Foreclosure Net – Governor Paterson Firmly Handles The Foreclosure Crisis In New York

22 August, 2011

Governor Paterson has been firmly handling the in New York with commendable success. He has brought to the same table a motley collection – various stakeholders, servicers, bank regulators, financing bodies, community bodies and lending groups to carve out long term solutions to the ongoing foreclosure problem.

New York has responded to the challenge by arranging for the funding and managing of various grant plans including counseling, legal help, assistance and loan modification workshops. The latter has brought together face to face the lenders, servicers and borrowers to thrash out solutions like refinancing and introducing 40 year fixed rate house loans via State of New York Mortgage Agency.

The programmes relating to neighbourhood stabilization have been utilized to transform the foreclosed units into productive purposes. Actions have been taken by forming Mortgage Fraud Unit inside the Banking Department.

In 2008 legislation was passed to provide protection to those harangued by the foreclosure problem in New York. During the first three quarter of this year there were 39,923 foreclosure postings in New York State. It calculated to 11% drop compared to the first three quarters of the previous year. This 11% decrease is a sure sign of success when compared to 22% increase in foreclosures across the nation during this same time.


This apart, Paterson has taken administrative measure to try and contain foreclosures. In 2008 there were 64 foreclosure prevention programmes in the state. It reached out to the victims and they were educated about the problem. Counseling was provided and legal help was given to those in the foreclosure net. An extra million was included in the latest budget (2009-1010) to help support the various foreclosure remedial measures.

Richard H. Neiman the Superintendent of Banks said, “While the foreclosure crisis began with borrowers in inappropriate sub-prime or exotic mortgages, the recession has expanded the impact of this crisis to homeowners with loans that were originally affordable. This makes the expanded scope of this legislation so timely. In addition, with commercial and multifamily mortgages potentially at risk, the added protections for renters are critical to assist displaced families and to stabilize New York neighborhoods.”

The Commissioner of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, Deborah VanAmerongen said, “Thanks to the leadership of Governor Paterson and the State Legislature, New York has been a national leader in providing counseling and legal services to homeowners threatened by foreclosure. Additionally, the bill would help tenants who through no fault of their own have the misfortune of living in a foreclosed building.”

The President and CEO of New York Homes commented, “This legislation will provide added protections for homeowners who are behind on their mortgages. It will also offer greater opportunities for homeowners to get counseling to help them stay in their homes. These proposals are consistent with our efforts to promote sustainable homeownership in New York State.”

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Keyword – How to Create a Keyword Marketing Plan

22 August, 2011

Coming up with a keyword marketing plan may seem intimidating at first but even if this is your first time taking on such an endeavor, it doesn’t have to be a painful process. With some practice and research, you’ll be able to at least learn what steps are involved in creating and implementing this type of plan in order to generate new business for your company as well as improve your Internet visibility.

Of course first things first: you have to come up with an objective. This is especially important if you are in the beginning phases of starting your online company. Just like a business plan, you’ll want to know what goals you are hoping to achieve with your business and what you want your keyword campaign to do for you. Not all business owners want the same thing so make sure that your specific needs are addressed in your objective where keywords are concerned.

Once you know your goals, you’ll have to do some research in order to see which keywords will be the most relevant to the nature of your company as well as get you the results you want. This is done by identifying who your target demographic is and what type of client you want to attract. Consider gender, age range, lifestyle, location and other factors. This information will help you have an idea of who your potential customers could be as well as what types of keywords they might use. It doesn’t hurt to do a little research to see what the competition is doing, either. Look up the websites of other companies that offer similar services and/or products and see what keywords they consistently use in their content as well as what their page rank is.

Now that you have taken these factors into consideration, it will help shed light on what potential keywords could work in your best interest as well as how to create effective content that will draw people to your site.


Written by: Jason Rudolfs

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King County Foreclosures – How Foreclosure Statistics Could Affect Bankruptcy in Vancouver, Washington

21 August, 2011

Though the Columbian newspaper has reported that foreclosures statewide, Clark County (which includes Vancouver, WA) remains fourth in the state for number of foreclosures, and fifth in the state for percentage of homes in foreclosure. Cite: Foreclosures decline in Clark County, The Columbian, July 14, 2011. Foreclosure statistics from the real estate and foreclosure website Realty Trac show that foreclosures in Clark County and Vancouver, Washington remain high.

