florida

Although these days you will definitely view more subdivisions than citrus trees, you can still ride the elevator to an observation deck 226 feet above the rolling hills of Clermont for a spectacular glimpse of the surrounding area.

Coral Castle – Homestead, Florida

How did one individual endeavor to procure and sculpt more than 1,100 tons of coral rock into a “fantasy world carved out of stone” using only homemade tools? The secrets still lie within Coral Castle, “America’s Stonehenge,” the bizarre masterpiece of obsessive genius Ed Leedskalnin, which was built over a 28-year period.

Creations Pop Culture Museum – Delray Beach, Florida

A variety of incredible exhibits await you at Creations Pop Culture Museum, which features tons of Hollywood movie and TV memorabilia.

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park – Gainesville, Florida

A National Natural Landmark, Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park boasts a 120-foot-deep sinkhole that is accessible from a stairway leading to a lush, “miniature rain forest.” The premises include a visitors center and hiking trails.

Dinosaur World – Plant City, Florida

A unique outdoor museum, Dinosaur World is billed as the “world’s largest dinosaur attraction.” Highlights include life-size dinosaur replicas, caves, hands-on activities, fossil dig area, educational exhibits, gift shop and more.

Dry Tortugas National Park – Key West, Florida

About 70 miles West of Key West lies Dry Tortugas National Park, which is home to historic Fort Jefferson. Dry Tortugas National Park is accessible only by boat, ferry or seaplane.

Flipper’s Grave – Grassy Key, Florida

Grassy Key in the Florida Keys is home to the Dolphin Research Center, which also serves as the final resting place for the original “Flipper” (real name: Mitzi), the most famous dolphin in film and TV history. Mitzi is buried in the Center’s courtyard.

Gatorland – Orlando, Florida

Billed as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” Gatorland features such lively shows as the world-famous Gator Jumparoo, Jungle Crocs of the World, Gator Wrestlin’ Show and Up Close Animal Encounters, as well as the Gator Gully Splash Park, petting zoo, aviary, train ride and more.

Holy Land Experience – Orlando, Florida

A “living, biblical history museum,” Holy Land Experience allows visitors to meet interesting biblical characters in authentic costumes, view a fascinating collection of antiquities and expore the ancient architecture of biblical Jerusalem.

Jackie Gleason’s Mausoleum – Miami, Florida

An immense outdoor mauseoleum at the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Cemetery in Miami serves as the final resting place for Jackie Gleason, who will always be remembered for his role as Ralph Kramden in “The Honeymooners.” The only inscription on the mausoleum is Gleason’s signature parting lines: “And Away We Go.”

Jesus Film Project – Orlando, Florida

The two-hour docudrama, Jesus, has been viewed by approximately 5 billion people around the world since making its debut in 1979. Learn all about the “most widely viewed film in history” at the Jesus Film Project’s master studio, which is located at the World Headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge – Key Largo, Florida

The only underwater hotel in the United States, Jules’ Undersea Lodge lies approximately 30 feet beneath the sea and guests have to scuba dive to reach the two-bedroom habitat.

Jungle Adventures – Christmas, Florida

A 20-acre wildlife sanctuary, Jungle Adventures is home to alligators, bears, deer, bobcats, panthers, crocodiles, monkeys, snakes and turtles. View alligator feedings and wildlife shows, take a jungle cruise and visit a Native American Village.

Key West Cemetery – Key West, Florida

Opened in 1847, the historic Key West Cemetery is home to a monument for sailors who died during the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in 1898, as well as a number of quirky inscriptions such as “I Told You I Was Sick” and “Devoted Fan of Julio Iglesias.”

Monkey Jungle – Miami, Florida

Visit Monkey Jungle – “Where Humans are Caged and Monkeys Run Wild!” One of the few protected habitats for endangered primates in the country, Monkey Jungle is home to more than 400 primates that run free on a 30-acre reserve. A total of 30 primate species are represented here such as spider monkeys, colobus, gibbons and guenons.

Monument to the States – Kissimmee, Florida

Begun in 1942, the 50-foot-tall Monument to the States lies in downtown Kissimmee and consists of more than 1,500 fossils and rocks from every state, as well as more than 20 countries.

