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30 June, 2010

This Supercell, developed on July 3rd, 2008 at 9:47PM, and it quickly became tornado warned.
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30 June, 2010

Preview of Sexagon’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: www.travelpod.com This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Summerview, Canada Entry Title: “Waynes Place in Calgary to Old Man’s Dam” Entry: “Day 5 May 21 Wayne day! Slept in, in Wayne’s dungeon basement until 10am. Whoah! Then took it easy and just hung about, started/updated the travel blog for the trip, Wayne made us awesome burgers, crazy documentary about the worlds seafloor, and what it would look like if there was no water. Then eventually it was feeling late and we had to get some drive time in, so I begrudgingly leave my fellow Kenora com padres and we head south. It’s late, 530pm so hopefully we’ve missed rush hour. Still found the time to stop at ‘Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump.’ Kewl. We decide the trail walk is far so we took to exploring the hill from the top of the building, another one of those that are built right into the hillside. View was Huge. Crazy Beans. Decided to continue taking the dirt highway to ‘Old Man’s Damn’, map says there is a campsite. On the way we start to see monstrous windmills. When we arrive we discover windy point, from the looks of it a pretty popular windsurfing spot. The sign said camping, then there was a sign that said no camping, so we decide to camp and see what happens. Around 11pm or so a young park ranger man came to tell us we were not supposed to set up camp there, but since we were set up and
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30 June, 2010
by Ianz


By now everyone knows that Raymond Davis was a CIA operative. He along with others was in Pakistan on some special mission assigned to him by the agency. This fact has been confirmed by International media including American news papers. When questioned, the White House spokesman was reluctant to disclose the credentials of Raymond and skipped the question saying he cannot reveal the exact job description of Davis.  Anxiety displayed by the American diplomatic staff in Pakistan, specially the Ambassador Mr. Cameron Munter and the Councilor General Carmela A. Conroy showed how desperate American were to take the physical custody of Raymond before police could investigate the matter. Every single minute delay made them uneasy and in frustration many in America issued threats to Pakistan of dire consequences if Raymond was not released. Americas’ rhetoric behavior was not an instant reaction to the event, rather was a well thought-out strategy adopted by Raymond’s bosses. Being responsible diplomats, the way both handled the sensitive matter was against the decent diplomatic norms, their engagement with Pakistani establishment on the issue was unprofessional that resulted in damaging the already trust deficit relations between Pakistan and America. The matter aggravated further once President Barrack Obama commented on the issue, should he have spoken when senator Carry was in Pakistan negotiating the issue? Involvement of high profile people into the Raymond matter is strange and has raised suspicions in the minds of Pakistani public. ” Moreover, why were the Americans asking for diplomatic immunity for an established non-diplomat once their former secretary of states’ Condoleezza Rice in March 2005 had informed the UN Secretary General Kofi Anan of her administrative decision to withdraw from the protocol of Vienna Convention on counselors’ rights? A protocol signed in 1963, for Americans the protocol does not exist.

Spy network of America is spread around the world operating in almost every country. It maintains good relations with the intelligence setups of many countries, especially with the agencies of its allies. In our case the relations between CIA and ISI are believed to be good because both the countries have worked closely for the common objectives since the time Russia invaded Afghanistan. Today, no one party is blaming the other for not cooperating or for not sharing strategic information with the other. With such cordial relationship between the two agencies, why America felt the need to have its own independent intelligence network inside Pakistan and employ trigger happy gun runners like Davis to operate it?  More astonishing is the fact, Pakistan’s foreign office issue number of visas to men like Davis and the ministry of interior allowed these men to slip into very sensitive parts of the country to weave an intelligence web for America? This fact is even more serious than the issue of Raymond killing two men in Lahore. The killing incident has raised serious concerns about the security of the country as the same has been put in jeopardy by some government officials in the ministries and agencies meant to guard the national interest.

Today Mr. Shah Mahmood Qurashi ex-foreign minister is voicing concern over the presence of men like Raymond Davis in Pakistan, if he is right than I suggest he should tell the nation, why he permitted foreign office to issue visas (514 visas in all) to such unauthenticated men without establishing their credentials, their scope of work and the parameters of their assignment in Pakistan. In case he knew their actual scope of work before dishing out the visas then, will he like to reveal the names of those who stressed to issue visas? Did the President or the Prime minister compel him to issue visas or was he the one eager to earn Hillary’s confidence. Whatever the case may be, the officials of both the governments have to answer many questions to their people who were kept unaware of underhand deals.