The Columbian article notes that foreclosures are down thirty-five percent from the same time last year. However, the Realty Trac data that the Columbian cites, still shows that some 248 homes are in some state of foreclosure in Clark County, which is much more sparsely populated than King and Snohomish Counties to the north. In gross numbers, the three largest counties in Washington (King, Snohomish and Pierce) have the most homes in foreclosure by a wide margin. Those same counties also lead in terms of percentage of homes in foreclosure, but Clark County is much closer in terms of percentage of homes in foreclosure. The most recent data from Realty Trac shows that one in 659 homes in Clark County are in some stage of foreclosure. This is in comparison to Pacific County (one in 619), Pierce County (one in 474), King County (one in 459) and Snohomish County (one in 351).


The high rate of foreclosures in Clark County may precipitate more new case filings in the Vancouver, Washington Bankruptcy Court. Foreclosures can be an indicator of many different economic influences, including dropping home prices, anemic home sales, tight credit markets, difficulty refinancing mortgages, and more generalized economic factors, such as unemployment. If homeowners are unable to keep up with mortgage payments, they may seek out protection by filing a voluntary bankruptcy petition, and discharging their debts.

In bankruptcy, the debtor can take actions that can further exacerbate the weakness in the housing markets, thereby precipitating more foreclosures. For example, in bankruptcy, the debtor has the option of continuing to pay mortgage payments or abandoning their home and discontinuing the mortgage. If the debtor chooses the latter, another home comes onto the market to be sold by the trustee, thereby increasing supply of homes, with a comparatively lower incentive to recover top dollar on the sale.

If the debtor files a Chapter 13 repayment plan, the debtor may be able to void a second mortgage (also referred to as lien stripping). In this scenario, the consumer may keep making payments on the first mortgage, but if the fair market value of the home is less than the amount owing on the first mortgage, the bankruptcy judge may void the lien held by the second mortgage, and then discharge the second mortgage as a unsecured debt. This can be perceived as a major benefit of filing bankruptcy, particularly in Vancouver, where home prices have fallen precipitously.

In summary, recent housing statistics indicate that foreclosures are fewer in number this year from the same time last year. The Columbian notes that the cause is not yet known. Whether fewer homeowners are falling into default, or whether mortgage lenders are not initiating new foreclosure proceedings due to a backlog of mortgages in arrears. In either case, the likelihood of a large number of foreclosures can significantly impact the number of Vancouver, Washington bankruptcy filings in the next year.

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Free Foreclosure House Listing – How to Obtain Free foreclosure property Information?

21 August, 2011

If you wish to obtain the free foreclosure property, then it would be essential for you to know what foreclosure is all about before taking any step forward. Foreclosure happens when the borrower is not being able to pay the mortgage loan. This method includes a complicated and lengthy course which will almost result in home owner becoming dispossessed from his house because of his inability to make the requirement payments.

The foreclosed properties are usually in demand because these properties are generally affordable. If you are interested in foreclosed property, then you should be careful with your own actions. You can easily find the free foreclosure listings these days. Free foreclosure listings can be found online. But, when you are selecting free foreclosure property listings, you must make sure your source is updated and reliable enough.

With the Internet, obtaining information on the free foreclosure property listings can be easily done. This kind of listing must contain different properties which are about to be foreclosed or are in the process of bringing one. If you choose to search for the free foreclosure property listings, then you find this process easier and you may even narrow down the long list of the foreclosed properties with the single click of the mouse.

You must take into account how the current listings are. There are websites which do not update the foreclosure listings quite often. Hence, you might be missing out on the opportunities to buy the homes which are not in the search results. The websites which provide access to the local information are those which usually update their websites regularly. They are far better source of the information on free foreclosure property, and they tend to be informed with the most recent foreclosure listings.

Finally, it would be important to get in touch with any trusted real estate broker or an agent with the experience in selling and buying foreclosures. The experienced agent will assist you to identify the foreclosed properties and offer property valuations and comparables and even make sure that the process of searching is a smooth one.

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How Buy Foreclosure – The Right Way of Buying Foreclosures Home

20 August, 2011

The real estate industry is reshaping a new market as a result of the real estate bubble burst and the sub-prime mortgage problem.  We are now witness to the emergence of a new phenomenon called a foreclosures home.

Investors and homeowners who can pass the stringent requirements of financial institutions may consider investing on a foreclosures home.  There are a lot of properties that are on the FHA foreclosure listings we can consider as “best buys.”  Another thing to watch out for is the impending occurrence of a second wave of foreclosures; this time in the prime property sector.

Buyers can follow either of three routes in buying foreclosures home.  One option would be to transact directly from the homeowners before the real property is foreclosed by the mortgage lender.  This approach is referred to as pre-foreclosures.

Another approach is through auction. Prospective home buyers are required to bid the highest to purchase a foreclosures home.

The third one involves direct transaction with the real estate company.


