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25 June, 2011

This is a recording of Airdrie Transit #3700. This bus is one of three that are part of the intercity transit express fleet operating between Airdrie and Calgary. The recording starts in the Sierra Springs area at the south end of Airdrie and finishes shortly after merging onto southbound Highway 2 bound for downtown Calgary. Engine: Cummins ISL Transmission: Allison B500R
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11 January, 2011

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09 January, 2011

Villaluenga del Rosario Llanos del Republicano Puerto del Correo Llanos de Libar Otro domingo que toca madrugar un poco mas que el anterior, porque esta vez el desayuno lo vamos ha hacer antes de iniciar el viaje hacia Villaluenga. Dificultad de la Ruta: Baja, media y alta es decir completita tenemos de todo. El tiempo lo teníamos a nuestro favor, temperatura agradable y nublado, parecía que podía llover, cosa que al final no lo hizo y nos lucio por la tarde un agradable sol. Nada mas comenzar nos encontramos con un tramo encementado para que los vehículos circulen sin dificultad y con pendiente, que se hace un poco larga. Eso si nos ofrece que de vez en cuando nos volvamos y podamos contemplar las magnificas vistas de Villanuenga y de la Sierra del Caillo. El camino esta bien señalizado, y una vez finalizada la subida cruzamos un bosque de pinos, y podemos contemplar los picos de la Sierra de Líbar, a lo largo del camino podemos ver alcornoques, encinar, quejigos, etc. Conforme vamos descendiendo podemos contemplar los Llanos del Republicano, es conveniente detenerse unos minutos y contemplarlos, vale la pena. Pues bien antes de entrar tenemos que cruzar una valla, junto a un poste informativo de la junta de Andalucía sobre la ganadería en el parque natural. Los Llanos del Republicano son unas enormes llanuras entre la Sierra Peralto y Sierra de Líbar. Sorprende este lugar por resultar extraño su situación, rodeado de cotas que superan los 1.000 m de altitud y por la
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09 January, 2011

A sound foundation for machinery and equipment industry in Shunde

Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is one of Shunde eight pillar industries, machinery and equipment industry this year, Shunde, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, went on the attack, continuous exhibitors 56 Member major domestic and international professional exhibition, so that not only expanded the horizons of member companies also created many opportunities for business and bring large orders, Shunde, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry cluster effect has become more apparent, thus contributing to Shunde rapid development of machinery and equipment industry into the fast lane.

At present, Shunde, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, by application area is mainly ceramic machinery, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, pressure machinery, glass machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, construction and building materials machinery, telecommunications cable equipment, and mold processing, surface treatment machinery ancillary industries. Shunde has become over the years as home appliances, furniture and other industries, so this relies on the machinery manufacturing industry has developed into a full range of categories, technical reserves and the development efforts was marked by an industry.

Shunde show machinery and equipment for the development of obvious structural features, and has formed a certain cluster effect. Has formed a woodworking machinery, pressure machinery, plastics machinery industry as the leading characteristics of the three market share in Guangdong accounted for 60%, 40% and 30%, a leader in Guangdong. Layout in the enterprise, it initially presents industry clusters, industry and trade linkage, the whole industry, manufacturing and supporting midfielder welcome.

Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is second only to household appliances, electronic information after the third pillar industry of Shunde, and has its own characteristics have been established to plastic molding equipment, forging machinery, building materials machinery, ceramic machinery, woodworking machinery, power transmission and distribution , transport machinery, mold manufacturing, and other modern equipment manufacturing as the mainstay in the industry has considerable influence.

Increasingly prominent cluster effect

Shunde District, attached great importance to the development of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. District Government in 2005 introduced the “on the promotion of mechanical equipment and mold manufacturing Development of opinions”, and “on the implementation of the” 333 “Industrial Development Strategy view”, the Shunde mechanical equipment and tooling to support the development of the manufacturing sector as a priority area one of the industries.