The operating procedures of CIA are believed to be mature and efficient, being old and rich organization having global exposure of working in every part of the world, it recruits best men for the job, trains them well, pays them well, closely and effectively monitor the activities of its operatives. With all the professional checks in place, why did Raymond behave erratically and why did the US diplomats and the government respond insensibly? Was Raymond a high profile CIA agent? Was he handling a strategically sensitive intelligence matter that needed to be kept secret from Pakistan and the world? Was he mentally disturbed at the time of incidence and failed to exercise self-control under stress? Were some bosses of Raymond pushing him too hard for quick results or did he fear intelligence compromise? These are some question that Davis’ controlling bosses in Pakistan will have to answer if the matter goes to American public. Still the people in America and Pakistan are unaware of Raymond’s’ episodes. So far western media is being told to shut up. Fearing public backlash, the Raymond’s bosses pushed their diplomatic staff in Pakistan to arrange his quick exit. Actually they were the ones who compelled their diplomats and the government to swiftly react denying them enough time to assess the sensitivity of the incidence and workout a proper course of action.

Americas’ resource richness has prevented its population from interacting with the outside world. Very few in America know the real world; they are more focused on domestic issues and remain unconcerned about the happenings around the world, they do not have fair idea how uncomfortable/unsecure the world has become because of Americas’ war against terror and how many innocent men, women and children have been killed by their army since 9/11. They have left the foreign relation matters to their government, they believe in what their state or media tells them, they hardly try to establish the authenticity of the reported matters. Despite cool attitude towards outside world, one quality of American people makes them different from others, when they know that their Government, their Lawmakers, their Security agencies or men in uniform have behaved in a manner unbecoming and have embarrassed  them as nation, their reaction is swear. They question them and pursue the matter till defaulters are punished and justice is delivered. They have done it in the past and are expected to do it now provided American administration fails to keep the matter hidden from them anymore or we in some way reveal the Raymond story to them. Leakage of Abu Gharib jail story and challenging Bush administration decision to try Guantanamo Bay prisoners in military courts are two good examples of American public reaction to unjust behavior of state agencies.

On 27 January 2011 Raymond was arrested in Lahore-Pakistan on the charge of double murder. The story created to justify the act was rejected by the police authorities in the report presented to the court. Under any law he deserved capital punishment rather than sympathy from his bosses and his government. Taking advantage of relief provided by Islam to men like Raymond, he earned Pardon for him after paying blood money to the families of the victims. The court decision of 16th March, on one hand validates Pakistan’s principle stand that Raymond was not entitled to diplomatic immunity, on the other hand convinced Americans to honor the laws of the host country and withdraw from their false claims. Raymond Davis has left Pakistan, what he did is now a matter of past, but still the people of both the countries would like to know who Raymond Davis was, why was he in Pakistan, what was he doing in Lahore on the day of incident, what pushed him to such extreme and who allowed him to freely operate in Pakistan? So far the American government has successfully contained Raymond story going public, but once it will be out, the American people, as their nature is may ask the some questions from their government. I advise all the readers to join the effort to educate the world especially American people about the incident. The public mood displayed after Raymond left Pakistan suggests that if the incident is repeated the people present on the site may not allow the killer to escape but will assemble a roadside court to execute the killer there and then by themselves.

Raymond’s story has revealed some alarming but disturbing facts, since years some high ranking officials of foreign office and ministry of interior have been flirting with CIA, allowing its agents to freely work inside Pakistan. Actually they have covertly facilitated Americans to establish their intelligence network in Pakistan. In the past, on many occasions media reported the presence of foreign intelligence agents on Pakistani soil but every time Mr. Qurashi and Mr. Malik strongly denied such reports. Today people know too much about those who are bent upon jeopardizing the security of the country, it’s time for the people to stand up and compel the government to cancel the visas issued to Raymond cult and expel them from Pakistan. There is also the need of Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a suo-motu notice of the matter and appoint a judicial commission to inquire the circumstances under which some people in the government over stepped their authority and allowed CIA to send its intelligence contractors to Pakistan and operate freely in the country. Any delay to exert now will allow the government to melt down under American pressure and permit Raymond mafia to keep its presence in Pakistan. Imagine, what will happen when they succeed to weave their intelligence web throughout Pakistan? The outcome will be:-

They will penetrate into different cadres of our military and bureaucracy.
They will cultivate their informers in our intelligence

Cochrane – Central Cochrane Homes For Sale – Cochrane – Central Cochrane Real Estate Foreclosures

30 June, 2010
Cochrane  -  Central Cochrane
by Razlan

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 16, 2010 – Jamon R. Hicks with The Cochran Firm Los Angeles office has been recognized by IMPACT and the National Bar Association (NBA) as one of the Nation’s Best Advocates: 40 Lawyers Under 40. This award was established to recognize talented individuals (age 40 and under) within the African American legal community who have achieved prominence and distinction.

