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31 March, 2011

Traditionally one of the major drawbacks to FSBO selling is the fact that the home was listed with the MLS listing service, thereby mission out on a huge market and a top-notch advertising opportunity. well, this is no longer the case! Now people who have chosen to sell their homes themselves have the chance to list their home on the MLS and open their sale up to a huge market that was before, unreachable. This is done through what is known as a “Flat Fee MLS listing.”

MLS Listing has always been something that was exclusive to licensed real estate agents, and to an extent it still is. A flat fee listing is still done through a real estate broker, the difference being that when your property is listed you become the listing agent. You will still have to pay a commission to an agent if they bring you a client that purchases the home but that is small in comparison to the savings you will get by selling the home yourself.

Listing via the flat fee MLS is only one of the things that you should do in order to give your FSBO home the coverage it needs to sell quickly. Other avenues that should be explored are advertising on a national FSBO website, ads in the newspaper, signs around the local area, open houses and home info packs for viewers. Selling your home yourself is a huge undertaking and it will eat up a lot of your time. You have to play realtor as well as doing your normal daily job and this can be kind of daunting. You will have to make sure that you keep yourself as available as possible at all times, you can’t afford to miss that show that could be the sale you have been waiting for. is the elite source for FSBO financing and homes for sale by owners. Utilize our nationwide search to locate FSBO homes in any state or town. is your one-stop FSBO information source.

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Homes At Auction – Home Foreclosure Auction-Understand Rules Before Making A Bid

31 March, 2011

There may be some misunderstanding about the deals that can be found on property at a home foreclosure auction, with some believing it is possible to get something for almost nothing. While it is true that many bargains on homes can be found, generally speaking not all properties will be sold dirt-cheap. For more details During most sales at a home foreclosure auction there is a company that has a vested interest in the property and selling it for less than it is worth is not in their best interest.

While many homes on a foreclosure auction block may be in good condition and worth the total amount owed to the lender, typically the home is advertised as requiring a minimum bid of at least two-thirds of the value to be considered for sale. In most instances, there is not a minimum opening bid, but potential buyers understand that unless they meet or exceed that stated minimum, the sale will not be completed.

Unlike a mobile home foreclosure, traditional homes have, over the years, appreciated in value. In recent times however, home values have fallen due to the large number of foreclosures and the tighter controls on credit availability, making some of the homes available at a foreclosure auction valued at less than their original sale price. A home\’s value is determined by many factors and before bidding on a house at home foreclosure auction potential buyers should have fully researched the home, the property and the surrounding neighborhood to insure they get what they pay for.

Understand Rules Before Making A Bid

When heading out to the first home foreclosure auction potential buyers must be prepared to make good on their bid if they are declared the winner. In most instances, the winning bidder is required to pay a minimum of 10-percent of the winning bid at the conclusion of the auction and the balance at closing, usually within 30 days. Typically, those attending a foreclosure auction will be ready to assume a mortgage on the property and have a lender\’s authorization before making their first bid.

Potential bidders should also take the time to visit the property prior to the foreclosure auction since most of these sales do not take place near the property. For more details Investing in property bought at home foreclosure auction sales can provide a good investment, but if the home is not inspected before the sale can end up being more of a nightmare.

There may be some misunderstanding about the deals that can be found on property at a home foreclose auction, with some believing it is possible to get something for almost nothing.

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Homes At Auction – Buying A Repossessed Home At Auction

30 March, 2011

Below are some common questions for property auctions:

Why Should I Buy At Property Auction?
There are numerous reasons for buying at property repossession auctions. All sellers at auction are motivated to sell and want to sell quickly. This often means that they are willing to sell their property at a low price. Often the residential properties will renovation work carrying out which means there is an opportunity for the buyer to make some money and also increase the value of their property. Also once the hammer falls at a property auction there is no chance of going back on a deal so there is a certainty of purchase.

Are there fewer costs in buying through auction or buying through an agent?
In both cases the fees tend to be similar, there will be legal fees and surveyors fees to payas well as any fees to pay in order to arrange finance. When buying at auction you will need to pay an administration fee to the auctioneers which typically falls between £175 and £300 plus VAT.

