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31 January, 2011

Hey there…Ho there.. Divanettes and Divanados! It’s just post St. Patrick’s Day and the Diva is gearing up for her trip to Ireland! Yep, that’s right…I am heading over to the Emerald Isle to sample a little cuisine, meet lots o’ people, and kick back for a much needed and well deserved VACATION!

In the meantime…I’m curious, Have you ever watched the show Iron Chef on the Food Channel Network and we’re mystified at the varied and delicious looking courses served up to the judges? Were you like me and a bit jealous you couldn’t go into your favorite Louisville Restaurant and have a little bit of EVERYTHING on the menu??

Well say no more, The Diva did exactly and then some with something called a Degustation Menu. A degustation meal is a medley of courses served for tasting by chefs to show off their culinary expertise. In my humble opinion, no one does this better than Chef Peng Looi at .

You wouldn’t guess it now with its inviting contemporary Zen like design, but at one time, ASIATIQUE used to share its location with four different businesses and an apartment, to boot! With multi-level dining rooms and a gorgeous outdoor deck, ASIATIQUE blissfully balances your most intimate settings to hip gatherings with even flow.

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff…What says Louisville more than The Fleur de Lis? In a glass, no less?? This is where my journey began…Pear infused Calvados Brandy, Limoncello, and Elderflower liquor. Light and fruity with a delicate lingering perfume of Elderflower in your mouth; the kind of cocktail that can take your knees out after a couple…gently, of course!


Just as I was settling into my warm and fuzzy place, out came Jessica with our salads. Hydroponic greens, one lightly tossed in a Hoisin truffle vinaigrette topped with beef satay and the other with scallops in a ginger soy vinaigrette and seared fennel.

The owners and head chef make their rounds in the dining room frequently. When I asked Pabs S. Sembillo why they were so visible, he responded in true partner fashion, “It’s like going to a Play. I control the lighting and music…Our servers are the Actors, and if they don’t know their lines, then it doesn’t go well.” Well said Pans!

Next, we had a duet of tuna tar-tare and smoked salmon with dill dip and homemade tortilla chips. Alongside these hand-made treats were Goat Cheese Crab Meat Spring-rolls with Miso Aioli and a Shrimp with Pork Spring roll with sweet chili and basil jam. Have you reached “Umami” yet? You will be…we’re just getting started! 

“The Study of Tuna”…oh let’s, PLEASE!

Triple crusted tar tare, capers, warm ponzu, garlic flakes, topped with crispy ginger and a side of asparagus in wasabi soy sauce. Hungry yet? Why not try the Panko crusted Chilean Sea Bass over wilted frisee greens? We did! On with it…

Next came the Seafood Bouillabaisse. Spicy? OMG! Salmon, calamari, scallops, tiger prawns, and New Zealand mussels in a red curry coconut cream sauce. Can you say WOW! If you’ve got a cold, try a little of this little number and it’s sure to chase it back to whence it came.

My companion dug in to his pulled Lamb shank with an espresso (yes, espresso) thyme reduction and beef short rib confit served with Indian Naan bread. It wasenough to put this Diva in a food coma….Until they brought out DESSERT!!! Oh yes….

Can one really choose between White Chocolate or Ginger Creme Brulee? Nope…We tried BOTH! Banana Lumpia, Cardamon Ice Cream, and a Belgian Truffle Chocolate Torte. Don’t drool on your keyboard, Guys!!

 For all my single Divanettes out there, the Asiatique bar area is a great place to meet up with your gal pals or have a first date. They have a cozy little lounge area for when you want to just kick back and hang with your girlies and Pans considers himself an amateur bouncer. He’ll make sure you get into a cab or back to your car safely. 

So there you have it Divanites, I can’t say enough about my dining symphony orchestrated by all the staff, Chefs, and Owner of . Get yourself down there and don’t forget to tell them the Diva sent you.

Ciao Bella,


The Dining Diva is in Da House! I’m searching for cool slots and hot spots in Louisville to spread the word about. If you have a restaurant, cafe, coffee house, or dessert palace in Louisville or Southern Indiana you would like to see me review, leave a comment and let me know!

(Empire State of Mind remix) Louisville State of Mind – Kasanova KY State of Mind 2 www.keys2ky.com
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Government Foreclosure List – Government Foreclosure Listings

31 January, 2011

Handled by professionals and updated daily we provide you with comprehensive listings souped up with additional features to help you find the best government owned homes.

Cheap Property in Government Foreclosure Listings

There is no denying the fact that there is plenty of cheap property up for grabs in our government foreclosure listings. However you need to know where to look for them in order to take advantage of them. This is your one stop source for getting the latest on government owned foreclosure properties.

