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August 14, 2010

—from GREENMEADOWS subd. just near C-5 ROAD and EASTWOOD MALL LIBIS quezon city…to where i drop one of my passenger that day june19,2009…after i drop her…another one passenger ride with me right there after i drop the one passenger from THE FORT MAKATI and MARKET! MARKET!…i passed the main church of-”JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTS”-before you’ll enter the road to WHITEPLAINS SUBD. but i turn left to passed that road to where at my left is the CORINTHIANS subd. and at my right is the CAMP AGUINALDO…and when i get there on the EDSA ave. which most of the city will connect on this the very main road of metro manila…then at my left is the ANNAPOLIS AVE. to GREENHILLS san juan and the CAMP CRAME…which also i’ll going to pass that SANTOLAN ANNAPOLIS MRT STATION-train station…then we went up that FLY OVER of SERRANO AVE. …then we went down and turn right to MAIN AVE. to where you are heading MURPHY CUBAO and ARANETA CENTER to where i will drop my passenger—this video was taken last june19,2009—

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