Pre-foreclosures can be an attractive approach under the following circumstances.  Prospective home buyers must have the available equity to close out the deal with the present owner of the real estate property.  You should also have access to complete information appertaining to the property; particularly the title, the mortgage structure and liens.

The owner of the home gives up his rights to the property by signing a deed in your favor.  You are in effect assuming the mortgage along with the rights to the real estate property.  You also have to pay all back payments or mortgage payments that are over due.

The auction approach may vary depending on the state where auctions of a foreclosures home are held.  It is essential to note at this point that this approach carries the heaviest risk.  This method, however, may also yield the greatest benefits to the winning bidder, as he stands to gain as much as 40% out of the transaction.

The downside of this approach is that buyers will not be able to do a thorough inspection of the property prior to the auction.  Winning bidders also have to pay in cash.  In some instances, you may also encounter problems with former owners of the property refusing to vacate the house.  In addition, you may also compete with real estate investors who are out to cash in on the purchase through resale as well.

Buying directly from the real estate company entails lesser risks when it comes to the actual condition of what you are buying.  You are afforded ample time to inspect the property.  You can also demand for a clean title and also add a stipulation in the contract that it is subject to getting a mortgage.  Brokers usually handle the sale of foreclosures home in behalf of the banks.  This approach is the safest amongst the three approaches, however, the downside would refer to lesser gains from the purchase of the foreclosures home.

Selecting the right method in buying foreclosures home would depend on the goals and circumstances of the buyer. Claim your FREE video Webinar right now and Discover Otto Ruebsamen’s simple yet extremely powerful techniques to enjoying passive income even in a tough real estate market.

Business For Sale Toronto – Business for Sale in Toronto, Ontario

20 August, 2011

Some Issues with Selling a Business in Canada’s Largest City

Many business owners looking to list a business for sale in Toronto deal with somewhat of a paradox.   The city of Toronto, Ontario is a bustling metropolis, filled with opportunity and it attracts numerous immigrant investors every year.  Yet some owners looking to sell a business state that they have trouble selling their small businesses in Toronto – Canada’s largest city.  This article will explore some of the reasons why company owners may list a business for sale in Toronto and have trouble finding a buyer.

Listing a business for sale in Toronto is an entirely different process than selling a piece of real estate. Yet, some business owners looking to sell still choose to deal with salespeople that sell real estate.  The consequences can be that the business sales process goes awry and business for sale don’t attract the right Toronto buyers and the companies languish on the market.  If you are looking to sell your company (especially in a city as competitive as Toronto) then choose to deal with the professional that can properly assist you.

If you are looking to sell a small business, it is critical that you go to market with it being properly priced.  This is especially true if you’re in Toronto.  Selling a business in Toronto is not an easy task.  True, there are many immigrant investors that are attracted to the GTA and there are plenty of buyers – but there are plenty of sellers too.  Finding the right buyer for your business for sale Toronto is difficult enough so don’t make the take even more difficult by overpricing the business.  Owners that list their business too high generally don’t attract as many buyers as they could and the business gets ‘market stale’.  If you want to sell your business and attract qualified buyers from around the city, work with a professional that can assist you in the business sales process.


Many small business owners in Toronto make the common (and highly unadvisable) mistake of not claiming some or all of their cash earnings from their companies.  There are many businesses for sale in Toronto where the owners have done this and believe that they have ‘saved’.  Besides this being a very big ‘no-no’ from CCRA, there is another cost involved to the small business seller.  Generally, small businesses are valued based on a multiple of earnings.  If ‘cash’ earnings of a small business are not reported then the business valuation is then that much smaller.  So, if a business owner believes he or she is saving in income taxes avoided, the truth is that they’ve made their business valuation that much tougher to justify.  As well, business buyers generally get a big ‘red flag’ when they encounter a business for sale that has an undeclared ‘cash’ component to it.  They are much more difficult to get financing for (if at all).  Honesty truly is the best policy.

Often, a potential business buyer will embark on a search for a business for sale in Toronto without the right forethought into the process… and what type of business they would like to own.  For instance, there are many restaurants, laundromats, gas stations and retail establishments for sale and a potential pool of buyers for these types of businesses.  The trouble is, are these potential buyers truly ready to own a dry cleaner or a printing shop?  To paraphrase an old saying, “the will is there, but not the skill”.  This is a common occurrence in Toronto where a large group of new investors and business buyers want to “go into business” but truly aren’t prepared for the challenges this involved.  The point is, if you want to sell your Toronto business it is important to properly qualify the buyer.  Most people believe that this is merely a financial exercise but a professional business brokers will tell you otherwise.