Our listings are prepared by specialists in the field and are updated daily. We give you much more than just a simple listing of the property description and its price. Rather we aim to become your complete source of information so that you don’t have to run around searching for information in newspapers. We are offering a 7-day trial period through which you will be able to access our extensive government foreclosure listings. Our well informed team seeks to make use of what they know to make you well informed. The objective is to help you make a well informed decision when investing in properties from the government foreclosure listings.

When Scanning the Government Foreclosure Listings

There are some things that you should have resolved when looking to invest in government owned foreclosure properties. Firstly you should have your mind made up as to what exactly you are looking for. You shouldn’t just go for any property that is being sold for a heavily discounted price. Your focus should always be on the price of the property. Analyze all the drawbacks to get the real value of the property.

Joseph Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of Foreclosure Listings at TopForeclosureListings.com for over five years.

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Mississauga – Mississauga Golf & Country Homes For Sale – Mississauga – Mississauga Golf & Country Real Estate Foreclosures

31 January, 2011

2255 Kenbarb Rd, Mississauga, On. Totally Renovated Home for sale. 4 Bedrooms+2 in Bsmt, 4 Washrooms, in Cooksville, Mississauga, near Mississauga Golf and Country club.
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Home Buying Selling – Home Buying And Selling Information: Sharing The Knowledge

31 January, 2011

Launched barely 100 days ago – Real Estate Wiki, a new independent wiki that exclusively covers and deals with the real estate industry – has doubled its impressive launch number of 7,000 entries to almost 14,000. This includes over 3,000 definitions for real estate terms, over 800 acronyms, almost 1,000 answers to frequently asked questions about home buying, selling and financing questions, over 400 bio’s of prominent real estate leaders, authors and speakers, over 600 real estate brokerage companies and details of some 800 real estate associations, institutes, councils, designations, courses, blogs, social networks, publications … the list goes on and on.

Real Estate Wiki is divided into 70 categories that include:

• Types of Real Estate
• Homes & Lifestyles
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Real Estate Acronyms
• Settlement Service Providers
• Government and Local Authorities
• History of Real Estate
• Real Estate Online Media
• Real Estate Newspapers
• Real Estate Research Reports
• Real Estate Training Schools
• Real Estate Brokerage Companies
• Real Estate Technology Providers

Last month Real Estate Wiki at the request of users also added leasing information. This is an example of the kind of industry focus a specialized wiki can provide. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for this section include aspects such as:

• How to Find Rental Properties
• Obligations of a Tenant
• Responsibilities of the Landlord
• Lease Agreements
• Trust Accounts
• Leasehold Improvements
• Nuisances and Unlawful Activities
• Possession
• Defaults
• When Leases can be Terminated
• And many, many more valuable questions.

According to ComScore and Hitwise two real estate websites, Apartments.com and Rent.com, both rank in their January 2008 report as top 10 real estate websites based on traffic. This shows how important this sector of the real estate industry is, especially during a depressed real estate market.

To assist homeowners Real Estate Wiki shortly thereafter added some 25 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) covering questions on foreclosures, short sales, bank owned properties and bank auctions. FAQ’s include issues such:

• Can I Negotiate the Price of a Bank Owned Property?
• What Can I Do To Avoid A Foreclosure?
• How To I Negotiate With The Lender To Avoid Foreclosure?
• How Does A Foreclosure Work?
• What Happens To The Mortgage Loan After A Foreclosure?
• What is a Better Option Foreclosure or a Short Sale?

In addition, Real Estate Wiki also features over 30 definitions in the Glossary of Terms providing explanations to concepts such as Foreclosure, Judicial Foreclosure, Strict Foreclosure, Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure, Decree of Foreclosure, Right of Redemption, etc.

RealEstateWiki is a privately funded, non-profit, non-bias venture and is inviting all real estate professional, brokers, agents, Realtor Associations, Service Providers, Schools and all other related organizations to go and add or update their entry and profile on the wiki. It doesn’t cost anything and adding a back link to your website is encouraged.

Also all volunteers that wish to contribute to making the real estate business a better place, here is your chance. Join in and become part of the Web 2.0 world in real estate build the largest, highest quality, free real estate encyclopedia in real estate as a resource for everyone to use. Go to www.RealEstateWiki.com

Real Estate Wiki doesn’t cost anything and has become the largest online real estate encyclopedia. It strives to provide quality, objective and valuable information to anyone seeking guidance about home buying, selling, ownership, renting, becoming a real estate professional or serving and working in the real estate business as a real estate professional.

