Hamilton Foreclosures – Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

30 September, 2011

If you are facing foreclosure, you may have tried a variety of strategies that could allow you to stay in your home, such as a workout with your mortgage company, or even a federal program such as the Home Affordable Modification Program. But nothing has helped and you are falling further behind in your mortgage payments. Can declaring bankruptcy be the answer? Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure and allow you to keep your primary residence?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a federal court process providing individuals or businesses the opportunity to either eliminate their debts or repay them. There are two most common types of bankruptcy. Under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court wipes out or discharges the debts you owe, but you will probably lose your house. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can usually keep some of your property, including your primary residence, but you are required to follow a payment plan to repay at least part of your debts to your creditors.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you the opportunity to rearrange your financial affairs, start paying off your debts, and bankruptcy can forestall foreclosure of your home. The bankruptcy petition must be filed before the sale date of your property, and you must create a plan to make your mortgage payments. Under the operation of law, if you can pay your regular mortgage payments they must be accepted by your mortgage company.


Chapter 13 stops the house foreclosure process; it stops interest accruing on personal debt, including most back taxes; and through something called the “automatic stay” it stops all collection activity. Under a court-approved Chapter 13 plan, you are required to make monthly payments to a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee for a period of three to five years. The bankruptcy trustee is responsible for paying the money to your creditors.

Is Bankruptcy Easy? No!

The legal system is complex, and your creditors will have aggressive legal counsel to challenge you at every stage of the process. You need qualified legal counsel to guide you through the procedure.

Can bankruptcy stop a foreclosure? It can at least delay it. Your home is probably secured by a deed of trust, and your mortgage company is entitled to petition the court for relief from the automatic stay. To keep your home you will have to make an agreement with your mortgage company to repay the past due amount. The question you need to ask yourself-and answer to the satisfaction of the court and your mortgage company-is if you could not pay your mortgage last month, how can you expect to pay your mortgage next month?

You may have heard of the “homestead exemption” that allows you to keep your house. According to federal law, protection for a homestead is limited to 5,000 if the property was acquired within the previous 1,215 days (3.3 years). Restrictions are complex and vary by state; this is another good reason to consult a qualified attorney.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may buy you some time but you will not automatically get to keep your home. You will have to negotiate with your mortgage holder.

Consider the advantages of filing bankruptcy in order to keep your home:

• Foreclosure proceedings are temporarily suspended.

Consider the disadvantages of filing bankruptcy solely to stop foreclosure:

• For ten years there will be a bankruptcy on your credit record.
• Your mortgage company can petition the court and still foreclose.
• You will lose your negotiating position.
• You will still have to repay past due amounts to your mortgage company.
• You need to make every payment to the court-appointed trustee. If you are even one day late your case may be dismissed and your mortgage company may foreclose.

Before you consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to save your home, think carefully about the alternatives (including selling your home) and get good legal advice.

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Houses Edmonton Alberta – BBQ House Edmonton

30 September, 2011
Houses Edmonton Alberta
by Elijah

Smokey Joes Hickory House wins best BBQ House in Edmonton.

If you have a craving for the smoky, sweet and tangy taste of barbeque then the first place you should try out is the Consumers Choice Award winner in the category of best BBQ House in Edmonton. Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House is the winner of this coveted award and their menu selection, dining atmosphere and mouthwatering good food are the reason they have been voted best in Edmonton by their patrons. If you enjoy great food and casual dining in a family friendly environment then this is definitely a must try spot to eat.

For those that just like a light dinner or lunch Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House does provide some vegetarian and light meal options, but their main emphasis is on the BBQ. This southern style smokehouse will definitely be a major attraction for those that like large portions and lots of absolutely delicious meats. As the name implies, this winner of the best BBQ House in Edmonton smokes all their meats in a hickory smoker, giving a rich flavor to chicken, beef and pork. Of course you can also choose to order one of their great pulled beef or pork sandwiches or a delicious smoked turkey sandwich. Don’t forget to also try out the wonderful hand cut fries, with either the curly or straight available. Other sides to try include the coleslaw, cornbread, beans, potato salad, onion rings and baked potatoes. For light snacking before the main dish arrives try the hot wings or nachos, but leave room for the meat.

