Annapolis Royal Homes For Sale – Annapolis Royal Real Estate Foreclosures

August 12, 2010

Trip through Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, July 8/07

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6 Responses to “Annapolis Royal Homes For Sale – Annapolis Royal Real Estate Foreclosures”

  1. claytobr1 Says:

    this place dont do nothign for the kids -.- we were susposed to have a skate park built TWO years ago >.> plus the only stuff that goes on is the cops bugging everykid that just wants to hang out :/

  2. rnrchrd62 Says:

    good place to bunker down for the winter

  3. AlexTheFilmSlacker Says:

    not a bad place.

    I live there now… not to much goes on, lots and LOTS of old people but that’s pretty much it.

  4. lilypw Says:

    the guy I’m in love with lives there…the driver is onn the wrong side of the river from his house !!! :(((

  5. vincesfire44 Says:

    such a beatiful and peaceful place compared to quebec bull….

  6. 9soccersweetie1046 Says:

    i used to live in annapolis royal. all those places are so familiar to me. i went back this summer for the first time in 3 years.

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