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St. Mary’s Homes For Sale – St. Mary’s Real Estate Foreclosures

30 January, 2011

This video is an introduction to the choristers at St Mary’s Music School and the choir of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland. We see the young choristers and organists as they prepare in June, 2006, for recording sessions for the Pro Organo CD “Hear My Words, Ye People.” The Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral (Mother Church of the Diocese of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church) has been described by the Sunday Times as “one of the UK’s finest cathedral choirs.” It is unique in Scotland in maintaining a tradition of daily Anglican choral services. The choristers are educated at St Mary’s Music School, Scotland’s only specialist music school, which is also the choir school for the cathedral. St Mary’s Cathedral became the first in the UK to offer girls scholarships to sing as trebles in 1978, and in 2006, became possibly the first British daily choral foundation to offer alto Choral Scholarships and Lay Clerk positions to women as well as men. St Mary’s Cathedral website is: www.cathedral.net . St Mary’s Music School website is: www.st-marys-music-school.co.uk The choir is led in this video by Simon Nieminski www.nieminski.com , who at the time this video and CD were recorded, was Organist and Master of the Music. Mr Nieminski is still active in Edinburgh, but now concentrates upon his work as both a liturgical and concert organist. His new post is that of organist at St Mary’s RC Cathedral in Edinburgh. Also seen in this video is a principal of St
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St. Mary’s Real Estate

Hilton Head Real Estate Foreclosures – Surprise! You CAN Afford Hilton Head Vacation Rentals and Real Estate

30 January, 2011

When most people think of Hilton Head Island their mind conjures an image of Robin Leach bellowing his famous “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” extolling the lifestyles of the rich and famous. While there’s no doubt that there are pockets of this tye of wealth on the island, most people are very surprised when they find out that even before the economic downturn that there are plenty affordable homes and vacation packages available both on and off the island.

Affordable Hilton Head Real Estate

No, it’s not an oxymoron. There actually ais affordable real estate on the island, and not just short sales and foreclosures. For example, popular communities like Hilton head Plantation, Palmetto Dunes, and Sea Pines all have homes over 2,000 square feet well under the 0,000 price range. Of course, you’re not going to buy an oceanfront or ocean view home for that price. You still need millions for those properties. But consider the fact that when yu buy in these communities you’re usually never more than a few miles from the beach. That’s a quick car or bike ride away.

When it comes to Hilton Head real estate. in today’s economy it’s not always the price of the home that you need to take in to consideration, but also the annual membership fees and property owner association (POA) fees. For example, in exclusive Bluffton comunities lek Belfair and Colleton River Plantation you can find lots under ,000 and homes under 0,00 (and sometimes under 0,000). At the onset, these seem like great deals. But keep in mind that annual dues and fees will cost upwards of ,000 per year. While you might be able to afford the home, you may struggle to meet the annual fees.

Fees like thos at communities liek Befair, Colleton River, Wexford, and Long Cove are more the exception than the rule. In most cases you will find that annual POA fees are between 0 and ,000 per year depending upon services offered (i.e trash and yard debris pick up, community landscaping, etc.) to overall community ammenites (pool, tennis, health club, golf course, marina, etc.). These fees are subject to change. For the latest POA and club membership fees contact a local real estate professional.

Affordable Hilton Head Vacation Rentals

Along the same lines as real estate prices, many people think they cannot afford Hilton Head vacation rentals and immediately look at places like Myrtle Beach and the Florida coast for a rental home or villa. Prices on Hilton Head vary greatly by location and time of year. In season many of the larger oceanfront homes rent for ,000 – ,000 per week. Then again, those homes also sleep 12 or more people. So if you’re traveling with family or group of friends it can bring your costs down considerably.

The great part about staying in one of the Hilton Head villas or rental homes is that no matter where you stay you’re never more than a short drive or bike ride away from the beach. Sure, everyone would like to have an oceanfront rental at a discount price. But if you’re out and about at the beach or the golf course all day, why pay extra for that view? There are hundreds and hundreds of golv view, lagoon view, and wooded view homes and condos that rent for between 0 and ,800 per week.

If you’re an empty nester you may also want to consider visiting the area in September or October when the families are home and the kids are back to school. The daytime temperatures are still in the 80’s and 90’s, and the water is still warm for swimming. The difference is that the beaches, golf course, and restaurants are not as crowded allowing you for a more leisurely vacation. In fact, it doesn’t really start to cool down here until late November or early December, and those last three months of the year usually offer some of the best golf weather all year.