Ontario Business Brokers

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Lease With Option To Buy – Lease With Option To Buy-Advantages and Disadvantages

20 August, 2011
Lease With Option To Buy
by wallyg

A lease with option to buy is typically for people who want to buy a home but cannot meet the traditional guidelines set forth by banks and other lending institutions.  If you recently filed for bankruptcy, foreclosed on your last home, sold your last home through a short sale, have bad credit, or have too much debt then you may want to consider a lease with option to buy. 

This article assumes you know what a lease with option to buy is. If not you may want to read “Lease Option To Buy – What Exactly Does This Mean?”

Before you decide that a lease with option to buy is right for you it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages from the consumer point of view.


The number one advantage is the ability to secure a home today with bad credit, recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc., while working to improve your financial situation over the next year or two when you’ll be able to qualify for regular financing.  Since home sellers do not have to follow the same qualifying guidelines that lending institutions must follow they can make their own decisions and this usually benefits the buyer.

A second advantage is you have a higher chance of negotiating better terms because you’re dealing with a human being, not a bank.  As a general rule landlords and home sellers make more decisions based on emotion as compared to a lending institution.  When things look bad on paper there’s always the ability to talk your way into a more favorable position.


The third advantage is you are not obligated to purchase the home after the lease period ends.  This is especially advantageous in a declining market.  After all, what could be worse than having to purchase a home when its value is substantially lower than what you’re paying?

By far, though, the biggest advantage is securing a home when the bank won’t give you money.  On the flip side, though, there are definitely some disadvantages to a lease with option to buy


There are two disadvantages associated with a lease with option to buy. First is the financial risk.  When a decision is made not to exercise the option to buy, the down payment (or security deposit) is forfeited along with any portion of the lease amount that was set aside for the option.

In the following example, the buyer decided against the option and did not purchase the property. In total, the buyer ‘gave’ ,800 to the seller.

Term of Lease: 24 months

Total Monthly Lease ,000 (,800 for the lease and 0 for the purchase option)

Security Deposit/Down payment/Escrow Money: ,000

Two hundred dollars a month for 24 months is ,800.  Add this to the security deposit for a total of ,800.  Forfeiting this kind of money is a huge disadvantage.

The other disadvantage is the lack of inventory available to the buyer.  Most people who are looking to sell do not want to get involved in lease with option to purchase agreements as they need to sell in order to purchase their next home.

Overall, it’s not unusual to find a buyer who looked at over 100 homes before they found a seller who was willing to do a lease option.  The good news is there are plenty of sites on the Internet who specialize in this niche market.  A little research and persistence pays off.

In summary, a lease with option to purchase agreement allows certain buyers the advantage of a second chance at home ownership, negotiating better terms through emotion and not being obligated to carry through with the purchase.  The disadvantages are financial risk and lack of inventory.

Steve Hattan is a true real estate professional and expert who has listed well over one thousand properties and has saved his clients in excess of five million dollars in commissions and fees. Steve can be contacted through his Personal Blog or through his real estate website

Short Sale My Home – Orlando Short Sales: If You Bought At The Market’s Peak, Does It Make Sense To Short Sale Your Home?

20 August, 2011

Orlando, FL – Many homeowners bought their home at the peak of the market. In the hardest hit areas, they paid 0,000 for homes that are not selling for 0,000 (or even less.)

Their home is costing them ,000 a month. (That is the total after paying property taxes and insurance.) Renters have moved into the neighborhood and are paying less than ,000 to rent a comparable home.

It just seems like these homeowners are getting an unfair deal all around. Should these homeowners dump their homes in favor of a lower priced home?

Some people say No! “That is breaking your word. If everyone did it, just think of what would happen?” they say. There is a little problem with that logic.

Many of those homeowners see everyone else taking advantage of the system. It has gotten so bad that in some neighborhoods most of the homes have been abandoned.

Why shouldn’t a homeowner do what is best for themselves? After all, they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let’s say they short sale their home with a 0,000 mortgage, rent for 2-3 years, and then buy later. But, what if home prices appreciate over the next few years?

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If they are already upside down by 50%, then it still makes financial sense to short sale now. If the housing market has improved by 5% a year, their 0,000 house will have increased to 9,400 in three years.


That is still much less than 0,000. In addition, they will save even more on interest payments. I am not recommending they do anything.

I just want to lay out the benefits and leave the decision up to them.

A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the sale proceeds fall short of the balance owed on the property’s loan. It often occurs when a borrower cannot pay the mortgage loan on their property, but the lender decides that selling the property at a moderate loss is better than pressing the borrower. Both parties consent to the short sale process, because it allows them to avoid foreclosure, which involves hefty fees for the bank and poorer credit report outcomes for the borrowers. This agreement, however, does not necessarily release the borrower from the obligation to pay the remaining balance of the loan, known as the deficiency.

