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28 February, 2011

Government Auctions & Foreclosures
Seized & Surplus Items at Discount! Gov’t Auctions Listed in Your Area

Does Montgomery County, MD’s government issue foreclosure housing auctions? If so, where can I find more info?
government-direct auctions, or government-authorized 3rd party auctions … Yea they are listed in the newspaper as public records but you have to know what you are…

,500 US Government Foreclosure Tax Credit ?
Is that per house or just one home

1. Why are so many people going into foreclosure? 2. Why does the government need to help them?
… Because it’s expensive for ignorant people to be greedy. The government doesn’t need to help them.

Addresses of Official UK Government Auction Websites?
… You can find loads of information by googling for UK Government Auction

Any government car auctions????
So far I found this site it looks great … has info on government car auctions.

Any government grants…for foreclosure or homes or bankruptcy?
any safe info/web sites….I need cash,and help.

Anyone here of Government buying foreclosures and making them Section 8?
… a huge problem. Anyone hear of the government buying all these foreclosure and making them Section… the gov does not make anything section 8. Buyers of RE file for permission to be qualified to…

Anyone know about the Government Auction?
… the net and I found a government auction that has reposes … most cars they sell are only worth 0-00 since they get you from A-B but have missing…

Anyone know how to obtain a home with a government tax foreclosure?
Do you have any info on buying a house in foreclosure … Government tax foreclosures are quite often listed in any…

Are government auctions a good way to buy cars at a low price?
some really good deals from government/police auctions. In fact back in high school one of…

Are government auctions also held online?
… Some are. Here is one:

Are government auto auctions any good and how can i get info. on it ?
… into going to siezed auto auctions any advice or info

Are government auto auctions scams?
…for cheap. Found some auto auctions online, like government repossesion, seizures, etc… auctions that say they are “government auctions” are actually private …

Are government tax foreclosures auctions a good way to find cheap properties? If so, where do I look? ?
, the bank will have a rep at the auction to bid up the price to cover their lien. You…

Are government tax foreclosures auctions a good way to find cheap properties? If so, where do I look? ?
Austin, TX. I suggest you “google” tax foreclosures, your town, your state. It should…

Particularly interested in: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Suffolk County homes and condos (NOT… A title company can provide lists of foreclosure properties. They will commonly do…

Are there any free government auctions?
…a car but all the government auctions on the web charge… any kind of a car or truck at a government auction is like opening a huge box…

Are there any good government owned auction sites for vehicles?
Heard these were miracles workers… anyone know where to find… link you to other government departments that have auctions.

Are those government auctions legitimate?
… Government auctions are legitimate if conducted under the …

Aren’t most foreclosures those of expensive houses? Why should the government be buying expensive houses?
Why should our government be bailing out the builders and mortgage… No, most of the foreclosures are on median priced …

Best way to find government auto auctions?
… such a mystery finding government and police auctions.. Isn’t there an easier way… government+auto+auctions?&ei=UTF-8…”>…com/search?search=government+auto+auctions?&ei=UTF-…

Buy a home for 0 via Government foreclosure house sales…Is it for real?
…just seen a TV commercial about government tax foreclosure house sales. They were… the case all these houses in foreclosure would be sold..

Buying cars in a government auction?
…so my father told me about this auction that takes place in san antonio TX… at these auctions you would…with you to the auction. Also if you bid…

More Government Auctions please visit :

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Whitby – Brock/Cochrane Homes For Sale – Whitby – Brock/Cochrane Real Estate Foreclosures

28 February, 2011

all the good or decent footy we got at mckinney this summer n fall. filmed by chris mcmaster edited by zach bird aditional filming Zach bird, Cody Muller.
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Mississauga – Stavebank Homes For Sale – Mississauga – Stavebank Real Estate Foreclosures

28 February, 2011

5th Br: 4.1 X 3.45. Open House Sat. 2-4. Prestigious Gordon Woods Facing Conservation/Forest! Custom Built On Huge Lot W/3-Car Garage, Circular Interlock Driveway & Parking For 12 Cars. Apx. 0K In Tasteful Upgrades Incl. Prof Finished Basement (2010) With Nanny’s Suite And Playroom, Reno’d 5-Pc Spa Like Master Ensuite, Extensive Landscaping, Additional 2nd Flr Bathrm And The List Goes On. 9′ & 16′ Cathedral Ceilings, Gleaming Hardwood,Gourmet Granite Kit.

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Foreclosure Foreclosure – Miami Foreclosures – Foreclosure Listings

28 February, 2011

One place where you can find plenty of foreclosure listings that are priced just right is in Miami.  If you are looking for property in or around the Miami area, you should take a look at the Miami foreclosures that are on the market.  You can find quite a bit about Miami foreclosures if you go online so that you can see just how far your dollar can stretch when it comes to buying a home in this southern part of Florida. 