Shunde machinery and equipment industry in the government support and support of the rapid pace of development in recent years, industry cluster effect been concentrated in several professional exhibitions in the manifest. Every year, China (Chencun) machine tools and rubber exhibition, the International Woodworking Machinery (Shunde) Fair, and the never ending cis Alliance International Machinery City, London International Woodworking Machinery Mall of radiation, so that machinery and equipment industry in Shunde line to become quite influential professional exhibition brand. What is more amazing is that people in the Shunde machinery and equipment manufacturers also create a number of the nation. If Shunde Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. has independently developed the “HHP14 hydraulic hammer” is China’s first with independent intellectual property rights of hydraulic piling hammer, and can replace imported products, the hydraulic hammer, diesel hammer is in the South China leadership and dominance. Guangdong Keda Electric Co., Ltd. produced the first Chinese ceramics Calibrating machine, the first ceramics polishing lines, the first ceramic glaze polishing machinery and equipment, the first 7,800 tons the largest fully automatic hydraulic press, a China’s largest professional production of complete sets of ceramic processing machinery and equipment manufacturers.

“Provincial base” for the machinery and equipment industry in Shunde winged

As Shunde has a strong industrial base, improve the science and technology innovation system, good science and technology innovation service system, the superior advantages of the policy environment, and human resources, machinery and equipment industry base province also selected in August this year, Shunde. Thus the development of Shunde machinery and equipment industry to provide a more favorable development opportunity.

Shunde machinery and equipment industry, according to Chamber of Commerce said, “machinery and equipment industry base in Guangdong Province Development Plan” proposed, Shunde machinery and equipment manufacturing to the Pearl River Delta over the past passive adaptation to the demand for light industrial, into active guide and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of other updating of the leading industry to develop. As a province of machinery technology and innovation platform will be based in Guangdong Shunde machinery and equipment industry, and services for the Pan-Pearl River Delta, technical innovation, and promote the upgrading of machinery and equipment industry, promoting technological progress and improving machinery and equipment industry’s international competitiveness.

Jiyue Industrial Zone in Shunde in the same time, the focus of building the International Woodworking Machinery Industrial Park, London, Chencun international pressure machinery market and industrial parks, large benign plastics machinery market and plastics production machinery and equipment Industrial Park, Shunde High-tech Industrial Development Zone and other machinery Equipment Group Economic Zone, Shunde, machinery and equipment industry to be able to get a more attractive environment in leaps and bounds. It is reported that the Chamber of Commerce has set up more than 50 had grown to more than 100 now, growing scale enterprise development, especially in the private machinery and equipment manufacturing growth rate is alarming, machinery and equipment industry is becoming Shunde Economy rapid development of “a triad.”

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about reed relay , pcb relay.

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07 January, 2011

The world’s highest summit, Mount Everest lies above sea level at 8,848 meters or 29,029 feet in the mountain range of Himalayas on the Sagarmatha zone at the Nepal-Tibet (China) border. The peak is also known as Sagarmatha and Chomolungma in Nepali and Chinese respectively meaning ‘goddess of the sky’ and ‘mother goddess of the universe’. The world’s highest mountain attracts various renowned and highly experienced mountaineers and climbers from all around the globe. Since 1953 to date, several successful ascents and records have been made by climbers of different countries as the mountain poses no technical climbing difficulty through its standard routes as compared to death zones of eight thousanders such as K2 or Nanga Parbat. However, yet the underlying dangers of high altitude and freezing weather have caused several unsuccessful attempts and deaths of mountaineers.

By estimation, there have been 4,102 ascents to the Mount Everest crown by about 2,700 climbers by the end of climbing season of year 2008, whereas till 2009 records have claimed 216 deaths out of which many corpses have not been recovered from the slopes and are still visible from the standard climbing routes. One of the inherent dangers is the high altitude, which leads to a decrease in oxygen content in the air significantly. The lower atmospheric pressure and decreased oxygen makes climbing difficult and exhausting. Also, the temperature is several degrees below freezing and can result in frostbite or frostnip of any organ that is exposed to the weather. Even then, many hardcore climbers and novice mountaineers gets attracted by the magnanimity of Mount Everest and pay significant sums of money to experienced guides in order to fulfill there dream of a successful ascent by climbing Mount Everest.