Winning the Consumers Choice Award as the best BBQ house in Edmonton is a way for the food lovers in the community to bestow a distinction on a restaurant that excels in food, service and atmosphere. Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House has been around Edmonton for awhile, so they have definitely earned their dues. The Consumers Choice Awards are found in major North American cities and allow the people in the community to recognize exceptional business in different classes. The results are tallied by an independent research company that surveys each year to find the best of the best. Unlike other awards there are no set judges, no exclusionary types of criteria and definitely not elite group of judges making the decision. Since the award is from the community and from actual customers, winning it is a real honor.

Being named the best BBQ House in Edmonton by the Consumers Choice Award organization provides recognition for Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House. If you haven’t stopped by for a true southern style meal, complete with some outstanding BBQ sauce, drip in and give it a try. The restaurant is now located at 15135 Stony Plain Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta. To get directions or to ask about anything on the menu give them a call at 780-413-3379.

While Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House doesn’t have a website, you can still find excellent reviews for the restaurant at http://www.edmontondining.com/reviews_est.php?RecordID=19.

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Foreclosures Info – Feldman Law Center- Foreclosures Resume

29 September, 2011

Articles posted in both the WSJ and the Washington Post confirmed that, despite central authoritý efforts to keep folks in their homes, banks have resumed their ramp up in foreclosures. The spike in repos hit hardest in March as banks let moratoriums on repos expire. According to RealitýTrac, an irvine, Ca. Companý that compiles statistics on and lists foreclosed properties, there were 341,180 filings across the land, an increase of 46 % from March and 17% from Apr of 2008. The numbers represent the highest monthlý total since RealitýTrac began picking up foreclosure info in 2005. The filings can range in seriousness from default notices being sent to families being removed from their homes due to bank repossessions.

Foreclosures in the first quarter of 2009 increased bý 9% over the last quarter of 2008 and bý 24% over the same Januarý through March period of 2008. Daren Blomquist, a RealtýTrac speaker confirmed that’maný of the latest filings represented lenders beginning the foreclosure process on behind homeowners’. Maný banks let their self-imposed foreclosure moratoriums expire once the details from the Obama administration’s’Homeowner Affordabilitý and Stabilitý Program’ ( HASP ) were announced. With the details of the program in hand, the lenders could accuratelý work out the foreclosure hazards and resolve whether struggling borrowers would be readý to solidlý make their mortgage paýments after modifýing their loans according to the rules of the HASP initiative. it’s likelý that a high share of the latest foreclosures were centered at the owners perceived as the highest foreclosure risks, even under best case eventualities of a potential modification or refinance.


J.P. Morgan Chase & corp, Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all said that theý have increased foreclosure activitý in up to date weeks but declined to go into the specifics of their decision-making processes. it is likelý the fresh studies showing default rates approaching fiftý percent on modified loans after just six months are a major consideration when lenders do make a decision to start the process to recover a home.

The jump in repos comes just as the implementation of the Obama administration’s foreclosure prevention program is gaining some traction. Several of the major banking establishments across the countrý, including J.P. Morgan Chase & co, Wells Fargo, and CitiMortgage, articulated todaý that theý’re going to start offering refi’s and loan modifications that adhere to the HASP guidelines. Generallý speaking, lenders’ participation in the HASP initiative is voluntarý. These news of participation come as barelý a surprise because as recipients of FSA/TARP ( bank rescue ) funds the listed banks would’ve been forced in to the Fed program whether or not theý liked it or not.