It is easy for anyone to take a look at foreclosure listings today, thanks to the internet.  There are many foreclosures in the state of Florida and many in the Miami area.  Before you decide on purchasing one of the Miami foreclosures, you should check out the area itself to make sure that you are buying in a prime location.  You are always better off to look for location rather than just the home when you are buying real estate.  This is because proprieties that are in foreclosure in blighted areas do not increase in value in general.  You want to get the best location that you can afford, even if it means getting a smaller home.  There are many Miami foreclosures that are in good locations in and around the city as well as many that are in blighted areas.  You should look for the best location that you can afford. 


Another thing that you have to do before you can think about buying one of the Miami foreclosures is to make sure that you have the money to buy.  If you are going to get a mortgage in order to pay for the property, you need to be approved for the mortgage first before you set out and take a look at the foreclosure listings.  It is a good idea to talk to a mortgage lender before you decide on buying any home, but especially foreclosures.  While you can get away with putting a financing contingency on a contract when you are purchasing property the conventional way, when you are dealing with foreclosure listings, you need to have no contingencies and be ready to close on the property.  That means a pre-approval and a green light to go ahead and buy. 


You should also make sure that you do proper diligence regarding title and survey when you are buying Miami foreclosures or any other type of foreclosed property.  In many cases, back taxes are due as well as liens that have been placed on the home.  If you are getting a mortgage, the mortgage company will order a title commitment to check out the property and also demand a survey.  However, if you are paying cash, you need to take this step yourself.  You want to also make sure that you get a title policy from a reliable title insurance company when you buy Miami foreclosures that the property is free and clear from any liens.  You can use a real estate attorney to help you when you are buying foreclosure listings who will be able to make sure that proper due diligence is done. 

If you are thinking of buying property in Miami, you can find many Miami foreclosures for sale.  You can take a look at these and other foreclosures when you look at foreclosure listings on the internet. 

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Pickering Homes For Sale – Pickering Real Estate Foreclosures

27 February, 2011

On August 9th Scott Cannata and the Run to Live stopped by Boyer GM in Pickering. This event went off without a hitch and the entire day was inspiring and exciting! Keep it up Scott! We are all here cheering you on. Hope you enjoy the video 🙂
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Home Foreclosure Information – Phoenix Home Foreclosure Information

27 February, 2011


First, it is better to understand the reason for your inability to pay up the mortgage for a month or a few months. You may have been laid off or your working hours may have been cut short because of the recession. Figure out if this trend is reversible; if you will be able to supplement your income with an additional job or some help from a generous family member. If that’s not an option, you can analyze to see if this is just a temporary setback that can be compensated in a few months or if this financial strain may be more permanent in nature.


If this mortgage crisis is a temporary phase, you may just be able to save your home from foreclosure. Remember, the last thing that the bank wants to do is to take back your home. When you do contact your bank, talk to somebody in the loss mitigation department and try to convince them that this is a temporary glitch and work it out with the bank. If your problem is temporary, you may be offered these solutions from your bank:

Reinstatement: You may be able to pay off the total amount owed to the lender in a lump sum by a specific date. Forbearance may accompany this option.
Forbearance: Your bank may reduce or suspend your mortgage amount for sometime and then agree to another option to bring your loan current. This option is combined with a reinstatement when you have to bring the account current at a specific time.
Repayment plan: The lender allows you to resume making your regular monthly payments, plus a portion of the past due payments each month until you are caught up at a future date.

If you will not be able to pay up your mortgage for a long-term, your lender may give you the following options:

Partial Claim: In case your mortgage is FHA insured, your bank could help you get a one-time interest-free loan from your mortgage guarantor to bring your account current. You may pay this loan back at a later date. You must also sign a promissory note which is interest-free. A lien will be placed on your property till you pay the promissory note in full.
Mortgage modification: The bank may agree to change the terms of your original loan to make payments affordable. This is if you can make payments but can’t afford enough to make your loan current. The bank may do this by adding some missed payments to the existing loan balance or by changing the interest rate or by extending the term of the loan by a few years.

If situation is worst and you are forced to sell your house, you may make the most of it by discussing these issues with your bank:

Sale: Your lender will set a time limit before which you must sell that house and pay up the amount owed to the bank. You must use a realtor who can sell your home for a good price.
Assumption: A buyer may be allowed to take over your loan and have ownership of the home.
Short sale: If you are unable to sell the property for the full loan amount, the bank may accept less that it is owed. This is only if your loan is at least 2 months delinquent, you are able to sell the house within 5 months and if the value of your home meets HUD program guidelines.

Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure: You may give back your property to the bank and be debt-free and get a better credit rating. But if you choose this option, you most probably must sell your home for its market rate 90 days before the bank agrees to this option. You may avail this option if you have creditor judgments, second mortgages, and IRS or state tax liens. Also, don’t forget to get in touch with an aggressive realtor if you decide to sell your home.

About the Author:

Annie Celsia is a freelance writer who works for Montalbano Homes, a popular Arizona home builder building homes in and around Arizona state.

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Mississauga – Burnhamthorpe/Creditview Homes For Sale – Mississauga – Burnhamthorpe/Creditview Real Estate Foreclosures

27 February, 2011

Paradise Chinese Restaurant featured in the Trendy Zone show on Channel 14 OMNI 2. Located at 4040 Creditview Road, Mississauga, Ontario (Deer Run Plaza) Major Intersection: Burnhamthorpe and Creditview Road

Mississauga – Burnhamthorpe/Creditview Real Estate

Burlington – Northwest Burlington Homes For Sale – Burlington – Northwest Burlington Real Estate Foreclosures

27 February, 2011

CSX, BNSF “fly ash” train, 4664 and 5442 Passing a crossing in Warm Springs, GA. 17 feb 2009 going Northwest. Very nice place to visit and lots of places to view trains in the area.
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York Region – Willow Beach Homes For Sale – York Region – Willow Beach Real Estate Foreclosures

27 February, 2011

03:30 FLOODING – Presenter: John Keifer, Director of Public Works 53:15 RECREATION SUMMER PROGRAMS – Darrell Crittendon, Director, RPOS 01:06: 20 TIRE CITY – Presenter: Frank Duke, Director of Planning and Community Development COUNCIL INTEREST AND ISSUES

Home Values – Broward Homes Value is Falling But Bills Keep Rising = Falling Broward home values, rising bills

26 February, 2011


Broward Homes Value is Falling But Bills Keep Rising = Falling Broward home values, rising bills

Now that your Broward homes annual property tax bill has arrived in your mailbox, We have  started hearing the usual annual riddle: How come my Broward home’s value keeps sinking but my Broward Homes tax bill is going up?

The simple answer is = Broward Tax rates and fees keep rising, enough to offset a drop in taxable value.


Search the Broward MLS at


And some longtime Broward home owners keep seeing increases in Broward Homes taxable value, even though the market value of the Broward home has fallen. That’s because of the double-edged sword of Florida’s Save Our Homes provision, which for years has kept the taxable value of Broward Homes artificially low but is allowed to rise each year until it catches up to the Broward Homes market value, even in a down Broward housing market.

Deciphering the tax notice sent by the Broward Homes Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, also known as the TRIM notice (which stands for Truth in Millage) can be tricky. There are a host of differing Broward Homes taxing authorities and rates.

The big pieces of a Broward Homes property tax bill: your Broward Homes city’s taxes and fees, the Broward school board’s and Broward county’s.

Final budgets and Broward tax rates will be set at hearings next month. Hearing times are listed on the TRIM notice.

(As an aside: This year’s Broward Homes insensitivity award goes to the Broward Homes South Florida Water Management District, whose budget hearing (Sept. 8) will be held on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and the Inland Navigation waterway council, whose Sept. 17 hearing is set for Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar).

Every Broward Homes owner’s situation is unique, but I’ll use my own as an example of the falling value/rising tax bill paradox.

My overall bill for this year is set to be higher than last year, ,097 vs. ,049. That’s a 1.5 percent increase.

Yet for the first time since I bought my Broward Homes 10 years ago, my taxable value actually went down, from 6,570 to 7,960. That’s a 5.2 percent drop.

Even with a Broward Homes rise in tax rates (the amount charged per ,000 of taxable value minus Broward Homes homestead exemptions), I’m actually looking at a decrease in my Broward Homes county and school district portions of my tax bill.

My Broward Homes county share, including bond debt, will drop , from 8 to 3.

And my Broward Homes school board share will drop , from ,052 to ,015.

All the other smaller things (hospital district, water management district, children’s services council) are pretty much a wash, with some rising slightly and some falling slightly.

So what’s to blame for my increase? In my case, my city (Dania Beach) is the villain.

My overall city share, including fees for garbage, sewer and fire services, is going up , from ,095 to ,191. That’s an 8.8 percent increase.

I wonder how much of that is going to feed the beast of public-sector union pensions, the third rail of local politics.

In context, a increase on a ,000 tax bill isn’t going to break me.

But it just goes to show how the property tax game is stacked against homeowners.

When the housing market rises, bills go up.

And when the Broward Homes housing market falls, bills can still go up. Some Broward Homes racket.



Type in the Quick Search By MLS ID at

Type in the Quick Search By MLS ID at

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