The height of the mountain was first recorded by the ‘British India Great Trigonometric Survey’ in 1856. The mountain was then named as Peak XV and later in 1865 it was given its official name ‘Mount Everest’ by the Royal Geographical Society on the name of its former head, Sir George Everest. Chomolungma or Sagarmatha had been in common use by local people of Tibet and Nepal for centuries and still is used by its traditional old name picturing its glory and resplendence. According to a calculation made by world’s foremost mountain cartographer of Boston Museum of Science, Professor Brad Washburn, and his team recorded that the earth’s highest elevation for Everest is actually seven feet higher than the former recordings. This made the official height of the summit as 8850m/29,035ft. He had also employed the latest high tech radar and global positioning satellite technology to come up with the most accurate details of the height, on top and underneath the snow cap on the summit.

The team had also determined that the mountains in the Himalayan range are still growing higher every year, this is because of the movement of earth plates giving a rise of about 2.4 inches or up to 6cm per year. This growth rate is twice as fast as previously considered.  Though this elevation rate doesn’t impart substantial increase but if pay a thought then one can be bedazzled by the calculation that in the last three thousand years the mountains have risen more than a mile into the higher reaches of the earth’s ambience. And if the Mount Everest is considered to be formed 60 million years ago according to mountain cartographic records, then it’s today’s height is because of these yearly elevations of earth’s plates.

Whether the magnanimity of Mount Everest is due to its ever-going millions of years’ small elevations or because of its natural crest, the summit is mystifying for different people of different thoughts.

For more information on Mount Everest please pay a visit to Mount Everest The British Story.


If you want to catch up on all the latest news related to mountain climbing, rock climbing and bouldering please visit Climbing News.




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03 January, 2011

– This is written as a result of dealing with people around the world who get questioned by the police officials regarding various events. Whether or not these people are guilty is not the point of this writing. The point is to show how foolish it is to talk to the law enforcement officials in most countries where there is still something left of a constitution or justice system.

To convict you and/or someone else. They do not come to talk in order to exonerate people. The prosecutors in the USA have no legal need to make any efforts to collect evidence that would exonerate you of any guilt. This they call exculpatory evidence. They do have a legal requirement to make the defense aware of any evidence that they did get possession of that would exonerate the accused, but they do not have to go out and see if they can collect evidence to show that the accused is innocent.

They are there to convict the accused and that is the long and short of it. Do not be confused with the morality of not convicting the innocent so the law continues to look for the guilty. I never heard of any law enforcement official promoted for proving the innocent to be innocent. They do get promoted for convictions. A conviction is a conviction, is a conviction, period.

She went to jail for lying to a Federal Officer. She was not convicted of what the police went to discuss with her. If you erroneously make an incorrect statement to a Federal Officer then you are guilty of the felony of lying to Federal Law Enforcement Officer. It is incumbent on you to prove in court if charged, that this error was made as an innocent mistake. This would be after tens of thousands of legal bills and months if not years of being in the criminal justice system. Now if you refuse to talk to the law enforcement officers then you have removed yourself from any chance of being arrested for lying to a Federal Officer. Right here you have sufficient grounds to never talk to them. Martha Stewart tried to talk her way out of it.

The police are not there to see if you are guilty or innocent. They are there to “clear cases” or get convictions. All they care about is what they can convict you of. You need to understand this. If there is no questioning (you refuse to talk to them) then there is no going somewhere else with their investigation as a result of you really things not beneficial to you that they would have otherwise been unaware of. If Martha Stewart just said “No” to their questioning she would not have gone to jail.

If the police had a case against you with evidence, they really have to arrest you. To not do so is unusual, irregular and can cause problems for the police later on. Lets say you repeat the crime while they delayed arresting you and it gets out that they were stalling. They would be in trouble and possibly sued by the subsequent victims. To not arrest you can be construed as corruption, obstruction of justice, dereliction of duty amongst other things. The point of this is if the police had evidence of you being guilty of a crime they would not come and chat about it with you.

They would arrest you, read you your rights, take you into custody and then they would start working on you from a position of strength in that you are in custody. Even if you do get arrested never ever talk to them. Just keep asking for your lawyer. Admit to nothing, deny nothing, have no conversations about anything. Just shut up and wait for your lawyer. No police person is your friend and they are not trying to help you in any way. Many times the police think they have a case, make an arrest and the prosecutor kicks it out later. They may have enough probable cause for an arrest but yet at the same time lack the evidence to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So they try to arrest you and then scare you into talking knowing their charges are garbage.