What type of houses are sold at auction?
The type of properties sold at auction are repossessed properties which have been repossessed by the bank or mortgage company. As a result the properties may be unmodernised or in need of work. These properties are often different to houses sold at normal estate agents as they may not be immediately ready to move into.

What are the risks of buying at auction?
The risks of buying at auction are similar to those of buying through estate agents. It is important to make sure that u have done all of your preparatory work on the repossessed property such as legal searches, checking the title and surveying the property to make sure there are no defects. The important thing to remember is that once the auction is over the deal must be followed through and you are not able to go back to the seller afterwards should any problem arise. There are no guarantees on the purchase and you must buy it as it is.

How do I find a bargain at auction?
The key to finding a bargain repossessed home at auction is to have the maximum number of options available to you. You should search auction sites on the internet and contact auction houses directly. Bargains are often properties which are not so popular, so looking for a property with defects or one which needs work can be a great option. However, its important to have the know how or ability to deal with defects so that it turns out to be a bargain and not an expensive bargain! When buying at auction, many buyers often leave with ownership of their property at a price much lower than what they were prepared to pay and in case this automatically becomes a bargain.

How can I identify repossessed homes at auction?
There are several things to look out for when identifying a repossessed home at an auction. Check the auctioneers catalogue. In some cases it will say “by order of the mortgagees”, in other cases it may actually say who is selling the repossession property for example a bank, so the catalogue will say “by order of HSBC”. In other times it will say “by order of the receiver”. These are all ways of picking up a property repossession home at auction. However, not all properties will have this information in the catalogue. If you suspect the property is a repossessed home, the easiest thing to do is phone up the seller’s solicitor and ask them who is the seller.

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Foreclosed Homes Free Listings – Indianapolis foreclosed homes – Lucrative Listings can be found online

30 March, 2011

Looking for a property in Indianapolis? Then foreclosure properties are the right choice for you. You can find all about Indianapolis foreclosed homes by logging on to the website that has listings of foreclosed homes and clicking on the Indianapolis map. You can search the database of foreclosures free for seven days without any obligations. There will not be any spam mails sent to you and you can cancel your listings subscription at anytime through phone, email or fax.

The online sites are the only source of foreclosure properties in the nation that updates all properties two times a day. The websites deliver all information that is needed for an agent, broker, investor or a home buyer. The websites offer tremendous opportunities through live real estate foreclosure auctions to purchase foreclosed homes directly from lenders at reduced prices. The bid process is very fast and simple and it is also free to view all these amazing deals online. The site gives you instant access to the database of Indianapolis foreclosed homes and other government and bank foreclosure properties that have come up for sale. Such websites are the best source in America to provide listings of foreclosures that are reliable and up to date. All you have to do is take a membership and gain total access to thousands of Indianapolis foreclosed homes for sale. These listings are the best friend of a shrewd investor and a smart buyer. The reason is that these listings help you to find low budget foreclosed homes across the state in a quick and easy manner. In addition, you can save time and hassles by looking for properties that suit your interest and needs in the area where you want to live while staying well within the budget.

The sites for Indianapolis foreclosed homes feature all types of foreclosures right from bank foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, commercial foreclosures, government properties, bankruptcies, cheap home foreclosures and also provide many more details such as

Exclusive search filter options that help  you sort through millions of foreclosed homes that have been listed Free foreclosure E-book that gives you complete access to all the listings including tips, expert information and friendly customer service personnel Maps and direction of all Indianapolis foreclosed homes that has been listed Customer service round the clock through email so that you can act quickly on the best deal Photograph and rates of the homes to enable to you to choose a home as per your requirement

Walijne Bellen is a professional writer and specializes in Real Estates especially foreclosures. With vast experience and study in the domain of foreclosures she provides expert tips and helpful advice to buy foreclosures. For more details please visit Indianapolis Foreclosed Homes

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Foreclosed Homes Ca – How to find best foreclosed homes in Antioch CA?

