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30 September, 2010

North Coast 2000 DVD 19 Segment 02 Pearl Harbour Georgetown Mill

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30 September, 2010

Somewhere over New Orleans a storm is brewing…. . . . . . . Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts is Proud to Present Carnivale… . May 19 – 20, 2009 Mardi-Gras – STAFF DANCE CREW ’09 Choreographers: ASIA North Poplar Gr. 5 & 3 Dance Teachers – Wallace & Lack . . Dancers: Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants at ASIA North Poplar

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30 September, 2010

We have to move beyond just talking about being against an airport in North Pickering, that argument has been effectively made, and start pursuing the idea of a Land Trust to permanently protect this oasis and create a green infrastructure for future generations.- MP Mark Holland
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30 September, 2010

Live video recording shot at Buddy Guys legends on June 8th, 2006 on WXRT 93.1 Chicago During the Chicago Blues festival. Hosted by Tom Marker and Buddy Guy. Directed by Jonathan Cohon Produced by Blues Island Productions Executive Producer – Wayne Baker Brooks
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30 September, 2010
Point McKay
by gak

Scot McKay can change your life and get you the women you want.  Really.  But who is he, and why should YOU care?

As the founder of X & Y Communications, Scot has been featured in nearly 200 media outlets, is literally ALL OVER Facebook and Twitter, and has now even been approached by a major network to host his own television show.

All the media accolades aside, the real reason to take a closer look at whatever Scot and his team produce is simply this: NOWHERE will you find more attention to detail and more of a focus on QUALITY than you will at X & Y Communications.

So when I heard that Scot, who I know personally pretty well, had announced the release of his latest program for men called , I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Now one of the things that Scot spends a LOT of time talking about is how to be what he calls a “Big Four” man. The “Big Four” are:

It’s that fourth element that really got my attention. I mean seriously, when was the last time you heard “character” discussed in the Seduction Community…unless it was a FICTIONAL character!

Scot believes, and logically so, that if a man becomes the kind of woman that a great woman is actually looking for, he’ll have complete control over his dating life.

What’s more, he’ll naturally draw higher quality women unto himself.

Basically, if you haven’t guessed already, Scot McKay is absolutely the right guy to be teaching relationship management. After dating lots and lots of great women, he’s a shining example of a man who actually CROSSED THE FINISH LINE successfully.

That’s right, today his “proof of concept” is his wife (and fellow dating coach) Emily McKay…who he introduces to you on the Web site for “The Master Plan.”

One of the most intriguing lines Scot has associated with the launch of The Master Plan is this: “You were born to attract women…and it’s time to retrieve your birthright!”

So with that thought in mind, I got into the Member’s Area for The Master Plan and felt like a in a pen full of .

First of all, everything you expect to receive is present and in good working order.  All the audio programs are in MP3 format, with the eight core programs coming with full transcripts in PDF format. There’s even a special video welcome message from Scot himself, which is a nice touch.

If you are indeed familiar with X & Y Communications products already, you know that McKay believes in keeping everything downloadable for instant access at the best possible price point.   There are no scratched discs or extended shipping times involved here.  Plus, McKay is well known for making “surprise” additions to his value-packed products, which the Member’s Area concept supports beautifully.

Along those same lines, without “spilling the beans”, you can expect to find a seriously eye-opening “unannounced bonus offer” once you get to the Member’s Area.

It’s important to note that although The Master Plan has a “Member’s Area”, this really isn’t a “membership site” per se.  You pay one time and your ticket is punched forever.  And at 7, that ticket is WAY reasonable compared to most of the other products on the market.  Most guys with products featuring this amount of content are demanding at least double that price.

Having had a chance to dig in to The Master Plan, the name of the program is pretty perfect.  The first impression is distinct one: You just get the feeling that every angle has been covered here.

The very first program is called “The Master Plan For Your Dating Life”. Think of this as “the plan within the plan”, if you will. In it, Scot shares different ways you can find some real order and focus in your world, even as you date as many women as you want. This caught my attention…and held it.

From there, you’ll find a full-length program on each respective “Big Four” component, which makes perfect sense. And let me tell you something, if you think even for a minute that this is only going to be the same old rehashed, generic information you obviously haven’t gotten to know Scot McKay very well. There is truly mind-blowing original content at every turn.

But Scot was not content to simply cover the “Big Four” and leave it at that.

In addition to the five epic-length audio programs I’ve already told you about, get ready for an onslaught of amazing content covering such valuable areas as: body language, how to relate to any type of woman, how to maximize your own personality type for success with women, authenticity, ambition, and much, much more.

Scot has even included his entire program called “The Engineer’s Guide To Being Cooler Than The Salesguy”, is for sale elsewhere on a standalone basis at …just by itself.