Mr. Hicks will be recognized for this honor August 8, 2010 at the 85th Annual NBA Convention in New Orleans.

The NBA is the nation’s oldest and largest association of predominately African American and minority attorneys and judges. Recipients of the Nation’s Best Advocates: 40 Under 40 demonstrate a strong commitment to empowering, uplifting, and advocating within the legal community. They represent a cross‐section of legal professionals: solo practitioners, government lawyers, judges, academicians, corporate counsels, young elected officials, and others lawyers who are using their law degree in innovative ways. Recipients were selected based on their achievement, innovation, vision, leadership, and legal community involvement.

In addition to his recognition as one of the Nation’s Best Advocate of the Year, Mr. Hicks is a candidate for the special awards of Excellence in Leadership, Service, Activism, and Innovation. Online voting for these prestigious awards is available at www.nationsbestadvocates.com/candidates.

Mr. Hicks joined The Cochran Firm in 2010. He practices in the areas of civil litigation and criminal defense and represents plaintiffs in state and federal courts. His civil litigation experience involves wrongful death, catastrophic personal injury and police misconduct cases. He also has litigated numerous felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, such as attempted murder, battery, assaults on peace officers, driving under the influence, and drug and gun possession. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Hicks is a member of the adjunct faculty at Loyola Law School as a Trial Advocacy Professor.

Founding partner of The Cochran Firm, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. was active in the NBA and received the NBA Gertrude E. Rush Award. Mr. Hicks carries on this tradition of excellence.

Founded over 30 years ago by famed attorney, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., The Cochran Firm, as it is known today, has established itself as one of the premier trial advocacy firms in the United States. With 27 offices in 16 states and the District of Columbia, is a diverse group of some of the most highly-experienced and respected men and women dedicated to bringing quality representation for injured people, their families and the ordinary citizen. Recognized nationally for their achievements in the courtroom, attorneys with have attained litigation results which have significantly impacted the law, communities, and industry practices.

Founded over 30 years ago by famed attorney, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., The Cochran Firm, as it is known today, has established itself as one of the premier trial advocacy firms in the United States.

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30 June, 2010

Insurance Agent came under fire by the California Department of Insurance and was arrested on October 9th, 2010, in Inglewood, CA. Its quite certain that he will be issued Inglewood Bail Bonds for at least ,000 each, but that is yet to be determined.

The agent was charged with one count of grand theft and one count of identity theft. Each offense usually carries ,000 Inglewood bail bonds value. The agent was in court and plead not guilty to the charges and next court date is November 6th, 2010. The Agent would submit bogus insurance applications and receive payments upon those.

The payments were advanced commissions. After the insurance company noticed an exorbitant amount of cancelled applications, they started up their own investitgation. The agent would use his bank account information on the applications and the rest of the applications would contain false or stolen information for social security numbers, birth dates, et al.

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is taking administrative action against the agent and the results of the investigation are not conclusive enough for CDI to make a decision yet. Since 2007 there have been approximately 1900 arrests involving insurance fraud. This is the highest amount of arrests made in any two year period at the CDI offices.

Inglewood, CA isn’t the only place where there is insurance fraud. Take any city in California and there is someone committing insurance fraud. For the agent receiving these Inglewood bail bonds, hopefully he’s got a good lawyer and bail bonds agent. Most of the time the need for the fraudulent insurers to commit the crimes is from a lack of income. In today’s market, more and more arrests are happening since there is less and less moneys coming in from the general public.

More and more people are decreasing their insurance and quitting their life insurance policies. Therefore the insurance crime, as well as all other crimes, are on the rise due to the fact that more and more general public are either very desperate or getting very desperate.

Actually, there are some reports that Inglewood bail bonds issued in 2009 and 2010 are much lower, for a few reasons. Many people don’t have the discretionary income to pay for the bail bond premium, which is 10% of the overall bail bonds cost. So, a K Inglewood bail bonds, would require a ,000 service premium.

Years ago when salaries where higher and the economy was bustling, many parents, cousins, and/or uncles wouldn’t mind putting down ,000 to get their cousin, uncle, and/or son out of the Inglewood Jail. But now you have the indemnitors leaving the defendants in jail until their court dates. Why?

A couple reasons. One; they are more tight on money now than ever and are willing to leave the defendant in jail until their court date. This court date is normally a couple days after the arrest. Two; the indemnitors and defendants have more knowledge of the jail system and are willing to wait to see the judge for hopes of either lowering their bail bonds cost or getting release on their own recognisance.