The administration has claimed it expects HASP to be in a position to help between 4 and 5,000,000 owners under the new initiative but the steep spike in new foreclosure activitý, if it continues at this týpe of pace, could cut back their guesstimates seriouslý. it maý still take months for the program to have a serious impact while banks studý their options. if current trends endure, the amount of homeowners facing foreclosure will continue to rise. Like the banks, it’d be smart for these house owners to start to learn about their options as well .

legal notice

the info contained herein is provided for general information and advertising uses onlý and is not meant to conveý a legal option nor legal advice for aný particular case or situation. Nothing in this article shall create an attorneý-client relationship. Nothing sent to this law office thru e-mail shall represent an attorneý-client relationship. Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to be a guarantee or prediction of result. Previous results are provided for general information uses onlý and do not guarantý, guarantý or envision an analogous outcome regarding aný future matter. Results achieved relý on individual circumstances and not everýbodý will qualifý or become successful in restructuring their mortgage loan.


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Calgary Rent – Rent Vancouver – Which websites can target this keyword?

29 September, 2011

Selecting the best keyword for your website is always dicey. We tried various ways to choose and target a particular keyword for e.g. if you have a real estate website and have property in Vancouver, how can you be sure if the keyword Rent Vancouver drives traffic to your website?


Website owners tend to believe that driving traffic amounts to business but this perception is wrong. If your target keyword is Rent Vancouver then your website should offer rental services at Vancouver.  If you are selling a property in Vancouver then the keyword Rent Vancouver is not the correct keyword for your website.


You have to understand what your prospective customer would key in to look for your services. It is obvious that prospective clients keying in Rent Vancouver in Google are looking to rent a property in Vancouver and not to purchase property at Vancouver.



So, if you are selling property at Vancouver and you target the keyword Rent Vancouver means you have chosen the wrong keyword even if the keyword Rent Vancouver is at #1 position on Google.


The keyword Rent Vancouver is very generic, in the sense that everyone who is looking to rent an office, house, land etc., at Vancouver will key in Rent Vancouver in Google. So, any website who is having multiple properties in Vancouver for rent can target the keyword Rent Vancouver but if your website is offering specific properties on rent i.e. if you have only houses on rent at Vancouver then Rent Vancouver wouldn’t be the perfect keyword.


Most of the website owners also tend to believe that the keyword Rent Vancouver and Vancouver Rent are similar, the answer is NO. If you key in the keyword Rent Vancouver in Google it will return a competition of 3.2 millions whereas the keyword Vancouver Rent has 2.2 millions as competition.rent Toronto, rent Calgary, rent Ottawa, rent Vancouver, rent Edmonton, rent Victoria.RentMode.com covers the entire Canada, providing online Listing services for Residential and Vacation properties located in any of these Provinces and Territories. Here the owners looking to Rent out their property, and the people looking to Rent a property, get connected!

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Ontario Property – Properties to rent fame the Canada

29 September, 2011


Are you looking in that properties to rent fame the Canada? Apartments for Rent London Ontario, certainly believe you hold come to the felicitous place. Very few property portals cater for all sectors of the rental property market, including listings from landlords and agents. You may further notice that Apartments for Rent London Ontario, cover lettings string many parts of the Canada that other sites do not cater for.

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Calgary Apartments for Rent Down Town, Impress your rush associates from the comfort of your home gig bring off with High further Wireless Internet and computer desk. When visiting these apartments, grill about thrive of the cave also whether it’s been renovated or retrofitted dominion greater drawing near. Older buildings may mention lesser rent rates due to the property but may also feature latter soundproof windows and doors juice accord with city ordinances.

Toronto Apartments for Rent Down Town, is committed to providing you the fastest and easiest way to locate your new Apartment rental. Toronto Apartments for Rent Down Town, service has some of the superlatively advanced search capabilities on the en tangle to assist you domination locating your next pad rental. If you buy any comments to make regarding our website, please donate legit feedback by Contacting Us. We cede attain back to you as right now as possible.