29 March, 2011

In childhood you may play in a tree house, but as we grow up, a perfect home is always in the – to buy list. Years of savings, search and planning can bring you close to converting that dream into reality. Look for Antioch foreclosed homes for sale in advertisements online or with help of a realtor.
First step to get your ideal home will involve exhaustive research. Newspapers, agents and local advertisements will expose you to all properties on sale. Located in Contra Costa County, Antioch is a very fast progressing area with ample scope for all employment, educational and life entertainment opportunities. Numerous parks, loveable weather and peaceful community make this place centre for many individuals wanting to settle down in California.
Named after the biblical city of Antioch, this place has been a hub of many commercial activities since the gold rush period. If you have a vision to settle down in Antioch, CA with kids and enjoy retirement happily, make it come true through the right home purchase. Foreclosed homes are available at a much lesser price when compared to a brand new town home, condominium or apartment in California.
Being well-informed about the foreclosure homes, process and the involved commitment is certainly a positive aspect. Many people prefer foreclosure houses to save money, get proper investment and family security. First time home buyers can look for opportunistic benefits when a deal in distressed property is finalized.
A trusted realtor can get you through the proceedings and bidding with the bank for deals. There are many good databases with listing of foreclosure homes. When lender is unable to pay the mortgage of home for a long time, the property is put up for sale by the bank. An intellectual investor can make lot of money through the REO homes. The process may be a bit time consuming and complicated initially but it gives the best outcome in the end.
Property in California is popular throughout world; buying one of Antioch foreclosed homes for sale can be difficult. You must survey the home before finalizing deals. Your budget, overall cost of the deal and locality play crucial role in home purchase. Find out the original purchase price, mortgage period and rate to know the bid to make for winning. The state rules and bank process vary considerably; make sure you understand the complete financial investment and terms before signing the papers.
Detailed discussion with your close family or friends will certainly help to get the right home for you. Experienced professional realtor can give you a walkthrough of the process when you are involved in buying or selling a foreclosed home for the first time.
Repairing costs, deal closure terms and rate of interest to be paid per month must be negotiated. You should emphasize on the aspects that benefit you in the foreclosure purchase. Home is a big asset of an individual’s life. Make sure to buy the perfect one from Antioch foreclosed homes for sale.

John Burns, has been working on studying the foreclosure market, helping buyers on the finer points of foreclosed homes for sale. Try to visit and search foreclosures by state


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Calgary Downtown Condos – Dreaming of High End Living? Calgary’s condominium market has many models that fit the high end Lifestyle

29 March, 2011

Dreaming of Luxury? Calgary’s condominium market has many buildings and models that match the luxury criteria. Even however luxury can mean many factors to many different people, chances are, there is a condominium that matches your definition and requirements.

When “luxury” is discussed, most people picture in their mind a high-end degree of finishing. Attributes like shining hardwood floors, stainless-steel home appliances, gourmet kitchens, marble and granite counter tops and floors, sumptuous ensuites, oversized casings and mouldings, soaring ceilings and non-stop views are but a few of the images that you would expect to see in a “luxury” condominium. Calgary offers many buildings both new and established that automatically fit these images, but there are many individual units in a variety of buildings throughout the city that have seen spectacular renovations that place them firmly in the category of “luxury”. All you need to do is glimpse at the number of condominiums that sell for more than a half a million dollars these days (nearly 70 in the past year alone on the MLS!).

Perhaps your version of high end has more to do with a great location or proximity to amenities than with finishing. Adding the luxury of more time for your life may be what you are after. Many people are shifting into inner city areas to facilitate an increase in personal time. With people’s busy lives, a shorter perform commute, being walking distance to the fitness center, grocery store, movie theatre, restaurants and other services is what many people consider a luxury. There are many condominiums that match this criteria devoid of being accompanied by a hefty price tag!

And don’t forget the high end of additional services that a condominium building can offer owners. More and more buildings in the city are offering concierge services for their owners. For some, a concierge can be a true high end, facilitating a multitude of services, not the least of which is security for the building. Additional amenities in some buildings now include entirely equipped exercise facilities, car wash bays, whirlpool saunas, lap pools, wine cellars, meeting and board rooms, party rooms, hobby rooms, movie theaters and guest accommodations.