Ok so if the police are coming to chat with you, discuss documents, motives, allegations, money matters, etc it is ONLY to gain more evidence against you. They are not trying to exonerate you. They very well may be trying to find out if you had any conspirators and then charge several people collectively with the crime plus conspiracy. They love multiple defendants so they can get them to pleas bargain against each other for lesser sentences. This is their main modus operandi. Law enforcement agencies are conviction driven agencies. No one counts how many times they cleared an innocent person and this is not what promotions are based on.

When they developed DNA tests many people got out of jail because it was proven by DNA testing they did not do the crime. Many of these people were sitting in jail for decades. Police will railroad people lots of times simply because they can. When the police come to talk to you they are trying to get more evidence or more probable cause for subpoenas, search warrants, depositions of yourself and/or others etc. This will assist them in building a case. If they seem to not understand say a financial transaction they have a record of, do not explain it even if you think you are innocent of what they suspect and can explain it. You may unknowingly be guilty of something else you do not even know is a crime.

Do not talk to them. Do say let me call my lawyer. Say I do not wish to talk to you at all. Do not be intimidated by their threats of arrest etc. If they could arrest you they would have already done so. Understanding the financial transaction is their problem, not yours. They have nothing or they would have arrested you. Do not assist them. When the police arrest you they know you are going to be represented by counsel and their games are over at that point. If they have evidence they do not care and will arrest you. Your explanation will not be of interest if they have hard evidence. Tell it to the judge is what they will say.

Let’s say you do convince the police of this, it could happen, anything is possible. The police cannot come into court and testify that you said so and so and they believe you are innocent. This would be excluded as hear say evidence by the prosecution. Even if you got the police won over the prosecutor would not allow this into court. Forget trying to get the police to be your ally.

These are the rage now due to failing real estate markets and stock markets. The charge is usually fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. They seem to be based on loan applications in general. The person walks away from the real estate and the bank takes a hit. Then the bank reviews the credit application and sees things it does not like. Can be what they perceive to be overstated income, understated operating expenses, overstated assets, and overstated appraisals whatever. They try to create a criminal case and file complaints under city, county, state or federal laws. Next you find out your business associates, friends, neighbors and relatives are being contacted by law enforcement officers discussing you and your business dealings. You see bank and financial records get subpoenaed. Eventually they come and talk to you. Never talk to them. They are talking to you because they do not have enough to arrest you and are fishing for more. Ignore them 100%. Do not give them any documents at all. They will charge you if they get enough evidence. Do assist them by talking to them or giving them anything. If they are talking to your friends, relatives and business associates then rest assured there is a good chance you will be indicted. If you think you may have overstated something or understate something regarding loan applications then get ready for a criminal case based on current trends (April 2009). Go start interviewing criminal lawyers right away. Do not wait to see what happens, go right now and start getting expert advice.

You will be formally arrested. The authorities will probably not be polite and not ask you to come in for booking, you might flee. They will view you the same as an armed robber or thief. You will be booked. Possibly you will be released on your own recognizance. You may need to post bond. If it is Federal crime expect your passport to be taken. Your real estate will have the title clouded by liens. Your banks accounts will be have liens as well. You will have to report to something like a probation officer until the trial is over. You will have to ask for permission to access your money and they will control how much you can get to spend. They are not going to let you spend your money on lawyers; they want your money to cover their prosecution expenses.

You will not be allowed to leave the USA. You will see that you are guilty until proven innocent. The Federal system is designed to get you to plead guilty and take a plea with some jail time. State, City and County prosecutions tend to be easier to deal with. Local law enforcement agencies and local prosecutors do not have the budgets that the Federal Government has. They need to watch their expenses. All prosecutors like to pursue cases where there is a reasonable chance of recovering money to cover their costs of the prosecution.