Apartments for Rent London Ontario, aim to offer the highly well-qualified assistance possible, with a commitment to answer all e-mails received. Apartments for Rent London Ontario, believe in being as slightly owing to possible, and to take notice of our customers’ needs.

Calgary Condo Listings – Calgary Condos For Rent: The Luxury Alternative For Business Travelers

29 September, 2011

Decades of hotel accommodations; living out of a suitcase, rooms without character, and being just another hotel customer are a thing of the past. Modern business guests are flocking to stay in one of the luxurious calgary condos for rent in this urban and trendy city known for its booming economy, annual events, and beautiful sights. When staying in one of the Calgary condos for rent, guests are not just another number. Each suite is unique with designer touches: original artwork on the wall, contemporary furnishings, and the fine details which will make a stay comfortable. Guests enjoy the black out drapery for sleeping during the daylight hours, and heated floors for rising early in the morning. The company recommended when deciding on Calgary condos for rent, are the industry leaders, Urban Suites. Known for their stunning condos, and exceptional amenities, this company paves the way for the future of modern short or long term living in Calgary.


Calgary Condos for Rent in a City that has it all

Staying in Calgary for business is one of the best places an associate could hope to do business. In between appointments and meetings, there is plenty to do in “The Nashville of the North.” Famous for the Calgary Stampede, Banff National Park and Rocky Mountains, Calgary is an outdoors person’s dream come true. Calgary condos for rent from Urban Suites are closely located to the Bow River. The Sarine, a 1350 square foot beauty, is one of the many deluxe Calgary condos for rent. The Sarine is only steps away from the Bow River and has two outdoor patios to enjoy the morning, before heading out to the trails. The suite has heated marble flooring, gas fire place and a flat screen TV. Conveniently located near shops, cafes and dry cleaners, staying in these beautiful Calgary condos for rent will make a guest forget he or she is on a business.

More than just Accommodations, it is Home

Calgary condos for rent accommodate short or long term stay. The luxury condos have guests feeling completely at ease to either unwind after a day in the City Centre offices, or while entertaining associates on a Friday night. The flexibility provided can never be matched by a hotel. Take for instance the J.R. on 3rd Avenue. This one of the Calgary condos for rent has ample closet space, free long distance and guest parking. Hotel rooms offer the basics, but Urban Suites and their Calgary condos for rent exceed even the highest expectations of the most discerning guest.

The Calgary condos for rent through Urban Suites, completely revolutionizes the way business travelers feel about an extended stay in Calgary. The condos offer unmatched modern living, in the best locations, in the most beautiful city in Canada. To view listings for Calgary condos for rent, or to fill out an enquiry form so that Urban Suites can match you with the ideal accommodation for your stay, visit them online, UrbanSuites.

Urban Suites providing the best stay in Calgary with excellent locations, class and sophistication. Calgary’s finest business accommodations, for the highest level of comfort and tranquility. For more information please visit www.UrbanSuites.com.

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Mls For Sale – Benefits of shopping for sale by owner Michigan services online

29 September, 2011

For sale by owner Michiganis a service that has gained popularity over the years due to the increase in demand for homes in this state. There are many online stores providing for sale by owner services and all of them are aimed at assisting homeowners to get the best value for their homes while at the same time ensuring that they don’t pay the 6% commission charged by realtors.

Most of these service providers have websites where clients looking to sell their homes can log in and find out information on the best ways to do so. The main benefit of using these websites is that they help homeowners to save on time, effort, as well as money.

MLS for sale by owner services provide access to information on homes listed on the market to brokers, agents, as well as potential buyers. The service is aimed at providing a means of comparing the values of homes across different part of the USA. For more information on MLS for sale by owner services visit www.USRealty.com .


For sale by owner Michiganis a service that has gained popularity over the years due to the increase in demand for homes in this state. There are many online stores providing for sale by owner services and all of them are aimed at assisting homeowners to get the best value for their homes while at the same time ensuring that they don’t pay the 6% commission charged by realtors.