Your Next Vacation, Your Next Home

Now that you have the facts, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan your next Hilton Head vacation. Before you arrive bes sure to visit Hilton Head 360 and order your free copy of Island Real Estate Magazine and plan an afternoon or take a rainy day and tour the luxurious and the affordable homes of Hilton Head Island.

Shawn Kosloff is the VP of Web Development and Marketing for Down South Publishers, Inc. Down South provides magazines, print media, and web portals for real estate and vacation destinations throughout the U.S.

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Brampton – Mayfield/McLaughlin Homes For Sale – Brampton – Mayfield/McLaughlin Real Estate Foreclosures

30 January, 2011

Individuals Xavier King Pickering – Ajax 22:18.76 1 Rob Denault Aurora – Aurora 22:30.53 2 Connor Darlington RS McLaughlin – Oshawa 22:35.13 3 Dan Piticariu Vincent Massey – Windsor 22:38.69 4 Kyle Grieve Richview – Islington 22:46.20 5 Jeremie Bourget Theriault – Timmins 22:53.37 6 Andrew Kowalsky Vincent Massey – Windsor 23:00.63 7 Dylan Brown Huron Heights – Newmarket 23:19.16 8 Paul Raymond Theriault – Timmins 23:26.57 9 Kevin Rooke Don Mills – North York 23:33.10 10 Mackay Wilson Stratford Central – Stratford 23:39.06 11 Austen Forbes Highland – Dundas 23:42.10 12 Matt Hall St. Christopher – Sarnia 23:42.94 13 Philippe Parrot-Migas St. Aloysius Gonzaga-Mississau 23:47.68 14 Brayden Seneca Notre Dame College – Welland 23:58.29 15 Reid Mitchell Assumption College – Windsor 24:01.03 16 Brendan Hynes St. Michael’s College- Toronto 24:07.38 17 Andrew Langille RS McLaughlin – Oshawa 24:13.46 18 Rui Xu Westdale – Hamilton 24:22.32 19 Matthew Druken St. Joseph\’s – Barrie 24:23.56 20 Jake Wanuch Glenforest – Mississauga 24:27.30 21 Matt Meehan St. Michael’s College- Toronto 24:30.54 22 Steven Greco St. Joseph\’s – Barrie 24:37.12 23 Andrew Costello Neil McNeil – Toronto 24:38.96 24 Paul Kolb Highland – Dundas 24:40.51 25 Derek Van Schepen Port Credit – Mississauga 24:40.86 26 Matt Krey Vincent Massey – Windsor 24:43.87 27 Daniel Fournier Theriault – Timmins 24:43.92 28 Matt Brown Mayfield 24:43.99 29 Haydn Watters Our Lady of Lourdes HS 24:44.86 30 Dylan Bates Birchmount

Lunenburg Rural Homes For Sale – Lunenburg Rural Real Estate Foreclosures

30 January, 2011

www.lunenburgmarealestate.com Tour Lunenburg, MA neighborhoods, condominium developments, subdivisions, schools, landmarks, recreational areas, and town offices. Lunenburg, Massachusetts is a semi-rural community located in northern Worcester County. First settled in 1718, Lunenburg was officially incorporated in 1728. Lake Whalom and Whalom Amusement Park distinguish the Whalom District from the remainder of Lunenburg. This District was developed as a housing base for many factory workers working in the mills and factories of Leominster and Fitchburg. In many ways, the character of the Whalom District more closely resembles these cities than the rest of Lunenburg. The Hickory Hills area of Lunenburg, around Hickory Hills Lake, was developed as a private community comprised largely of vacation cottages. The third major body of water in Lunenburg is Shirley Reservoir, a public water body also developed with mainly vacation cottages that have now been modified to year-round residences. The remainder of Lunenburg, which originally consisted largely of farms and orchards, has slowly developed into large-lot single family housing. For other town tours visit http . For towns in MA visit www.ma-virtualhomes.com . For MA relocation information go to http . For a MA MLS map search visit www.virtualhomesmls.com .
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Burlington – Northeast Burlington Homes For Sale – Burlington – Northeast Burlington Real Estate Foreclosures

30 January, 2011

The second in a series of three videos documenting Old Abram Brown’s 2011 Northeast Winter Tour. The band spends two days in Burlington, VT before playing a show at the Monkey House. Shot by Carson Lund and Ron Shpindler Edited by Carson Lund oldabrambrown.com/
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York Region – Tara Hills Homes For Sale – York Region – Tara Hills Real Estate Foreclosures

30 January, 2011

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\York Region – Tara Hills Foreclosures