This is a trend we have seen in recent years. The investigation times tend to be in the two-year range from the time the person first learns of the investigation until criminal charges are filed. Usually it starts with subpoenas being filed for financial institution records and computers. Then people will be calling telling how they were interviewed about you. If there is hard evidence against you, you may be charged as the only defendant. We see a whole lot of cases where there are a number of people charged at the same time. Can be up to dozens. After a few months what you will see is defendants pleading guilty in a plea bargain.

After they plead they go to a debriefing hearing with the prosecutors and criminal

Oakridge Estates Homes For Sale – Oakridge Estates Real Estate Foreclosures

01 January, 2011
Oakridge Estates
by LS Lam

We would like to present ‘Westside Detached Stat Package’ for the week of .

This detached market on the Westside continued to perform well below seasonal norms as the recent recovery in the attached and apartment markets due to better financing and economic conditions has not yet reached the higher-end housing market on the Westside.  New listings moved from new detached active listings in the to .  Attached and condominium markets tend to be what we refer to as ‘early indicators’, which should lead to further improvements in the detached market as 2009 continues.   Kitsilano and Kerrisdale have notably seen a drop in both listing, and sales activity as property transaction velocity has fallen off notably in relation to previous years.  The good news for sellers is that there is not a whole lot of competition at the moment; especially in the mid-grade ,000,000 – ,500,000 price range which includes many homes in the 2300-2600 blocks north of W 4th Avenue.  Buyer competition remains active in these areas, and thus it may be a solid time to consider listing your home if you have been thinking about proceeding with a sale.  Please note if your neighbourhood is not included in the weekly list it indicates there were new listings in your area for that period.

The new detached active listings on the Westside were distributed as follows:

Arbutus () : 5
Cambie () : 4
Dunbar () : 5
Fairview () : 1
Kerrisdale () : 6
Kitsilano () : 6
MacKenzie Heights () : 2
Marpole () : 6
Oakridge () : 2
Point Grey () : 8
Quilchena () : 4
South Cambie () : 3
South Granville () : 9
Southlands () : 4
Shaughnessy () : 5
S.W. Marine () : 4
University () : 2

total detached listings on the Westside from

This past week there were in the Vancouver West Region. Please note if your neighbourhood is not included in the weekly list it indicates there were sales in your area for that period.

The detached sold listings on the Westside were distributed as follows:

Arbutus () : 8
Cambie () : 2
Dunbar () : 5
Kerrisdale () : 1
Kitsilano () : 1
MacKenzie Heights () : 4
Marpole () : 3
Point Grey () : 7
Quilchena () : 1
South Cambie () : 2
South Granville () : 5
Shaughnessy () : 3
S.W. Marine () : 2
Southlands () : 2

detached sales onfrom

If you are interested in more detailed breakdowns of sales versus listing ratios for your area please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! And remember to visit for even more real estate updates and info!

Westside resident? Check out for information, and news specific to your neighbourhood!

Matthew Keevil is an accredited commodities and real estate analyst working out of the RE/MAX Select Properties offices in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Oakridge Estate, once home to film legend Barbara Stanwyck and later Jack Oakie, is one of the last estates from Hollywood’s “Golden Age” left in the San Fernando Valley Suburb of Northridge. USC, who owns the property, wants to sell it to a developer who will more than likely tear down the landmark. Phil Donohue, of, gets a first hand look at the property, through somewhat questionable means. Will he make it out alive?! Probably, but what he sees, you will soon never forget, or something like that.
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01 January, 2011

me and luke were jus chillen and decided to film a lil nothing cool jus fun
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30 December, 2010

The Lincoln Park Golf Course, consists of two 18-hole courses that are maintained in tournament condition. If you want to play the way the legends of golf do, you’ve got to experience the East and West courses at the . Steve Carson serves as the Director of Golf, while Jim Wood is Superintendent.

The West course is an 18-hole 6,576-yard par-71 course, designed by Randy Heckenkemper and opened in 1921. It has received a rating of 70.1 while the slope rating on Bermuda grass is 122. The East course is another 18-hole course. This 6,535-yard par-70 course is rated 70 with a 120 slope rating on Bermuda grass. Randy Heckenkemper designed the course that opened in 2008. The West course particularly offers a real test of golfing skills, while the East course offers a test plus great fun.