Thinking about short sale? I can help you short sale your property and never pay the bank another penny.

Contact me for a free consultation. When we talk, I will explain how the process works in detail and answer any questions you may have. You can find my contact information below.

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This information is provided as a courtesy to our viewers to help them make informed decisions.

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How To Find Foreclosures Homes – Buying Pre Foreclosure Homes

20 August, 2011

When a borrower fails to make his payments for several months in a row, the bank starts the foreclosure process. The phase of the foreclosure lasts for a few months and the borrower needs to come up with a way to pay off his debts and avoid foreclosure. Many investors would like to buy a foreclosure home because of the low price, but another option of making profit from foreclosures is to buy a pre foreclosure home. Instead of losing the house to the bank, the owner may decide to sell it. But in most cases, pre foreclosure homes are sold at a very low price and this is where investors appear. It might be hard for the owner to sell his house at a low price, but this option if often preferred instead of foreclosure.

There are many advantages for buying a pre foreclosure home. At this stage, the owner is about to lose the ownership of the house and the back will soon take possession of the property and sell it at a low price. The owner can repay his loan until the day when the house is being foreclosed and the bank tries to offer him many possibilities to avoid foreclosure. As a last resort, most people try to sell their home to any buyer just to avoid foreclosure. If you know where to look for a pre foreclosure home, the owner will surely pay attention to your offer, no matter how low it is. In some cases, the owner is willing to drop the normal price to 50%. The advantage of buying a pre foreclosure home over a foreclosure home is that you have no competition. When the bank sells a foreclosure home, many bitters will attend the public auction and the prices may rise. But if you are the soul buyer, you can deal straight with the owner and you can get a good price. If the owner fails to sell the house, he will lose everything, but if you buy it from him, he will still end up with something. Everybody wins from this situation and buyers shouldn’t feel guilty for buying a pre foreclosure home – they are actually helping the owner. Further more, the owner is not obligated to accept your offer so you shouldn’t have any moral constrains about how much you want to give him for the house.

If you want to buy a pre foreclosure home you need to check out one of the 3 sources: the newspaper, online lists or lenders. Each option has its advantages and you can find a great pre foreclosure home with any one of them. If you are looking for a new home you should start with pre foreclosure homes because they have the lowers prices, the highest quality and you have no competition. If you by foreclosure homes from a bank, they might be in a poor condition. After the initial owner loses his home, there is no one responsible with the maintenance so you might have to clean it up after you buy it. But if you buy a pre foreclosure house, you just have to move in. It can be your dream house or your next investment.

Pre foreclosures can be profitable. Anyone can start searching for this type of real estate and make a profit. The only difference between pre foreclosure houses and normal houses is the price and pre foreclosures are a huge investment opportunity for real estate business men.

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Government Foreclosure Properties – Government Foreclosure Properties- a golden opportunity to own home at lower cost

19 August, 2011

Foreclosure properties offer an opportunity to real estate buyers to buy properties at a lower price. Properties are foreclosed when there is non-payment of the mortgage. After foreclosure the concerned financial agency owns these properties. Along with banks Title companies and several different government agencies sell foreclosure properties in US everyday through REO’s, auctions and realtor listings. When you are buying a foreclosed home you can save up to 40% of the total cost of home. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and many private real estate agents have a list of these properties on their website.

Using Foreclosed Properties as an Investment Source is now growing on popularity chart.  Number of foreclosures is increasing due to the global recession and investors are taking it as a golden opportunity. Some investors are buying these properties for the pure purpose of resell. They buy it at a lower price; make some renovations and resale at a higher price.

No doubt, Government foreclosure properties offer a cost-effective buying option. But to avail this opportunity you need to cautious. While purchasing, ensure to check if there are any liens on the property, legal litigations, or any other money due that would be required to be caught up on before ownership is granted. These fees when unchecked can cost you a lot after buying. Along with, make sure to check lawn care, lock smiths, property taxes, and added security in the area to prevent squatters.

To make a more profitable deal, you can purchase pre foreclosures and foreclosure properties directly from people. They are in financial hardships and desperate to sell the home to meet the money they owe. Reading the classified ads on local newspapers is a great tool in this regards. These advertisements can often give details about these types of sales, typically performed at a public auction. While opting for auctions to buy these properties make sure that you have the necessary cash in hand. You may miss the opportunity to own the property if you do not deposit the required cash with in a limited time period after wining the bid.

Austin Jason is author of Free Foreclosure Listing. For more information about Government Foreclosure Properties, Foreclosure visit

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