Almost all condominiums offer owners the high end of having maintenance done for them. The management corporation co-ordinates snow removal, lawn and garden upkeep, trash removal, building upkeep such as parkade and carpet cleaning, elevator maintenance, administrative duties and many more behind the scenes jobs that owners don’t have to fret about. All this is glimpseed after by means of the owners condominium fees.

So is luxury in your mind? Seem to condominiums and let your desires become a reality! The Marquis Calgary Check our website at for comprehensive listings of Calgary Downtown Condos


The Marquis Calgary Check our website at for comprehensive listings of Calgary Downtown Condos

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Parry Sound Cottages – 2007 Summer Events in Parry Sound

29 March, 2011

When you’re in Parry Sound, you are in classic Ontario cottage country. The town is located right on Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay. As a result, the town has much more of a beach country feel than other communities in bustling southern Ontario. In keeping with its image as a relaxing and fun place to live, Parry Sound holds several events during the summer months which are embraced by residents and visitors alike. Here are some of the most popular.

The Festival of the Sound. This incredible event is held annually in Parry Sound in mid-summer at the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, right on the shores of Georgian Bay. The 28th Festival of the Sound (July 20 to August 12, 2007) features over 30 different artists, with an emphasis on jazz and classical music. Band members include violinist James Ehnes, and ensemble pieces include Strike the Harp and the Pittsburgh Piano Trio. Special events include sunset tours of the bay by boat and special workshops for kids. Full concerts every night with resoundingly perfect acoustics make this festival something that everyone will enjoy.

Canada Day Festival. On July the first, Parry Sound joins communities across the country in celebrating the nation’s birthday. The gala event takes place at Charles W. Stockey Centre. The event includes various crafts, displays, vendors, and performances which celebrate the diversity and creativity which are so much a part of Canada’s national identity. Like all good national birthday parties, the Canada Day celebrations wind up with an incredible fireworks display.

Parry Sound Antique Car Show. On August 25, both antique car enthusiasts and casual fans can take a look at the vintage lineup offered at Kinsmen Park. This event includes not only dozens of beautiful antique models, but also street cruises, awards, and a huge barbeque!

2007 World Enduro Championships. Off road motor biking fans all over Ontario were thrilled to hear that Parry Sound has been selected as the site for the 2007 World Enduro Championships. The event takes place on July 28 and 29 and will feature 120 of the world’s very best riders. The competitors will ride for seven consecutive hours each day on 65 kilometre loops which include Enduro, Extreme, and Cross Test runs.

From music to motors to national festivities, there is something for everyone in Parry Sound this summer. Don’t miss the exciting events taking place in peaceful Canadian cottage country!

Smallmouth bass fishing Ontario Canada: the Parry Sound area offers deep underwater points, rocky shoals and weed beds – prime locations for fishing!

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University Properties Edmonton – Staged vs. Empty: Why Home Staging is Necessary to Sell a Vacant Property

29 March, 2011

Selling a property, whether it’s your own home or a rental property, can be a stressful and time-consuming venture. Oftentimes, sellers are unsure about the steps that must be taken to get their property ready to be put on the market so they look to a Real Estate Agent for guidance. This is a good first step but what many people don’t realize is that the best real estate agents are not the ones that try to be an expert at every aspect of selling a home. The best real estate agents are the ones that surround themselves with a team of experts, each of whom specializes in a different area of the sales process.

One member of a “sales team” that is crucial to making sure your home is looking its best is a professional Home Stager. Home Staging focusses on preparing properties for sale before they are actually listed. A Home Stager will showcase your property so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible, thereby selling faster and for more money.

Frequently, sellers, and even Real Estate Agents will make the mistake of listing an empty property. Many Agents see no problem listing a vacant property because they believe that buyers will be able to picture their own furnishings in the space easier by not having the distraction of the seller’s items. In addition, Agents and sellers tend to think that an empty property appears larger. Both of these ideas are untrue.

Consider the business of a New Home Builder. Many of these larger companies will build model homes, or show homes, in order to pre-sell homes to buyers. How often do you see a show home without furnishings? Typically, never. Home builders have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing market research an analysis to determine what the most effective way to sell a home is. They have universally concluded that a professionally furnished home sells better than an empty house. This is because people buy homes based on feeling. When a home is presented in a stylish and functional way, buyers visit the property and feel at home. They are able to picture themselves living in the space because it ‘feels’ like a comfortable place to be. On the other hand, a vacant home can often feel cold and lonely.