Visitors to the Lincoln Park Golf Course’s West course have heaped praises on the experience it offers. It features a great layout and tough greens. Once you’ve played at the West course you’d want to come back for more action.

If you’re an avid golfer and visiting Oklahoma City, you need to check out the Lincoln Park Golf club. Experience true golfing at the well-maintained tournament trim West and East courses, and gain valuable experience that’s surely beneficial whether you’re a professional or an amateur.

offer shuttle services to all important destinations in the city, including the Lincoln Park Golf Course.

Hotels Oklahoma City – The Bricktown Hotel and Convention Center is one of the finest hotels in Oklahoma City and is located only 1.5 miles from Downtown’s Bricktown center. OKC hotels offer shuttle services to Lincoln Park Golf Course.

Linkin Park In The End Warner Bros. Records Directed by Nathan “Karma” Cox & Mr. Hahn

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28 December, 2010

is a very rapidly growing city, an impressive notion about Atlanta; however, is the ability to really keep “green” in mind. Although there isn’t much park space in Atlanta, trees are very important here, they’ve planted over 68,000 trees. When visiting Atlanta, a few things you may want to view are: The bank of America plaza, which is the 3rd tallest building in the US, the Atlanta aquarium, which is th elargest in the world, and one of many, many museums.

isn’t really known for their buildings or parks, but rather the people who live there, Austinites are known to be people of the best personalities. Austin is really proud to honor small businesses and focuses on trying to keep large Company’s from taking over.

was an early trend starter by being the first American city to open a public school, a college, and a subway system. Since then, with over 250,000 college students attending colleges of art, technology, music, fine arts, etc… Boston has become one of the main educational hubs in America.

 has the world’s tallest skyline. Chicago has a vast amount of architectural style throughout the city; however, including high rise towers, low rise towers, and single family homes.

is a very diverse city; it isn’t a city you could categorize as having any specific style. Many city streets are mixed with older Victorian homes to newer modernized homes and everything in between. In the list of 20 worlds tallest Dallas comes in number fifteen.

has a real sense of originality, a large portion of the city has been around since WWII, and therefore there are a lot of buildings made of brick. Even many of the newer homes being built in and around Denver are trying to recreate the feeling and appearance of old neighborhoods.

something very unique and brilliantly planned about Houston is the fact that they’ve built tunnels and skywalks filled with shops and restaurants that connect from building to building. This was planned very well considering it saves people from walking in the extreme weather conditions of Houston.

is one of a kind! First of all it has the brightest skyline, but the buildings that make it up are what make this city a true gem. Brilliant architecture takes place here, mini cities, such as little Italy, little New York, etc… from all over are what makes up the biggest little city ever.

as the only major American city to be bisected by mountains, another interesting fact is that all of the neighborhoods that it’s divided into, many of them used to be individual towns until the growth of Los Angeles blended them all together. Los Angeles is known to have the most landmarks in one city alone.

the cleanest city in the USA is known for much more than just that. Miami is worldly known for Finance, International trade, and Cruise Departures, not to mention the beautiful beaches. Another appealing thing would definitely be the diverse housing. Miami is home to many single and two-storey homes, as well as many high rise residential towers, and the infamous Coconut Grove where you would find beautiful historic homes and estates dating back as far as 1825. This is also where you would City Hall.

Due to the great amount of water from lakes, rivers, creeks, and waterfalls to the arts and theatre aspect that Minneapolis is known for, it’s really no wonder why people from everywhere are calling Minneapolis one of the “coolest” places to live.

What is there to say about the capital of Tennessee? Other than what it’s known for, which is Music; Nashville has a beautiful skyline of Downtown. It’s a short skyline with only a few glass skyscrapers towering over the shorter brick building, and overlooking the Cumberland River, makes this a truly distinctive looking city.

Some of the nicknames given to New York are very fitting such as The Big Apple or The City That Never Sleeps, because it really is the big apple, a city made up of a vast amount of park space and beaches, nicely blended into one of the largest cities in the world, it’s incredible to find so many attributes in one place. New York is known worldwide for their skyscrapers, having more in the city than any other in the world. Most of the homes you will find here will be row homes made of brick and stone

As the home of some of America’s most expensive neighborhoods, with so many tourist attractions, beaches, parks, and open spaces for outdoor recreation it’s no wonder that Orange County is a major tourist destination. Much of Orange County has kept it’s 1950’s image.