It is also noted that the crime rate in Inglewood, CA and other major cities around the world have decreased in the last two years. A statistic that is quite confusing to some specialists who believed once that during these types of recessions the crime rates were sure to rise.

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Inglewood, CA 90301
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30 June, 2010

Two fantastic new buildings using the Insurent Lease Guaranty Program, the first institutional guarantor, have opened this month in Manhattan.

New York by Gehry at 8 Spruce Street is owned by Forest City Ratner Companies and is attracting a lot of attention for many reasons including that it is the tallest residential rental building in the Americas. Frank Gehry’s 76-story tower of rippling steel at 8 Spruce Street, referred to by some as the best new New York City skyscraper in decades but officially being marketed as “the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere,” is open for business. The 870′ tall building has 903 total apartments that start on the seventh floor, and over 200 layouts to choose from. Rents start at ,630 for studios, ,580 for one-bedrooms and ,945 for two-bedrooms.

An equally stunning glassy 53-story tower called The Continental also just made its debut on the rental market. The Continental stands tall on Sixth Avenue and 32nd Street and is owned Tower 111 LLC. The Continental has dramatic skyline views as well as elegantly designed interiors and amenity spaces. In addition, The Continental Club & Spa features 50-foot infinity pool, a sun terrace, fitness and cardio center, and a programmed fitness and yoga studio as well as spa treatment rooms, and his and her locker rooms. The 338 apartments are divided up into studios, 1BRs, 1BRs with home offices and 2BRs, and rents range from approximately ,550 to over ,100 per month.

Citi-Habitats Marketing Group (CHMG) is in charge of marketing/leasing at both these buildings. Citi-Habitat Marketing Group has also utilized the Insurent Lease Guaranty Program at many new recent developments including The Aldyn, The Ashley, The Astoria N/W. The Beatrice, The Continental, 80 DeKalb Avenue, New York by Gehry, and Silver Towers.

Insurentuara Lease Gnty has quickly engrained itself as Guarantor Company in New York City rental process since their start only two years ago and is now accepted in New Jersey. Currently over 125,000 apartments in NYC accept Insurent Lease Guaranty enabling hundreds of landlords to eliminate rent loss, increase occupancy and close leases quickly all at no cost to the landlord. Check now on http://insurent.com/

Alicia Schwartz
Lease Guaranty| Guarantor Company

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Drumheller Homes For Sale – Drumheller Real Estate Foreclosures

30 June, 2010

A short trip through the Bandlands region and Drumheller, Alberta, Canada – the dinosaur capital of North America.

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30 June, 2010

The second clue for this year’s medallion hunt obviously refers to the infamous groping by a Vulcan of a waitress at a local Saint Paul bar and her suing the Winter Carnival and the perpetrator. Really not much to work with for the clues yet. The biggest thing that sticks out in my mind is the first clue says Ramsey County and not Saint Paul, so the clue area, for now, is much bigger. I threw together a quick photo album of hunting for the medallion from prior years. I always love the craziness of the last clue and the thousands of people piling into one area to dig for the medallion. In Hidden Falls park, the one year ,was the crazy high speed drive across town by dozens of cars from the Pioneer Press building to Hidden Falls Park for the last clue released at midnight., When I got to Hidden Falls the frozen ground under a 20 foot by 4 foot brick sign had been dug up and the multi -ton stone wall sign had been tipped over before the hordes went searching elsewhere. Then atop the Mississippi River bluff I was looking down on the River flats and saw what looked like a bee-hive of fire-flies that had been struck by a stick as people went to and fro with their Coleman lanterns from a central mass and I spotted lights on the bluff walls as a few brave souls climbed the bluff cliffs with their Coleman lanterns in search of the medallion. Then there was the crazy guy who climbed a High Tension Tower with his Coleman lantern and went over a fence with signage warning of high

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30 June, 2010

Tons of badd azz Oldsmobiles yanking wheels doing burnouts and causing mayhem! No doubles from my other video!

Olds Real Estate

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30 June, 2010

greatproperty.epropertysites.com?rs=youtube THIS IS IT, ONE OF THE BEST DEALS AROUND!!! The 1053 sq. ft. 4 bed, 2 bath home has been extensively renovated including new flooring and paint up and down, BRAND NEW KITCHEN with LARGE ISLAND, NEW FIXTURES, NEW BATHROOMS, NEW STAINLESS APPLIANCES including HUGE SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE FREEZER, NEW FURNACE / NEW HOT WATER TANK / NEW PRESSURE TANK. Just move in and enjoy all the new features in thi…
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