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December 01, 2010


Threw These Eyes

Doug Brainard


Eloquent Books

ISBN: 978-1-60860-507-1

Pages: 45

In Threw These Eyes, author Doug Brainard shares what he has learned as a little league baseball coach with over sixteen years of experience. In this book, Brainard speaks directly to the main players in the world of little league: kids, parents, coaches and the community. He is direct, writing in a voice that is friendly and expresses genuine concern for the game and the kids who play it.

When reading this book, the image of Brainard standing in front of a room full of players, parents, and new coaches comes to mind. While the book is divided into chapters that address specific issues such as preparing the park before the season begins and techniques for hitting and fielding, Brainard often goes off onto tangents about dealing with kids who are late for a game, encouraging the community, including older people, to become involved with their local little league organizations. He even advises coaches on how to contribute to the self-esteem of their players: “Coaches, when dealing with young players, hugs will go a long way toward making them feel wanted and comfortable (31).”

This a short book that can be easily skimmed and referred to as often as needed; especially for parents or coaches who are new to little league. The author uses simple language that even non-baseball fans can understand. Players may find it helpful to read Brainard’s instructions about how to practice at home and on the field and the most helpful strategies to use during a game.

Threw These Eyes is a no-nonsense review of little league baseball and a helpful tool for coaches, parents, and the all important players of the game.

Melissa Brown Levine


Melissa Brown Levine is a writer, book reviewer, and manuscript consultant. Her work has appeared in Skirt Magazine, Foreword Reviews, and IP Book Reviewers.

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