The same is true for any other property that is being marketed, it must appeal to the buyers’ senses. Vacant properties are much more challenging to sell than properties that are Staged. Contrary to popular belief, most buyers cannot picture their own furnishings in an empty space and the tendency when standing in an empty space is that perspective buyers will imagine their furniture larger than it actually is making them question if their furniture will fit. Buyers are more likely to accurately envision their belongings in a space that incorporates furniture that is presented in a functional arrangement. This provides them with a point of reference to compare the furniture occupying the property for sale to their own furniture.

An empty property will typically appear smaller than a furnished property. Furniture defines a space. Working with a professional home stager who is able to rent and set up items in a way that makes the most of a space, will not only maximize the size of the space but it will also maximize the appeal to buyers. Remember: buyers aren’t just purchasing a new property, they’re purchasing a home and ultimately a desirable lifestyle. What would you prefer to buy, an empty box or a warm, inviting home?

Josie Bamber, Professional Home Stager and Owner of Refresh Home Staging & Redesign Inc., incorporates her knowledge of interior decorating, training as a Home Stager and experience in real estate to transform properties into what buyers want.  Josie is passionate about bringing out the best in every home at the best price.  She believes that every property has the potential to look good.  It’s all about having the skill to make this happen.

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Foreclosure Questions – How Much Does Foreclosure Affect Your Credit Score?

29 March, 2011
Foreclosure Questions
by afagen

How does a foreclosure affect your credit report is an interesting question. Yet this is the most frequently asked question we get. The method of calculating a credit score (FICO Score) is proprietary information. What complicates the issue even further is that all credit information is calculated into the individual’s credit score as it is entered by creditors and is only updated whenever there is an inquiry.

The second most asked question is “How soon does the foreclosure go on my credit report?”. This depends on the lender but in the vast majority of cases, as soon as the homeowner is 90 days late (30 days in some states), the foreclosure info is filed with the credit reporting agencies. It will not be “reversed” by a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure unless negotiated by the homeowner, and often that doesn’t work.

So with the foreclosure question, the homeowner’s credit score is first decreased by his late payments. Usually, he is also late on other bills because of his financial crisis and has additional late payments, collections, or even judgments that all lower his credit score. So if he had his credit score of 680 on a specific date before he started his personal financial decline, after he has been served with his foreclosure notice or even after the foreclosure is completed; his new score could be 420 or lower. He is usually shocked and dismayed, but the real problem is how much more interest the lenders want because of his low credit score. For example, an auto loan to an “A+’ credit customer could be 0% interest while for a “D” credit customer, it could be 11% or higher. What does that actually mean? It means that the “D” credit individual will pay ,500 to ,000 more for the same car as the “A” credit buyer! The collateral for the loan is the same car, so the “D” credit person is unfairly penalized for his credit situation.

The foreclosure’s actual point impact on an individual’s credit report is estimated to be from 125 to 175 points. The bigger impact is from the late payments on other bills which quickly mount up. The net effect is generally considered to be about a 240 point decline counting his late mortgage payments. Ironically, the lower your credit report to start, the less the impact of additional late payments, and if you get into the 400’s, it’s really hard to get much lower without almost trying to hurt yourself. Many of the items on any credit report can be removed over time. It requires persistence and it’s estimated that 30% of all items on credit reports are incorrect and can be removed just by an inquiry or showing a paid invoice. Also the credit score reduction for the foreclosure is reduced as time goes on, until it settles at a minimal deduction (50 to 75 points) after a few years.

It is absolutely untrue that once you have had a foreclosure you can never buy a home again, as we see people buying a new home within a year of losing theirs to foreclosure. There are even homeowners who legally buy homes within 30 days of their foreclosure using legal techniques with no cash and no credit.

Foreclosure victims, who want to do conventional financing in the future, will have to pay a higher interest rate (approximately 1 and a half to 2%) unless their down payment could be 10% to 20% of the purchase price. This sizable down payment can often be obtained from friends or family members and carried as a second mortgage or second deed of trust on the property.