But as you continue through the Member’s Area, you’ll soon discover that even with all that killer content already safely raked into the barn, Scot was really just getting warmed up.

He’s got a few more audios he calls Special Value Programs, featuring the likes of “Wing Girl” Marni Kinrys along with Bryan Bayer and Decker Cunov from AMP. Each of these could easily be sold as separate products, just like Scot’s program on how to be cool.

And there are some really nice bonuses included also, as we’ve come to expect from McKay.  You’re going to find some seriously high-value content from such big names as Stephen Nash, Carlos Xuma, Rion Williams, Dave M., and Christian Hudson…along with some equally valuable extras from guys who are “rising stars” in the world of men’s dating and seduction advice.

Overall, The Master Plan delivers the goods…at a great price.  Not only is it the only “plan” out there for guys who seriously are about being the best man they can be and therefore attract the highest quality women, you clearly get the feeling it would still be the best even if there were others.

For more on The Master Plan, including a great video interview with a woman and five other videos that you can watch (all for free), here’s the place to be:

Ethan Parker reveals how YOU can make love, attraction and self confidence happen, starting NOW.

Check out his website, Try It Before You Buy It, to get access to the best kept secrets in attraction, confidence, and dating.

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30 September, 2010

Más Info Walter Black (Mel Gibson) fue un hombre feliz y triunfador, pero ahora sufre una terrible depresión, que solo puede dejar de lado cuando lleva puesta una marioneta con forma de castor ya la que trata como si fuera un ser humano de verdad. Estreno en España 27 de Mayo de 2011 (El trailer pertenece a la productora y distribuidora de la película y ha sido subido sin ánimo de lucro).
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30 September, 2010 Racks International Trade Ltd located in Sullivan Heights Burnaby is an excellent choice if you are looking for Bathroom Cabinets or Mirror Cabinets. To learn more call 6044152422, visit us at 8025 Enterprise St, Burnaby, BC, V5A1V5 or check the url above.
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30 September, 2010

Florida East Coast Railway 709, GATX Capital Corporation 7362 westbound at mile 9 of the Halton subdivision in Grahamsville through the CN Goreway Junction pulling mixed freight.

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30 September, 2010
by Ewan-M

The Britannia Dynasty range cookers are available in the three standard Britannia colours of cream, gloss black or stainless steel and are all twin oven range cookers. The Britannia Dynasty range cooker has loads of great features added for safety, practicality and style. The triple glazed doors improve the efficiency of the cooker and also keeps it quieter making cooking an overall more pleasant experience.

This cooker also comes with an electronic programmer and a 24 hour clock which allows you to program your oven to start and stop at whatever times you want it to means that the Britannia Dynasty is the perfect range cooker for people with a busy lifestyle. The storage drawer is both useful and aesthetically pleasing and both ovens are A rated for efficiency, which means that this selection of Britannia Dynasty range cookers uses less energy than a lot of other cookers, but works just as well. So you save money, but do not sacrifice any of the quality and practicality of your cooking appliance.

The Britannia Dynasty range cooker is available as an XG range, which has its own compartment specifically for grilling. If you do decide to go for an XG Britannia Dynasty cooker, you have the choice of two sizes: 100cm or 110cm. And you get all the great features of an XG cooker. If you choose the 110cm XG Britannia Dynasty range cooker, it comes with a gas hotplate with six burners and a Chef Top, which is a stainless steel hotplate that is easy to use and allows you to cook healthily and make food taste even better. The Chef Top is a great way to cook for any meal of the day.

As with most of the domestic appliances that Britannia has on offer, the Britannia Dynasty is littered with safety features so that you can cook with ease of mind. The Flame Failure Device is a great safety device because if the flame is extinguished, the thermostat sensor will detect that no heat is being generated and it will automatically switch off the gas supply. So no more wondering whether you turned the gas off- with the Britannia Dynasty, it does the worrying for you.

The Britannia Dynasty standard range cooker has the grill in the oven and is available in size 100cm. But although there is not much choice surrounding the size of your Britannia Dynasty cooker, there are other ways to modify this model. For example, the 100cm Britannia Dynasty range cooker is available in three colours so there should not be any problems with suiting it to its new surroundings. You also get a choice as to whether you would prefer an all- electric cooker or a dual fuel cooker with the oven as electric and the hob as gas. There are also three hotplate options for you to chose from with the 100cm Britannia Dynasty: the basic gas hotplate with six burners, the gas hotplate with four burners and Chef Top, and the ceramic hotplate if you would prefer your Britannia Dynasty to be all- electric.

Mr Heneffe has worked in the Kitchen Appliances industry for over 10 years. He specializes in Britannia appliances and Range Cookers

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30 September, 2010