Mulberry Phosphate Museum – Mulberry, Florida

Mulberry is known as the “Phosphate Capital of the World” and the Mulberry Phosphate Museum features an incredible colleciton of fossils and exhibits that document the town’s role in the phosphate industry.

National Key Deer Refuge – Big Pine Key, Florida

A 8,542-acre National Wildlife Refuge that lies on Big Pine Key and No Name Key in the Florida Keys, the National Key Deer Refuge serves as the home of the endangered Key Deer, as well as nearly two dozen other threatened and endangered plant and animal species.

Navy SEAL Museum – Fort Pierce, Florida

The Navy SEAL Museum is the world’s only museum dedicated exclusively to “the elite warriors of Naval Special Warfare.”

Old Jail – St. Augustine, Florida

The entire family will enjoy a guided tour through this 1891 jail, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse – St. Augustine, Florida

Built in the early 1700s and located near the famous St. Augustine City Gates, the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse contains a variety of unique artifacts and displays.

Perky’s Bat Tower – Sugarloaf Key, Florida

Built in 1929 by Florida Keys entrepreneur, Richter Perky, as a way to attract mosquito-eating bats, Perky’s Bat Tower never attracted any bats but today it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Potter’s Wax Museum – St. Augustine, Florida

Billed as “America’s first and finest wax museum,” Potter’s wax museum is nestled in historic St. Augustine and features more than 160 wax figures of such celebrities and historical figures as Albert Einstein, Julius Caesar, Tiger Woods, Princess Diana, Michael Jordan, Johnny Depp and even a bald Britney Spears!

Reptile World Serpentarium – St. Cloud, Florida

The Reptile World Serpentarium houses more than 50 species of snakes from all over the world such

Stony Plain – Willow Park Homes For Sale – Stony Plain – Willow Park Real Estate Foreclosures

07 November, 2010

Did you know there are more than 10 Dodge dealers in the Edmonton region?

What’s the big difference in between them?

They all stock the exact same stock, made by the identical men and women, on the same assembly lines, in the identical plants.

They all shell out specifically the very same wholesale cost to the manufacturer.

They all give the very same financing alternatives from the very same banks.

They all offer for about the very same value.

They all promote to the exact same individuals.

All the shops look fairly a lot the very same, inside and out.

All the vehicles and trucks search the exact same, simply because they are, precisely the very same.

So… you’re purchasing a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler

1 spot to commence may be speaking to other folks who have buy from the dealer or dealers you are considering. Search online for testimonials. Request the seller for referrals. You would never contemplate heading to a Medical doctor or Dentist without initial speaking to somebody who understands them, choosing a vehicle seller must be no diverse.
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Getting a vehicle is the 2nd most important purchase most Albertans make. I meet folks each and every week who share tales of how they rushed into a purchase determination at some level in their life and regretted it later. Best assistance I can give is to just sluggish down.

I don’t count on any person to get from my enterprise prior to I have earned their believe in. If you uncover oneself in a scenario in which you experience pressured to “indication on the line” run, don’t walk, to the exit. Rest on it. The offer will still be there in the early morning.

Oh, by the way, in scenario you are asking yourself how I assemble have confidence in with my consumers, when asked a query, I am completely candid, even when I know what I am stating could not be common.

To be clear,

Bottom line; when deciding which seller to go with, do your study, take your time, request loads of queries and don’t allow any individual discuss you into purchasing far more automobile than you want or require.

Here is a checklist of the 10+ Edmonton place Dodge Dealers:

1. Sherwood Park Dodge

2. Grove Dodge

3. Excellent West Chrysler

4. Derrick Dodge

5. Money Jeep

six. Londonderry Dodge

7. Southtown Chrysler

8. Crosstown Chrysler

9. St. Albert Dodge

10. Stony Plain Chrysler

eleven. Leduc Chrysler

twelve. Crystal Chrysler

Are all Dodge dealers in Edmonton the similar?

Indeed, the dealerships are the same. The only variation will be their enterprise philosophy and the men and women who function there.

Scott Held
Are There Actually ten Edmonton Place Dodge Dealers and Are They All the Similar?


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