I am often asked if doing a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure” or a “Short Sale” with the lender reports the same as a foreclosure. Unfortunately, depending on how the lender reports your foreclosure, it could stay on your report even if the lender accepts your deed to resolve the foreclosure. The foreclosure action does not have to be filed in the courts to be considered a “foreclosure” by the lender. If your lender accepts a “Deed in Lieu Of Foreclosure” or a “Short Sale, always them ask for a letter explaining they have accepted your deed in exchange for your home, and that they will retract or not put a foreclosure notification in your credit record. If they tell you they have to, it’s not true, ask for a Supervisor until you get your letter.

Dave Dinkel is the author of the best selling “32 Ways to Quickly Stop Foreclosure” and has helped thousands of foreclosure victims for nearly 33 years If you are facing foreclosure, visit

click here for guaranteed solutions.

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WOSU Public Media has been joined by 22 community partners to connect people at risk of foreclosure with the resources they need. This collaborative community effort is raising awareness of the impact of the mortgage crisis on our region through on air, online and personal interactions. Call 2-1-1 or 614-221-2255 for help.

Houses For Sale Sherwood Park Alberta – Selling in an Edmonton Winter

28 March, 2011

The days are getting shorter, and the temperature in Edmonton is contstantly dropping. Father winter is coming back to Edmonton and knocking on our doors, and soon we’ll have fluffy white snow on the ground. Because we’re in such a lovely climate here in Edmonton, there are certain things that every Edmonton home seller should be doing. Here’s a list of some of them…

1. Shovel the Front Walk – You want the buyer looking at the home, not picking herself up from the snowbank that she slid into. Make the home welcoming, and keep that sidewalk clean. Salt the ice, and keep it safe! I can promise you that if a buyer hurts themselves while walking up to the front door; they likely won’t look favorably on the home.

2. Turn on the Front Lights – This means the outside lights, as well as the light in the entrance. It just makes it easier for people to get into the home and get their bearings. There’s not much more frustrating that hunting for a lightswitch in the dark in a home that you’ve never been in before. Also, having that light on really cuts out the “creepy” feeling of a dark home; it’s just more comfortable. This is especially true for vacant houses; leave those 2 lights on all the time!

3. Don’t Turn Down the Heat – Many home owners try to save some expenses on their vacant property by turning down the heat to a minimum level. A cold home is a tougher sell; people want to get out and get into the comfort of their warm car. Make the home cozy and welcoming; keep the heat an normal room temperature. It may cost you a little more money in heating bills; but it will go a long way towards a successful sale.

4. Keep Major Paths Cleared – Think about where the buyer is going to park. You may want to clean the neighbors walk too, it that’s going to influence the buyers’ opinion of your home. I know it seems like a silly amount of work; but it could give you that small edge.

Likewise, remember to clear paths around the home. If you have a detached garage, make it easy for buyers to go and look at it. Clear the walk-way. Surprisingly, this goes a long way towards showing “care and attention” of the home; buyers will like you and your home more because you’ve taken this extra step.

5. Let Fresh Air In – When it’s cold, we tend to keep our windows closed because of the bitter Edmonton winters. This means our homes get stagnant and stuffy very quickly. So schedule yourself to swing by the house once a week and open the windows for an hour. The fresh air is free, and will really help your home from becoming stuffy; especially if it’s empty.

Here’s an Example of Going “OverBoard”!

I once showed a home in North Edmonton in the dead of winter and late in the evening. It was cold, about -25. We walked into the kitchen, to see heaven sitting on the table… a pot of hot coffee with some stirofoam cups and a note “Help yourself. It’s cold out, and I appreciate that you came to see my home tonight.”

If the seller had been there, my client and I likely would have kissed her! It was a good cup of coffee, and perfectly timed!

Edmonton winters suck; nobody can argue the point. But we have to survive it, and as a seller of Edmonton real estate you can use this bitterly cold time to your advantage…

– John Carle
Edmonton Realtor
Re/Max Real Estate

“Nice Realtors for Nice People”

John is a Realtor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Re/Max real estate. John markets and sells homes in the Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskachewan, and Morinville areas. You can visit his website at or visit his blog at

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