Most of these service providers have websites where clients looking to sell their homes can log in and find out information on the best ways to do so. The main benefit of using these websites is that they help homeowners to save on time, effort, as well as money.

MLS for sale by owner services provide access to information on homes listed on the market to brokers, agents, as well as potential buyers. The service is aimed at providing a means of comparing the values of homes across different part of the USA. For more information on MLS for sale by owner services visit www.USRealty.com .

For more information about MLS for sale by ownerbrowseour websitewww.USRealty.com .

Tax Sales Homes – How To Make Cash With Tax Sales And Tax Liens As A Home Business?

29 September, 2011

Understanding how to make cash working with tax sales and tax liens can be a very profitable home business. There is a learning curve dealing with Tax Sales and Tax Liens. Here are the basics of how Tax Sales and Tax Liens work and understanding why this can be a nice home business if your heart desires.   

If you didn’t realize, every property owner must pay property taxes. If you fail to pay your property taxes after a certain time frame, the county can or should I say will go out and pursue to get there fallen behind taxes by selling the property or attaching a tax lien. The tax lien forces you to pay the property taxes one way or another.   

If you want to keep your property, you have to pay off the tax lien, which includes the property taxes owned plus interest for late payment. If you want to sell your property, any money earned from the sale must first go towards paying your taxes. If you don’t pay your taxes within a certain period of time, you will lose your property altogether.   


You can miss out not paying you taxes for all sort of reasons. Could be loss of job, maybe a divorce, or a sudden death in the family. Or maybe the building is in really bad shape that it would cost more to fix it up than it’s worth. You just be surprise of all the reasons why property taxes are not payed.   

For whatever the reason, the county needs to collect property taxes. So if owners do not pay their taxes, then there will be opportunities to purchase the property and make a lot of money right off the bat.   

The following is what you can do to cash in on a tax lien. First to remove the lien from the property, the owner must pay you the cost of the lien along with interest set by the state, county, or region or by a bidding process.   

If the owner does not pay you back, you have a chance to own the property. If the original owner sells the property to another person, the new owner must pay you to remove the tax lien.   

This is what you can do to cash in to buy the property. If the owner have gone long enough without paying their taxes, their property will be auctioned to the highest bidder or foreclosed by the county and available for sale at a later date.   

The county will always be looking for someone to pay for the lost taxes, so if a piece of property is worth about 0,00 but taxes owed are ,000, you have an opportunity to get a 0,000 property for ,000. Basically this is how you can cash in on Tax Sales and Tax Lien and do very well as a home business.

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Foreclosure Law – Mortgage Foreclosure Laws – Deed Transfer

29 September, 2011

Under California home loan property foreclosure laws (Civil Code 2924 h), after the Trustees Sale, the final action in the California property foreclosure process is the transfer of the trustee’s deed. The trustee’s deed transfers house to the winning bidder. By default, this will be the lende if no bid greater than the lender’s starting bid is acquired.

At this point, it is too late for the borrower to recover ownership of the house under the California mortgage foreclosure laws. Nonetheless, if fraud or other identifiable procedural error can be verified then the foreclosure might be overturned if lawsuits are filed.

When the deed has been transferred under California Home loan Foreclosure Laws, the property is lost and the owner’s credit rating will suffer.

However, this should be a “worst case scenario” and regarded only right after the other possibilities are looked at, and ruled out. Property owners who seek assistance from somebody who is properly versed with the California House loan Property foreclosure process can normally steer clear of the Property foreclosure process.

Once the Notice of Trustee’s Sale has been filed (under Civil Code 2924f), the next step in the home loan property foreclosure method is the Trustees Sale (or auction).

The California home loan property foreclosure laws allow an auction to happen in as little as 21 days following the recording of the Notice of Trustee Sale.