Is in general, an older city, with most of it’s housing being of the 20th century or older. The most common type of housing found here would be the Row House. The buildings found in the downtown area and throughout the rest of Philadelphia are of all different construction, from log to brick, and steel & concrete buildings to glass & granite skyscrapers. Philadelphia is definitely a must see for historians.

Is a dessert city, it’s very brown from the land to the buildings, as lots of brick and stone are used here. A couple groups of people that frequent Phoenix would be those who golf, and those in the technology business, as it is a technical hub. Phoenix is home to many large company headquarters.

Some people would call Portland Volcano City due to the fact that it is locate don a volcano field and surrounded by volcanoes; you are able to see Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens from Portland. A truly unique feature in the design of the city is that you can find suburban neighborhoods and farm homes within the same city blocks as each other. One thing that they’ve focused on when planning out the city is making it pedestrian friendly, which they have been able to achieve by making narrower streets.

Is a very historic city, with buildings as old as 1923. Raleigh is a separated city, by which I mean it’s divided into parts as many cities are, but each part here is generalized. Old Raleigh is what it says it is, very historic, East and West Raleigh is suburban homes, North is newly built homes, South is home to few houses, and Southeast ahs some of everything from new developments to poor inner-city homes.

Is a much desired place to live. It has a very beautiful skyline, due to the different types and styles of buildings. All in one place you could find very modern glass and articulately designed buildings, old historic buildings, buildings made of stone, brick, and even bridges you see here stand out in a crowd. It’s truly magnificent to see such diversity all blended together in one place.

 Is a tourist haven; it sees much tourism every year, with so many tourist destinationsand the beauty of the city from beaches and even the beautiful weather. San Diego’s port also brings many tourists in on the cruise ships.

There are some things about San Francisco that don’t need to be mentioned because San Francisco has become very known for particular things. These would have to include The infamous Golden Gate Bridge, which you can view from most beaches, Cable cars are also a known means of transportation, and of course another famous viewpoint would be Nob Hill, one of the steepest known hills, and of course Fisherman’s Wharf. This is just to name a few, San Francisco has definitely made a name for itself.

It’s a given that cities such as Seattle with it’s port is going to bring in much tourism, but something you may not know, is the residents of Seattle are generally quite laid back, some would blame this on the relaxing surroundings such as the ocean views and the large amount of trees and forest land. Seattle residents tend to spend a great deal of their free time drinking coffee or spending the day at a local park, whether they be cycling, jogging, or just enjoying a day outside.

Named after America’s first president, George Washington, this city has many monuments and buildings named after previous presidents, also it is home to many major banks headquarters and the three branches of US Governments centers are located here. It’s no wonder why many people refer to this city as a Political Place. 

People who live in Calgary, often known as Calgarians are very proud of where they’re from, and rightfully so. First of all Calgary is a very beautiful city with a high, high rise downtown and views of the Canadian Rockies from many parts of the city. If you’re lucky, once in awhile you can even see the northern Lights. A few other things that keep Calgarians proud is the fact that Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada and noted as the cleanest city in the world, a little ironic due to the fact that it also plays a huge role in the oil industry. One thing about Calgary that some may not be too fond of is the weather, you can expect snow to fall at anytime of the year, snowfalls aren’t unheard of even in June. Calgary gets a lot of summer evening Thunderstorms and unexpected hailstorms which can sometimes be damaging.

Although Edmonton has a very long winter every year it’s become quite popular for outdoor activities. Golfing is a major sport here mostly because Edmonton has extended daylight so golfers are able to play longer into the evening. Also Edmonton has the highest area of parkland per capita in Canada with many great hiking and biking trails.

 Has a couple main notable characteristics, the most visible one would be the amount of historic buildings, Montreal is known world-wide for this. The second would be the underground city, which many don’t even know about. This is an incredible example of how to really utilize space. There are over 1600 shops,