Under the California mortgage foreclosure laws, the house is sold at an auction in a public area to the highest bidder.

Under the California mortgage property foreclosure laws, the trustee establishes the starting bid amount, as directed by the investor on the loan. This starting bid amount is normally based on the amount of debt and any associated authorized fees. Even so, with the quickly falling real estate costs, the trustee may possibly choose to establish a lower opening bid in order to sell the house to a third party purchaser, avoiding the need for the foreclosing lender to take the home in foreclosure.


Due to the present economic climate, around 75% of all Trustees Sales Auctions result in the house being taken back by the foreclosing lender.

Property Foreclosure in California – The Lender’s Choices

In California the home loan foreclosure method can take place in one of two techniques. Most of the time, the loan provider will foreclose at a private trustee’s sale, which is authorized under the deed of trust. However, in a very small percentage of instances, the lenderloan provider will bring a lawsuit for a judicial property foreclosure.

As a property foreclosure process, a private trustee sale is significantly quicker than a judicial foreclosure, taking as little as four months to complete. However, a judicial property foreclosure takes as long as any other lawsuit on the normal civil calendar, normally one year or longer.

A civil litigation (judicial foreclosure process) has higher costs, such as attorney’s fees, procedural issues, and the chance of defending against a desperate or aggrieved borrower. As a result, a private sale is more often pursued by the lender as the foreclosure option simply because it is typically quicker and much less costly to conduct. However, in higher valued properties, judicial property foreclosure may possibly be more suitable because it may possibly allow the lender to pursue collection of the remaining deficiency debt right after judicial foreclosure.

Foreclosure in California – Right of redemption

Judicial foreclosures are also different because they provide the borrower with the right of redemption after the property foreclosure sale is finished:

– In California, the period of redemption is either 3 months or 12 months right after property foreclosure.
– If the sale raises sufficient funds to repay the secured debt, the redemption period is 3 months after property foreclosure.
– If it doesn’t, the interval is 12 months right after foreclosure.
In order to redeem the house, you should pay the “redemption price.” This is typically the value paid by the purchaser at public sale plus any taxes or assessments that are due, along with costs and interest.

This right of redemption does not exist in California for non-judicial or private foreclosure sales.

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I am a real estate investoring who specializes in residential distressed properties. I help people who need short sales, or who want to sell for any reason.  I can also help people who are having difficulty but want to keep their home.<br /><br />I am available to provide assistance with loan modification or short sale questions. I can provide free information and referrals to assist individuals and families who either can’t afford their mortgage payments, or want to get out of a situation becau

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Foreclosure World – Know those deductions surrounding city of Columbus foreclosures

28 September, 2011

Negotiating through all the legalities that can surround city of Columbus foreclosures is much easier when you have the right kind of background information. In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of foreclosure homes you are looking at, knowing about things like deductions even when you’re interested in government tax foreclosures is a good idea.


One of the biggest deductions you will find has to do with the equity that you’ve built up as time goes on and, in a perfect world, your investment property will both appreciate in value and deliver a good return when you put it on the market. However, you also have the ability to claim depreciation in many states, including the amount where your property has fallen in value each year based on wear and tear.

City of Columbus foreclosures have many different opportunities to claim depreciation and one of them can be the use of a home office if you derive rental income from the property in question. Of course there are other methods and deductions that you can take advantage of whether you are looking at the Columbus foreclosures mentioned above or some other kind of government tax foreclosures.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of deductions to help control costs, and you might spend a significant amount of money each year on things you can claim as deductions, such as light bulbs and general light fixtures. Generally, anything that contributes to the appearance of the property can be used as a deduction.

You also have the possibility of deferring your deductions until you need them down the road, and many homeowners who rent out their properties also put off expenses from time to time at the end of one year until the beginning of a new calendar year.

Relevant information and valuable tips on the foreclosure housing market are here, at BuyForeclosuresSale.com.

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